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now that i think about it... neji shouldn’t have died? i mean wasn’t the point of his character was to change one’s destiny, to redefine your purpose in life? the branch family is said to protect the main house, to live a life of servitude to them. Neji’s father died protecting the Hiashi (from the main house) and now neji died protecting stupid hinata? (also from the main)

I remember Sawyer7mage said Neji died willingly for the main branch, and that’s his development arc. And there I started to think Sawyer is an idiot. Neji went from someone who’re angry at a pre destined life of servitude to a subservient dog who died for the main branch’s brat’s pathetic love life. Basically his character wasn’t about changing destiny, it’s about accepting narujesus and appreciating your destiny. 

It’s a consistent message in the second part of the series, accept narujesus and find love to deal with your suffering, don’t rebel, don’t try to challenge the system. It’s better to be a passive glorified victim who can endure than a angry rebel. I want to throw up.

Anyway, his character was already ruined when Naruto, the kid who told him you can change destiny turned out to be the destiny child. Destiny exists, Neji was always right. He’s just wrong to believe in Naruto’s bullshit. 

A Gift; Park Jimin

A story of giving.

Word Count: 1,498

(A/N): Finally! I have posted at least one story about each of the boys! And an AU as well, woooo. This was kind of inspired by this scenario (one of my favs tbh) written by the lovely bts-please<3 Anyway, I hope this isn’t too weird lmao please enjoy and leave me feedback :~) xoxo

You would never forget it. The image of the boys’ eyes opening, his parents rushing over to him once the doors to his room opened, tears streaming down both their faces which eventually caused the boy to burst into tears. You smiled as you watched from the other side of the room as the family engulfed themselves into a hug. You didn’t know much about this boy apart from his name, Park Jimin, as you heard many of his doctors and nurses say it. You also knew he was handsome but that wasn’t hard to figure out on your own either. But even though you knew so little, it felt like you knew him your whole life. After all, a part of you was inside of him now.

You were about to leave knowing that after this you were never going to see him again and it was time to finally bid adieu, but when you glanced back at the family one last time, the boys’ eyes seemed to meet yours through the space under his mothers arms. You didn’t think much of it, surely he must have just been staring at the wall behind you but you saw his eyes squint a little bit and his gaze fixed straight on you, as if…

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Stefan x Caroline || Blood Sharing

He hadn’t heard from Caroline in over 24 hours, and that wasn’t like her. He had a theory, an inkling, a feeling in his gut. Enzo was trying to hurt Stefan when he thought he had been the one to kill Maggie. 

What would hurt Stefan more than almost anyone? Hurting Caroline. 

“Where was Enzo staying?” Stefan asked Damon as he walking into the living room. There was a panic in his voice that he couldn’t stop.

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The trouble with journals, and why I have never been able to successfully keep one, is that I never know who to write them for.

Writing a blog is easy. It doesn’t matter who reads it, but the idea that someone - anyone - might clears the mind and allows me to think dynamically about how and what to write. I explain things. I give context. I censor myself enough to avoid embarrassment. The end result is something that is both satisfying and helpful to *me* and, hopefully, interesting to an outside reader.

With journals and diaries? No one is supposed to read them but yourself, or perhaps your relatives after you have died. I just don’t see the point, unless you’re working on a project or doing research that you need to look back on. Perhaps there is catharsis involved in putting your deepest secrets down on paper, but at that point, a journal becomes a liability. You can hide it, lock it away… but it’s still an unnecessary vulnerability. Who knows what could happen to you tomorrow?

Personally, the only situation I can see myself keeping a private, personal journal for, beyond research or creative work, would be if I got caught up in really shady affairs and felt my life was in danger. A journal, then, could function as a trail of breadcrumbs leading my family and/or investigators to the truth of what happened to me and why.

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21 &amp; 24 both clawen

21. Jealous kiss

Taking the boys to the beach has been a good idea, Claire muses as she watches her nephews play volley  with Owen. Lying on her stomach, she props her chin on her folded arms, very much enjoying the view safe behind her sunglasses. Owen is wearing navy blue shorts but that’s the only piece of clothing he is currently wearing and her eyes can’t get enough of his sun kissed skin.

She’s so engrossed in her staring she almost doesn’t notice the insistent giggling. Once she notices though, it is impossible to un-notice that the two women are currently eyeing Owen like he is their personal man-candy. Claire is amused for exactly ten seconds. Then she is annoyed. Their giggling and the staring make her blood boil and it doesn’t matter that Owen is completely clueless and immediately flashes her his patented cocky grin when he sees she’s standing up and joining them because the two women are still watching despite the fact it is by now obvious Owen isn’t single.

A point has to be made.

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