I Hate The Fander’s Community

  • I hate how they’re so creative
  • I hate how they’re so supportive of each other
  • I hate how they all respect each other
  • I hate how they’re all so sweet and understanding
  • I hate how they make it hard to hate myself
  • I hate how they’ve given me love and hope that I’ve lost
  • I hate how others don’t know about them
  • I hate the fact that someone is always there to talk
  • I hate how we all have our inside jokes and memes only we get
  • I hate how close we all are even thought we don’t know any of our names
  • I hate how you guys are all so fantastic
  • I hate how I can always go to you whenever I have a problem
  • I hate how they made me love myself and my life more
  • I hate how much I love them ♥

I Love The Fanders Community


anonymous asked:

That hideous lizard they call Benedict Cumberbatch is so ugly. Acting?skills? What skills? He literally doesn't deserve any baftas ever. No award for him because he's terrible. (writing this hurts me as much as it hurts you to respond)

oH god he is just so ugly!! i can’t even look at him without feeling sick. Baftas? pffft. Raspberry fits well for him. Acting? You call that acting? Good god! How do people tolerate him. Also he is such a terrible human being,

Anti-honesty hour. Ask me anything and I will respond with blatant lies.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve going to Bucky in the bar and saying "We are outgunned. Outmanned. Outnumbered, outplanned. We gotta make an all out stand. Ayo, I’m gonna need a right hand man" and Bucky is like "You need all the help you can get I have some friends, Dugan, Jones, Falsworth, Morita and Dernier, okay, what else?"




About the stupid profile pic bet

as you may or not be aware of, i’d been annoyed to death by my favorite pair of smartasses to get the adorable mark of shame you see in my profile pic

the terms were I would keep it permanently if they got a post to get 25 likes

However, because SOMEONE -eros you cheating teddy lover- decided to attach the post in question to a great one shot to win unearned likes, the terms have changed

I’ll be stuck with this for the next ten days and then I’m burning the pic

Congratulations you greek headaches, I appalud you