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Random thought but you know what I really love about Hima? He's just so POSITIVE about everything, like, he's always going "look at this cool thing I learned about this country!" Or "wow this is different than what I'm used to but I think it's very unique!" And overall always has something to praise and its lovely

He really is!

I also love how you can see him improve over time, not just in his drawings but his characterization!!!

I just thought of a pretty cool horror script idea while driving to the movies and I am really happy about it. Also I just realized that the sweater I’m wearing that makes me look like a normal functioning human being after my break up is actually the first fucking present that Rick bought me. Great job Juan.


I had the idea last night to draw some of the people farther down in the notes of this post by araneaofficial. I did this because I don’t think these people are likely to get drawn by the op seeing as that post now has A LOT of notes. If anyone involved has a problem with me doing this, I’ll gladly take the post down :)

i’m gonna post these together since there’s kind of a lot. Here’s indominus-wrex (btw, I hope you’re ok with me drawing your picture from halloween. I just thought it looked really cool!), queerquantum, know-your-paradoxes, and wilkommentothetrip. I hope that you all like these! ^-^

TG: where are we now
AA: oh look this was my hive!
AA: before it was destroyed
TG: oh so this is the trollplanet
TG: pretty cool not really what i pictured

Yeah, it looks kinda… farm-ish.  I would’ve expected she’d have lived in like, an ancient ruin or something.  I thought she was supposedly into archaeology or whatever.

AA: what did you picture
TG: i dont know its more subdued
TG: i pictured a lot more mayhem like
TG: a bunch of trolls flying around in little grub pods constantly screaming at each other through bullhorns shaped like buckets
AA: thats very silly and a little perverse
TG: hahaha

Dave just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you can be a culturally insensitive asshole.

AA: but actually that sounds like what it might have been like on some parts of the planet sooo
TG: can we not go to those parts
AA: ill put in a good word with your bubble about it
TG: awesome
TG: so what am i supposed to do now that im dead
TG: what is like
TG: the primary activity here
TG: that ghosts get their shit worked up over
TG: like
TG: where are the fucking hauntoffs at is what im asking

Now we’re getting somewhere. And, you know, addressing the implications of this being the afterlife.

AA: i dont know about hauntoffs
AA: but there is plenty of time to satisfy various curiosities you might have about existence and whatnot
TG: boring
AA: is it
TG: just kidding that sounds cool
AA: oh! yes
TG: what else
AA: there are all sorts of friends to meet
AA: ones you already know and ones you dont
AA: there is plenty of time for just about anything
AA: lots and lots of time
AA: enough time to understand that time isnt much of anything at all
TG: it isnt

Well, you probably have the rest of eternity, so there’s that. Might get boring after a while though.

AA: time is like a game
AA: just one fun game in realitys cupboard which is full of them
AA: its the one we are the best at!
AA: while other people are better at the other games
AA: but when all the games are back in the cupboard everyone is about the same
AA: and games are fun but sometimes you dont realize how much fun you were having until theyre all over
AA: and sometimes you look back and realize for some stupid reason you werent having any fun at all!
AA: then you laugh

Okay, I just have to point out how fucking weird it is to see Aradia being so cheerful.  I mean, yeah, she’s alive now (yet also in the afterlife somehow go figure) but it’s still like a complete 180 in terms of what she previously acted like.  I’m also still not sure why she’s acting like Dave’s psychopomp. 

TG: ha
TG: haha
TG: i bet you meant a laugh a whole lot less shitty than that
AA: that laugh will suffice
AA: hey!
AA: want to see inside my hive
TG: yeah sure
TG: well
TG: how about later
TG: not that that doesnt sound cool but i kind of want to just go home
TG: and i guess chill for a while cause i guess it was all a bit much
TG: if thats ok and i guess also possible
AA: it is quite possible and more than ok

Yeah, I don’t blame him. Probably wants to get back to that shitty video game he was playing when she first messaged him.


Star Citizen has no cohesive design sense and it really turns me off. I’ve been critical of this since the very beginning.

This is obviously getting into subjective territory, but I think Star Citizen is ugly. It’s just an incomprehensible mess of anything somebody thought was cool with no thought about the bigger picture of the universe as a whole and how it works. It has no style. Hardly anything about the game makes me think “yeah, this looks like something from Star Citizen,” because it’s all so inconsistent and looks like it was designed for completely different universes following completely different rules. Throw in the fetishism for the false equivalence of complexity = realistic and you have horribly busy and conflicting designs that are hard to look at.

On a technical level, Star Citizen’s graphics are impressive. They’re impressive in a “wow look at those poly counts” or “wow that’s a high resolution texture.” I admire Star Citizen for its technical accomplishments, not its aesthetics.

I think part of the reason it feels like a whole bunch of disparate designers doing what they want is because that’s literally how the project started out. For the first year or so, the art was handled by so many different contractors and artists, none of which had a series Bible to work towards, and just did whatever they (and Chris Roberts) thought was cool. They were making it all up as they went. As their development studios have been consolidated, they’ve gotten a lot better at this, but the damage was already done because this all happened in Star Citizen’s foundational years.

The common excuse you see for this is that everything is made from different manufacturers, but I don’t buy it. You can have things that look like they were from totally different places but still have them look like they all belong in the same universe. Star Wars excels at this, and both Homeworld and Freespace are great video game examples of strong art direction where things look very different, but all look like they belong together.

Star Citizen’s style is a kitchen sink of sci-fi tropes thrown together without care. It’s not blended or mixed. They just threw a bunch of Star Wars, Babylon 5, Wing Commander, Battlestar Galactica, Macross, etc. toys into a pile and said, “Yeah, this is our universe.”

Using only song lyrics from one artist cleverly answer these questions.

I wasn’t tagged by anyone but I saw this somewhere and thought it was really cool so here it is:

Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer

Your gender: She Looks So Perfect

Describe yourself: “It’s not a secret that I’m just a reject” and “They say we’re losers and we’re alright with that”

How do you feel?: “Let’s be unpredictable.”

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: “A little bit of London sky”

You and your best friends are: “Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught”

If your life was a TV show what would be the title: “Situation: No Motivation”

What is life to you: “Wake me up now and tell me this is all a bad dream”

Your relationship status: “You’re just a little bit out of my limit” and “I’m a 6, [s]he’s a 10”

Your fear : “I don’t know how to say goodbye”

I’m going to tag emmaeelizabeth , moist-5sos , mukeislifeaf and rockoutash to do this (you don’t have to if you don’t want to, obviously) and I’m tagging you if you’re reading this

2 people that I thought completely reasonable posted small, misleading articles about the push at UTK to normalize gender neutral pronouns. And then complained about it in contexts that made little sense. Like did you look at what you were complaining about first or?

They aren’t taking away “he” and “she” - their just encouraging people not to use them unless/until they’re absolutely sure those are correct.

Maybe I’m wrong? But in surprised at their lack of chill when this is actually a really cool thing. If anyone knows otherwise, tell me!

(Grammatically I think introducing/reiterating “they” as singular, gender neutral would be easier and more successful BUT with pushes like this, a pronoun like “ze” has huge potential to be normalized)



My best friend Cammy (forjjustustoknow) and myself are attending 1989 Tour St. Paul together on September 11th! 

HERE ARE OUR POSTERS AND OUTFITS! We had SO much fun spending hours and hours making the posters and burning ourselves with hot glue countless times because of them!! We’re so happy with how cool the ‘kaleidoscope of loud’ poster looks when it’s all lit up and we hope you guys love it too. We know the polaroid isn’t anything much, but ‘pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks’ has kind of just become our lyric and we really wanted to do something to incorporate it and thought this was perfect. And as for our outfits, we loved the idea of simply recreating one of Taylor’s outfits from the 1989 polaroids and we were so excited to literally recreate them with my own polaroid camera!! 

I don’t want to make this too long, but I just wanted you to know taylorswift that Cammy and I became such good friends through you! We were kind of friends in middle school, but one day I heard her humming something really familiar in class and then I realized it was Cold As You! We immediately went into conversation about the song and you in general and that’s kind of the moment our friendship took off and got us to where we are now! Thank you for being what brought us so close together.

SO I hope anyone who took them time to look at this enjoyed our lil post about all that we’ve put together. Just in case you were wondering where to look out for us taylorswift, we will be raging in section 126, row 20, seats 17 and 18!! That’s the section all the way on the side closest to the stage (nearly behind the stage ha!) so maybe you’ll even be able to see us backstage right before you go on! We’ll both be seeing you night 3 as well, but Cammy is going with her mom this night and I’ll literally be dancing on my own (I couldn’t resist). We couldn’t be more excited about all of this. See you soon, T!

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i think some people are stealing your amnesia guides!! with parameters and all... wanted to tell you cuz you worked so hard... thanks for what you do btw!!

Hmmn ok, not cool at all. I mean just because someone else included parameters doesn’t necessarily mean they stole from me, but I’ll admit that it’s suspicious.

Even so, neither I nor you know if they actually sat down and tried to figure out everything by themselves or if they just looked at my guide and thought “Oh hey awesome, I’ll just rewrite that a little and use it as my own ok thx bye

What I do know is that I put a lot of work and time into this. Sure, I did it on my own and it’s not like it wasn’t fun, but that doesn’t change the fact that I worked hard. I’ve played the game for 48 hours since it came out, I don’t want to know how many of those hours I spent skipping and reloading again and again to get all the right choices and write down every change. My back hurts cause I had to awkwardly press my fingers against the screen to determine whether the parameters changed or not because it’s super hard to see at times. And even after I got the good end I’d have to replay and double check everything once more so that I could be 100% sure that I didn’t mess up somehow and the guide would be wrong. 

In short: I’ve put a lot of work into this, and I’d really appreciate if no one just steals it. If other people make guides that obviously totally fine, but do it yourself.

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in high school i had to take a computer class and when we were learning to do powerpoint we had to make mock presentation about how to make a pb&j sandwich... out teacher thought she was really cool because she figured out how to make the background on the slides "pb&j colored"... it looked just like ur blog theme. anyway, i love ur pb&j blog keep up the great julain content

i hate jelly so this just Soured the color scheme for me a little but thank u anyways

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once you get this you must post 5 things you like about yourself publicly, then send this to your 10 favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool) (loving yourself is sick)

oAlright, so I got this in my inbox while ago (Like, ages really) but wanted to wait until I wasn’t on mobile to answer it (but then forgot to answer it every time I wasn’t on mobile… oops?) and also I haven’t been in the best mindset to do this the past couple months so didn’t want to go into this with depressing thoughts… so I’m really sorry it’s taken me so long to answer this. I feel bad, honestly I do. But anyways, here it is!

Five things I like about myself.

1.) My eyes. They’re this icy blue/gray colour that sometimes look greeny/purple and they’re just really cool. I could look at my eyes all day if I didn’t have to look through them. (??) 

2.) My mind. I know this sounds weird (like honestly Charlie, what?) but though my mind is a place full of dark thoughts and self hatred, it’s also full of creativity and wonder, and amazement at the world around me. I’ve been told that I see the world differently than most people and I first I thought that was a bad thing, but I’ve realized in the past year that it isn’t. I’ve realized that it is something to hold onto, and take pride in. So I do. My mind is a pretty cool place. (It’s also full of a bunch of nerd shit like Harry Potter and Doctor Who and Marvel Universe and Rise Of The Guardians and other junk but shhhh…!)

3) My ankles. I’m not going to elaborate anymore because there isn’t really an explanation. I just like my ankles.

4) I’m trustworthy. I’m not just saying this either, I’m genuinly a trustworthy person and I take great pride in it. If you tell me something that’s personal, I won’t tell a single soul unless you ask/tell me to. I will take your secrets to the grave, whether we’re still friends or not. I will hide a body for you if need be also btw.

5) I’m facinated by other cultures. My goal in life is to learn as much as I can about as many cultures as I possibly can. People are so amazing, and the fact that every person lives and see’s live differently is even more amazing. I’m in love with little parts of every culture and try to incorporate them into my own life. The more I learn about the rest of the world, the more I realize who I really am as a person. I love that.

So there it is!! Five things I love about myself!

Now I have to send this to ten of my favourite followers and I’m gonna send it to itsgigibitchez jkwalter2000 on-cloud-jiyong rainbowxiumins canigetanygayer tommilnson louishasanicebumbum niam-is-real-as-fuck ziamsession slythprincess


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