The signs as shit I said at work this morning

Aries: who the fuck needs 30 pounds of chicken tenders at 10 am?

Taurus: (to rotisserie chicken) the boys are back in town.

Gemini: *drops entire pan of gravy *

Cancer: that looks horrible, this is horrible.

Leo: Every time there is a call off, someone from management owes me 3$

Virgo: imagine muenser cheese, but the rind is neon blue.

Sagittarius: *to my boss* please for the love of GOD, fire me.

Libra: Sorry I’m late guys, I didn’t want to come back.

Scorpio: Yeah, I gave that homie the wrong brand of Colby, but nothing really matters, anyway.

Capricorn: its time for Captain Spock to take command for me. I am unfit to run this ship

Aquarius: Raw chicken or Cancer– we are all dying anyway, who gives a shit.

Pisces: Every time a customer complains I grow a little bit stronger, if this keeps up I’ll be deli manager in 2 months

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people who don’t know a ton about animals say that working in a pet store is their dream job or it’s easy. I see animal abuse every single day and I’m powerless to stop it. Customers really truly do not want to know the facts, they want to be pat on the back for abuse well done. It’s exhausting and it hurts. I hate people who don’t get it advertising that they have"the best job in the world"! I’ve been criticized so many times by my coworkers because how can I not be happy when I work with bunnies!? Don’t the little hamsters just fill my heart with joy???? Ignorance is bliss I guess but not everyone has the luxury.

When a customer was trying to pay for his drink with his debit card, my register kept saying there was a communication error. There was only one other cashier at this point and the lines were starting to get long, so my supervisor just let him take the drink. He then rebooted my register to see if that would fix the problem, but the next customer (1) had already put all of her stuff on the belt so she didn’t want to move to the other register. Another lady (2) asked me, “is it going to be a while?” and I said, “Yes.” My supervisor told her she should move to the other register but she looked at the other line and saw that it was also long, so she decided to stay at mine. 

Customer 1: *angrily* “I left some potatoes cooking, I hope they don’t burn” Um lady that is in no way my fault. Who leaves things cooking when they aren’t home??

Customer 2: “Well I GUESS we have to be patient. We don’t have a choice”

They were both making comments about how they should have gone to a different store, should have gone earlier, it’s taking a while, etc. all while my anxiety is going through the roof because my register is taking so damn long to reboot. After a few minutes:

Customer 1 (to me): “I THOUGHT you said this was only gonna take a minute!”

Me: “I have no control over this.” (ALSO I DIDN’T SAY HOW LONG IT WOULD TAKE)

Customer 2: “Well is HER register working???” (referring to my coworker)

Me: “….yes, I told you that earlier.”

Customer 2 starts angrily putting her stuff back into her cart but then she sees a customer going into the other line, so she gets frustrated and unloads her stuff again. That line eventually clears and my register is still not done so she leaves, thankfully.

Until my register was done (which took forEVER), customer 1 kept asking me over and over if it was almost done, why is was taking so long, if it always takes this long, saying how ridiculous this is, that hopefully the potatoes weren’t burnt, etc. etc. etc. I wanted to scream. And then my managers told us that the debit system was down and the registers weren’t processing debit, cash back, EBT cards, and they were being so SO slow. It was a fun day



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Do people realize that when they stay late after a store closes that they are basically telling the employees “fuck you you’re working overtime today with no notice in order to accommodate me. My time is more valuable than yours.”

If that coupon lady comes back again today imma lose my shit.

I just got bitched at by a customer who had bought wilted lettuce from a different location, came to my store to return it, then got mad because I didn’t apologize since it was “an inconvenience” for her to return it. I guess I missed the part where it was somehow my fault that she bought bad lettuce at a store I don’t even work at

I hate my job.

I know, most people don’t like their jobs. I know I should be happy I even have a job. But the job I have is absolutely dreadful. I work as an administrative assistant at a home office in a basement. I am the only worker here, and most days I don’t talk to anyone. I just sit in a basement by myself doing computer work. Honestly, it’s depressing. I wake up each morning dreading going into work. I literally count down the hours until the weekend, and spend the whole weekend worrying about having to come back to work. So I’ve decided to quit. It’s going to be a sticky situation because my boss is my S.O.’s uncle, but I need to do this for myself. I need an active and engaging job. I’m about to write a letter of resignation. If I post it after I’m done, will anyone read it and tell me what they think? I don’t want to offend my boss because he is family. I also don’t think I should have even made a family relationship into a business relationship. I’m nervous about this, but I know I will feel like a million pounds will be lifted from my shoulders once it’s done.

@directium: Imagine David taking Max to get his feet sized so he can get him some little baby shoes that actually fit (because the shoes he came in he’d either outgrown, or never grown into) but every time they tried to get him to stand on the brannock he screams bloody murder

He is TERRIFIED of that cheerful red-and-yellow piece of plastic and nothing will convince him he needn’t be


Why do people think they can just not pay their medical bills if they don’t agree with a cost?

Motherfucker, medical treatment is expensive as hell. Is it always acceptable? No, but fuckin sorry, that’s life. 

You had a $56,000 hospital stay and your goddamn Medicare covered everything but your $50.00 COPAY AND YOU ARE REFUSING TO PAY BECAUSE YOUR LIFE SAVING MEDICATION WAS $1200 THAT YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO PAY FOR aND YOu DIsagREE WiTH IT?

All while I, last year at 19, paid out over $5000 for a small procedure. Me, who works two full time jobs just to exist. Not just me. Tons of other young people. Tons of youth who are completely emancipated and are victims of chance and circumstance. And they make it work. 

SO don’t pay your bills. They will go to collections and your credit will be fucked and many times the medical provider you owe money to with refuse service unless it’s an emergency because you don’t pay them what you owe.

You are part of the problem.

Don’t pay your bills?

Go fuck yourself.

There is always a way to pay.