All my favorite characters: Lavi (D.gray-man), Exorcist from the European Branch of the Dark Order and Successor to the Bookman Clan. 
War is sorrowful. The flames of war burn away life and dreams and bonds, leaving behind countless sorrows. So sorrow gives birth to tragedy. And tragedy gives birth to Akuma.” | Inspiration

When you accidentally create a new hairstyle for David while doing some absolutely disastrous editing…

…and it reminds you of

I am on the floor.


The Spanish Job // Black Sails Heist AU

Flint assembles a crack team to take down a gold bullion being transported across Spain. But when the plan goes wrong, tensions increase, loyalties fray, and the team begin to suspect ulterior motives are at play.

writermanguy  asked:

Guys guys guys guess who has a new little battleborn coming in roughly nine months!!!!!




I am seriously stoked for you and your family (not to mentioned honored you’d tell silly ole Mundie about it) and honestly, I don’t think I am the only one in the community who is wishing you the best throughout the pregnancy and the rockin’ new chapter in your life!

Nothin’ but good health, supreme happiness, and plenty of laughter headin’ your way, mate! And a total badass baby, of course! 

Cheers, Battleborn! Cheers!!

Chekhov’s Nukes
The realization is finally starting to slowly creep in among Liberals that what Americans call “the freedom to make your voice heard” in their elections (especially presidential elections) is nothi…

i have too many followers but got a spike of blog views according to this morning’s email so here’s this blog i’ve neglected since july or s/t but some things i point out here have only sharpened since.