Ok but you know what bothers me? Instagram Astrology accounts. Like don’t get me wrong most are great but it gets under my skin when they literally just screenshot content from another blog, put some aesthetic ass picture over it, and watermark it as if it’s their own intellectual property? Like ??? Let’s fight??? I know I’m not even 6 feet tall and I cry when I see little puppies but I’m more than willing to fight if it means defending improperly cited content??? It happens to my account and I’m betting on other tumblr blogs too and I know I shouldn’t be acting like an egg about it but I 👏🏽am 👏🏽 feeling 👏🏽 petty 👏🏽 and 👏🏽 bitter 👏🏽and 👏🏽ready 👏🏽2👏🏽fight

A Bitter (and Salty) Taurus


I finally get why this sucks. I’m no artist but I respect them for their hard work and talent and not paying them seems a bit unfair. Art can be very time consuming, some even take days to complete. And asking stuff for free is like you’re wasting your time for nothing. (Refer this statement to the artists.) It takes a lot of time and practice to achieve their own style and bashing them for it is just plain wrong.

The reposting stuff too… I had a little problem with that before because I didn’t know about the repost issue and I accidentally posted something not mine. I apologized and took it down after I received the news.

This is also why artists put watermarks on their works to avoid theft, some crop or even edit out their signatures. Even though some give credit, it is not enough without the artists permission to repost or use their art. An artist knows his/her art when they see it and no matter how much you claim the art is yours, the artist will always find a way to claim it as their own. (Like how Chloe copied Marinette’s design)

so please respect artists and their hard work. Doing something like this is just really nasty…

I am not posting this for attention. Rather, I am posting this to bring to your attention the problems that artists are facing. They are just humans like us. Words and crap also hurt them. Sure, they do requests and that’s the time they do art for free but if they don’t take requests and you want art from them, then do the right thing.

My favorite artists, @ceejles @luciasatalina @baraschino @edorazzi @piku-chan @thebirdfromthemoon-art and other amazing artists I came to know and love, please do not let things like this ruin your day or stop you from being inspired to create. Continue to live on your passion as people like me appreciate what hard work you gave for your art. Remember, there is more good than bad. I love all you artists out there who strive to find their own color in the world. 😊💕

Merry Christmas to @screws-gears-and-pasta​!!

Hi, I’m your santa from the Vocaloid Secret Santa event~! n__n Sorry it’s a little late, but I wanted to make sure it looked really good for you!

Since you said you liked KaiMei and also the theatre, so I took inspiration from that and drew Kaito and Meiko performing in a play…!! I don’t know much about plays personally though, so hopefully it’s fine.

But yeah! Happy holidays, I hope you like this and I also hope you have a happy new years! c: Oh, and just let me know if you’d like a version without watermarks.

(Characters [Kaito, Meiko] © Crypton Future Media
Art © 2015 Siobhan/shevi-hime, do not use without permission.)

about reposting...

thanks to archerqueen17 and the people who called her out for reposting tons of fanart, we were able to bring attention to that issue in the stucky fandom. i got asked about it, so i wrote down the guidelines i follow.

there are two different cases, in my opinion:

1. if the artist posted their artwork on tumblr, then you shouldn’t repost it, NOT EVER. even with credit.
there is no need for you to repost when you can simply reblog!

2. if the artist doesn’t use tumblr, but posts their art on deviantart, pixiv or other platforms, and does NOT ask for their works to not be posted on other platforms, then making a post here is okay-ish as long as you give full credit (clear statement who made it plus link to the creator’s website/source page). it would be best to ask for their permission first, tho.

a watermark is not a permission to repost or counts as credit. if you repost something watermarked, you are still using other people’s creative work for promoting your own blog without their permission, and by doing that you take away attention, praise, comments and likes from the creator.

also, if you get asked to remove your reposts, then you should do so. credit given or not. you had no right to put that art up on your blog in the first place, anyway.

i understand that some reposters don’t know that what they’re doing is wrong. they maybe just want to share art they like. it’s important to let those people know how to treat their fandom’s artists properly, and that what they are doing is wrong and very harmful to the fandom. education is the key :)

many artists and writers get discouraged or angry and feel disrespected when seeing their works reposted. to witness a reposter getting countless reblogs and notes for something you did? let me tell you: it sucks.
so don’t make those who contribute to the fandom unhappy, ‘kay?

TLDR: please respect the artists and writers and gifmakers and all the people creating stuff for the fandom to enjoy and don’t steal their stuff :)


he was such a good man….

aw dang it, he watermarked the sky with his face again.

i should’ve done lalonde’s reunion upd8 art, but this is too sad… at least he got along with Hal in GO timeline (not counting equius there)

also, even though there’s a heart-warming reunion going on, i kinda feels like there’s something wrong with it? like… i don’t know, something’s off? maybe it’s just me *shrug*



They have repost from various artists including me.  They have screenshotted tumblr posts (to put “credit” to the artists) but still put their own instagram watermark on the posts. I’ll try to tag some of the artist they have reposted from, but if you know of someone’s art being reposted please let them know as well so they can report it! Please reblog to spread the news.

Also…I don’t have instagram account so I can’t message them personally but if you could, then please message them about the issue kindly so they know what they’re doing is wrong. TY to @velociraptooru for informing!

@oikws @electricprince @howleu @oldmenyaoi @rubsomepinkinit @ikipin @rooo-oot @viria @rhymewithrachel @flunflun @meristem

UPDATE: they have already apologized and took down the reposts! Thank you for boosting this everybody :^)

Some people, especially older ones, genuinely honestly think that if you search for an image on “the Google” then whatever they find is fair use and 100% fine for them to take.
I work for a company where you can provide finished art, some rough ideas or images, or whatever, and we will turn your idea into a usable thing to put on the products we make. Literally every day I am reverse image searching, or going to deviantart and searching, for the original art that they clearly stole.
These people genuinely don’t think this is wrong, they just found an image they liked. I try really hard not to let anything get past us here. It’s actually sometimes hard to convince people that this isn’t ok.
So please please please always at least put your URL on an image or watermark it so people know it’s not for them to use. It looks sorta ugly, but if you think you’ve made a steal-worthy piece, protect yourself. It’s happened to me too! It’s so hard to actually DO anything once the damage has been done, so try to stop it before it happens :(

How to Avoid Reblogging Reposts: Visual Guide

Why is this important? Because by reblogging reposts it encourages people to keep doing it and gives reposters credit they didn’t earn. Even if a reposter does the right thing and deletes a repost, reblogging it keeps that post alive. Imagine trying to do the right thing but still being reminded of your mistakes. Or imagine having your work or your friends’ work being reposted. You’d want it to stop right? So take a second and read this, please? 

If you’re on mobile tumblr and a little bar appears on the bottom of an image in a post listing a source or a website, that does not mean that image belongs to the OP.  (The pic below is of a legitimate post, but it’s the first I came upon. It’s just an example.)

Again, the above post is 100% legit, this is just an example of what that box looks like. Please don’t go after that blog. I just needed an example.

So what does a repost look like? Well they come in all shapes and sizes. But if you can only spot one, make it one like this. 

Granted, there are plenty of grainy images. BUT! It could just be this image is like that. There are also plenty of reposts that look legit. Don’t assume that the blogs you follow are reblogging legit posts. We all make mistakes. So how do we double check to make sure? Well whoever made this edit didn’t want it being reposted I’d wager, so they gave us something to cross reference with. :)  

If you’re on mobile, unfortunately you pretty much gotta scroll through the notes to look for the URL. But it’s still worth it. However, if you’re in the browser tumblr has actually given us a neat tool to check! Here’s how to get it. 

So you’ve done that (I hope). Now let’s go to a post you’re about to reblog. For this I’m using the same post as the pixelated image above. 

I’ve concealed this reposter’s identity, but just imagine a URL there that does NOT match the watermark on the image. That’s sign #1 it’s a repost. Sign #2 is no creation tags like #dwedit, rtdedit, etc. (creators: please use creations tags to help us out :). Sign #3 is there are no personal archival tags like #my edit, #my art, #[nickname]’s work, etc. 

Now it’s important to note that ‘root post’ only means that’s the person who posted it, not that the post itself is an original work. 

What if you’re not sure? Time to take a look at the blog and search with the tags that person used. I’ve been wrong before while checking. 

What if it IS a repost? Did a blog you follow reblog it? Kindly let them know. The reason I haven’t is because there have been an overwhelming number of people in the fandom that have been reblogging reposts. And it’s time to help each other out to make it stop. 

And if it IS a repost, of course do NOT reblog it. 

Additional notes: 

Sometimes a watermark isn’t that easy to spot. Sometimes they’re translucent or small. CHECK. I know it’s easy to see a cool thing and want to share it. But STOP for a moment. Once you have reblog graphs installed (which is honestly also a cool thing btw) this shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds, tops. 

What if there is no watermark? Check the tags and the OP’s blog. 

See this post and this post for more information on spotting and avoiding reblogging reposts. 

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to drop by my askbox. :)

Please signal boost this so that we can help each other out and stop supporting reposting. 

rock-and-roll-trash-can  asked:

I just wanted to let you know that I removed the picture and apologized to the artist but they are continuing to harass me. I'm no longer posting art and they continue to make posts about me. I never mentioned their name and they keep mentioning mine. I've had to change all social media because of this which has affected my job. Please keep this private as I don't want anyone to know that I have changed anything

I was going to respond privately but tumblr seems to hate how much proof I have that you are a blatant liar and a thief so I’m taking it as a sign. You had your chance to apologize privately over the past 2 days and this ask is bullshit and here’s why:

You are lying to me AGAIN. Like, do you know who I am? Do you realize how I know this is a complete and total lie? A littler memory refresher:

You posted a fake screenshot of me sending you death and rape threats (surprise, I’m tevintlar on twitter!) and I know every part of this ask is a complete and blatant lie other than the part where you’ve moved accounts instead of actually admitting you were wrong and have been lying publicly to your “fans”! :)

In case you don’t remember the fake screenshot in question, you know from your tumblr callout post:

Seriously what the hell?

You telling Booker for 5 hours that they should just watermark their art and ending it with “I guess I’ll just commit suicide” was unnecessary! YOU escalated the entire ordeal when we were reiterating why stealing art is bad, who it hurts, and that you should apologize and not do it again. I’m fucking ABOVE sending threats. I’ve experienced them and it’s bullshit that you’d lie like this. I’ve had too many people close to me VERY RECENTLY die and I don’t wish that on anybody.

I get it’s frustrating being called-out, but you should have listened to Booker. This is how it SHOULD have gone down and Booker wasn’t even the OP for that. I WAS:

You also ALLOWED this ChaseO8 person to post BOTH mine and Bookers twitter handles on their iFunny account.

So not cool! Also you are lying again because YOU posted this!

I talk to Booker regularly and have been involved in this entire ordeal very intimately, you know, because you made a FAKE SCREENSHOT OF ME SENDING YOU DEATH AND RAPE THREATS. Booker hasn’t once mentioned an apology you’ve made either privately or publicly and I just asked them and they confirmed. Not to mention you blocked about 5 people including me 2 days ago! The reason we are still making posts is because you haven’t apologized and you LIED on those callout posts.

You deleted your post, but do you remember how you responded to Booker?

i also have a full screenshot as well with the time since it’s not A FAKE SCREENSHOT

I already reblogged your response before you deleted it but I’m going to post it here for you too!!

I am sorry you had an anxiety attack, I truly am since I’ve had my fair share of them, but you brought it on yourself. Did you stop to think that maybe if you apologized and took down the stolen art after we caught you, we would stop trying to explain to you why art theft is wrong? Did you stop to think that maybe if you weren’t stealing art in the first place, you wouldn’t have been caught stealing it and you wouldn’t have had one at all? Booker told you they didn’t give you permission to post it. You should have listened. 

You are using your anxiety as an excuse to get yourself sympathy and to get out of apologizing. I also have anxiety! Guess what? I don’t purposely put myself in situations where I’m 100% in the wrong like stealing people’s art! Your anxiety is not the reason you’re upset. Your anxiety was triggered because you got caught doing something wrong and for once people are angry at you and demanding you take action. You feeling guilty or upset does not mean you are right. You are wrong and the way to fix it is to apologize and stop stealing art.

Stealing art does not make people happy. You might get a few likes out of it, but think about it. Is making the OP mad and hogging their spotlight for yourself worth it? AND I’m going to say this again: if you had simply linked back to all the OP’s pages in the first place, we wouldn’t be as angry. That’s at least one tiny effort you can make!

You are an artist. I know you are an artist. Art theft affects you personally. Who’s to say in a few years you won’t be selling cosplay props or even your old cosplays or doing makeup tutorials on youtube? You would be hurt if people stole your photagraphy and posted it elsewhere. You would get less attention and be less likely to make money off your craft, which is what most artists aim to do. Booker and the other artists you stole from all probably take commissions. You are hurting their chances of making money that some of them REALLY NEED. Heck, not even money! How much of an ego boost do you get when people comment on your cosplays? It validates you and inspires you to do better. You’re robbing artists of that too.

You are also 17. You are months away from being a legal adult. I have a 3 year old cousin that understands stealing is wrong better than you and also knows when to apologize.

You’ve yet to ACTUALLY do anything and you are still stealing art:

Stop. Lying.

Stop. Stealing. Art.

Stop. Faking. 

Stop. Acting. Like. You’re. In. The. Right.

You. Are. An. Art. Thief. 

Fix. It.


We’ve. Told. You. How. To. Fix. It. Every. Time. We’ve. Responded. To. You.


Bad Arguments From An Inconsiderate Tumblr User

Here’s a fun conversation between me and someone who deleted the credit line when they reblogged one of my photos. Obviously deleting a credit line isn’t as bad reposting or removing a watermark, so I tried to send them a short, polite message letting them know that most creators don’t appreciate having their credit line removed. Sometimes these messages help inform people who genuinely didn’t know that they shouldn’t do that.

Here’s a summary of our conversations:

Beth: You shouldn’t delete the credit line on a post because creators don’t like that.

ITU: But I didn’t delete the credit line of that other post I reblogged. If I was really rude I would have removed your watermark and claimed the photo as my own. Your credit line messes with how my blog looks.

[Are any of these good arguments for rejecting the idea that deleting credit is inconsiderate to the creator? I don’t think so.]

Beth: Creators put in credit lines for a reason, and deleting them is just rude. A watermark is just a backup in case someone deletes the credit or reposts the image.

ITU: I’m the daughter of a lawyer and I know the rules. Tumblr’s features give me the option to delete your credit, so therefore there’s nothing wrong with doing so. I have lots of followers who like the thing you posted about, therefore you should be grateful to me for advertising your photography. There, I put back the credit line, congratulations on attacking my character and personal worth. No one else whose credit I removed attacked me, so gee you’re super special.

[None of these arguments have any validity whatsoever. This person should ask their lawyer parent for advice.]

Beth: I did not attack you personally. I’m just trying to help make the internet better for creators.

ITU: You must think your photos are worth billions of dollars if you care about people respecting them.


You think the cracks in your soul make you ugly,
that the stains on the pages of your life make you unclean.
You think no one can ever love you because of the scars
you created yourself.
You’re wrong, you know.
You’re a well-read book; spine cracked, dog-eared pages
well-remembered, watermarked from tears.
A book like that is one that has been loved
almost to destruction.
—  something i found on my laptop

anonymous asked:

I'm not exactly sure why it bothers you people post your work. I get you want credit for it, but why not put your tumblr name on the pic or watermark it where people know who it was who did it. Don't you want your art to be seen? I've founds tons of artists by random pics on Photobucket, image galleries and other things, and if it wasn't for those I wouldn't be able to see their newer works at all, if their work had just stayed in one place I wouldn't be able to love their other work

Look, every artist have the right to decide over their own work, fan art or not, the other people doesn’t have the right to spread it, use it, edit it, repost it.

That’s why you must ask the artist first before reposting. Why? because It’s our effort, our hard work, our time spend there, our improvement, all artists deserve to be respected when it’s about their OWN art. If some ask you “to put credit” credit it, if the artist ask you “to take it down” delete it. 


Still don’t get it?:

Do you own the art? No
Did you asked permission? No
Then please understand that would be considered a vulneration of fan artist intellectual property and you can be reported for that. Don’t complain to the artist if they report you.

It’s called Fan Art Theft.

Do you own the art? No
Did you asked permission? Yes
Then please make sure to link the repost to the artist, so that can be controlled by the artist, also add where the artist gave you permission. Lie about that is truly ugly and disgusting.

The watermark issue you mentioned; hahahaha, Did you know reposters, deleted my watermarks in order to proclaim my art, their own art? What’s the point of doing that? What if you find on your precious  photobucket my art with someone else watermark? what you will think, huh? You will follow the wrong person. That happens, when you rely on the wrong source.

If you wanna see artists newest updates, go and follow the ORIGINAL BLOG instead of supporting the reposters blogs.

There are several ways like the google reverse search, to find us. But some of you, stated and demonstrated some are too lazy to find the original artist.


You know? When I came and asked please, delete that pic since XXXX user edited it, i got insulted, harassed and blocked, because the people you defend, the reposters, who post non-authorized fan art, consider fan art something of public domain, and this is NOT how Internet law works. I talked about me, but i’m not the only one who is suffering from these mentioned before.

Fan artists being insulted, harassed and blocked, for defending their rights and hard work.

Sounds unfair, right? Are you still wondering why it  bothers to fan artists, the repost issue? 

anon said:
“if their work had just stayed in one place I wouldn’t be able to love their other work”

Mainly all of artists on Tumblr are active in many other sites, not only here. But as I said, SOME of you are damn lazy to do a little search. 

I can’t talk for other artists, but by my part, i’m not thankful at all to reposters.

ok so this is going to be a mood post i guess? i need to say some stuff,,,,

i’m tired of seeing all my gifs being reposted, i said that i don’t mind if you guys use my gifs, but please don’t repost the whole gifset or claim my gifs as your own,, i’ve seen a lot of my gifs being reposted without credit.. i don’t know if you guys understand the time gifs takes me, hd gifs aren’t made in two minutes.. i seriously saw some people using my gifs just to get rts or people screen shooting my whole gifsets and posting that screenshot without credit, i really wish you guys would understand the time i put in those gifs and even those graphics cause i also saw lots of people using it,, the only thing i’m asking for is credit, it’s not difficult.. i seriously don’t want to put watermarks on my gifs or graphics cause we all know that thing is ugly,, but i might be obliged to. i’m doing that post but i’m not the only one in this situation, i’ve seen a lot of @brianskangs‘s gifs being reposted too..
we’re seriously sad??? about this, please credit our work..