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Will you please do a dance video, for old time's sake? It doesn't have to be k-pop or j-pop, I'd take ballet or lyrical dance or something else. I have been following you for (literally) years and years and I love the stuff you put out now, but sometimes I do yearn for a new dance vid!

aww maybe i will do some ballet some time! thanks for your continued support i know lots of you are still looking out for dancing :)

Hey guys, I suddenly find myself in a really rough spot.

This afternoon my computer broke, and as an artist and online seller it is my main means of making money. I lost progress on a lot of drawings I had been working on. I have a tablet and a rather old Mac so I can get online, but neither is a feasible option for making money as I was.

I just don’t have the money for a new computer. I’m working with a friend to try and salvage my hard drive but the computer itself is no good anymore.

If you can help in any way possible it would be a HUGE help… Emergency $10 commissions are open again if you can donate to my PayPal, I will complete them as soon as I get a new computer shipped out. I’m also gonna be selling my Xbox 360 and games for whatever money I can. Please send me a message if you can help.

As it is I’m really fucked right now, I would be eternally grateful for any commissions at all.


So it’s almost that time of the year so I’ve been feeling miserable :p (Almost 30 years old what the hell what I’ve done all these years orz) I’m trying to give myself some might to draw lately…I was so so mad that yesterday I drew some cool stuff with Priam and Virgil and bam! A blackout! I didn’t save a thing orz. I have to at least finish one commission this week ;A;!!

Have some stuff for Eyes of Wilderness, which is a super old game I was planning to release a demo as you can see in the last picture(Tttthat was my 2015 resolution orz)

If people likes the demo a lot, I will probably try to update the sprite art. I think I have improved a little bit on proportions at least! I’m glad I just drew one cg for this game, updating that will take a life…

I will be re writting Anika(The girl with the flowers) too. She was planned to be a plain kind girl but I will and more spice to her personality. Also reading again the script, I will chop some self pity dialogues from Boris which are annoying tbh(He is meant to talk a little anyway!)

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one that gets pissed off by Brendon now a days. You don't have to respond to this someone will probably pick on you for it

NAH IT’S COOL, honestly if people get angry at me then that’s their opinion and as long as they’re respectful with their anger I’m willing to listen haha

YEAH THOUGH Brendon’s really been getting on my nerves lately like just cause he’s in a cool band and has a good life doesn’t just give him the right to be an egotistical dick who just smokes pot all day and sends a bad message to kids. I feel like he didn’t used to be that way and so a lot of people (like me) have kinda been holding onto the old Brendon but the new one is just like swearing and doing drugs and sending the wrong message to his fans (who are like 12-20 years old, mind you) and just generally bein kinda gross n stuff like dang I just wish he was a bit more humble abt stuff sometimes I guess. :/

I mean there are lots of good attributes about brendon but lately he’s been a complete poopnose and he needs to chill

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I'm a trans girl and i wanted to know what i could do to look/be more feminine. Im only 16 years old and dont have alot of money. My mother also doesn't wear any make up

There are a lot of places that you can get cheap make up from, you just have to look around and find what’s affordable! In regards to being more feminine, my mannerisms were really feminine to begin with but seriously just watching a girl do stuff (walking, eating, etc.) and imitating it can make you feel so much better about yourself! and once you’ve done it so much that it just comes naturally to you, you will feel so much more feminine regardless of how you look. Watching youtube videos can also be really useful, like I am aware that there’s tons of make up tutorials and also stuff like tips for trans girls on how to be more feminine and I’m sure they could be really helpful! Remember you’re only 16 and you have so much life ahead of you, it’s gonna be difficult but I believe in you <3

In the midst of transferring all of the old Animorphs stuff from my main blog over to this one, I thought I’d break in this blog with a quick doodle of one of my first favorites, Ax!

I’ve been trying to incorporate more diversity into my ideas for the different andalites.  I always pictured Ax as having a pretty small frame and a lot less fur than most of the other males (a late bloomer, perhaps).  Pretty feminine for andalite standards, I suppose

Throw-back Thursday.

I have a curious streak - at the moment I’m wondering how many people out there reread dirty stories or revisit naughty pictures that people around these parts create.

Feel free to tell me if you want, but otherwise enjoy an older piece I feel like revisiting for this new and unoriginal thing I feel like doing during my content drought.

Paine in her Ass.
Yuna has gone missing and Rikku is starting to stress. Little does she know her cousin is getting a whole lot of stress relief from their friend.

Done by request from dracedomino who wanted to see the girls of FFX-2 having some fun. I was more than happy to write about them!
As you can no doubt tell from my library, I quite like the trio!

All my old stuff can be found here - library.

“There’s a few different sounds on the album, not all the songs sound the same, like, same vibe,” he explained to ET Online of the quartet’s upcoming fifth album. “They are all kind of different. Couple of different guitars and drums. It’s a lot different than what we did before… but, it’s cool.”

Liam Payne – perhaps sensing that fans couldn’t handle much more change right now – assured fans that while the group may be exploring new sounds, they will also have plenty of the old stuff as well. “There’s a lot of old school vibes as well. I said before that it was quite Oasis-y but I was thinking about one song that I’ve been playing… it’s very diverse I think.”

“Diverse” and “different” and “old-school” and “cool” and “Oasis-y”: This has been One Direction Album Updates.  


I should have a lot more time to draw now. Drew a Maud Pie and a Smooze from the latest episode.

I looked back at some of the stuff I drew before and found a shitload of proportion mistakes. Thankfully, with the help of Photoshop’s liquidfy I am able to fix a little the drawings I like. Here is a repost of some of them.

Gotta delete my Deviantart and make a new one to dump my newer stuff, I have a hard time looking at some of my old stuff. I am also going to really start learning how to draw humans without ref. Gotta make a new tumblr for that, since I know most of my followers are only here for pony.

art programs for tha masses

AYO! I’ve got some of the good stuff:

Paint Tool SAI
Photoshop CS6
Photoshop CC

They’re all PORTABLE applications btw, so you can chuck it on a memory stick and all that. They’re all wrapped up in a .zip file, so you’ll have to extract them.  I personally use SAI to draw and paint, and then CC to save my transparents, add text for my comics, and animate.

You can get the good stuff here!

(I did a lot of digging for portables, so I suppose this cuts out the hard work for all youse. The SAI folder was one I found on link via a tumblr post, but I deleted my old blog so I don’t remember the source sorry. I looked for CS6 originally, but it didn’t work too well with my pen drivers, since it added an annoying little flick with my lines, so that’s why I went with CC, hoping it would have pinch zoom functions for my Surface - there was no such function but the lines on fleek at least).


just getting stuff off my chest

I was going to draw this out as an autobio comic, but WHO HAS THE TIME??

I’ve been seeing this kind of sentiment going around a lot: “You don’t have to like ‘classic’ stuff just because some old person said it was good.” Of course I 100% agree with this statement. If a ‘classic’ piece of material doesn’t interest you, or inspire you, or “get to” you at all, you shouldn’t have to bother with it just because you’ve been told its important. (On the other hand, I think its important to at least TRY things that don’t appeal to you, if only to learn WHY they don’t appeal to you, and understand yourself better… And to just try to go outside your comfort zone a bit… But anyway.) 

Anyway, I also understand that plenty of “classic” media is centered around white people/men/etc., and if those experiences don’t reflect yours, you shouldn’t be made to feel bad if you feel distant or even alienated from that media. Especially if it’s actively racist/sexist/homophobic/etc and you don’t want to have to handle that.

With all those caveats in place, I have a sort of different experience with that phrase… “You don’t have to like something just because some old people told you to like it.” For me, personally, that kind of thing was often said to me LITERALLY, as a way of dismissing me, because it felt like people just didn’t believe that I could possibly have a genuine interest in these things.

Keep reading

So- since taylorswift followed me on tuesday (thing that I still can’t believe) (and I’m avoiding that study thing) I thought I might introduce myself a little????

Well…, this is me. English is my second language, so you’ll probably see a lot of typos and that kind of stuff. But I’m trying too make it better ‘cause I’m obsessed with that kind of things.

To be honest, I don’t know how long I’ve been a swiftie. But it was the Speak Now era, that’s completely sure. I’ve never seen Taylor live, ‘cause, well, I don’t have the chance to travel (at least, not when and where T-Swizzle is on tour) and I live in Argentina. But my love for her does nothing but increase every day.

I’m fifteen years old now, my birthday is on December 30th ( 30/12/1999… a horrible day to born).

I hear mostly rock nacional (argentinian rock), my favorite band is Serú Girán. Taylor is actually the one that stands up the most on my musical taste, not only because she is my bae the one I love the most, but because it’s not similar to rest. It’s a weird love, my friends say.

I absolutely adore Harry Potter, Marvel, Game of Thrones and Friends, so you’ll probably find some things about that on my blog too.

I play the piano, I go to drama/theatre/however-it-is classes, and I write. I go to a school from the UBA (Universidad de [university of] Buenos Aires), that is pre-universitary, thing that I’m very proud of, ‘cause I go there by my own choice and I had to do an entry course all saturdays that lasted for a whole school year, and it is an awesome school, the people are really open and I have a beautiful group of friends who made me a parody of Shake it Off for my birthday.

I’m actually a dog person. I hope I’m not offending you by saying this, ah. I’m actually very friend with Pili’s (one of my best friends) cat, but I preffer dogs. I have one named Seda that is my little sister who annoys me a lot and uses my bed and sleeps when I’m trying to study, thing that distracts me a lot.

Am I writing a lot? I just got on it. I didn’t realize how much I wrote until now that my mom and mother got home. That usually happens to me. 

Well, Taylor (in case you see this), the important stuff…

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for following me. I owe it all to Sadie. I still don’t believe it.  I love you, I love you, I love you.  I can’t wait to buy ink to my printer so I can print the screenshot.

I hope I get the chance to see you on tour someday. And I love you so, so, so, so much. Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. I am now quite happy, but it hasn’t always been that way, and you helped me trought a lot. 

I adore you. 

Val, Valen, Valu, Nina (anything but “Valentina”, actually. That makes me think people are mad at me)

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can you give me some fic refs for pynch :D :D :D

[rubs hands together]

[laughs manically]

okay here we go, prepare yourself, for your heart is about to be ripped out and slowly crushed by FEELINGS honestly those two shitheads

first, i can link you to this post, where you can find some fics posted on ao3,but it’s kind of old and a lot of new fics have been updated since then

therefor i can offer you some of my favorites

(this fandom is so talented it’s crazy and I want to thank every one of you who takes their time and writes stuff, it’s really good stuff and appreciated)

there’s more but this is all i could think of rn

[in which all the Aglionby boys are pining over Adam and he has NO idea, clueless child, and guess who’s not clueless and does not like what’s happening one bit, yep it’s ronan]

[dom!Adam is what I live for and apparently also what ronan lives for, he’s the subbiest sub to ever subbed when it comes to adam and no one can take that away from me]

[give me thousands of fake dating fics and it still won’t be enough, basically they’re both dorks and it takes them a while to realize they want to date for real more like have a civilized conversation about it, also starring adorable matthew lynch]

[this one is really, really good and I just have a lot feelings about ronan dealing with his fears and shame and about adam’s bisexuality]

[niall lynch was a filthy poet, putting his love on paper; ronan and adam are trying to express theirs through touches because words are sometimes too heavy and bodies are as good a canvas as any]

[ronan has a dream about adam with adam seeing it,but that’s okay because adam already liked him, which ronan has a hard time to grasp, although when he finally does, there’s some hot making out]

[cabeswater is into threesomes with magicians and greywarens and adam is just done with it, he’s trying to kiss ronan preferably without the presence of magical forest for merlin’s sake, cabeswater chill]

[i don’t really have to say anything more than that ronan is a ballet dancer and adam is freakin punk and has a mohawk, everybody needs to read this,it can save your life,i mean it]

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This girl i have a crush on is coming from AZ to NM to check in with all her old friends and stuff (myself included). How can I tell if she's into me? (We're both chicks and openly bi and gay)

Get really awkward and make reference to gay couples around her and reference them to yourself and maybe stare at her lips a lot to see how she reacts

it’s what I always do

Lots of old things have been turning up here and there since I got back.  The house has changed so much that half the stuff inside has been shuffled or tangled in its guts or dropped into cracks opening and healing over.  The vampires don’t notice… I’m the only one that finds them.  Which is good, since a lot of it is private enough to endanger my mystique.

Like this… Found it in a corner somewhere.  Hadn’t seen it in ages.

Of course, Mom took the picture.  Polaroids were outdated when I was fifteen, but she loved them for nostalgia’s sake.  I humored her, like I humored the restaurant, and the guy in the costume, and everything.  Birthdays aren’t really about what you want, are they?  They’re about giving other people the chance to have fun around you.  Right?  And of course I enjoyed it all a little more than I let myself believe I did.  And Crystal and Jack sure didn’t complain.  But then, they were still only fourteen.  Not grown-ups like I was.

You can’t tell since it’s in black and white, but I have red-eye like crazy in this picture.  When I first saw it I thought it made me look… enh.  Let’s just say it’s ironic now.

I think I’ve disassociated too much for this to matter.  Like I’ve burned a bridge too severely to fully restore.  I don’t really feel that little girl anymore.  Can’t quite recall the emotions so sharply.  They’ve dulled, like the photo.  I’m more drawn to the candles than to her.

Maybe I should just throw it away.  Don’t know why I felt like posting it.

I can trust you, right?

Well it’s a pretty cute picture of Crystal, anyway.

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1/2 Um hey, i know you get a lot of messages but i feel so alone and like a failure that i have gotten suicidal thoughts already but its almost impossible for me to open up to anyone and i dont know what to do,, im 15 y old INTJ girl and the problem is that im way more interested in school stuff than in shopping or partying or being with friends and it makes me feel so bad. i dont think im better than those ppl who like those things, gods no! it's just that

society makes me feel bad for being myself but no matter how much i try i cant make myself like those things,,, or then i just dont know how and am making a fool of myself?? should i change my whole lifestyle or do you have any tips how to get ride of these thoughts and accept myself? i feel so alone and like im doing my whole life wrong, i dont know whats the point anymore, ,, is it going to get any better?

Teaching a person to care less about what others think of them is extremely difficult, but should you manage it, you’ll find it extremely liberating. The first thing to take note of is that acting like everyone around you will not only make you into an average person like them, it will not make you happy and will cause you dissonance in the long run. Attracting like-minded people requires you to take one of two (or both) paths:

1.) Become utterly unapologetic in your actions, behaviors, and words. This does require a certain strength of character; people that do this tend to enjoy the polarizing effect this has on others. (people will respond to you in extremes; either hate or fascination, to me this makes everything easier and I view it as filtering out people that I’d be wasting my time with.)

2.) Find something you enjoy and become utterly obsessed with it. Join groups and clubs related to it, and go as far as you can within that field.

INTJs are extremely rare, as are the types we’d relate to (ENTJ, INFJ, etc.) Most INTJs fail to have any fulfilling relationships until university because our rarity causes us to be widely dispersed, but to all congregate at higher academia. But if you take the above paths you might find one, or a similar type that you can be yourself around and learn / grow from.

Yes, it will get better and later on you’ll view the things that bothered you in high school as insignificant or temporary. In all seriousness, try to let go and experiment with doing as you please without apologizing (literally or internally.)

Those four years will go by very quickly. You’re at an age where at the most, you’ll receive a slap on the wrist for the things you do, or very basic attempts at social shaming that you’ll laugh at when you’re older.

If this wasn’t satisfactory you can message me again. I’ll answer privately if you want.

What if AC main characters had modern versions of their civilian/non-Assassin jobs?

Here’s what I got:

Altaïr ibn-L’Ahad: Interpol officer/personal security business like Homeland security

Ezio Auditore: Real estate and housing entrepreneur, plus land owner of various lots, with banking endoresment

Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton: Town councilman who owns a shipping enterprise (occasional cultural and nature welfarist)

Edward Kenway: (okay, this one’s stretch abit) Nautical wares/Seafarer (may or may not be invovled in the black market temporarily)

Adéwalé: Humanitarian activist when not working as at community watches

Aveline de Grandpré: Heir and vice president of the de Grandpré group of companies (she’ll inherit the higher position at some point)

Arno Dorian: Private investigator who helps run his “employer’s” coffee shops during the day

Shay Cormac:Marine force authority and construction team backer (both occupations connected)

May add Chronicles protags and the Frye twins when I play their games and/ or dig up their bios better.

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are you still doing the hs selfies ? :,v

Hello! :’0 I’m not taking new ones anymore </3

This was an event from last year, and in 2 days I got SO MANY.
And there are still a few I /need/ to draw. So if I had time to make more I think I’d work on the ones I’ve already got…

This is such a fun event though…. but If I were to take new ones… I don’t think that’d be any time soon ;__;

Anything related to this event I’ll tag as “HS selfies” though, in case you wanna keep an eye on that tag.

I’ve been thinking about maaaybe accepting small group shots, like with a few friends. Or fun poses/expressions.

haha, but I’m not sure if people would like to send pics like that??
But even if I accepted new submissions, that won’t be too soon, since I’m a bit busy atm ;x;


But talking about requests…!!

It seems on May 23 it will be Ancestors request night!! [Again a great idea form toastyhat ] and I wanna participate. Soo… if you wanna leave Ancestor-related art requests, then please come by.

“i miss kris” is something i find myself saying a lot when i look at old pics of him with any exo members and it makes me feel pretty selfish. how can I miss him when he is still here? he still posts dorky statuses on weibo, has a bunch of gigs and does silly stuff all the time… sometimes i realize his leaving impacted me so much is because i got really cocky and never thought anything would go wrong. when i look back i realize so many things have changed in a year. we were all so scared about what would happen but in retrospect it’s been pretty alright. he’s happy so what more could i ask for? we’re still in for a wild ride with the lawsuit still going on but he is still doing what he loves and that’s all that matters to me now. there are always going to be annoying antis that will try to bring him down but i know as long as we keep pulling him up it will be okay. so it is okay to say i miss kris. just acknowledge the reality of the situation and that it’s better that he left.