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elphaba and glinda?

Who said “I love you” first: glinda, she’s a very affectionate girl and probably said it like, 5 seconds into the relationship, to be honest. 
Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: elphaba, definitely. she’s not used to having people care about her, so she has a cute selfie with glinda as her background, as a reminder that the world isn’t all bad.
Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: glinda. she likes to spread happiness
Who buys the other cheesy gifts: glinda, again. she loves to spoil her girl, ok?
Who initiated the first kiss: both. it was one of those awkward “ok is this happening? are we gonna do this?” moments and it was beautiful
Who kisses the other awake in the morning: glinda. let her remind her girl that she is loved
Who starts tickle fights: starting to sound like a broken record here, but glinda, mostly to cheer elphie up when she’s feeling down
Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: i could see both, to be honest. but mostly glinda
Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: i feel like this is something elphaba would do, she’s not very good at gifts, so she always goes with food whenever she wants to surprise her gf
Who was nervous and shy on the first date: elphaba, 100% she’s not used to any kind of affection and she blushed as soon as glinda held her hand
Who kills/takes out the spiders: elphaba. glinda refuses to enter the room until it’s gone
Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: glinda, just because i don’t see elphie getting drunk all that often

Accidents Pt. II (Batsis)

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A/N: Ignore my shitty unrealistic writing please. IM SORRY THIS ENDED HORRIBLY AND ITS STUPID AND SHIT BUT I JUST- i dont have an excuse sorry  i rushed the ending im sorry

okay but does anyone else wince at that gif bc it looks very painful for the patient i mean-

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Sorry if I missed anyone!!!

You ask and you shall recieve!!

Pt. I

White walls were what Dick was greeted with when he opened his eyes. He groaned and shifted so his head fell into his arm. His back ached against the uncomfortable hospital chair.

He spared a glance at the figure laying in the hospital bed beside him and sadness simmered inside him.

He had slipped into a small slumber soon after his fight with you. Regret ate at him as he sat up and stretched.

He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, missing the small twitch in the hand of the figure on the bed.

Dick left the room soon after, aching for a cup of coffee.He’d been at the hospital for days, only allowed to stay because he was the son of one of the richest people in Gotham. Others had visited, of course. But none stayed too long as they were always busy.

Damian had been asleep for 5 days now. After the fight last night he was surprised he wasn’t woken up. At the same time he was thankful because he knew Damian would shun him for the way Dick treated you.

While Dick waited for the cup to fill with the free coffee the hospital provided, he turned on his phone and nearly dropped it in shock after seeing he had 3 missed calls from you. He considered calling you back but decided against it.

He walked slowly through the halls, the argument flashing through his mind. His thoughts were interrupted when a few nurses rushed by, heading for what seemed like Damian’s room. His eyes widened and ran into the room.

He stared in shock at Damian who was very much awake. “Get your hands off me you pe-” Damian’s words were cut off by a loud “DAMIAN” from Dick’s mouth.

“Grayson, finally. What happened?” Damian questioned, a rough tone to his voice as he once again snatched his arm from the nurse.

Dick chuckled nervously. “I’ll tell you once they finish up.”

After having the details explained to him, Damian stared at Dick. His mouth was drawn into a tight line. “Where is Y/N?” He said.

Dick looked down. “I don’t know. We got into a… fight.” Damian glared at him. “About what?”

“…I.. blamed her.” Dick whispered.

“WHAT?” Damian yelled. “You are an incompetent-” He cut off. “Call her.”

Dick stared. “What?”

“You heard me, call her.”

“She won’t want to talk to me.”

“I don’t care.”

“Can I hear the voicemail first?”

“You are a coward, Grayson.”

Dick ignored him and played the voicemail. “Hello, this is Mara Karell, I’m informing you that the owner of this phone has been in an automobile accident and is on their way to being admitted to Gotham General.”

Damian grabbed the phone and threw it across the room. “You were just shot, lay down!” Dick yelled. “This is your fault!” Damian yelled.

Dick looked away. His chest still ached from guilt and pain. “I know.”

“I’ll go to the desk and ask about her. Stay here, you were just shot..” Dick whispered as he silently walked out of the room.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Dick stared at your cold, seemingly lifeless body and a feeling of icy dread washed over him. It was his fault, or so he believed.  

“Hey, Y/N…. I see Jason left you some chocolates,”

Dick looked away from your pale figure, toward the red  heart-shaped box with a yellow sticky note that said “don’t die”, a very Jason thing to do.

You and Jason had always been close. You knew each other’s likes and dislikes. He cooked for you every Sunday and you baked him a special pie he adored. You were broken after he died and when he came back, your eyes shone with a light nobody had seen since before what happened.

Dick wasn’t there when Jason found out what had happened and he was thankful for it.
“I.. I’m so fucking sorry Y/N..” He trailed off.

He tried to speak but his throat was clogged. “I didn’t know..” He choked, “I’m really, truly, a dick.” He chuckled miserably.
He expected a laugh and a “you finally agree” but he recieved only silence.
“I don’t.. I don’t know why I yelled at you,” His throat tightened, “Blamed you..”

He took your pale hand but looked at the tiled floors instead of your face. Whenever he looked at you the arguement rushed through his mind and he felt icy numbness strike his heart.

“I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry..”
“Wake up, forgive me!”
“Even if you don’t forgive me just wake up!!”

He shook your shoulders harshly, yelling for you to wake up.
Your form remained still. Or so it seemed. 

“Dammit.. DAMMIT” Dick continued to yell.
“Jesus, shut up, Dickhead.”
A voice croaked. Dick raised his head at the hoarse whisper and tears fell from his wet eyes. “Y/N…”
You looked into his eyes and smiled brokenly.
Dick lunged forward, wrapping his arms around you and hugged you, careful of your wounds.


Chris Evans Fic: Still Beautiful

Lots of Chris in this one, rather than ‘you’. Pure fluffy fluff. I have no shame and no excuses :)


Chris could hear the chaos before he’d even put the key in the door. It was a sound that he’d secretly come to love when thinking back on the days in this very house when it was just him and Dodger in quiet solitude. He couldn’t help but smile to himself though as he stepped through the doorway to discover what craziness his family we’re getting up to today.

‘Dad’s home!’ was screamed from somewhere in the house and two small bodies came barrelling down the hall in a blur, skidding on the wooden flooring as they tried to slow themselves down. Chris knelt down and braced himself for impact as they hurled themselves into his arms. He left loud, smacking kisses on their faces in greeting and they laughed at the tickling his beard caused.

‘Right, stand back, let me look at you,’ he held them at arm’s length and pretend to regard them sternly with one arched eyebrow and a pinched mouth.

‘Master Evans, you appear to be covered in flour, would you like to explain yourself?’ He requested in mock seriousness of his eldest son.

'Momma’s been baking with us,’ Mason answered back in excitement, giggling, 'Come and see Daddy, come and see.’

His son put one sticky hand around his fingers to pull him towards the kitchen. Chris stood up as he spoke to his second eldest.

'Is this true Gracie?’

A pair of big blue eyes (so much like his own, he thought) blinked back at him and she nodded happily.

'Shall we go and see then? Hop on and let’s go and see what you’ve made,’ he patted his leg and she instantly clung to it koala style. The three of them walked to the kitchen together, Chris relying on all his acting skills to drag his leg and complain about the heavy weight slowing him down.

In the kitchen he finally got to see his wife. You were just pulling your youngest out of the high chair having finished baking and leaving the results on the counter to cool. You were covered in baking ingredients and probably more than an acceptable amount of baby sick. Your hair was in a messy bun piled haphazardly on top of your head and you were wearing your yoga pants and a thin, slouchy v neck tshirt.

As Chris looked at you, you swiped some hair from your face as Freya tried to reach for the loose strands with a chubby fist, gurgling happily on your hip as you bounced her. You were a sight to behold, and still took his breath away, years later.

'Hey beautiful,’ Chris’ deep voice sounded from the other side of the room and you spun around to face him, smiling in greeting.

'Hey baby, I see you’ve found two rascals on your way in here,’ you nodded at your two eldest children now standing at Chris’ feet, holding each of his hands.

'I did indeed, they mentioned something about baking?’

At the word 'baking’, Mason cried out with urgency again, bouncing Chris’ arm.

'We made cupcakes Dad, chocolate ones!’

'No way, not chocolate ones! They’re my favourite! Let me have a look.’

You met Chris and your children by the cooling cakes on the counter and he pulled you to him for a hello kiss, careful not to bump Freya at your hip.

'Ewwwww! That’s so gross!’ Grace giggled as Mason pretended to throw up. You grinned against Chris’ mouth.

'She’s got a point babe, look at the state of me!’ you sighed, 'Remember when I used to be a model?!’

Chris spoke in a quiet voice, just for you, tightening his grip your baby free hip.

'You amaze me every single day and you are still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.’

'Even covered in butter and baby sick?’

'Even then. Especially then,’ he kissed you again, quickly this time so as not to earn the distaste of Mason and Grace.

Freya reached out to him, clamping and opening her fists to get his attention and he quickly scooped her up and out of your arms, holding her around the middle securely and elevating her above his head before bringing her face to face with him.

'And how’s my little angel been today?’

'She’s been good. Napped earlier but been awake since then so hopefully we’ll have a decent night.’

'That’s what we like to hear. Now then, Mason, Gracie, you better show me what you’ve made.’

They pulled over their little steps with the rubber grips on so they could reach on to the counter and Mason began explaining the baked goods.

'We made enough for everyone! We’ve all got one each for after dinner.’

'Well, we might have to split Freya’s between us, she’s a bit young for chocolate cake yet. Can you count them for me, Mase?’

Mason began counting with Chris’ encouragement and you waited for the penny to drop with your husband.

'One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six…. Six, Daddy, we made six!’

You could see Chris’ brow knit in confusion so you decided to stir things up a little more.

'And how many people have we got in our family Mason?’

He started counting on his fingers and eventually worked out there were five - two grown ups and two kids and a baby - and he beamed when you told him how clever he was with his numbers.

Chris still looked confused and kept glancing from the cakes back to you as Freya tried to stuff her hand in his mouth.

'Have a look at the toppers I made,’ and you slid the little flags you had taped to cocktail sticks ready to go in the tops of the cakes when they were ready.

He held them up one by one, reading Daddy, Mommy, Mason, Grace, Freya and then he paused at the last one, apparently speechless, before turning to you with it in his hand.

'You’re serious?’ He looked at you in disbelief.

'Dude, I’m as shocked as you are. Are we the most fertile couple on the planet or what?’ You laughed, letting your joy filter into your voice.

Chris laughed then, happiness spreading across his features as he read the flag once more: 'Baby Evans #4’.

'Oh my god, four kids. We’re going to be the parents of four actual kids,’ he spoke around his laughter, laying the topper on the counter again.

You placed a hand against his face and whispered, feeling the choking emotion that came with being a happy as you currently were, 'Four very lucky kids, to have you as a dad.’

He tilted his head down to rest his forehead against yours as he rested his free hand against your belly, 'We’re a team, sweetheart. There’s no way I could do this without you. You are, without a doubt, the best thing that ever happened to me.’

You pressed your lips to his, ignoring Freya’s pulls on your hair once again, before grinning, 'Oh I know, I just like to massage your ego from time to time.’

'Thanks babe. Love you too,’ Chris rolled his eyes at you in his good-natured way before indicating towards Mason and Gracie, 'I think this time we lead with the exciting news that they’ll get to go and stay with Grandmomma Lisa for a few days soon, rather than the news that there’s yet another brother or sister on the way.’

You nodded with certainty, remembering the sheer disappointment that unfolded when the news was broken before Freya’s arrival that the baby in Mommy’s tummy was, in fact, a person baby, and not a dog baby for Dodger to play with, 'Agreed, definitely. Good idea Evans, I knew there was a reason I married you.’

'Not my huge dick then, no?’

You gave him a light slap on his shoulder in exaggerated outrage. You were fairly certain Mason and Grace were too preoccupied choosing their icing and sprinkle combinations for their cupcakes to pay attention, but still, Mason was getting old enough to copy the things he heard now, especially where his dad was concerned.

'And because you’re such an amazing dad, you’ll be taking that particular parent-teacher conference when Mason’s been repeating your inappropriate language. Good luck teaming your way out of that one.’