One of the greatest mysteries of this fandom is the case of Zelo’s Frog. 

In October 2012 Zelo, a.k.a Choi Junhong, stated on camera that a pet frog he had been keeping in the B.A.P dorms as a pet had been killed by the older members as he was not allowed to keep pets in the dorm.

However, in a statement of defence, Bang Yongguk claimed that the frog had simply been “given freedom”:

This statement seems to imply that the frog was just set free into the wild. 

many fans theorise that due to the compassionate and kind nature of the bandleader, Yongguk would not have killed the animal needlessly, and claiming that it had been killed was just a way of threatening the maknae into taking in no more animals in the future.

However, other fans take Junhong’s words for gospel and believe that the frog was in fact flushed down the toilet either because it may already have been dying in the maknae’s ownership, or it was simply too difficult to get rid of otherwise. 

Either way, with no further updates on the situation years down the line, the case remains…