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My friends are always telling me to move on, to give up. But why? Why should I? They don’t see you the way that I see you. They don’t look into your eyes and see the world. Why would they understand? They can’t possibly imagine what it means to look at your best friend and see all their hopes and dreams come true. I wish for once, just once, they could walk a mile in my shoes. But they wouldn’t need to walk that far, they would just take one step and suddenly, they would take back every bit of ‘getting over you’ advice they had ever given me and realize you’re my life, you were meant for me, and that moving on or giving up is simply not an option.
—  Unknown

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And this world is a time bomb ticking, and I think I can stop it if you help me

Happy Christmas, sinyhale! May all of your Christmas wishes come true, and your new year be filled with all of things you dream of (and lots of sterek, of course)!  (๑•́ ω •̀๑) This is part i, I hope you like it! Merry Christmas, sinyhale!
Tokyo Ghoul OP "Unravel" ENGLISH COVER
  • Tokyo Ghoul OP "Unravel" ENGLISH COVER
  • 【Angela】

(This is not me but holy hell I gotta share this)


Vocals, Mix, English Lyrics: Angela
Subtitles: Angela
Art: Lala
Lineart: Chiakii
Original Artist: Ling Tosite Sigure


Oh can you tell me?
Can you tell me?
Just what I have to be?

A monster at the seams…
just waiting to be free.

I’m breaking again, shaking again…
stuck in reality.
but you give me a grin…
an utter fool within.

I’m laying here and it’s hard to breathe.
Still thoughts and shaking hands.
I carry on, barely get along but…
I will understand

Was shattering,
and sensible.
Until the day you broke my walls…

Here I am,
living a life far from the cliché meaning.
Eating from this world ‘till I’ve lost all feeling.
Just shut up and give up your agony to stay.
('till I fade away)

This monster I’ve become can only hurt you.
No wishes, hopes or dreams of yours can come true.
I’m begging you please!
Remember the old me.


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• 13/5/2016 • Today’s aesthetic •
I can’t really tell if I’m happy or sad, terrified or excited, but exams start on Monday and it’s definitely something different! I try to make happy thoughts, and calm myself down, so I will accept whatever happens without any panic attacks.
Also, if everything goes well, summer starts for me in less than a month and I’m really excited! I will be free to do whatever I want, without thinking of homework and studying for tests and preparing projects. I’ll probably be laying on the beach all day, taking photos and reading good books🌞 Hopefully everything’s going to be great. Good luck on your exams everyone, I hope you’ll make your dreams come true! Wish me good luck!💛🌼🌻
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2015.05.22 ♡♡♡ happy birthday to the kind leader the members love to tease, the angel with the beautiful voice and natural acting skills, the guardian who needs to be taken care of by others once in a while too. after training for seven long years, debuting with an incredible amount of responsibility on your shoulders, and then facing unexpected obstacles just as your dreams are all coming true, thank you for still being the kim candy who’s so positive and kind and always wears a beautiful smile on his face. i hope this next year will be full of uncountable joyful memories and your wishes will continue to become realities one by one. 생일축하합니다 김준면!!

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world. @roseellendix you’re amazing, witty, talented and always by my side keeping me sane! You’re a star! 💫Happy Birthday to the girl of my dreams I love you so much! I hope that all your birthday wishes come true! 💝🍾🎂🎈🎁🎉🎊 (at Infinity Pool @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore, 57Th Floor)

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Happy birthday Byun Baekhyun ♥

I love you with all my heart and i couldn’t feel happier to have  such a funny, sincere and dedicated person as my idol.  I’m glad you made your dream come true and I look forward to see you onstage soon again because it’s truly inspiring how you sing with such a passion. I hope that you will still love being an idol even after years and years passed but no matter what happens, i will always support you. You make me forget everything around me and i want to thank you for that. The idea of you being happy makes my heart beat faster and it’s all i wish for because you truly deserve to be happy. I’m glad that i had the chance to see you in real life and even in 20 years i will remember you as the boy who made me the person i am now, the boy who made me happy when i was not and i hope that you found the one who makes you happy by then. Stay healthy and happy.

I love you.

The Types as Panic! At the Disco
  • ISTJ:"Just a king and a rusty throne. Oh, the castle's under siege, but the sign outside says 'Leave me alone.'"
  • ESTJ:"And I believe this may call for a proper introduction, and well, don't you see? I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue."
  • INFP:"Back to the street, down to our feet, losing the feeling of feeling unique. Do you know what I mean?"
  • ENFP:"But who could love me? I am out of my mind, throwing a line out to sea to see if I can catch a dream."
  • ISFJ:"When your chips are down and your drinks are all gone, I'll still be here, wishing and waiting for you to come home."
  • ESFJ:"I can only hope it's true enough that every little thing I do for love redeems me from the moments I deem worthy of the worst things that I've done."
  • INTP:"This is gospel for the fallen ones, locked away in permanent slumber. Assembling their philosophies from pieces of broken memories."
  • ENTP:"If crazy equals genius, then I'm a fucking arsonist, I'm a rocket scientist."
  • ISTP:"It's better to burn than to fade away. It's better to leave than to be replaced."
  • ESTP:"Cross my heart and hope to die, burn my lungs and curse my eyes. I've lost control and I don't want it back."
  • INFJ:"I can't prove this makes any sense, but I sure hope that it does. Perhaps I was born with curiosity."
  • ENFJ:"I want to go where everyone goes. I want to know what everyone knows. I want to go where everyone feels the same."
  • INTJ:"'Haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?' No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality."
  • ENTJ:"The crown... So close I can taste it. I see what's mine and take it. Finders keepers, losers weepers."
  • ISFP:"Clouds are marchin' along, singin' a song, just like they do. If the clouds were singin' a song, I'd sing along. Wouldn't you, too?"
  • ESFP:"The Vegas lights, the lies and affectations, sensation. We're winning 'til the curtain's coming down."

Happy Birthday Jiwon ! I’m so happy your dreams are slowly coming true one by one. Seeing you on stage makes my heart grow. I want to wish you all the best, that you achieve all the goals you’ll set in the future. Pls don’t ever change <3 We all love you as u are <3 I hope only good is waiting for you and that u will be happy as much as u make all your fans !  Thank you for being you simply. Thank u for always making me smile and being someone to look up to. Everyone sees how hard you work on what you have. #KingOfTheYouthBOBBYDay


For some 2014 has already arrived, for some not.. but I wanted to wish you a wonderful next year. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true. I hope that 2014 will be the best year that you’ve had. Thank you to my followers that have always chered me up with nice messages. Next year I will be cheering you up with some nice photos of London. :D Happy New Year! :)


Sorry for being this late but I really wanted to draw this, My favorite guild ever and my desire to work more on them cause they are love despite being just the great potential of an idea <3

I wish for Mashima for make this dream come true!

And thank you for all the support and your company, I hope you can keep up with me and watch me grow, THANKS! <3


Say you’ll remember me I was in SCREAMING color! I went to both of your Texas shows! Taylor I have been here for you since the very beginning and I have loved watching you grow into such a beautiful and talented artist and person! You have the biggest heart in the world! I have been to 4 of your concerts and this era you are the happiest you have ever been! I am so lucky I can say that I was a part of your dream crowd! I love seeing you smile because you deserve all of the happiness in the world! I wish my 10 year dream would have come true of meeting you in Texas but it didn’t. I just have to keep my head up and hope that one day you want to meet me. I love you so much! Thank you for making me happy for the past decade of my life and you still do! I will ALWAYS be here for you no matter what! I love you forever and always,