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Imagine: Do a Bucky smut where he gets jealous of pietro and they end up getting in a fight and and you have rough sex (metal hand kink and thigh riding would be great) +  sorry this is not at all specific but an imagine for Bucky going down on you

a/n: Combining these bc it works. also i love this gif bc The Strut™ is so hot 

Warning: Smut


Walking into the gym, you felt a slight bit of guilt. You were about to have a training session with your friend Pietro, but your boyfriend Bucky didn’t know. Bucky could be protective, to say the least, and Pietro could be… insensitive to that. You knew he was harmless, it was just in his nature to flirt. You’ve been friends with him for so long, you forgot that people don’t realize that’s just the kind of person he is. 

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((Going on hiatus again! Been giving too much slack on the school work and its gonna get even busier real soon, so Im not going to keep daily updates up… Not sure for how long, or when I can churn daily again but should be able to draw something for here occasionally once a while. Its gonna be hard not to 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Would yall mind if i reblog older posts? And post sketches i have up on other blogs here))

Man Face Monday - These Eyes Have It Edition

It’s another Monday, my friends. But we shouldn’t have long faces because this puts us another week closer to the next new Arrow episode and possibly shirtless Oliver. Because I live in hope. Good weekend? Mine wasn’t bad at all. Not as cold as it has been, so I appreciated that. And I got a swell prompt to work on this month for the smut-a-thon in February. Yes. 

Why don’t we take a moment to check out some pretty? I noticed a theme this week as I put the edits together. Eyes. So intense. I hope you enjoy them too. 

Personally, I only like the super short hair when he’s in the League. Otherwise, it seems too severe. But hell, he’s always gorgeous. 

That sweet look. So soft an nice. 

Black and white. Obviously some of these are from season 4. The season of too many layers. His hotness is buried under there somewhere. I just know it. 

Check out this nifty gif from @arrow-ing. Love the eyes here. 

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Green Arrow. Blue eyes. Pillow mountains. What else could you want? 

This last one is my favorite. Back to Al Sahim times. He is just so lovely here. 

And there we have it for this week’s Man Face Monday, my dears. If you have missed previous ones, or want to check out some Washboard Wednesdays, do visit my dash. They are all there…for emergencies. I hope that you have a fantastic week ahead – one that’s full of happy and beautiful things. Because you are you and you deserve it. xx

Tags below the cut, because this is getting kind of long! xx

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All of my stories have now been posted to Archive of Our Own. Thank you for following and my apologies for being MIA for so long. Life, ya know?
I have something new in the works and I’ll have it posted to Archive in the next few months (it’s very long!). I’ll be sure to post here when it’s available. Thanks again.

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Hey, I absolutely adore your writing and I have read all of your fics multiple times. I would just love if you could tell me what are some of your favourite Malec fanfics? So basically if you could do a rec list of sorts. Thank you and once again you are very talented hope to see more from your Malec wedding planner au fic.

ok but this is so nice tho?? also i’m working on the au i promise, i promise. i finally posted the lightwood family dinner scene i’ve been futzing around with for way too long and the next part is where the malec starts to pick up so i can’t wait tbh!!

but more importantly, recs! so i read an enormous amount of malec fic and i always mean to do a rec post but then i.. don’t. i’m sure i’m leaving out some that i’m going to kick myself for later but this has already taken way too long, so here are some of my faves (these are my own thoughts/non-official descriptions for these fics, so if any author wants me to remove theirs, just let me know!):

  • Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks (WIP - Part 21/30) - single dad!alec meets teacher!magnus au set in the shadow world. this is one that gets rec’d a lot, but there is a reason for that because it is fantastic. single dad!alec is such a weak spot for me and insomiak writes him so well
  • Strange Love - fake dating mundane au. mutual pining kills me and this fic does it really well. super cute and frustrating to no end
  • Never Stand Between Two Mirrors - canon!alec meets alt!alec au. i am such a sucker for this trope, and oncethrown’s characterizations are always the best. you will love every character you already love a little bit more after reading this fic
  • Blue (WIP - Part 8/?) - dom/sub au set in the shadow world. aaaaand yet another trope i’m hopeless against, but this story starts off really strong and well-written so i’m excited for it to be continued
  • Five Times Alexander Lightwood Almost Lost His Virginity (and One Time He Learned Virginity Was Imaginary and Stupid) - this is a slightly different take on alec than i’ve typically seen (one where he’s been in love before), but such a great look at his character through the lens of different relationships (and non-relationships) he’s had over the years. really, really great
  • A Fighting Chance - mundane mma fighter!alec meets dance instructor!magnus au. oh my godddddd. this might be my favorite fic in this fandom. it’s so so good, and the payoff at the end is fantastic
  • morning’s come, you watch the red sunrise - single dad!alec meets neighbor!magnus mundane au. just super cute and fluffy with great characterizations
  • Counting Lies - heroes/villains au? i don’t even know how to describe this fic except to say that you should give it a shot. it’s a wild ride from start to finish and leaves you with a ton of questions about the world you just stepped into (in a good way)
  • We Face the World - future canon!verse. despite the fact that this 5+1 style fic deals heavily with homophobia, it’s also a really sweet look into the lightwood-bane family
  • Guide Me (To You) - blind!magnus meets cursed mute!alec au set in the shadow world. this is such a cute story? the premise of alec’s situation is a little odd, but it has a great payoff at the end of the story
  • spend the days dreaming and the nights awake - canon!verse magnus and simon roommate shenanigans. this one is kind of more gen with a heavy focus on simon but it is soooo perfect (and there’s background malec and simon/alec interaction that’s golden tbh)
  • White Wine and Lamp Posts - canon!verse. this one’s very gen but i still want to include it bc it’s just some really cute alec and clary friendship in a way that feels like it fits with their canon relationship so far

+ some smut:

  • can’t take my eyes off of you - kinks: masturbation, voyeurism. alec gets bored and impatient waiting for magnus and starts without him and then magnus watches him finish, a++
  • coax the coals - kinks: figging. oh man… did not know what figging was and did not think I would enjoy this from the description, but boy was I wrong. wow
  • Everything Golden - kinks: sex pollen. this fic deals with issues of consent since it’s a drugged, ‘fuck or die’ scenario, but if you’re a fan of the sex pollen trope, this fic does it really well and in a way that definitely has angst but with a generally happy ending to balance it out
  • don’t take it easy - kinks: edging. !!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my favorite malec smut ever. there are no words

ok so here’s the plan i’ve come up w/ for the semester…………

i decided i’m gonna continue working but only a little bit like i updated my availability so i’m only available to work on mondays and wednesdays after class and then open availability friday and saturday. this way i’ll have tuesday, thursday, and sunday to devote to schoolwork so i’m not stressed every week about what my schedule will be and if i’ll have time for homework.  

idk how happy my manager is gonna be about this tbh especially since i’m going from completely open to only 4 days a week lmao……….i’ve only been scheduled for 4 days a week anyways but the times are gonna change now and i probably won’t be getting very many hours

but the good thing is that i’ve paid off my part of the coachella package which is what i got the job to do in the first place and i still have a good amount saved like i’m proud of myself for not spending ALL of my savings the last 5 months without a job. so anyways now any money i make will be for weekly expenses food gas meds doctors appointments etc as well as application fees for universities but some of it can be put in my savings for shows and stuff lmao…….localchella and/or arct*c monkeys where u at………and also i’m dog sitting for my brother for 3 weeks and he’s paying me so that’ll be good and i always get my tax return right before coachella so that’ll also be good……….so like even if i’m not working very much 1) i’ll have something saved to fall back on and 2) i’ll at least have some sort of small income every week just in case

i feel so much better abt this now than i did like a month ago lmao……also big love to my grandma for continuing to let me live in her spare bedroom for free like she is the Real MVP in all of this i’m so grateful…….its literally bc of her i’m able to like spend money i’ve earned on fun music things and still feel secure that i’ll have some place to live god……..i’m taking her out to see jackie and get dinner tonight as like a small thanks for everything which isn’t nearly enough but i love her!!!!!

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Are you aware that a lot of guys jerk off to your feet? Do you take pride in that fact?

i am aware. but what people do is their own private matter and not something i would ever consider or have concern about. as long as no one is getting hurt people should be free do what makes them happy. 

so…do i take pride in it? what others do is not for me to take pride in or not take pride in

but so we are clear, let me tell you some of the things i do take pride in…

my veteran status and my service to our country

my work ethic and the fact that i create intellectual property as a design engineer that improves people’s lives everyday

my adult children who have been raised to be compassionate and hard working and who amaze me everyday with their insight and intelligence 

my care for my mother, in my home, after she was diagnosed with alzheimer’s so that she cold maintain her dignity and comfort though the end of her life

but really the thing i take pride in that is probably most germane to your question is my pride in my acceptance of all people without prejudgement of them. i have room in my life for diversity for people very different from me. i believe i have something to learn from them, they are valuable as human beings, and i am the better for knowing them

im disappointed this was an anon question. because of you, anon ask is no longer an option on this blog.

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Hiya! I would like to request an hc where rfa + saeran and v react to MC having an asthma attack (been having them lately due to the weather) thank you sooo much! :3

sorry this took so long!! i don’t have like.. any irl experience w asthma so i hope i did okay?? work killed me this week orz


-first big dumb instinct is to ask “aw babe did i take your breath away?”
-like????? wow hyun choice instincts how r u even alive
-BUT then like right after saying it he realizes what’s happening and is mortified with himself
-aaaaaand here comes the panic bc his SO can’t breath??
-meanwhile MC is pointing toward their bag while they try to keep calm
-MC is still wheezing and trying to gasp in air and Zen is freaking tf out
-Zen baaaaasically just upends the whole bag in his haste to rescue MC


-the one that panics first
-he hears MC wheezing from another room and just
-oh no
-is MC okay???????
-wishes he could teleport, but goes so fast that it’s like he did anyway
-heart on his sleeve at all times Yoosung immediately has tears on his face
-“MC!!! MC are you okay???”
-unaware that he’s actually screaming
-repeatedly yelling “inhaler!! inhaler!!!! where is it???” while searching the Whole Room
-doesn’t notice the wheezing has stopped
-“oh MC thank god!!”
-this boy is a hugging, sobbing mess
-MC has their inhaler in their hand. it’d been in their pocket
-the room is a mess


-Baehee gotchu MC
-she carries around an extra inhaler Just For MC
-she is prepared for all eventualities
-makes sure that the prescription is up to date and that it’s not expired and that it’s full
-not that she isn’t also worried
-like as soon as MC’s taken the inhaler and used it Jaehee is a fluttery, doting mess
-insists that MC sit down and rest for at least an hour
-Jaehee pls
-makes them their favorite drink


-alarmed to say the least
-grew up p sheltered so he hasn’t rly experienced anyone even peripherally close to him having an asthma attack
-there’s one in the building right?
-MC might not be calm, per se, but they might be handling this better than Jumin as they sit down and straighten up to create slightly clearer airways
-Jumin calls the resident doctor up he’s p sure his SO is having an asthma attack?? (low key terrified)
-stays by MC’s side while they wait for the doctor
-doctor arrives w a muscle relaxant best suited for this
-MC is fine soon but like
-doc has questions
-“do you know what triggered the asthma attack?”
-“it might have been……. pet.. dander….”
-Jumin sends the most betrayed expression to Elizabeth the 3rd
-doctor ends up giving a prescription for a preventer inhaler
-the penthouse gets cleaned more often and has a new air filtration system within a few days


-did aaaaaall the research on this
-u are in good hands, MC
-excellent hacking god hands
-he says this out loud (partially for MC but also a lot for himself)
-screaming internally
-gets MC to sit and straighten out their spine
-“just, ahh, just stay like that MC! I’ll find ur inhaler!”
-doesn’t look outside of the room bc what if MC dies passes out while he’s gone??
-can’t bring himself to go very far from MC out of worry
-can’t find MC’s inhaler
-brief panicked thought of HE COULD MAKE ONE!!
-……but all the stuff he’d need is in another room
-sits in front of MC and holds their hands
-he goes through all the exercises he read about online with MC until the attack passes
-high key feels guilty he didn’t search hard enough for their inhaler
-turns out MC forgot it elsewhere???
-he makes like a bunch of inhalers
-there’s one in every room now


-very very tense the whole time
-also has asthma??
-he’s known MC has asthma since like the beginning….. since sending them to Rika’s apartment
-so…… he knows what to do
-but also this is.. kind of scary….. seeing his SO like this
-freezes for like a few seconds before searching for an inhaler
-his or theirs, either way to him
-finds one!!!
-VERY RELIEVED when MC is finally breathing clearly again
-lil bit clingy


-being legally blind, his hearing is excellent
-notices v quickly that MC’s breathing is getting wheezy
-alarmed when they cough and the wheezing just gets worse
-“MC? Sweetheart? Where….?”
-MC barely manages to say “bag”
-….which leaves the panicky blind man to search for it
-luckily he can still see a little from his left eye
-and MC’s bag is a very bright color
-locates the correct blur!!
-but can’t seem to find MC’s inhaler??
-he is not calm enough for this
-brings the bag to MC for them to search through
-apologizes profusely about not being able to find their inhaler
-V pls. u blind as heck
-after MC is fine and recovered, V asks to hold the inhaler to familiarize himself with the shape and feel of it for future reference

Yahoo!~ Important Announcement

Hello there my lovely followers! First off, I hope you guys are all having a wonderful day or night! So, I wanted to talk and ask for your opinions on some things that have been on my mind lately. As some of you know, the Haikyuu!! fandom has slowed down a bit so it’s getting kind of hard for me to reblog and manage content on this blog. I’ve had this blog for two years now & I just hit 8k not too long ago. This blog is known for it’s strict Iwaoi content and Seijou content and I know a lot of people follow for that reason but here’s the thing. It’s getting really hard to keep this blog moving smoothly. I’ve been thinking of shifting this blog into a multifandom (probably more Haikyuu!! and Yuri on Ice along with some other anime I follow). I’ve recently gotten into editing and I feel like this will allow me to tinker around with a variety of things more. If I do decide to make the change, I’m thinking of also changing my URL to something more simple (probs still Oikawa bc I love him). At the end of the day it’s my blog and I know I’m not restricted to reblogging solely certain content but I feel like I owe it to you guys and should at least ask what you think. I enjoy running this blog just the way it is, Iwaoi will always be my OPT but I’m also open to new things as well. Please let me know what you guys thing, mutuals especially, I’d really appreciate the feedback. Thank you, xx -katie <3

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i've been borrowing a clarinet from my school for a long time bc i didn't own one, but i just got clarinet of my own which means that i have to give the school clarinet back but i've grown an emotional attachment to it and i don't wanna. like it's broken so some alternate fingerings i need don't work. but it's been through everything with me. it came with me to BAND CAMP. i already miss it i'm so sad


Is there any situation where a Kukri is better than an Axe for bushcraft? 

I have both and I have been really pondering this for a long time now. I don’t feel that my Kukri no matter how sharp gets better cuts on wood nor does it do anything better than a hatchet that’s a quarter of the price does. The hatched has all the advantages. Hammer back, heavier, longer handle for better swing, two handed placement if I wish, tends to sharpen easier, fells trees much quicker. 

For all the small work I use a Mora. 

So… anyone that has a Kukri, what real advantage does it have? 

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Do you like Taika Waititi or familiar with his movies? What are your expectations for Ragnarok? I'm very anxious because this most likely would be Thor's last solo movie ever :(

i do like him a lot! admittedly, i haven’t been familiar with his work for a long time but i truly loved all of his movies that i’ve seen (boy, what we do in the shadows, hunt for the wilderpeople) and the latter was arguably my favourite film of 2016. i think his movies have a unique style and are very character driven and i’m excited to see what he can do with one of them big mcu budgets.
so far everything about ragnarok seems really encouraging - pretty sure it has one of the best cast ensembles in any superhero movie and the fact it’s mostly based in space with minimum humans is fantastic if you ask me. i’m also really interested in the whole “thor losing mjolnir” subplot because hell yes let him fuck shit up with some swords and use his other powers + this offers opportunity for great character work.
also some interviews taika’s given here and there seem to hit all the right notes and if all of that is valid and given how amazing the team thor short is, then we’re in for something really special! so yea basically my expectations are high! true, this may be the last thor solo for quite some time, but he does come back in the 2 infinity wars movies so we get to see him again! for now let’s enjoy the ragnarok hype 🙏

Grad School

My assignment this week is to develop a patient satisfaction survey based on the area that I currently work in. So far the only questions I come up with are inappropriate such as: Did you die? Was the person in front of you actively trying to die? How long did you have this condition before you decided it was an emergency at 2am? Please explain your definition of emergency? How satisfied were you with waiting for 4 hours to be seen? Would it have been easier to make an appointment?

I have been working on this english book analysis for SO LONG now it better be good like if i don’t get a good grade now, this teacher must have something personal against me like she’s just trying to make me sleep deprived i swearrr
Plz wish me luck, pray for me, let the universe help me now

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cliquey piece of shit. nobody even replies to he starters of new members what an actual joke of an rp

i tend to ignore any messages with such negativity but i’m assuming you’re the same person who sent this in a couple of days ago and i just wanted to let you know that this will be the last message like this i will ever reply to. i do not appreciate someone hiding behind anonymous and hating on something that i’m actually so proud of, having a successful appless rp that has last this long is actually very rare since most only last a week but that’s beside the point, we’re not cliquey, matter-a-fact this is the friendliest and most amazing roleplay group that i’ve had in…forever ( and i’ve been doing this since ‘11 ) i know for a fact they try to plot with as many as they can when they are not busy working or studying. and for the starters i’ve already made a post warning all members to reply to all starters on the tag  ( which you can find here) but sometimes muns prefer to plot things out first with other muns before responding to starters and that’s understandable since i’m the exact same way and it’s hard to reply to a starter when you don’t plot things and some join and leave within a the three day mark without really trying to plot with other members so, you cannot blame it on my members. with that i’m sorry if you had such a negative experience ( if you were in this rp ) but you don’t have to send such hateful messages to the main anymore. i hope you have a nice day.

I’ve been worse than this but wowza I feel so bad? ?? Like, idk, nothing’s really going on but I want nothing but just throw myself to the nearest fast-moving car. I don’t have anxiety but goddamn it’s hard to breathe and I’m so so sooo tired of waking up.

I know things will be better. I know that there are good things to hold onto. But I’m just… tired…

(Maybe I just need a year long gay vacation since I jumped straight to work after graduation… But who can afford that lmao.)

Pen pressure help...again

hey yall its been a while since I mentioned my pen pressure not working, but yeah it still is not working and I have an update


for whatever reason, pen pressure works fine in GIMP (yeah I downloaded gimp and I have no clue how to use this)

I also went and downloaded all the correct drivers, I’m able to open my tablet settings now, but I don’t know if any of this will help with pen pressure??

I also downloaded SAI again, here are the settings I changed, followed some deviantart tutorial:


If anyone has an idea of what is wrong please let me know I do not wish to learn how to use GIMP in 2017 pls save me

Fun fact: I’m actually very wary of injuring characters or making them ill. And there is a very good reason behind it.

About a year and a half ago(maybe more, probably more like 2 years ago), I started writing this long BH6 fanfiction, k? One of the first ones I ever finished.

So, a rough list of injuries/illnesses some of the characters received

1. Developed an anxiety disorder
2. Had some hormonal issue that messed with how they grew and how their body developed(I don’t remember the name but it was a real syndrome I swear)
3. Lost the use of their left leg
4. And also became mildly suicidal
5. Also, one of their doctors turned out to have been working against them the entire time and set them back
6. Had a muscle/scar tissue issue that prevented them from moving properly, although it did heal to a point that they could use it decently

…Now, medical issues that have befallen me in the past year and a half.

1. I have developed an anxiety disorder
2. I was diagnosed with a hormonal issue that has messed with my body’s development for the past five years or so
3. I lost the use of my left leg(although I am on the road to recovery)
4. My depression became worse to the point that I am mildly suicidal
5. As it turns out, one of my doctors has actually been making my conditions worse
6. I’ve been diagnosed with a muscle/scar tissue disorder that prevents me from moving correctly and using my muscles the way they must be used

…So, yeah, I’m mildly superstitious at this point lololol

All that’s left for me to do is fall out of a 30 story building lolol

So I have been playing with this idea of (either a short or very long) writing piece, and I have sort of been avoiding it for a while as it explores some concepts which I am not usually fond of. 

However, when I sat and began to write it this morning, I found that it was exceedingly easy to write and  I find it sort of liberating, which feels ironic given my hesitation and dislike for my… protagonist? (not sure that’s the right word for him) It’s going to be interesting to continue with this and see where it leads.