people joke about how miranda ~doesn’t handle rejection well~ if you break up with her in me3, BUT I REMEMBER a time when the majority of people shit all over her romance for being just about sex and not serious and how she doesn’t ‘really’ care about you. i think if i went to the bsn circa 2011 and said that miranda is the only LI to cry if you break up with them i would have been laughed into another universe

After my mom died, I drank and drank and drank and snorted mounds of cocaine. After three years of this, I realized I had more than a bit of a problem and scaled back considerably. I still drink, but I’ve gotten to the point where one beer knocks me out. I have maybe one drink a week. And I haven’t done anything harder than pot in almost 18 months. Anyway, all this to say Saturday night I went overboard and partied like I used to and I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck and it’s almost noon on Monday. I’m sorry to my body for putting it through this regularly before.

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I wish you would write a fic in which Anakin is adopted by Bail Organa at nine, they go back to Tatooine and free Shmi who at that point already meet Clieg Lars and wants to marry him, he also gets frequent visits by "uncle Obi" who´s trying to take care of Qui-Gon´s chosen one even if he himself is isn´t quite sure that´s true but feels a duty towards Anakin anyway, and that´s all he feels, he swears!

Aww, that would be so cute!

I think there would have to be a lot of political wrangling involved for Bail to get to the point where he’s adopted Anakin and freeing Shmi doesn’t immediately result in a break of his custody. Without becoming a Jedi, does Anakin even have a legal identity in the Republic? Probably not. He was in Qui-Gon’s custody, who was acting in loco parentis after freeing Anakin, and the QUi-Gon died. Which essentially shuffles custody of Anakin over to Republic authorities, since they Jedi don’t want him. So if Bail wants to take care of Anakin, he’ll have to establish a legal identity for him and work through a lot of paperwork to get him and Senator or not, that stuff takes time – especially when the Chancellor’s office keeps throwing legal challenges his way for no discernable reason.

But Bail has an ally in his fight! Obi-Wan wants to do right by Anakin, even if he’s not allowed to train him. He actually hates bureaucracy almost as much as he hates politicians, so he’s more than willing to help Bail.

Bail keeps visiting Anakin and they chat and bond and eventually Bail gets custody! And takes Anakin to Alderaan to enroll in schools. Anakin is thrilled by some of it, less so by the parts he doesn’t want to admit he finds challenging (reading in Basic rather than Huttese), but he tries to put his past behind him just like Shmi said. And, of course, eventually Bail finds Anakin shivering in one of the corridors of the estate house (he hasn’t married Breha yet, so not the palace), crying about how much he misses his mom. 

the dark caress of someone else

summary: grant ward doesn’t regret leaving kara with shield. not at all. it was the right thing to do, he’ll convince himself of that until the day he dies.
notes: SO CALLY WROTE THIS HORRIBLE FIC USING OUR HEADCANON OF GRANT AND KARA’S PAST TOGETHER. then she challenged me to write from grant’s point of view, so now i have to do this. it’s basically just us roleplaying specialist 33 but in fic form instead of on a forum. please read her fic first before reading this, and send her some love! | ao3.

100% dedicated to demeterrs and the trash heap we live in.

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“News flash. I’ve been doing this, just this side of forever.” she said, “The whole saving people thing? Started at fifteen. Saved the world for the first time and died doing it when I was sixteen. Every mistake you think a hero could possibly make, I’ve already made Steve.”

“Have you now?” He asked, smirking to himself as he nodded to the dance floor.

“I can tell you one that you are making right now.” He added, pointing at the man she’d been eyeing from the distance.

“Go. You earned it, so don’t wait. Go–hold on–”

Steve pulled out his notepad and consulted the Dancing tab.

“–go bust a move, Buffy.”

“During counselor free time today I went out on the lake with a kayak and I nearly tipped it because some bug flew right into my face and I lost balance. I mean, I caught myself, but dang. I should be used to this by now, and I by no means am complaining, I’m just laughing at myself for getting so spooked. I took the narrow path towards the river for once, which I know we don’t let campers back there usually but I just wanted to check it out. I felt like I could have been on one of those Amazon Rain Forest shows or whatever? With that Steve guy? The one that died by the stingray. Bless his heart, may he rest in peace. –I mean, not bless his heart. Is that distasteful because of what– Nevermind. Anyway, I highly recommend you do it at some point. Go back there, if you can. Campers I’m not condoning it. Get permission from your counselors first and what not. I’m sorry, hi. I didn’t even ask how you were doing? How are you doing? Has your day been good?” 

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You think Elena will die?

Why isn’t Elena in the promo pic for 6x22? You think she died? and why is Tyler in it? I thought he was leaving.

(2 Anons) I’m so torn about this because I’m basically at 50/50 and while everything seems to point to Elena leaving town I still can’t shake Nina saying “celebrating the life of Elena Gilbert” and Dries saying “there’s no coming back for Elena.” I know Paul said we might see Elena in the series finale but I will always take the words of a showrunner over an actor. I just think having Damon compel away Elena’s memories and her leaving is too obvious at this point, something else has to happen as well.

Tyler is probably going to leave with Liv and possibly Jo to protect the babies since Kai is going to be searching for those children so they’re going to need someone who can do a cloaking spell. I saw a theory somewhere that maybe Jo dies in the finale and in an effort to save her babies they use magic to put the babies in Elena since she’s human now and could actually carry children. That would make sense in why Elena would have to leave forever because she couldn’t be near any of the MFG because the Gemini Coven knows about them. Elena could also choose to have her memories erased so even if someone found her and the babies she wouldn’t know anything about their origins. Plus there’s been a lot of emphasis on Elena’s desire to have children and get pregnant so this would be her chance.

So that makes it a kind of sad ending but also not super depressing. Also I’m like 80% sure Kai kills Bonnie and she comes back as a vampire, I’m not sure if she’ll take the cure from Elena or they’ll find someway to make Bonnie a witchpire (I’ve read theories on this and I still don’t see how they can explain it believably.)

The Actual Problem with MCU Clint Barton

I really only have one problem with Age of Ultron. Whether I liked what they did with the ships is my personal opinion, and it’s not Marvel’s responsibility to cater to me. 

What’s wrong is that they decided to give Clint Barton, their least developed Avenger, more characterization and sympathy by adding more underdeveloped characters, not by actually developing him. They rejected sixty years worth of rich comic history, character development and a hilariously nuanced personality to turn him into a cardboard cutout family man so the other Avengers had a point of contrast. 

If, say, Tony had died, the audience would have said, “Not Tony, we love him.”

If Clint had died, the audience would have said “Not Barton, his poor family.” Within the MCU, we’ve been presented with no reason to care about him beyond the mere presence of a family. 

Even though he was in the movie a lot more and had some great lines, we were forced to sympathize with his position, not his personality, which is a real storytelling cheap shot. 

Honestly, as much as I love him and I’m glad for any screen time he gets, if the powers that be didn’t actually want to use Clint Barton as a character, it’s sad that they used him at all. He’s not really an Avenger in this one either, he’s plot fuel just like before. It’s an insult to Marvel’s own character that they won’t use him for real, and it’s an insult to the fans that they think the audience won’t like his actual character because he’s “just that idiot with the bow.” His status as a non-powered “everyman” actually makes him one of the most potentially relatable characters in entire MCU. They don’t think people are capable of liking him for any reason beyond general parental sympathy, and that’s disappointing and insulting on all fronts.

(And don’t tell me it’d be too hard to do. After three movies as not much more than an humorous suit, Agent Coulson was given a few brief scenes of character development in Avengers revolving mostly around trading cards, and everyone loved him so much that he got his own TV show)

(And there’s that little problem of Natasha being only a love interest, and considering the worst part of her horrifically tragic backstory to be her inability to have children. Put that on the list too.)

something i thought about last night

there’s kind of another layer to davekat in that if dave has been alone on a meteor with a lot less stress for three years, would that mean there was some development of him coming to terms with liking guys?

Dave’s character was all about hiding things behind a chill façade. there’s no doubt more insecurities at work than just “his bro died” and the “i’m not a hero” complex. what if one of those insecurities was growing up unsure of his sexual orientation? those barely come up as character points in homestuck as-is (despite mountains of fan discussion). But could that have been a thing that he’d been kind of holding back revealing because he needed a way for it to happen naturally?

also think how perfect a foil that would be for him and karkat

karkat is also a character introduced with some heavy insecurities that he hides by being the exact opposite of chill about everything.

them being in a relationship would also represent them being comfortable with those things they were once insecure about, because they are representations of what the other tried to hide.

Karkat is male. Dave is red.

Okay so we were in math class today getting homework on parabolas (curvy line graphs) and the math teacher wanted to be very clear that we weren’t supposed to put all our lines on the same graph. 

To enforce the point, she says “I don’t want you guys drawing your parabolas on top of each other! No sexy parabolas!

The class died laughing. And she just stood there looking at her notes for a moment and said “Did I actually say that out loud? I always think that in my head but I never say it!” So she burst out laughing too.

But hands down the best part was when my friend turned to me and said “Parabolas have great curves though.”

(I swear I never felt like more of a math geek then when I was laughing at that joke).

Psycho-Pass Official Profiling 2: Q&A

Hey all – here’s a translation of the 100 Q&As from the Psycho-Pass Official Profiling 2 book, per request.

Also I take no responsibility for any vague answers from the PP staff. Not my fault. Just so you know. ‘Cause man, they love 'em.

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“Imagine Bellamy taking a bullet for Clarke.” - based on this tweet, and dedicated to griffinftblake.


“Are you okay?” Clarke asked, and he nodded, because, yes, he was fine. “Good,” she took two strides towards him, placed her palms on his chest and pushed. “You absolute idiot,” she snarled.

Stumbling backwards slightly, he grasped her hands on his chest to steady himself. “What the hell, Clarke? Most people would thank the person that just took a bullet for them.”

“Well that’s the thing, Bellamy, I’m not most people and I don’t need you taking a bullet for me,” Clarke pulled her hands away from him, and blew out a breath. “You could have died, don’t you get that?”

He rolled his eyes. “The bullet only grazed my arm, Clarke.”

“That’s not the point and you know it. I won’t have any one else dying because of me. I can take care of myself,” she retorted. 

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"From Ragnar's point of view ... he's being baptized to make sure when he dies he sees Athelstan again, For the others, it's very shocking. Although they have the precedent of Rollo being baptized in an earlier season and it not making any difference. Ragnar is a deeper, more mysterious character to them, so they're not sure entirely how to take it."Michael Hirst.

So for those who still have doubts about how genuine was Ragnar’s baptism, here, I’ll let this here.

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we dont know quicksilver died, he got shot yes and fell. But Scarlet Witch can bring people back to life in comics so she may have the power in MCU plus what about Shield and bringing back Coulsen?


his eyes were opened he wasn’t breathing clint was lying next to his dead body

he is dead but not necessarily gone bc wanda still doesn’t have that power but i have this theory she will discover it along the way and he’ll be back there’s just no point in having maximoffs twins one without another in mcu they always go together

but i’ve seen imdb for civil war, there is no aaron on the actor’s list so i don’t think they will bring pietro back then, but in the infinity war because i simply refuse to believe he’s gone for good

hell joss killed off coulson and for him it was it but others brought him back, so he killed off pietro now but i’ve never been more certain russo brothers will bring him back, twin relationship is too valuable to waste like this

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Hullo Bluster, if you're still taking the kiss meme, can you please do 4. Forehead Kiss, Cullen x Nevena (if possible something Angsty/Comfort? If not, your pick really. They rock :). Thanks in advance

#4: Forehead Kiss
Cullen x Nevena

Possible angst/comfort. Okay. I can try. I make no promises.
Credit to razerathane for this idea. She sent me a link which had some details about Cullen from the new World of Thedas book (I WANT IT) and I said it was nice to finally know the names of his brother and sister completely missing a huge point which she then pointed out to me.


Cullen’s parents died in the Blight and might have died not knowing whether Cullen had lived or died during what happened at Kinloch Hold.
I think that would have caused a lot of guilt when he found out from Mia.
So… yeah. Her fault.

Kiss Meme Master Post (for reference)

She found him in the Chantry, kneeling, praying a letter crumbled between his hands which were clasped tightly together. Nevena knew how seriously Cullen took his prayers and his devotion. While she would never have the same conviction in faith as he did, she respected and admired his own steadfast beliefs.

Waiting patiently, she hung towards the back of the small room which had been converted into a Chantry for the residents of Skyhold and those who visited.

It was a small room, but Nevena liked how cosy it was. It was not like the Grand Cathedral of Val Royeux with its huge windows of stained glass that created a sea of colour on the ground and along the pews when the sun hit them just right. Nor was it like the Chantry she had frequented at Ostwick Circle. Austere in its coldness.

No, Skyhold’s Chantry served its purpose as a place of worship for those who needed it. A place where people could pray for lost comrades or loved ones. Who could ask for courage in the face of adversity and fear. It was quiet and quaint. The windows and its South facing direction meant it had light all day which kept not just the room but the stones warm when the sun was out.

The candles which were lit by the sisters and by those who lit them for someone they knew never appeared to sputter or to extinguish. The wax never seemed to melt down. In the evenings, the candles gave the room an ethereal glow and a warmth that only a place of prayer could give. A sense of belonging and softness.

In the day, the mood was much the same. A place of calm in a castle full of chaos.

As Cullen dropped his hands, he folded the crumbled paper and quickly pocketed it. He then took two unlit candles from the piles of those awaiting use, twisted the wicks on both and lighted them from a candle already aflame.

Nevena watched him dribble wax onto the stone steps before the visage of Andraste and press the candles into the wax to keep them steady as it dried.

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From the article:

My friend Hanuman was cremated two weeks ago, his ashes now sit in a wooden box on his parent’s alter. The cause of his death is still being investigated, but we know he died shackled to a bench in the back of a prison van. He was 21 years old. Hanuman’s experience with the criminal justice system and ultimately his death, could easily have been my fate, were it not for the color of my skin.

Eight years ago, I was arrested for stealing prescription pills from houses in my neighborhood. I was charged with numerous felonies and subsequently plead guilty to four burglaries and two attempted burglaries. My total points, under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code, came to 203. That meant that the minimum amount of time I was supposed to serve was 10.9 years of prison.

Incredibly, though, I was only sentenced to one year in county jail, two years probation and mandated drug treatment. Not a single day of prison time.

Hanuman also had issues with drugs and was charged with several burglaries. Under the Criminal Punishment Code, he accrued 115 points. Even if a previous charge, for which he had not yet been sentenced, had been factored into his score sheet, his points would total 129. That’s still 88 less than I had. Hanuman was not shown the same judicial leniency I was; he was sentenced to six years in prison.

He was black.

The judge also mandated a rarely enforced Florida statute, colloquially dubbed Pay to Stay. By this order, Hanuman was to be charged $50 for each day of his incarceration. If Hanuman had survived prison, he would have owed the state $109,000. How was a young person with a high school education and a felony record ever expected to pay this?

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