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I just saw you do a sweet slide down a ladder in engineering on TNG (season 2 episode 10). Please tell me you do this little trick whenever you encounter a ladder. That was like, true Wesley Crusher badassery.

So I had just seen Hunt for Red October when we filmed that episode. I saw lots of sailors in that movie sliding around on ladders like that, and I thought, “Hey, Wesley has spent much if not all of his life on starships, and I bet that’s totally normal behavior for him. Also, it looks cool, so I’ll do it.”

I didn’t think they’d let me get away with it, but the director did. I think it’s a neat little bit of character development that I got to put into the show.

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Regarding the rosary wearing posts Why are rosaries not usually worn? Ever since I converted, I could never understand the big fuss over people wearing them.

I honestly think it’s an American cultural thing. In America it’s sometimes considered a disrespect to wear a rosary because some non Christians wear it because it’s a “style”.

I’ve been told by just about everyone that if I wear it I need to hide it under my shirt.

I think American Catholics should revisit the reasons why we should wear rosaries.

Honestly for me it’s neck shaped and I don’t like tangled rosaries in my pocket, that simple.

Obviously we should treat all sacramentals with respect, but I don’t think in anyway it’s a disrespect to wear a rosary.

I’ll have to search for the saint story about a king who wore a rosary basically because he thought it looked cool. He was not Christian and at the time the people he ruled over were also not Christians. One day he suffered an illness that brought him near death, and Mary appeared to him and told him that because he wore the rosary all of his subjects felt encouraged to pray it, and she held up the thousands of rosaries that were prayed because of his wearing of the rosary. He didn’t die, but ended up recovering and converting to Christianity (if you know who this was let me know because I’ve forgotten).

Currently I don’t wear it unless I’m traveling because my priest advised me not to wear one years ago, so out of respect of his request I don’t, even if I don’t necessarily agree. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Looking Further Ahead

There’s a little part of me that wants to compete in 2018 around when I turn 40. The thought of stepping on a stage terrifies me. But the thought of bringing the best version of myself to the stage the same year I turn 40 feels kinda epic. Rather than be depressed and bummed and teased for hitting the big 4-0 It would be cool to be able to say I was in the best shape of my life and turn it around on those who joke about me getting old and have them wonder how the hell I did it. I really wouldn’t care if I won anything or even got last place, just getting up there and doing it would make me feel like a winner. It’s a distant thought and not that serious right now but it seems like a great story and awesome way to look back on and remember how I started my 40’s


Cardio Streak | Day 10!
2.31 miles | Overall pace 13:02

Mile 1 | 10:43
Mile 2 | 13:51

I decided to track my splits today – not sure why, but I have a feeling that it’s inspired by the awesomeness that is @fitnessgeekandcoffeefreak and @madisonrobingetsfit. I’ve seen them both killing it lately with running and thought, hmm, I wonder what my pacing looks like. Unfortunately runkeeper doesn’t track splits while I’m on the treadmill or elliptical of course, so I just kept an eye on my Fitbit and tracked them myself.

Anyhow - check out that mile 1 pace!! 10:43?! I was hoping to hit 11 and surprised myself. It’s amazing what our bodies can do. Pretty damn cool.

Now, to enjoy some fresh watermelon juice and get to work.

Mephisto's gem

OK so I just finished episode 17 of season one and a thought hit me. What exactly is Mephisto’s magical amulet gem thingy shaped like? Iris’ is a heart, Talia’s is a diamond, Auriana’s is a crescent moon, and Praxina’s is a butterfly. So I tried getting a closer look at it in his hair but it still looked like half a butterfly which I first assumed was meant to symbolize the fact he’s a twin since his sister’s is a butterfly. But then I realized that couldn’t be right cuz her’s would have to be a half butterfly as well and not a whole one. So I wondered if it was a different flying insect like a dragonfly or something. However looking at his torso where the design is largest I’d have to say it’s a snake. I mean it could be something else that’s long and has fangs with possible wings (like a dragon) but it’s stuck in my head that his is a snake. I say it fits, snakes have a bad rep and are often seen as nasty and evil or gross when they are actually pretty cute, cool to the touch, and interesting. But not evil, they’re no different than any other animal. More hope that Mephisto gets to be redeemed! Yay!

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Hi! Can you do a fic with Shiro taking care of his s/o when they're sick? I loved your headcanons for that, specifically cooling their head off on his arm because it's adorable and funny! Thank you so much! :)

“Shiiiroooo, let me get my own breakfast.” You complained. You had gotten sick with a fever that the healing pods just couldn’t fix, and by the time you had thought no one had noticed, Shiro had scooped you up and demanded you go back to bed. “I’m fine, it’s probably just allergies.”

He looked at you with doubt in his eyes, “Allergies don’t exist in space, there’s no pollen here, Y/n. Besides, even if it were just allergies, we can’t have you passing out during training drills because your fever got too high.” He says, plopping you down on your bed. “You need rest.”

All you could do is whine as he tucked you in. The bedsheets quickly got uncomfortable, you were too hot for comfort.

“It’s like a sauna in here, why do I have to have bedsheets on me?” You say, kicking the sheets off. Shiro quickly tucks you in again.

“You’re shaking, and while it may seem hot to you, it’s actually kind of old in here.” He replies. “Let me take your temperature quick.” He puts his metal hand on top of your forehead. You lean into his touch, calmed by the coolness of the metal. When he tries to pull away, you use your own hand to keep it there.

“Don’t move.” You explain, “Your hand is nice.”

He looked confused, “Nice?”

“Yeah. You’re cold and I’m hot.” You explain, closing your eyes. “Stay right here, would you?” 

He sighs, giving you a worried smile. “Alright, I’ll stay for now.”

Aging Out Your Favorite Characters

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about something I’ve noticed in fandom, specifically in The Mortal Instruments fandom (just the books, not the show). I have been in this fandom pretty much since the beginning. I think I came in between City of Bones and City of Ashes, so I would’ve been around 12-13. When I started out every single character (except Max) was older than me by at least a few years. They were all awesome teenagers and clearly more mature than me, especially Alec. I’m sure we all remember being that age and how cool we thought teenagers were.

Now I’m 22 and oh boy has that changed. I still adore the crew but they are so smol. So smol. Even Alec, the oldest of the bunch not counting immortals. Looking back now I can see a lot of places where they made decisions that young me thought were just fine/delightful but adult me is like “no…no…don’t do that. Go take a nap. Find adult supervision. Please.” I’m sure the same is true for MANY other people in this fandom.

But herein lies the problem: the fandom seems to forget that WE have aged but THEY haven’t. The crew will ALWAYS be teenagers in the books (at least in TMI anyways, they’ve obviously grown a lot in the newer books/series’). We can’t judge their actions through the lens of adults looking at adults, we have to look at it through the lens of adults looking at teenagers. Did Clary make some questionable comments/thoughts about Maia’s wearing of gamer shirts to supposedly impress Simon? Sure. She was also 16. Did the Lightwood crew make some racist remarks about downworlders? Sure. They were also 16/17/18. It’s not a condemable offense to think some shitty things when you’re a teenager. If they were a adults and thinking those things that would be a different story, but they weren’t. They were children.

By all means, debate the flaws in the series. But remember that TEENAGERS made them and, by and large, they’ve grown out of their issues in future books. It can be really weird to realize you’ve out-aged your favorite characters (I won’t even go into that weird moment when it occurred to me I’d out lived James and Lily Potter, characters WITH A CHILD) but don’t let it color your debates by making you treat the decisions and actions of teenagers like those of adults.

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What's your opinion of each agk character?


At first I didn’t like her because I thought she was the typical strange silent heronie with the tragic past. But I start liking her after she cried about Sheele because it really surprised me. Now I think she is a awesome character.


I really didn’t like him for a very long time. But in the last manga chapters I fell in love with him. He looks so cool and he changed to a real adult. That’s a wonderful development.


Leone is drinking, stealing and a lesbian. Just like me. I love her.


I really really love her. She has a great taigu, a tragic past and I love how she looks. I would like to cosplay her some day. She is so fucking cute!


I had no interest in him until he told Tatsumi about his love for Najenda and the true reason why he is fighting for Night Raid. I likehim because he isn’t the ordinary pervert best friend of the main character like in a bunch of other animes. He has a unusual back story and his love made him special. All in all I really love this character.


I am neutral .

I love him and think it’s interesting that he is gay but I am a bit sad that he died so soon.


I like her. But she died to soon.


I love him. He is my favorite taigu! The perfect good looking handsome man. But I also love the relationship he has with Najenda. His dead was so sad.


My favorite character. I think I don‘t have to say anything else, do I?


July 28, 2016

Little Zinna flower strip, these flowers look different every day. It amazes me.

I’ve been waking up at 6am everyday to water the garden, rather then 7:30pm at night. First off, I’ve missed getting up this early. Second the bees are crazy busy in the morning. As I was watering I heard some bees buzzing on the Mullein - I literally thought Rick was at the car shop next door, taking off a tire or something. There were three bees just going about their business, it was crazy LOUD and such a cool thing to see.

Our garden isn’t award winning by any means, but we try with the supplies we have. And we have successfully attracted more bees this year - and I’m sure they don’t care what the garden looks like, as long as theirs pollen to be gotten!

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Crossbows are treated like firearms in a lot of places, and all the archery ranges in my area don't let you shoot them there. They're super cool, but just be aware that it might gather dust unless you have your own space to shoot.

Yeah, I thought of that. But Markham Park Archery Range is just a few miles from my house. They allow crossbows if you bring your own target bags. 

I go there twice a month because they have a 100 yard rifle range, too. 

I probably won’t pull the trigger on anything archery until after the election. I am going to look for a club or lessons beforehand. 

The signs as my students

Aries: The girl who answered the question “what’s something that’s magnetic?” with “Beyonce” 

Taurus: The boy who ran around at recess screaming “I LIVE TO DIE”

Gemini: The kid who thought snapchat face filters were just some cool game and was always asking if he could ‘play snapchat’

Cancer: The student who looked me straight in the eyes and said “I can see things other people can’t” and then went right back to drawing velociraptors.

Leo: The girl who wrote a full-page story about a woman who fell in love with a giant ear of corn. The best line of the story being “The corn was always there for her.”

Virgo: The kid who would call me over to fill me in on the latest third grade gossip every morning

Libra: The student who dramatically sat down across from me after school and said, “Miss we need to talk business” when asked what kind of business replied, “Chip business”

Scorpio: The student who was not actually in my class at all but was somehow always in the classroom anyway

Sagittarius: The boy who during aftercare somehow snuck out of the school, walked to the 7-11, and then came back with a huge bag of chips

Capricorn: The boy who grabbed my hands one day, started humming tango music, and proceeded to pull me away to dance around the room with him

Aquarius: The kid that called me over in the middle of silent reading time to tell me that moth man did nothing wrong and was just a guy trying his best

Pieces: The little girl who every time she saw me would scream “warning you!” before jumping onto me and expecting me to catch her