I’ve been watching loads of dramas lately cos they are just so good. T~T

First, “W”… This drama is just so so so good. I wanna hug the writer and thank him/her for his/her incredible imagination. This drama is still on going and I’m always looking forward for the next episodes.

Second, “Cinderella and Four Knights”… This drama is so funny. It seemed like a cliché drama where there’s the poor girl and rich guy but I think there’ll be a twist in the middle of this story. This just started recently so I’m looking out for more… Plus the male leads are so good looking. Hahahaha

Lastly, “Age of Youth”… I haven’t watched this since it started but my friend recommended me this, and after watching the first episode I can’t seem to stop myself from watching. LOL. The story is so good and very relatable. I think it has the same effect with Cheese in the Trap since they’re tackling University life. This is one of the well written dramas I’ve watched. It doesn’t just focus on their love lives but also their struggles financially, emotionally, etc. It’s just so sad that it’s not as popular as other dramas. This is still on going and I hope you’d give it a try. ^_^

So these were the things I’ve been doing lately. LOL. I haven’t opened most of my SNS bcos of this. Mian. T~T

Fitz’s look of utter destruction as Andrew hands him the video of Olivia’s kidnapping :( - Can this man just get a hug, please? 

nathan adrian: *is a 27 year old 6'6 hunk of pure muscle, an Olympic champion elite athlete, could probably win a fight with most of the human population easily*
me: that boy is my baby, my tiny son a precious smol baby and I will fight anyone that says anything bad about him did u see how cute my baby boy is bc he is so cute I love him so much my sweet little prince I just wanna give him a hug and a bath and tuck him into bed

All those worlds… all those people. So many died, Diana. We just couldn’t save them. No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t save them all… I’m so sorry– I’m so sorry–

Wonder Woman, Volume 2 #175