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your finn balor gifs are ugly just like all the rest of the gifs you've posted tonight why can't you just quit? I hope your finn birthday gifs get the leasts amount of notes than all the rest of them so far yours only has 10 notes while a pretty one has 40 :) *smooches*

??? Who the fuck cares?

matchmaker tag

tagged by: the beautiful Finn, @yugysky thanks girl!! 😍😍


01. ship the person who tagged you

02. answer questions

03. write down the groups you would like to get shipped with

04. tag as many blogs as you want

1) people I ship you with;

GOT7: Okay, I’m shipping you with Jackson. Even though I feel you guys are actually pretty similar, I think that this could work out in a great way. Like, you have enough differences (plz plz plz take him on a spicy food date and then make him study) where you would each learn from each other but you would also be a bubbly, athletic force to be reckoned with, like YES – also side note, I hope you would get into a backflip competition I’m getting chills just thinking about it

EXO: SO I know he’s your bias and I shouldn’t be biased by that (lolololol) BUT Xiumin aka Minseok aka Those Abs. I just gotta. Like, he’s so smol and you’re so smol and he’s got that silly and sexy at the same time thing DOWN. Yes, the more I think about this, the more I ship.

Monsta X: Mmmmm Hyungwon. Idk, I feel like how reserved he normally is would mesh with how outgoing you are. He’s low key hilarious and sassy but he would say everything under his breath to only you and it would be adorable af. ALSO the danceeee *damn* the boy can dance. (ps hyungwon is my bias so treat him well)

Seventeen: I’m feelin’ Wonwoo. He needs someone to draw him out of his shell and I feel you could do that. Also, boy is definitely not innocent – look at that face, that rap, hell no. Plus the visuals of you two together would be like FIREEEEE (bultaoreune)  

2) questions

what is your chinese zodiac/animal:

A goat. Sureee lol

what is your sun sign:


what is your height:


what kind of body shape do you have:

athletic and pear shaped

describe your fashion type:

classic but also kinda hipster

what are your hobbies:

dance dance dance, reading, writing, listening to music, I do podcasts sometimes and like to bike / work out

describe your personality:

I’m an introvert for sure. 98% of the time I have to be dragged to social events but once I’m there I have fun. My friends say that I’m loyal, caring & intelligent but without a lot of common sense. I lose things a lot and fall down a lot (no, dancing does not help) and I love learning new things. Oh, and I’m sarcastic. 

what do you like and dislike:

likes – books (real ones, not e-reader), coffee mugs, board games, baking (okay, so I sound like an 80 y/o woman), salty foods, long car rides by myself, national parks, doodling

dislikes – large crowds of people, hot weather, ketchup and mayo, most sporting events, people who play games

what kind of height do you prefer:

I like at least a few inches taller than me – probably 5’9” is the shortest I would date

what kind of position do you prefer:

oh noadkfasdlkfja uhhhh I can’t answer this lmao

do you prefer innocent or sexy:


what are some turn ons:

when they can danceee, when someone is blunt/truthful, confidence, when someone gets passionate/excited about something they love

what are some turn offs:

fickleness, inability to make up their mind, dishonesty

what kind of fear would it be okay for them to have:

I don’t really care as long as it doesn’t get in the way of us

what would be an ideal date for you:

I would want to do something, like go to a concert or museum or theme park – something where we could talk and get to know one another 

3) groups i’d want to be shipped with! : 

Got7 , EXO, BTS! (dont have to do all or any)

Also, don’t feel like you have to ship me with my bias – just tell me who you really think!! Can’t wait to see, eeeeeeepppp

4) tagging: @official-yugyeom , @nyeong-ing , @whaaaalep , @jrjb, @daydreaming-juna , @cleverdeception , @officialwangtrash  – don’t feel like you have to do! I know this one requires some thought, so no pressure :) oh, and @yugysky – to match me LOL


Pink Floyd Welcome to the Machine

  • This song was featured on the 1975 album Wish You Were Here
  • The song describes the band’s disillusionment with the music industry as a money-making machine rather than a forum of artistic expression.
  • Gerald Scarfe created the music video, initially a backdrop film for when the band played the track on its 1977 In The Flesh tour. (Scarfe also did the animations in the movie The Wall)
  • The song was performed for the first time live on Pink Floyd’s 1977 “In The Flesh” tour (also known as the “Animals” tour. Gilmour and Waters shared lead vocals, although in initial performances, Gilmour sang on his own with some backing vocals by Waters.
  • The “In The Flesh” tour featured large inflatable puppets, as well as a pyrotechnic “waterfall”, and one of the biggest and most elaborate stages to date, including umbrella-like canopies that would raise from the stage to protect the band from the elements.
  • The track was built upon a basic throbbing sound made by an EMS VCS 3 followed by a one-repeat echo. On the original LP, the song segued from the first 5 parts of the suite “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and closed the first side.
  • On the CD pressings, especially the 1997 and 2000 remastered issues, it segues (although very faintly) to “Have A Cigar”. This segueing is a few seconds longer on the US version than the UK version. 
  • David Gilmour admitted that he had trouble singing one line of the song; saying, “It was a line I just couldn’t reach, so we dropped the tape down half a semitone.” He sang the part, then the pitch of the vocals were raised to meet the rest of the song.

A Kingsman agent needs to be able to solve problems under pressure. 

                                              Like what to do when one of your group has no parachute.

10 Easy Fixes For "Harry Styles ex girlfriend:

1. “Taylor Swift, who is currently on her sold out world tour, …”
2. “Taylor Swift, who is currently enjoying the success of her #1 album, …”
3. “Taylor Swift, who is selling out stadiums and arenas all over the world, …”
4. “Taylor Swift, one of the world’s biggest stars, …”
5. “Taylor Swift takes time in between sold out shows to …”
6. “Taylor Swift, currently in the midst of her 1989 tour, …”
7. “Taylor Swift, while making a name for herself in music history, …”
8. “Taylor Swift, who has over 50 million Twitter followers and a dedicated fan base, …”
9. “Taylor Swift, who has been named the ‘Most Charitable Artist’ 3 years in a row, …”
And if you don’t like any of these:
10. “Taylor Swift”