After being warned by a strict PR to keep questions work-related (often not a good sign), it comes as a surprise to discover that Michelle is actually warm, chatty, very shy and extremely modest. Speaking of her lack of public exposure, she explains:
“As an actor you accept that you have to publicise what you do, but as for the whole personal life thing that people sometimes choose, no, that’s not for me. I’ve always kept the focus on my work.”

You know how in the past four years or so I’ve tried to read Pride and Prejudice like a zillion times? It’s not even that I really dislike it. I just can’t ever read more than 100-ish pages. I’m now reading the manga adaptation and I saw the 2005 movie last year - I enjoyed both. Next I’ll see the mini-series and read the Lizzie Bennet diaries. Hopefully I’ll actually read the book in the next decade. 

(( you know what real quick I have to say like I feel pretty lucky that the ONLY thing that people are having issue with when it comes to me portraying eridan, is that I have him dye his purple streak instead of it being natural. (btw idk how clear it was, but his hair grows out all grey in that spot instead of black, so there IS something going on, it’s just not purple ehehe) so yeah I feel really lucky and happy and I love you guys and thank you so much :’U <333  ))


Mostly a reference post for myself as I continue to amass details for my inevitable cross-season Black Crystal headcanon. I still don’t know why the Black Crystal is responding to Naru like this, but there’s certainly no mistaking that it is.

Well I mean “IT’S LURVE” is why, but in a more specific sense. Including the hilarious fact that The Stars gave Nephrite this thing and it is just completely fucking him over.

thoughts on how the dub came to be

Edit: I’m just going to add in a disclaimer here. I’m not trying to criticize the dub or the voice actors (I actually quite like some of them). I’m looking at this from a purely business perspective, looking at how Funimation seems to have misjudged the demand and expectations that the target audience (the English speaking fandom) had.

I’ve just been thinking about how this dub came about, because ignoring all the homophobia and stuff people are talking about, this dub is just bad for business, which doesn’t make sense. Funimation is a company (a company that is known for pretty decent dubs at that), and Free! has a huge fandom. As some people have pointed out, it’s a huge opportunity for them to make a lot of money. Therefore the conclusion is… they must have thought that this dub would do well? How??

I think that on some level, Funimation was purposely going for a silly “so bad it’s good” memetic approach to the dub.

My main theory is that Funimation was acting kind of like how we do: we come up with AU’s and headcanons for the shits and giggles and get excited with our friends when we come up with new situations and contexts for them to exist in. I can just imagine the Funimation staff being really excited about this ‘American High School Athlete’ AU, about translating the original into this new style of speaking. You know, conversations like ‘Haruka would be like this’ and ‘Oh! Then Makoto would be like this!’ and ‘Yes that’s perfect!!’.

Because it’s exciting isn’t it, being able to reinterpret characters and see them in a new way. Just look at Thugisa! Actually, sometimes I think they saw 50% Off, saw that it was doing well, and wanted to do a similarly non-serious dub. 

They’re so excited to share this silly and dumb ‘AU’ with us, not realizing that maybe the fans won’t enjoy it as much, because that’s not what we wanted.

50% Off was always and will always be an abridged parody. For the official dub, we were expecting a sincere and serious effort from Funimation and that’s not what we got.

GUYS!!!! I just had my best bike ride EVER I just smashed it out there, I pushed myself and I feel incredible. I didn’t know I could go that fast and that hard. I am so thankful for my fitness.

I have never been in shape in my life. Until now, since I picked up cycling in January. I am able to exercise, enjoy it, and feel my body grow stronger. This beats anything my eating disorder ever gave me. I couldn’t perform at this level restricting my intake. Recovery keeps proving to be the thing that has made my life completely worth living.

I didn’t give up, I didn’t quit. In recovery or in cycling. I consistently bike 3-5 times a week, have been for six plus months, and I’m at a point where I’m fit and I cannot believe I am the person I am right now. I love this feeling. I love being alive. I can’t stop smiling

I hate when people judge others relationship because of things they’ve heard about that person. Do you know them personally? Do you know everything about them. No probably not. You’re just going off of what you see in the media or on some other superficial place.

The only people who should have any say or opinion on the relationship are the people that are involved in it.

It’s just so annoying. Let them live their life and enjoy the time they spend together. If it lasts then it lasts, if they break up then they break up.

going natural?¿

ok so I kinda wanna go natural but I don’t know i don’t think I feel secure enough in my self image yet and I was thinking maybe just one more year and I’m off to college w/ a new chapter in my life and I can cut all my hair off and enjoy the liberation of my naps but I’m so insecure it isn’t even ok. idk what to do….

Just a PSA for those who interact with my muse(s).

So we are going to play an educating game.

  • Slut Shaming : An unfortunate phenomenon in which people degrade or mock a woman because she enjoys having sex, has sex a lot, or may even just be rumored to participate in sexual activity.

This can happen to men too.

You know what this means? I’m sick of getting slut shamed. This is an RP. Both me and a few others have been slut shamed. We are ROLPLAYING. I know that some of your muses are mean, or blunt, or whatever, but after a while, it becomes stressful and we, or at least I, feel judged, and no longer want to RP with people because of this. Be a little more careful, okay? It’s spreading into OOC too. Some of us just wanted a character that isn’t giggling at the sound of the word ‘penis’ and, surprise, people have sex in real life. I have other muses that would break a few knuckles if someone even thought about touching them. And guess what? They either get avoided, or get the next treatment. 

  • Virgin Shaming : Like slut-shaming, virgin-shaming involves making fun of someone for their personal choices regarding sex.

This is really disturbing to me lately. As someone in real life who honestly doesn’t enjoy being touched or sexualized, comments going around are really bugging me. So I’m sick of not only my MUSE being slut shamed, but my typist being pretty much virgin shamed. It’s ironic that I am not sexual as a typist but can PRETEND to be flirty as a muse. Pretend. Roleplay.

  • Role Play :  To act and speak as if you are the character you’re portraying. To roleplay is as much about what not to say as what TO say. It means to keep your speech in the context of the setting in which your character (or avatar) exists. Context can be defined as both time and place.

I’m not going to point fingers. But it’s honestly getting to me now. If you have an issue with how I play my muse, unfollow me. If you are offended by how he, or others, speak to you, message us OOC. Just because we play flirty or sexual muses doesn’t mean we’re going to hump your face the second you come talk to us. And remember, gossip ghosts are GOSSIP GHOSTS. They are RUMORS for FUN.

If this was all IC I wouldn’t be so bothered. But it has spread to OOC and hateful messages. I am normally a very level-headed person, but I have finally cracked. So stop.

And no. This isn’t just IA I’ve been getting this from.

              middle of the night;    creepy graveyard
                   in a town she’d heard only less than pleasant
                   things about. what could possibly  go  wrong?


                   apparently,  you can jinx  something  with  the
                   force of unwanted thoughts . just as it crossed
                   her mind, something crossed her path; a thing
                   that wasn’t of the vampire variety.      delicate 
                   fingers tighten their grip around her stake,  but
                   she moves it behind her back    &   out of view.


                                       ❛ what the hell? you cannot just sneak up on
                                                 people in a graveyard! you stomp or… yodel.

foreverdreamingjaz replied to your post “friends bribing me w bottom tony like how dare you know how…”

speaking of which, do you have any fic recommendations? i have fallen hard, and am on an on going search. honestly speaking i really love bucky/steve/tony. also enjoy steve/tony though, just a mixture of the three is great actually

MY STEVETONY LIST okay so this is my standard introductory list

☆ longfic (over 10K to qualify) ♥ fluff, smutty, or pwp ☉ series




AU/Notable Canon Divergence or Changes

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♠ Jonghyun

I’m really taking so long on these, forgive me but I cannot write on demand for some unknown reason. ANYWAYS thank you anon for attacking me with my ultimate favorite… Jonghyun in ties, okay now here you go, I just want you to know I enjoyed writing this v much LOL 

Okay, you must admit, though Jonghyun looks stunning in just about anything… or at times nothing, there’s something distinctive about the way a well tailored suit falls around the edges of his shoulders and defines his entire silhouette, dipping in the curves of his waist and falling elegantly down his legs. It’s ridiculous how a change in wardrobe could affect you so much, making you flustered and causing you to stammer over your words when in fact he’s the same Jonghyun you see walking around the house in his fluffy sweaters and sweats. So you’re beyond ecstatic and a tinge nervous when he finally revealed that during his promotions for Everybody he would be wearing dress shirts and blazers completed with an unholy amount of accessories such as  necklaces,collar clips, pins, earrings, ties, and perhaps an unwarranted amount of eyeliner.

“_________, can you come here for a second please?” the coordi noona calls you from across the MV set, motioning her hands with hurried impatience to have you walk towards the dressing rooms.

“Yes?” you answer her once you get there, standing in front of Jonghyun’s dressing room, gradually getting more bewildered.

“Can you please please please do me a big favor and just put on Jonghyun’s necklaces and ties and whatnots for him? Kibum is having an eyeliner emergency and honey, you do not want to be the one dealing with that mess.” she practically pleads, her eye widening ever so slightly in a terribly executed trial of a pout. You laugh loudly and motion for her to continue, grabbing the large pouch from her hand and shooing her away to deal with the hissy fit that is Key.

Drifting into the room, trace of a smile still present on your lips from your earlier encounter, you practically trip over your own feet when you look up to see Jonghyun lounging next to the vanity, his eyes a striking shade of blue and his attire resembling that of a military uniform. It was breathtaking to say the least.

“________? What are you doing?” he perks up when he sees you, bouncing off the chair and engulfing you in a hug, lifting you ever so slightly off your feet and oh sweet heavens he also smells nice.

“Hmm, well,” it takes you a while to find these things called words again, “oh right, the Coordi wanted me to put on your accessories since she’s busy with Key” you finally manage to sound at least semi coherent.

“Ahh, okay, come here then, I’ll be your little doll for today.” he chuckles and settles on the sofa, his puppy like nature all too apparent in his demeanor.

So you start with the little pieces, slipping the rings onto his fingers first and then moving up to the buttons on his wrist all the way up to his tie which you tighten around his neck and the collar clips that falls delicately across the fabric. He watches you as you diligently perform your task, you eyebrows knitted in concentration and your teeth nibbling on your lip when the pins did not lay the way you want them to. Smiling gently he struggles to stay still and not touch you as you continue to add on more necklaces and clips.

“Done!” you exclaim after finishing and Jonghyun all too quickly leans in to peck you on the cheek.


“That was a thank you gift” he says, laughing at your astonished expression.

When you recover from the initial shock, you grasp his tie firmly and tug so that he would he leans closer for you to close the space between your lips and his. Now it was his turn to be dumbfounded as you walk out the door and reply, “That was me saying you’re welcome”

Party Foul || Brittany & Myron

Myron wanted to die of embarrassment. He was well past fashionably late and all because of his stupid Uncle. That would be the last time he faked having pneumonia. He just hoped the highs of the party hadn’t died down and he could enjoy himself. He didn’t even know what time it was, just that the party was still going. Composing himself, Myron walked through the front door like he owned the place. He was surrounded by taller bodies and noise, but from his point of view, Sugar indeed had a nice house. Not better than his, of course, but nice. He wandered around for a bit, taking pictures of all the drunken idiots and couples making out. Parties were the perfect events for Myron to obtain blackmail and gossip. His phone buzzed just as he was taking a picture of a girl with her head in the toilet and a guy sitting pants-less on the bathroom sink.

Frowning at the text from Brittany, Myron headed to the back porch. He wasn’t sure how to feel about Brittany. The beautiful blonde was about as sharp as a dull knife and at times he felt a lot older when talking to her, but she was sweet and Myron would never admit this out loud, but he had a soft spot for her. She was still competition, but he felt bad for her. Whatever that Jesse and Mason crap that went on seemed to really hurt her. If she was going to mope around, it was his job to pep her back up. Winning was only fun when your enemies were as ready as you were.

Stepping out on to the back porch, Myron looked around until he spotted a familiar head of hair.

“The party’s inside.”

Is it weird seeing someone else or 2 people in a really like….honest looking relationship makes me feel good?

Like its so weird i love to look forward to just seeing pictures of post about them enjoying each others company and it makes me feel weird

but then i go “idk just knowing osmeone is feeling that good in that way makes me feel better”

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1234 i declare an ask war

  1. Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.

I really don’t remember the first time I watched it. I was really young when it came out, but it’s My Neighbor Totoro. It’s one of the few movies I’ve actually watched more than once.

  1. Talk about your first kiss.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I’ve never kissed anyone so there’s not much to talk about.

  1. Talk about the person you’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for.

Uggghhhhh.  I think I’ve done this before. I’ve really only had one person I’ve had romantic feelings for I might be demi romantic  But they’re awesome. Though honestly they’re still rough around the edges because they’ve been hurt so much. Time heals all though; I hope with time and experience they turn those sharp edges into something good.  They’re going through so much right now I want to be with them, I want to support them so much, I want to let them know that even if the world is against them I will always be there for them.  But I have no right chance to be with them, so I’m just going to sit at the sidelines and pray for their happiness.

  1. Talk about the thing you regret most so far.

I regret being a little bitch.  For some reason, my personality maybe some weird type of privilege, I can’t bring myself to do things that I enjoy.  For awhile I was taking Japanese language classes and I LOVED them, but I just stopped going. I couldn’t see a practical use for it so I gave up.  Same thing is happening with Magic the Gathering and DnD.  I love to play MtG and I would LOVE to learn DnD, but there’s no practical use at all. I just can’t bring myself to do things that “have no purpose”.   I’m really struggling with soap making right now too, that’s why I have to keep telling myself that I’ll end up selling them when I get better. I have to put some purpose to my hobbies, otherwise I will stop doing them regardless of if I enjoyed doing them.

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Fellow Balmung player here, I just wanted to thank you for the posts you make about some folks the community should be wary of, and I'm so sorry of the recent events you went through. I always really enjoy seeing your stuff in the tag, and I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!

You have no idea how nice it is to hear that!

Like, I realise I can be pretty “loud” about a lot of stuff like that and I don’t go off on just everything I see.  I mean it’s something that comes with being the lead of a fairly high-profile FC, you come across a lot of kooks and if I made a big deal out of every single one of them, not only would I be making a lot of very private things public (which would be gross), I’d never stop complaining and boy I’m sure that would be even more obnoxious.

But, yeah, I do think there’s something to be said for community service type announcements and I really, really hope my occasional screeding comes across as something other than me just losing my gourd every time someone rustles my jimmies.


commanderlillianroseshepard :: continued from (x).

Throwing her head back, she laughs freely, not only enjoying
the other woman’s comment but the whole thing.    Carol is a
hardcore Star Wars fan,  had she known she would definitely
be dressing up as well. 

                      “ Not even gonna argue with that one.
                          How come you are not doing it as well?
                          Hell, even I wanna try this sometime now.