Behold! My art homework I didn’t get to turn in because the teacher cancelled the class. I haven’t watercolored in awhile, and I got new aquash brushes so I got to finally try them out :> Unfortunately, my iPhone doesn’t do it justice…better than scanning looked though, honestly :/

And yes this is Mob inspired, really, what isn’t these days *facepalm*

Word Count: 921

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You hadn’t seen your parents in years. You were Nate and Maggie’s first kid, and several years older than Sam. You and he were thick as thieves when you still lived at home, but then you went off to college and things got…dicey.

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Hey!!! It’s nearly 11 pm but I realized I hadn’t shown y'all my rats yet, so here’s some pictures from yesterday and today!!! Say hello to my new daughters: Melody, Star, and Tina!!!!!

{MunRamen}::Imagine, au where current M-21 meets his younger-self, like 5 year old M, and there’s so much he wants to tell him. Yet his mini-me wouldn’t really understand anyways so all he says is ‘Hang on, everything’s going to be okay.’ while thinking of his family. Before he wouldn’t really care much what happened to him since he was nothing but ‘experimental trash’, but now he can’t wait until his mini-me meets his family bc they are the best that’s ever happened to him and he loves and cares for them just as they love and care for him too!

Mom will be okay

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About the Turkish contestant

 I haven’t found any errors on the translations so far,but I’ll add some facts and clear some things up. I’m also a turkish starlight,don’t try to come shit on me because of my comments.

I read on twitter somewhere that someone said ‘’They wrote it nicer in english,in the turkish one they’re calling us ‘whores’ ’’ 

THIS IS NOT TRUE. Lets get that outta the way.

I’ll sum up the management’s and Kurşun’s behaviour.


In this tweet he’s basically saying: ‘’We need more children who grow up with love for their country,government,and their own culture. It’s #WorldHuggingDay come on,let’s hug.’’ I find this so fucking disgusting but this is how Turkey has been for the past 12+ years. Close-minded,disrespectful and ignorant.


In this tweet he’s saying: ’’I give my thanks to all the Turkish-ish youth who commited themselves to korean culture who did not spare (hold back) their support (= but unfortunately,TBMM (The government basically) won’t send you soldiers for this war. ‘’ Oh so now Turkish starlights aren’t Turkish anymore because they don’t support you for STEALING from a Korean group. Also throw politics there too because why not I guess.


‘’The youth has come to an end,their minds have been infected by a plague, making them elaborate on (Try to be like) other cultures,and not protect their own culture..’’  …Do I even have to say something for this one?

As most of you know he also said stuff like 


‘’This isn’t stealing,it’s creativity’’


‘’You can compose something (like a chorus or something…) from some instrumental and even a doorbell.’’  …Excuse me? 


‘’but every song writer does this,every song writer can’t lead an orchestra but every composer can lead an orchestra’’ (he used some broken turkish btw oooh look at him defending his cultuuure) 

About the management: Their behaviour,the language they used and everything else they did are too unprofessional. They’re looking down on everyone who says they’re wrong + everyone who defends Vixx. There’s not a crumb of maturity. I hope we can get Jellyfish to sue their ass.


I’ll just leave this information here,do whatever you want with it~

UPDATE: https://twitter.com/kursunofficial/status/822865525147627525

There’s this minty medicine called vicks (pronounced same as vixx) he’s saying that ‘’if you caught a cold put some vicks under your feet and it’ll make you better by the morning’’ + the word he used for ‘’catching a cold’’ can also mean going mad/crazy. You know what,don’t be nice. 


‘’The bell rang,you can get up from in front of your computers and look out of a window. Good night.’’


‘’It’s better (for people to be) jelaous of me than (them) pitying me’’  lol too late man welcome to hell

AU where Eurus isn’t a psychopath (I know that’s what makes her who she is but I love her and I just want her to be HAPPY) but is an even bigger sociopath than her brothers, and her parents make sure she gets help to handle her problems rather than just locking her up somewhere

-She eventually manages to join Sherlock and Victor’s pirate game, becoming the first lady pirate on their ship (and shooting and fighting just like the two boys.)

-Sherlock and Eurus growing up having a bond no one else can understand. Playing together, planning experiments together, pulling pranks on Mycroft (Who’s always annoyed by them but secretly loves them and is amused watching them play)

-Victor NOT being murdered but instead growing up being a close friend with Sherlock and connecting with Eurus and they become a three way thing.

-Everyone in their school knows about the Holmes brother and sister genius duo. They think Sherlock is condescending and Eurus is creepy, but they couldn’t care less. They don’t hang out with people but each other and Victor (other kids are just too stupid and slow), making deductions and social experiments in the school yard and laughing while no one understands. Sherlock and Victor kind of drift apart over the years but they keep in touch, and in their grown years, when Sherlock lives in 221B every once in a while Victor comes to visit and calls “Yellowbeard!” to which Sherlock answers “Redbeard!” and they start imitating pirate fights and John is kinda like “wtf”

-Teachers sending Eurus to the school’s council several times after disturbing suggestions of theoretical psychological experiments on human beings in psychology/sociology class. Every time she has to sigh and explain that she’s “Not a psychopath, I’m a high functioning sociopath, my parents had me tested.” Despite all that, she was very talented in getting out of trouble since she was very persuasive. (Which was useful whenever Sherlock got caught smoking in school.)

-Eurus and Sherlock helping each other to deal with their depression and feeling of emptiness that follows their intellectual abilities and mentality. Having long philosophical debates into the night. Eurus and Mycroft taking care of Sherlock when they find him passed out on drugs for the first time. They’re broken and furious and worried. “How could you be so stupid?” Eurus asks angrily. Sherlock answers weakly, “I’m not as clever as you.”

-Sherlock still ends up being a detective because a lot of people become detectives without having their childhood friend murdered so why the fuck not

-Sherlock and Mycroft fighting over who’s the smart one and Eurus is like “Shut up both of you, I’M the smart one.”

-Eurus working in highest most secret levels of the government, alongside her brother. Her talents and flexible morality are perfect for the government’s needs. Whether it’s processing information better than any computer to find out about possible dangers and terminate them, or using her psychological manipulation abilities to make criminals give out information or convince them to get that information for them. Since this use of her talent is unconventional and highly immoral, this specific part of her job is kept secret and outside her ranks is only heard of in rumors and is known as “The East Wind”.

- Moriarty was brought to her after she tracked him as a dangerous personality, and he was the first and only person she’s met who wasn’t only clever enough to resist her methods, but to play back. It was never such a challenge for her to crack someone. (She did eventually of course.)

-Moriarty becoming the Irene to her Sherlock in the way that yes he’s a criminal but holy shit they can’t resist their chemistry and fascination of each other and he didn’t do any verifiable crime anyway

-Mycroft being so exasperated by his two siblings like “can you two stop fucking criminals” and they’re like “lol nope”

-Until of course Moriarty decides to make bringing Sherlock down his personal goal because NO ONE MESSES WITH HER LITTLE BROTHER

to anyone who says the women’s march on washington protests won’t make an impact in the long run, i have a story 

my mom went with me to our local march on a whim because my sister wouldn’t wake up and i didn’t wanna go alone.. she wanted to “support my cause” MY cause. not hers.

once we got to the march, surrounded by women demanding to be acknowledged, demanding control over their own lives and bodies, standing in solidarity with each other, she turned to me with tears in her eyes and said “i get it now.” 

multiply that by EVERYONE who finally “got it”? that’s HUGE. together we can make a bigger impact than any farce of an administration because we’re bigger, we’re louder, and we’re united.