Royalty AU

The masquerade ball was supposed to help prince Barry Allen’s decision of who to marry easier, as he prepared to take the throne in a few short weeks. He didn’t expect to end up dancing with Leonard Snart, the infamously cold-hearted king, for nearly the whole night.


I’m a ghost, and you can’t see me,
So you don’t know a thing of my feelings…

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Meredith Meme:

2/4 Storylines ~ Meredith/Finn/Derek love triangle

“This is not dating… I want moonlight and flowers and candy… and people trying to feel me up… nobody is trying to feel me up! Nobody is even looking at me! I’m an intern, do the two of you have any idea how much effort it takes to do all this? I’m waxed, I plucked and I have a clean top on and the two of you  are looking at each other!”

“No talking until one of you figures out how to put on a date! I want heat, I want romance… damnit I want to feel like a freakin’ lady!

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oh wow I am so offended

guys, the reason I can’t go see Deadpool isn’t because I’m not fucking old enough to go see it without my mother, thank you very much for assuming I’m under 17, fuck you I’m 18, HA, gotcha (ahahahahaha got ‘em) 

it’s because all my stupid friends go to other stupid colleges and i don’t have access to my car right now so it’s not like I can just go on my own

plus i would want to see it with other people anyway, i mean it’s a comedy and an action movie, i like seeing that shit with my friends

but they’re all fucktards trying to get their education so…

Keeping a straight face while at work is starting to become a real challenge.

And that’s saying a lot, considering the fact that Akaashi’s been told countless of times before that it’s hard to tell what he’s feeling due to his constantly-neutral expression.

The person to blame for this is, as of yet, still unnamed, even though Akaashi’s seen him about a dozen times in the past week alone. The man just keeps giving ridiculously fake names whenever he makes an order, for some unknown reason – either he’s having an identity crisis, or he’s messing with Akaashi.

But anyway, to make up for the lack of a proper and non-changing name, Akaashi has been mentally referring to him as Owl Eyes.

Which makes it a little surprising, and perhaps more than just a little creepy, when Owl Eyes places his usual order on that particular Monday, and gives the name Owlman. Akaashi blinks, the tip of his sharpie pressed onto the paper cup, ink bleeding into a dot on the surface.


“Um,” the other man says, something like hesitation sneaking into that single syllable, which makes the entire situation even weirder. Akaashi doesn’t know him, at all, but the past week he’s been constantly coming in and out of this small coffee shop has given Akaashi a bit of an idea on what his personality is like. That is to say, very loud and very confident. So even this slightest hint of doubt is, well. Neither loud nor confident.

It’s already been a very odd day, and it’s barely even noon yet.

“Is that too weird?”

Akaashi blinks, snapping out of his thoughts. Then he shakes his head, writing the name on the paper cup. “Compared to the other names you’ve given me this past week, no. Not really.” He tries very hard not to let his eye twitch at the memory of said names, some of the most remarkable being: Top Five Ace, Spiker God, and Better Than Kuroo. Whoever that is.

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