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I would never let any of them move away never ʕ  ✪ᴥ✪ʔ never

oh dont mind that noise it’s just the sound of my heart breaking for this poor hopeful little angel

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I showed mom a video of the Bar Fight Scene from Kingsman. When Firth stood up she went "ohmygod he's so tiny now" and i went "i knowwww". then the fight was just getting ready to start and i told "now remember this is ALL Firth doing this. no stuntperson in this one" so then we're watching it and as he does this smooth punch-and-block-with his umbrella she went "oooh". then she was quiet til the vid ended upon which she went "oooh damn" LOL

Kingsman: Bringing Mothers and Daughters Together Over How Hot Colin Firth is Since 2015


▧ Nightcrawler: Boston Screening (October 2014)  | JAKE GYLLENHAAL


Near is so expressionless and emotionless. 

There was something about the way his sandpaper edges smoothed my jagged, splintered ones and oh god, I knew I was going to love him for it.
—  Sydney Esther Thier, [i] A Story I’ll Never Finish