I’m gonna put this cat in a suitcase and leave you. And I’m going to take him because I know you love him the most. And I’m going to leave Miss Kitty as a reminder of how awesome I am.
—  My Wife  (completely and totally joking, I promise)

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ok anon i’ve been at dinner w/ family for like two hours now thinking about this and like

all i can think about is that lance and keith have had the most demonstrable growth in their relationship of like, anyone in the show? you have established relationships, like coran and allura, or pidge/lance/hunk, or keith and shiro, but as far as introduced relationships, lance and keith have come the furthest from where they started, and i can just – i see why they would look to lance to help comfort him. i know that hunk and keith have bonded a little, but it’s not the same. lance and keith butt heads a lot but they’re really alike, and i think lance knows how keith is feeling – i think they know, either instinctively or openly, that they get each other. it’s why they can agitate each other so easily. 

so for lance to just step forward and be the one who acknowledges ‘yeah i’m the person to comfort keith right now’ is just!!! it feels really significant!!! it has to be lance who does this because lance is who keith is closest with right now! and the way lance is looking at keith – listen i didn’t see it so i don’t know exactly what they say, but i know that lance is convincing keith that shiro doesn’t want keith to wallow in misery looking for him, that shiro would want them to move forward. lance isn’t trying to cheer keith up, he’s not being the group jokester (which they could have had him do, they could have had him be goofy and try to lighten the mood) he’s being serious and trying to help him in his grieving process. he’s trying to help keith accept what’s happened. i look at that picture of lance looking at keith and i see a person who genuinely cares about keith, who wants to make this easier for him. who wants to help him move forward. i see a person who’s willing to show that he’s a shoulder for keith to lean on, someone he can come to for advice. i see the foundation for a partnership we’ve been told is coming and is realistic and is possible. and i’m really, really excited about that.


OK listen up you FUCKS (I’m mostly kidding)
1. V dies in Saeyoung’s route ok? He ain’t dead if you reset. So there’s that.
2. If you don’t like V guess what? You don’t HAVE TO DO IT (mindblowing). I don’t like Jumin and guess what I did. I… Wait for this I don’t think you’re ready… Didn’t do his route. And I didn’t bitch about him being there, and having a route. I don’t bitch about him with people who like him. I know it’s a strange concept, but try to get it.


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Kylo Ren killed his father and that’s terrible. - what an understatement. I'm amazed that someone who is supposed to have such a literary background actually thinks that in the span of one movie that not only Rey but Leia will completely disregard the fact that Han Solo was murdered by Kylo. What horrible writing that would be. What an unbelievable about face. Crack ship fan fiction but not good story telling. It would cheapen the relationship of Han/Leia for her to forgive/forget so easily.

What would be cheapened is Han’s sacrifice for his son. What would be cheapened if Ben doesn’t “come back” is when Leia says things like “if you see our son - bring him back,” and “there is still light in him, I know it.”

Do YOU actually know what good writing is? Because those words are NOT for nothing, and Han sacrificing his life is NOT for nothing. What I read from the above is that Han DID bring his son back…. through self sacrifice.

I don’t think Leia forgiving him will be easy. But he is her son - which is a MORE IMPORTANT and profound relationship than husband and wife. SORRY, but it is.

Rey forgiving Kylo is another story, and I am one to believe that her relationship with Han and this forgiveness in this regard carries far less weight than Leia’s and Luke’s forgiveness, or even Kylo’s OWN forgiveness to himself.

Regardless, what you’re proposing is a preposterously simplistic and boring and flat story with no character development or challenges in perspective.

The story is already being set up for a Heel-Face turn, and it is actually very much masterfully supported in the text through Leia and Han’s words and actions, through Kylo’s own vulnerability, “pull to the light,” and PHYSICAL appearance/visual presentation throughout the course of the film….

It is laughable that you think my interpretation sounds like crack fan fiction. It is actually hilariously bad writing to set up what I have mentioned above and NOT redeem Kylo. It resolves nothing.

And I recommend reading up on old mythology. There is patricide for DAYS in old mythological stories

I’ll leave you with this
“The killing of a parent is certainly very affecting and tells us a great deal about any character who would do it (and equally as much about characters who refuse to do it). When you’re looking for some way of characterizing a hero as dark or causing him to grieve heavily, this is always a good trope. What could be considered odd, however, is how often patricide is portrayed in fiction as opposed to matricide. This is probably a combination of Oedipus Complex and Most Writers Are Male.”

(Crack theory my ass, you don’t understand a thing about writing if you think patricide isn’t a common and often necessary part of conflicted male characters who can and do often find redemption)


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“I knew you wouldn’t understand”.

“Well aren’t you brilliant. Of course I don’t understand. You, my best mate are with my mortal enemy. Obviously I wasn’t going to be okay with it” Killian said with a roll of the eyes.

“Maybe you just don’t know him?” You suggested, crossing your arms and turning away from him stubbornly.

“He’s evil”.

“Some could easily say the same thing about you”.

“Well they’re wrong”.

“And perhaps you are too” you shot back “I know him better than anyone else and let me tell you, you may be my best mate Hook but I still care about him deeply”.


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Can we have a little more info on Hanyu, like what you told us for Maya? Please?

Hey! :D

So I’d LOVE to give you more information - the issue is that I don’t have that much. XD Here’s what I know about him so far (suggestions welcome!)

I’m guessing Hanyu (I’m considering changing his name to Jae or something else one-syllable) is more of a snarky asshole-type, but only because he was raised by a grumpy grandmother. He also has a ton of old-lady skills/hobbies like embroidery, knitting, playing the avatarverse version of bingo, being picky about his tea, gardening, etc. I think he is starting to really question his gender identity and will eventually prefer “they/them” when he figures it out (it’s okay to refer to him as a “him” for now).

I’m toying with the idea that Hanyu’s mother, a Kyoshi warrior, was serving in the Fire Nation (since Zuko’s time, the Kyoshi Warriors have had a close relationship with the royal family and a stellar reputation) when she became pregnant. She returned home and refused to share the father’s identity with anyone. There were tragic complications in the pregnancy and she underwent surgery to save the baby. She died, but Hanyu was saved. His grandmother became his legal guardian, and he grew up under her care on Kyoshi Island. His grandmother became the grand matron of the Kyoshi Warriors and led their training. As a toddler, Hanyu naturally wanted to participate, and soon he was wearing the traditional dress and fighting alongside his comrades. The warriors accept him fully (he isn’t the first male to join), and he is trained in swordplay, stealth, fighting with fans, hand-to-hand, etc.

So yeah! That’s what I have at the moment. It might change~

A ping goes out to all comm lines she has logged, minus the exclusively business related ones and ones belonging to mecha who are already aware of the situation. No need to let her employees or partners know she’s distraught, or rehash the details with the few friends she’s already talked with.

«This is Blackguard of Gigantion, CEO of Black Matter. It is.. with a heavy chamber that I admit that Rigel is currently missing. He’s.. been kidnapped, actually. As of a month ago. This is why he isn’t answering your calls.

«I know who did it; I know who has him. I am– I have people working on finding them. We will get him back, I promise, and we will make the bastard who took him pay for what they’ve done.»

She pauses, digits hovering the end call button. It’s tempting to leave things there, let the multiverse stir as it may, and let Crossfire handle whatever calls or messages may come her way. She presses on though.

«I’m sorry for whatever distress his absence has caused you, and I’m sorry for whatever distress this may cause you. I’ll make everything right with you. I promise.»

With that said, she ends the call, and slumps back into her chair, waiting for messages and calls to come in.

I came to Him because I did not know which way to turn. I remained with Him because there is no other way I wish to turn. I came to Him longing for something I did not have. I remain with Him because I have something I will not trade. I came to Him as a stranger. I remain with Him in the most intimate of friendships. I came to Him unsure about the future. I remain with Him certain about my destiny. I came amid the thunderous cries of a culture that has 330 million deities. I remain with Him knowing that truth cannot be all-inclusive.
—  Ravi Zacharias