Okay guys, so….

Something REALLY bad has happened lately

I am the author of this 2-D Birthday Gif, but a lot of people do not know that.

Why do you ask?

Well, it was a 50/50 mistake.

I did this gif the 23th at like 2 am (so its technically the 24th) because of 2-D’s birthday. But I was so done with making it that I just uploaded it to tumblr and facebook WITHOUT PUTTING A WATERMARK ON IT. 

I had never thought that it would get viral/famous, so I was like ‘Who cares? No one is going to repost it anyways’




The days passed, and this thing happened.

A guy reposted my work. ‘No big deal’ ,I though,, since he wasn’t big on Facebook or anything, so there’s nothing to worry about



A really famous page (that has over 600.000 likes) shared the gif and gave credits to the other guy.

I spammed the page and told others to do the same to just change the credits…

That hasn’t work.

The worst thing:

Another really famous page ALSO FREAKING GAVE CREDITS TO THE OTHER GUY. (this one has more than a million likes, so ya know why is this bad)





Just watermark your art. EVEN if you have just posted it, EVEN if you have to re-upload it and lose your current notes/likes. It’s worth it.

Please, I am suffering for my horrible mistake, so hear me out, ‘cause I care about you.

(P.S:In case you don’t believe I did it, I have the SAI archive)


he was such a good man….

aw dang it, he watermarked the sky with his face again.

i should’ve done lalonde’s reunion upd8 art, but this is too sad… at least he got along with Hal in GO timeline (not counting equius there)

also, even though there’s a heart-warming reunion going on, i kinda feels like there’s something wrong with it? like… i don’t know, something’s off? maybe it’s just me *shrug*


I finally get why this sucks. I’m no artist but I respect them for their hard work and talent and not paying them seems a bit unfair. Art can be very time consuming, some even take days to complete. And asking stuff for free is like you’re wasting your time for nothing. (Refer this statement to the artists.) It takes a lot of time and practice to achieve their own style and bashing them for it is just plain wrong.

The reposting stuff too… I had a little problem with that before because I didn’t know about the repost issue and I accidentally posted something not mine. I apologized and took it down after I received the news.

This is also why artists put watermarks on their works to avoid theft, some crop or even edit out their signatures. Even though some give credit, it is not enough without the artists permission to repost or use their art. An artist knows his/her art when they see it and no matter how much you claim the art is yours, the artist will always find a way to claim it as their own. (Like how Chloe copied Marinette’s design)

so please respect artists and their hard work. Doing something like this is just really nasty…

I am not posting this for attention. Rather, I am posting this to bring to your attention the problems that artists are facing. They are just humans like us. Words and crap also hurt them. Sure, they do requests and that’s the time they do art for free but if they don’t take requests and you want art from them, then do the right thing.

My favorite artists, @ceejles @luciasatalina @baraschino @edorazzi @piku-chan @thebirdfromthemoon-art and other amazing artists I came to know and love, please do not let things like this ruin your day or stop you from being inspired to create. Continue to live on your passion as people like me appreciate what hard work you gave for your art. Remember, there is more good than bad. I love all you artists out there who strive to find their own color in the world. 😊💕

(Not mine and credit goes to the rightful owner as seen on the watermark.)

But this

This is so important. 

It actually makes me sick to think of the boys being mobbed, they are people, they need space just like you and me. 

Now I’m not blaming any of you at all because I know you’re all beautiful respectful people.

But to the people who did please realize what you did was wrong, the whole things unacceptable. 

We are a family, we treat each other like a family. And god damn we treat the boys the way we want to be treated. 

Drawing traditionally?? NOT FUN. Copics?? How do you use copics?? But I don’t have purple?? Or grey?? How do I- Wow maybe cutting patterned paper will be easier than manually colouring! WRONG. Drawing hard.
Also, trying to put a watermark on a picture on your phone is also hard, I’m going to destroy my phone.
My favourite thing about flux buddies? Seriously?? Kim shouting at Duncan. Kim u r a gift.

You think the cracks in your soul make you ugly,
that the stains on the pages of your life make you unclean.
You think no one can ever love you because of the scars
you created yourself.
You’re wrong, you know.
You’re a well-read book; spine cracked, dog-eared pages
well-remembered, watermarked from tears.
A book like that is one that has been loved
almost to destruction.
—  something i found on my laptop

~My pen?~

Finally got all these GIFs up, I’ve been trying to make them for I don’t even know how long, two hours now? Anyway, it’s my very first GIF-set that I’ve made entirely on my own, so sorry about the watermark. Hulu is the only site streaming Crystal that is working for me, and it’s just kinda there. I just love the fact that Usagi keeps the pen in her bra (or well, dress, we don’t know what she has under it, er, that came out wrong) though, it’s just so her, to quote Rei. 

On the identity of the third person on the wall

⚠️ This post contains spoilers through chapter 74!

So there’s potentially a third person working with Bert and Reiner, who managed to tip them off that the Corps was coming. We still don’t know what happened to Ymir, it’s true, and it’s easy to assume that that third cup is hers- but unless she’s somehow keeping intimate tabs on the Corps and its plans, it seems unlikely that she’d make a good informant. So if Ymir turns out to be a red herring (HAHA GET IT), then who could it be?

Humor me for a minute.

No, seriously.

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Since some dumbasses are reposting my artwork without having the sense nor intelligence to put in the source even after people have asked them (bless those people, you know who you are, kiss kiss), you can expect to see some ugly-ass watermarks on my drawings in the future. UvU

You honestly have no excuse to say “I DUNNO WHERE THE SOURCE IS” when it’s actually really easy to find it and if you can’t, ask people. It’s very likely they’ll know where it’s from.

Because if people literally have to tell you to source your post, you are doing something wrong. So don’t give any of those crappy excuses.