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Elvis Duran said that he heard Harry's single and it will be played on radio on April 7th. So should we believe it or not? Cause I don't want to get my hopes up but fucksjaiizia

I have no idea. That’s two weeks from today, so I guess we’ll see what happens between now and then. 

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Hiya! ^^ I would like to request hc's about an MC who is a kpop star or part of a group. I imagine they'd all be super surprised to see them at the party! I hope you both are well, and you don't have to do my ask if you wouldn't like to! Oh sorry, I'm starting to ramble again aren't I? Hahaaaa;;;

A/N: IM SO READY FOR THIS, FUCK ME UP (and dont worry i ramble a lot, I don’t think you were rambling sweetheart <3) ~Admin 404


           -He’s a big big fan of kpop

           -Follows all the popular groups and stars almost religiously

           -So when you (or Saeyoung) tell the group what your name is, he’s hYPED


           -You just couldn’t tell him right off the bat that yes, you were that person

           -You decided to surprise him at the party instead!

           -Because nothing is cooler than finding out you’re dating an idol of yours, right???

           -So when he sees you at the party he actually squeals like a little kid because WOW YOU’RE THERE AND YOU’RE AMAZING

           -“YOU KNOW MY S/O HAS THE SAME NAME AS YOU” “Yoosung it is me, I’m MC, I’m your s/o”

           -Poor baby faints right then and there. From then on he’s just always so in awe every time he looks at you. Always telling his friends about you; “Hey did you know i’m dating-” “YES YOOSUNG, YOU’RE DATING MC. THE MC. YES YOU LOVE THEM. YES THEY LOVE YOU. WE GET IT”


           -Yeah he’s heard all the popular groups and stars

           -Has a ton of respect for them all

           -After all, he is a music man himself musicals are different than pop music though zen

           -He’s also a firm believer of “He can date whoever he wants, famous or not”

           -When he’s down in the dumps and you come over to his house to cheer him up he’s really surprised

           -Why is there a famous star on my doorstep?? What do they want?? Are they here to say bad things about me too? whaT IS HAPPENING

           -You have to quickly calm him down and explain that no, you’re just MC and you’re here to cheer him up

           -He’s so confused and stays like that for a solid hour. He talks to you and he’s excited and all but he just…. cannot process that the MC he’s developed strong feelings for is also the famous star MC

           -You’re waiting for him at his home while he brings back some snacks for the two of you and he bursts through his own front door



           -The moment she knew your name, she was suspicious

           -Isn’t one for blindly believing something

           -So she thought it was merely a coincidence that you shared the name of a famous star

           -Except when she saw you in person at the party

           -She kept asking around to make sure that she was seeing you correctly

           -Not to mention she never remembered anyone mentioning the invitation of a famous kpop star???

           -“Jaehee, it’s me. MC. I helped organize the party, I didn’t realize I had to put myself on the list”

           -You helped whAT

           -Then and there is the moment she realized that your name wasn’t a coincidence and that she had asked planned on asking a famous kpop star to be her partner in opening a coffee shop

           -But she doesn’t treat you any differently, not at all. She just kind of fangirls in silence (until you catch her later at the party)


           -“Are you part of that famous group that’s all over the radio all the time?”

           -I guess that’s one way of greeting me, Jumin

           -When he saw you in person it just solidified his assumptions

           -Doesn’t treat you any different than he would have before, because you’re still you

           -You just happen to have a title as well. That doesn’t change who you are inside, ya know, the part he loves

           -But, the fact that you’re famous and you have no body guards concerns him to all hell??

           -That day on you’re surrounded by more body guards than you can even see

           -He actually admits to not hearing any of your work and you just sit there in awe

           -“Jumin do you live under a rock?” “Don’t be ridiculous, I live up here in my penthouse”

           -He actually buys all your albums and anything you’ve ever made later that day. Falls in love with your music and he’s so cute like he wears your merch when the two of you are relaxing at home


           -Knew from the background check, there’s no be reveal for you this time MC

           -Though he was REALLY REALLY excited that you’re the famous kpop star because he loves your music

           -Actually seen you live before which makes meeting you 10x more exciting

           -He throws in lyrics to your songs to try and let you know that “hey, mc, i know who you are but im keeping it a secret from everyone else”

           -HYPED AS HELL! The person he fell in love with is also the celebrity he had the biggest crush on

           -But that also scares the hell out of him because of his job??? He’s supposed to be in the shadows??? How would this even work out?

           -Despite it all, he still came to the apartment to protect you

           -You expected a big “wow i can’t believe its you” but instead you just got ignored and you’re just left there kinda like???? dude???

           -But when the two of you head out to Mint Eye headquarters, your music started to blare in his car and he couldn’t turn it down fast enough

           -EMBARRASSED AS ALL HELL, he’s as red as his hair and finally admits that you’re his favourite recording artist and has been for years. Even admits that he’s the owner of your fanclub fucking dORK


           - can he even see you

           - im sorRY I HAD TO THROW THAT IN JUST FOR 626

           -Really really surprised to see that you’re the famous MC

           -Actually enjoys your music a lot and has photographed you at a few of your shows

           -Never sold the pictures though because those are personal to him what a fanboy

           -He feels TERRIBLE that you got caught up in all of this, he doesn’t think you deserve the trouble at all

           -When he meets you in person, the first thing he does is apologize profusely

           -After a very long time, and the two of you end up together, he didn’t even realize that one day he wore a t-shirt of yours until you pointed it out

           -Immediately starts to stutter and turn bright red. The gig was up so he decided to show you some of those pictures he’s taken as well

           -He’s your favourite photographer at every show from then on and he’s loving the hell out of it <3


           -Also knew from the beginning

           -He’s not into kpop, he’s into some harder music, forget that MC

           - somebody’s being a LLLIIIAAAAAARRRRR

           -After a while, when the two of you get close, you catch him listening to a few of your songs

           -You never say anything though because if you catch him, he gets embarrassed and just walks out of the room

           -Hates publicity (or the public population in general, take your pick) so he avoids it at all cost

           -But he does think it’s pretty cool that you’ve created music, like he wishes he could do something like that

           -Protects you from his fanboy of a brother who’s always hanging all over you

           - calm down saeran it’s in an idol-appreciation way

           -Literally does not care if you’re famous or not. He has no more fucks to give. None I tell you, none

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Fav mutuals??

…………..i am so so sorry that it took me so long to answer this 🙈🙈

here’s my blogroll!! and here’s some of my ultimate favs!! (no order)

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I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme in my friends explanations of their characters

Hey, I miss interacting with everyone here so let’s do the “requests” thing again, a bit different tho’. 

I usually try (and fail) to draw everything you guys ask, I won’t be able to do that now, but I still want to know, so just tell me anything if you want to and I’ll try to pick something later and do a smol drawing.

No promises because I don’t trust myself for it right now, but even so I just really love to know what you’re all up to and heck everyone is sort of precious so yeah…

When you realise you’re no longer an important part of someone’s life and you feel everything shatter.
And you want to claw into yourself and get to the root of the problem that is your fucking existence and know just what you did wrong and why you’re never good enough for anyone.

with the right presentation and “evidence” anything can sound reasonable. there are people who can twist any facts to fit the narrative they want to tell. in the current political climate this is important to remember. people can make even the most ridiculous things sound reasonable with the right presentation and supporting “evidence”. such evidence is usually mere coincidences whose importance they’ve grossly exaggerated. growing up with fundamental christians and extremely conservative politics has taught me a lot about this, and i feel like it’s something most people don’t realize

 like, say a creationist is trying to convince you that dinosaurs lived with people and the earth is only 5000 years old (this happened repeatedly during my childhood because i didn’t believe it). they’ll say that the fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures were laid down during the great flood in the bible. they’ll cite fossilized trees going through several layers of rock as evidence. they’ll use myths from around the world (nessie, an african legend called mokele mbembe if i remember correctly) to make you wonder if dinosaurs are really extinct. they’ll say the great flood re-shaped the continents rather than continental drift. and if you don’t know much (or anything) about science, those things sound reasonable.

these tactics are what i grew up around in church. i’m very familiar with people making ridiculous things seem actually sort of reasonable by using half-truths and assumptions and some out-of-context facts. i see so much of these tactics being used now with politics and the media, fearmongering and propaganda. i want to encourage everyone to think critically about EVERYTHING because even if someone sounds convincing in their arguments, you should always do research and make your own conclusions before deciding whether to believe them or not

and if you do fall for something, it’s not because you’re gullible. it’s because the other person is very skilled at getting people to agree with them. if you believe something that you later find out to be colossally wrong because it’s what you were told growing up, it’s not your fault. it’s the fault of the people who deceived you and twisted you to believe the way they did.

Don’t listen to anyone on the internet when you make an original character. Your character probably ain’t “op as fuck” or a “mary sue”.

You just literally can’t please anyone, so even if someone disagrees with your character design or your OC’s personality and quirks, who cares?

You didn’t make the character for them, so they can shut up and go make their own.

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Hey, I've been on the hunt for Obimaul fanfic (having found your gorgeous work on ao3), do you have any recs? Thanks! LothCat

Ah hello! thank you so much I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!!!

Its horrible but I don’t actually read that much fanfiction (I wish I had more time to!). Consensus seems to be the Choices by Siubhan is pretty stellar (and on my to-read list when I find the time haha).

I’m gonna tag some people who probably will have more suggestions (and anyone else who sees this and wants to jump in!) @sunsetofdoom @the-last-hair-bender @capiapoa @shadowmaat  @smarsupial more good Obimaul recs? Your own stuff? 

Also I answer Obimaul prompts on here (as does @pomodoriyum!) if you’re looking for some more short form content that’s not on AO3.

Good luck and thanks again!!!   

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you draw his eyes the most beautiful and perfect way, i love it soo much!!!!

Aww, thanks! I love drawing his eyes the way I currently do (part of the incentive why I always come back to drawing him, to be honest :P)

I suppose sometimes some people feel like I’m feminizing him because of the eyes, but I’ve always thought Zayn has more beautiful eyes than most men AND women, haha!

also as a heads up: once the new noxus lores come out then i’ll most likely do a URL change and a soft blog reset. maybe even move blogs entirely ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

unless the new Vladimir lore is Badimir lore, i have full intention of shifting my blog to adhere to the new canon