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i love the underwater trc au! like imagine whelk murdering noah on the beach n taking him in the water where the current takes him deep into the sea. n then the car is either of to the side, hidden on the beach, or whelk manages to make it roll into the ocean. n opal being like a mermaid, like having a tail instead of goat legs, cause she basically lived in cabeswater before ronan took her out of his dreams. n i just love the idea of gansey spending all his money on scuba gear for his friends.

Oh, shit, wow! Yes! And as Whelk drags the body into the ocean, somewhere off on another island there’s a beach party where a young Gansey is dying.

Hahaha I thought I was done with drawing this au, but now you’re giving me so many more ideas. I mean, I love imaging little Opal with like webbed feet instead of hooves, and if Cabeswater is underwater imagine the terrifying deep sea night horrors Ronan’s probably got! I’m not even afraid of deep water and I’m getting creeped out imagining all these night horrors flocking upward from the depths of the ocean.


I spy with my little eye … two assholes. Can you spot them kids?

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"...Actually we could use Summer's help too. Drag her up here too, when you come." (Qrow, p l e a s e)

“Oh yes we’ll just bust our way out of the afterlife lickety-split. Clearly that wouldn’t have any lasting consequences. Besides have you seen the bar they have down here? I’m sure you lot will handle yourselves just fine.”

It’s weird, I’m one of the most confident people I know in social interactions, almost nothing phases me. I’ve been called stoic and even apathetic before depending on the context. Yet the moment I get teased or complimented I find it absurdly difficult to not turn bright red and spend the next five minutes fumbling my sentences. I once got told that I’m cute when I’m being bossy. I ended up having to excuse myself before I melted from embarrassment. 

I remember @sapientiis tagging me for a DJ verse about a day ago ( and obviously I can’t refuse ) aND,,,I felt like drawing it

basically—Solomon and Ugo are childhood friends who’ve pretty much stuck with each other throughout their grade school years. They both aspire for careers in music, but just…? Never seemed to know where to start.

 While Solomon had a good vocal range ( and personally wants to become a singer/songwriter ), Ugo’s talent came with being a tech savvy musician with a good ear for rhythm—able to create various tracks and songs ( which started out as ringtones ngl ) on his phone by simply listening to a sample of it once. He was also well-versed in using his father’s old turntables, which were basically rotting in his parent’s basement for the longest time. 

After graduating from college, they decide to rent out an apartment together ( because TRUE bros stick together, man ), working odd jobs here and there to somehow keep up with this damn rent.

But long story short, Solomon gets an idea while he’s watching Ugo mess around with said turntables—like, what if we made a living off this? We write the song, you make the beat, and we’ll perform at some random club or something? Easy way to pay rent right??’

Of course Ugo’s instantly like never in a million years—but after some convincing ( and a lot of ‘I know you’re capable of anything’ bait ), they call up all their friends from high school ( aka Alma Torran crew ) to help start out their career.

Turns out their music made the internet blow up, and after a couple months, Google could pretty much guess that you were either searching them up ( or questioning if they’re dating,,,which is a pretty common search pop-up in some real life fandoms…smh ). 

Hit songs include ‘My Daddy Issues are Valid’, ‘I Eat Fate For Breakfast’, and ‘Gods Are Overrated’.


Papyrus shifted as he clicked off the phone. It was nice to have talked to the human again, but, bringing up Undyne… hurt…

He wasn’t stupid.
He just didn’t want anyone to worry so he pretended to be more innocent than he was…
Papyrus KNEW what death was and his soul throbbed. Yes they all tried to hide what had happened with his best friend… but… he knew… and he didn’t dare tell them that he did…

Papyrus smiled his usual smile at Mettaton and his brother.


And without waiting he left to go to the room that he shared with Mettaton, having moved in after they found out that Alphys had ‘disappeared’ as well.

Re-read The Legends of River Song on Kindle while waiting for a table outside a restaurant. These words from River made me smile and sad. It was — joking or not — what River wanted for her own funeral, and it sounded like a fun, fun party without sadness. I think Bowtie wouldn’t follow her instructions though, actually he wouldn’t be able to face her death; instead, Mr. Lux would do as she wished, because he owed her. He’d invite her friends like Vastra and Jenny, and maybe Bowtie - he wouldn’t come; coming to her funeral would mean saying goodbye.

BUT it’d hurt like hell if it’s Bowtie who held her funeral for her. Just imagine him crying and pretending to be I-am-King-of-OK at the same time…. excuse me I have to lay down on the floor sobbing….

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Hi! I loved both tsoa and the secret history- Mythology and complicated plots and beautiful writing. Do you have any other books you would reccommed?

sorry it took me so long to reply, i have no excuse. i’d definitely recommend reading the last of the wine by mary renault if you’re suffering from post tsoa blues and i’d recommend “in the woods” by tana french if you liked donna tartt’s novels

this expression is like…..so ooc for him but it looks good

i’m seriously for real doing that emoji meme with sans. i am doing every expression on the chart. i have titled this project Excuse To Draw Sans 35 Times