i tried to be like grace kelly
          but all the looks were too sad
so i tried a little freddie
           i’ve gone   i d e n t i t y    m a d

now i’m bleeding for you | a malia/stiles mix [listen]

handmade - alt-j / cavalier (the 1975 remix) - james vincent mcmorrow / perth/ready for the floor (bon iver/hot chip cover) - daughter / rescue song (the naked and famous remix) - mr. little jeans / you are a runner and i am my father’s son (wolf parade cover) - astral swans / hazey - glass animals / you + me - oberhofer / ms - alt-j

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Good luck, you’re fucked by Celldweller

Peridot panicked as she turned and fled from the purple Gem, trying to think of what items she had stored in her Gem. She’d used her smoke bomb - she had a regular explosive…that could work. She took a sharp right, running directly into what she hoped was a small forest of sturdy trees. Once she was sure Amethyst was in there with her, she retrieved the explosive, pulled the pin and threw it back. “Good luck, you’re fucked!” She shouted back, assuming the explosion that knocked down and splintered multiple trees would be enough to stun, or even ‘poof’, Amethyst.

Come to think of it, she hadn’t even found out what Amethyst had wanted. She had just ran. Regardless, it couldn’t have bee anything good.

my fav songs atm for the signs

Aries: The Hills - The Weeknd

Taurus: Can I - Drake ft. Beyonce

Gemini: Little Bit - Drake ft. Lykke Li

Cancer: L$D - A$AP Rocky

Leo: Haunted - Beyonce

Virgo: Telegraph Ave - Childish Gambino

Libra: Partition - Beyonce

Scorpio: Heartbeat - Childish Gambino

Sagittarius: Take Care - Drake ft. Rihanna

Aquarius: Hoe - Jhene Aiko

Pisces: The Morning - The Weeknd


OK, let’s do this…

Let’s talk about the most embarrassing video that I totally love. Tonight’s Not so Daily Phil is Phil and Marilyn Martin and Separate Lives. I absolutely remember this song and video from my childhood. And my little kid self with my little kid crush on Phil was fascinated for these reasons:


  • Phil’s voice is so soft and pure in this song…perhaps close to a whisper?
  • It’s weird, but I kind of like the surveillance aspect? It’s creepy but appealing? Sorry, I’m going to hell…if I believed in hell…
  • It’s the first time I realized Phil was a lefty!
  • And I also liked Gregory Hines, sooo…double good!
  • 1985 Phil is adorable on top of the world Phil
  • That face he has for the line “someday I might” towards the end
  • *edit - also, the way that he clicks the pen on his tum towards the beginning…I just…I just really like it.