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T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Ēostre

She sits beneath a cherry blossom, pink petals in her hair, watching dawn spread across the sky. There is something nervous about her, though, the way she twitches at the slightest of sounds. Caught in the gaze of another, she stills completely, seems unable to decide whether to flee or fight. Eventually, a sweet smile plays across her lips, a smear of chocolate on one cheek. Happy Easter, they all say, dismissing another other emotions.

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Hãy luôn đặt mình vào vị trí người khác, nếu điều đó làm tổn thương bạn thì nó cũng sẽ tổn thương người khác. Một lời nói vô ý là một xung đột hiểm họa, một lời nói nóng giận có thể làm hỏng cả một cuộc đời, một lời nói đúng lúc có thể làm giảm căng thẳng, còn lời nói yêu thương có thể chữa lành vết thương và mang đến sự bình yên…

T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Anubis

They hear her whispering quietly, alone, her lips spilling out words that aren’t quite audible. She has always favoured the company of the dead over the living. Her friends who have hearts, alive and beating, tread carefully around her; they know what she is capable of. She judges whether they are worthy of her time, studies the life that lingers inside them. A deep growl emits from the depths of her throat when confronted by those who think her too dark or too morbid, for she is merely doing her job.

meanplastic asked:

it's MEANPLASTIC AND SHMEGEH bitch!!! Michelle, do you speak french? We get special treatment, Mena turn over, good defense. We turned down for what? tomorrow isn't promised tonight is all we got and times like these are timeless, she fucked me like she love me, love is such a science, do you think it's love? Thanks for not replying, It's Raoul and Michelle Hilton, bitch!!!!

I haven’t made a follow forever in like…forever, so I decided to make one since I have nothing else to do, but also to show how much I appreciate every one of you. you guys always make me laugh and make my dash look so pretty with your fabtastic edits and I just want to say thank you!!! we may not talk but I'm so sure you’re all so friendly and perfect? I love every single one of you and have a goodgreatawesome summer loves! ♡ bolded ones are my faves

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I want you to grow old with me, to keep the love like this.

[ 001 ] like real people do. | by H O Z I E R.
[ 002 ] grow old with me. | by T O M  O D E L L.
[ 003 ] sparks. | by C O L D P L A Y.
[ 004 ] love like this (acoustic). | by K O D A L I N E.
[ 005 ] can’t help falling in love. | by T W E N T Y  O N E  P I L O T S.
[ 006 ] i’m on fire. | by A W O L N A T I O N.
[ 007 ] blood bank. | by B O N  I V E R.
[ 008 ] i don’t wanna love somebody else. | by A  G R E A T  B I G  W O R L D.
[ 009 ] i know. | by T O M  O D E L L.
[ 010 ] i love you. | by A L E X  &  S I E R R A.
[ 011 ] let it go. | by J A M E S  B A Y.
[ 012 ] leave your lover. | by S A M  S M I T H.
[ 013 ] hear your heart. | by J A M E S  B A Y.
[ 014 ] baby, we’ll be fine. | by T H E  N A T I O N A L.