when i came to visit you, that’s when i knew. that i could never have you.
living my life a thousand times faster than normal. i’m missing home, or am i missing you? or am i missing me?
—  ryan ross; monday, march 13 2006

actually i’m glad isak wasn’t 100% okay and understanding of even’s mental illness right off the bat and that he believed sonja- we’ve seen this whole season he has a set prejudice against mental illness because of his relationship with his mother, it wouldn’t have made any sense for him to do a complete 180 and have us not see that transition

the growth of isak’s characterisation around the lgbt community and labels has taken all season, same with his views of religion as something that would never accept him- all of these things take time to set aside your prejudices and learn from the people around you who have more experience with said issues- we’ve seen isak go through this process multiple times, we’re just seeing it again

The training session is over; Keith and Lance are fighting like dogs over something unimportant, as usual; suddenly, Keith starts feeling dizzy and almost faints on the spot, but Lance quickly catches him and asks him if he’s okay; Keith says yes, he’s just tired and needs a nap; they go on a mission a while later, ‘cause I’m a bitch; Keith is definitely not okay; he’s breathing weird, his head is spinning and his vision is blurred; inevitably, his lion crashes; Lance tries to talk to him over the comm, but there’s no answer; “Goddammit, Keith”; Lance rushes to his space ranger partner to find him unconscious and bleeding out in the cockpit; his injuries are mild, but his heartbeat is slow and his frown’s on fire; “L-Lance…” Keith mutters as he slowly regains consciousness before losing it again two minutes later; “It’s okay, buddy, I’m here. Just do me a favor and stay awake until we get back to the castle, ‘kay?”; “Mhm…”“Yo, mullet, you still with me?”; “… Keith?”“Keith!.

  • Me: I love Cecil
  • Other people: same!
  • Me: you don't understand...
eng dub YOI

I don’t know what I’m gonna do if they give JJ a Full Canadian accent. Like… I literally don’t know how I’m gonna react. Cause like, I kind of want them to do it because omg really?? But then…

Actually no wait I really want them to give JJ the heaviest Canadian accent EVER. DO IT ENG DUB YOI. AS A CANADIAN PLZ GIVE ME THIS.

  • Cat #1: *meows for food*
  • Me: *walks towards cat food bowl*
  • Cat #2: *sees me walking, follows*
  • Me: *puts down food*
  • Cat #2: *hogs food bowl*
  • Me: Hey, let your sister eat!
  • Cat #2: *ignores me*
  • Cat #1: *meows at door*
  • Me: Okay, I'm sorry, you can go out instead. *opens door*
  • Cat #2: *is distracted by door, leaves food bowl and goes outside*
  • Cat #1: *ignores open door, strolls over to food bowl and starts eating*
  • Me: Wow, that is some Machiavellian kitty scheming right there...

I was becoming far too comfortable in my world. The universe decided to remind me that there are people who label all anime as ‘horrible and filled with crappy animation’ automatically without any research.