Here’s some Susan Pevensie and Wendy Darling headcanons

  • they met in england a few years after susan lost her family
  • susan hasn’t smile in months and she’s thinking about moving to america because england looks too much like narnia
  • but damn wendy changed everything
  • they’re so different
  • one is light itself
  • when the other is more reserved
  • wendy wanted to be a pirate when susan was a queen
  • but they’re also so alike
  • they’re both very motherly
  • but more importantly they’re two girls who went into a magical land
  • but don’t belong there anymore
  • they know how it feels
  • they tell each other’s stories
  • they talk about mermaids
  • and fairies
  • and lost boys
  • they hold hands
  • and they kiss
  • and wendy becomes susan’s new family
  • they’ve been told they wouldn’t be happy back on earth
  • but here they are growing old side by side

One of the girls in my class asked me to watch her 10 year old brother and sister cause her parents are on vacation. Homegirl said she had to work so I agreed to watch them being the nice person that I am. I’m sitting down peacefully watching tf out of Greys and all of a sudden I see the lil bad ass kids turn off the lights and start to light candles on the kitchen table. I thinking, “oh okay maybe this is just what white people do before they eat a snack or some shit.” I turn around again and they’re pulling out a Ouija board. These kids bedtime supposed to be at 9:30pm. I sent their bad asses to sleep at 6:17pm eastern time cause I don’t play that shit.

  • Lance:I know we’ve always had this unspoken rivalry.
Keith:It’s not a rivalry, you’re just always mean to me. And not unspoken, you talk about it all the time.
Lance:Anyway, since we’re stuck together I figured we could at least be civil.
Shiro:Okay, somebody needs to-
Lance:I’ll do it! I’ll do it better!

@theywaitforshewho requested “kiss on the chin”

(how it turned to french kissing, I’ll never know)

“Okay,” said Ladybug, tossing down her controller. “Loser has to do one thing for the winner, right?”

Adrien blinked rapidly at the victory card on his screen where his avatar was dancing at its win, feeling more than a little blindsided. How had that happened?

“Right,” he echoed numbly, wondering how the hell his ten-to-zero lose steak had ended on this match out of all of them.

“So,” said Ladybug, and when he finally tore his eyes away from the screen, he found her beaming, expectant and hopeful and almost a little smug. “Name your prize.”

It was her lips that held him for a second, as he wondered, for the umpteenth time, what it would be like to kiss her.

“A kiss.”

Ladybug’s eyes went wide.

Adrien clapped a hand over his mouth, as though the gesture could catch the words out of the air and stuff them back down his throat, face burning. He had not meant to say that aloud.

Ladybug wet her lips, dark gaze gone from shocked to intent.

Adrien’s heart stuttered to a stop.

“A kiss?”

Adrien nervously echoed her gesture, and nodded.

Ladybug tilted her head, eyes flicking down to his mouth like a match struck to light. “What kind of kiss?”

“What kind?” he parroted in a squeak, heart jumpstarted into climbing up his throat.

“Well,” she said, considering. “Where?”

Adrien could hardly believe his daring, but…


Ladybug blinked, slow and heavy-lidded, and crooked him a grin that hit him square in the chest with its nervous excitement.

She turned on the couch, kneeling first, then crawling towards him, and he didn’t realize he was backing away until his back hit the arm.

He was treated to the sight of her eyes fluttering shut, burning blue hidden behind thick ‘lashes and a scarlet mask, and then something soft and damp nudged his chin.

Kiss, that was a kiss, Ladybug kissed him, Ladybug kissed him

“Oops,” Ladybug breathed, pulling back a scant three centimeters. She grinned again, even more mischievous this time. “I missed.”

If his face had been red before…

She brushed another kiss to his jaw, sing-songing, “Missed again.”

“You h-have terrible aim,” he managed to say, blood pounding in his ears and limbs tingling.

She pouted and kissed the corner of his mouth, mumbling, “I’m getting better…” against his skin.

Unable to take any more, Adrien wrapped a hand around the back of her neck and turned his head, clumsily mashing her teasing lips against his own.

Ladybug gasped.

It was a warm sound, a sweet sound, one accompanied by the feeling of her grabbing him by the lapels and hauling him closer.

Adrien moaned, an involuntary noise he instantly regretted, because it covered one of Ladybug’s. He cut off the sound, instinctively opening up to her inquisitive tongue, only to moan even louder when it brushed against his own.

She was the who broke the kiss, pulling away with a slick, wet sound and a breathy sigh, and Adrien bit his lip to stifle the noises that still wanted to escape.

She squirmed against him, hips rolling and thighs shifting, and whispered, low and flirty, “Congratulations, hot stuff.”

Adrien was too busy biting his lip until it bled to formulate a coherent response to that.

Victor Nikiforov: (to Yuuri) “Then, I’ll be your lover, I guess.”






Those of you who had followed me probably already know that I am a huge fan of Kuroko no Basuke (as my ramblings in the #AoKaga tag can attest to), but I’m also a big big fan of other sports anime like Haikyuu!!, Free!, Eyeshield 21 etc.

DO YOU KNOW, THAT EVEN WITH FREE!, even with all the fanservice and the queer-baiting, no male character has openly said that he wants to be another male character’s koibito (lover)?



(spoilers for Episode 4 under cut)

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Thanks for doing my request, game developer anon here! How would the rfa+v+saeran react to MC being a film maker? Thank you so much and have a nice day! :)

No problem! Thank you! 

I tried to give MC mostly different jobs with film making w each character! 


  • MC told him they had to work and usually you had a small studio to do this at but with this work you could do it at home for today 
  • “Oh! What do you do MC?” 
  • You told him you’re in charge of sound  
  • today you mostly just had to edit some of the sounds on your computer 
  • he thought it was really cool! 
  • “You know I’ve always liked movies, and I always pay attention to how much detail goes in the sound and its really cool” 
  • pfft okay Yoosung 
  • keeps watching you while you work 
  • “What are you doing now?” 
  • “I need it to be quiet while I’m working so I can hear it, Yoosung” 
  • “Oh! Sorry!” 
  • “…” 
  • “What are you doing now?” 
  • He delays your work a lot but makes up for it by being cute af 
  • Of course he watched the movies you worked on 


  • He was so excited when you told him you work with filming movies 
  • Has a screening of the movies you worked on at home for the RFA, 
  • “MC made that!!!! MC made that movie!” 
  • “Zen I was only filming certain things” 
  • insists you should be in front of the came not behind it 
  • visits you on set often 
  • which is starting to annoy the director since other coworkers get distracted by him. 
  • He really wants to work on something with you :’0 
  • You two often make silly homemade movies starring him 
  • and then show them to the RFA 


  • You had periods where you didn’t really have to work that much 
  • but then when you had to work it could be up to months of non-stop work 
  • And now was one of those times where you had to get to work 
  • You told Jaehee you were in charge of casting for an upcoming film 
  • She suggests you should cast Zen for it 
  • “I’m not sure if he would fit for this role” 
  • umm??? what are you talking about MC, Zen is perfect for any role tbh
  • She does  help you though when you’re having a hard time choosing people for call backs 
  • After the movie is done and has been screened the unknown actor you cast is starting to get a little fame 
  • Jaehee tells you its thanks to you 
  • nah they are just a good actor. 
  • who hadn’t been discovered if it hadn’t been for you 
  • but next time you’re casting for a movie you should cast Zen tbh 


  • You were getting frustrated after working so hard on this script and it was getting rejected
  • You had written scripts before that were worked on 
  • And now your favorite one was getting rejected which was really depressing 
  • It took a while for Jumin to notice you were upset but when he did he was quick to act
  • He asked what was bothering you and you told him
  • He got to read the script 
  • and he was really surprised ??? this is so good??? MC is a great writer wtf 
  • He will make sure this movie happens 
  • and he does. 
  • did he fund this himself???? 
  • He’s really happy to see you so happy about this happening 
  • Has a huge screening for it 
  • The movie ends up being pretty successful 
  • tbh none of your scripts will get rejected after this 


  • of course he knew you edit movies 
  • especially since you’ve won an award for it?? 
  • that would be impossible to hide
  • not that you were trying to hide it 
  • When you told him you edit he tried to seem surprised 
  • “You knew already didn’t you?” 
  • He wants to edit movies with you 
  • but you can’t let him edit the actual movies you work on 
  • so you two end up making a ridiculous movie together 
  • and it’s actually pretty great 

  • You told him you’re a cgi artist for films 
  • you reveal it to him when you were complaining about how it can take months to work on one scene 
  • you sometimes work with this at home and sometimes at a studio with other artists 
  • but when you work at home he just loves sitting next to you while you’re working, Listening to you breathe and the occasional grumble 
  • but also you’re an artist!! He’s an artist!! wow! 
  • He has to make sure you take breaks to eat because you are too focused on this. 
  • Loves everything you’ve worked on 


  • You worked on special effect makeup 
  • and you were doing small tests on yourself at home 
  • by “small” I mean you were practicing making it look like half your face was burned 
  • when you were done you admired it in the mirror. 
  • Right then Saeran walked in 
  • he screamed 
  • he ran to you panicking he grabbed on to you and was ready to go get you help 
  • you had to yell that you were fine so he could hear you over his yelling 
  • “It’s makeup!” 
  • “what!” 
  • you then explained to him that your job was to do special effect makeup for movies and you were just practicing 
  • this boy is so relieved but so annoyed at the same time
  • you scared him!! 
  • don’t do that again! 
  • You show him some movies you’ve worked on and he is pretty amazed that you can use makeup to make something so realistic 
  • you don’t ever practice at home from now on though 

what I also really love about this band is that they were “supposed” to be okay.

they both come from super nice families (as far as we know), both had friends while growing up, both were expected to be happy.

sometimes you just don’t need a reason to not to be okay. it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’ve been through. if you struggle with yourself there’s not much you can do.

and yet, look how far they’ve come. I am so proud of them. and I hope that some day the whole world will know their stories because there are many kids out there feeling guilty just because they are expected to be okay.

you’re not alone.

Okay so technically this is a fuck everyone story (it was a summer job so it’s over now). Management constantly changed the rules, got mad at me when I listened to what one of the other staff told me they’d changed when i was gone for a week, and then didn’t enforce the rules! Plus, different staff were told different things like every day. One could be told, do this XYZ way, and the other would be told, do this SAME THING YZX way.
We had a water slide and you had to be 48 inches to go on it. Whenever a parent got mad because their kid wasn’t tall enough and got a manager the manager let them go down, making us look bad. Another time, two separate staff (we rotated slide duty) told a kid she was too short and the manager let her go down BOTH TIMES. Like if you make rules, follow them.
Customers would get pissed off because they were eating out of the assigned eating area and I’d ask them to move. PEOPLE WOULD TRY TO PAY WITH HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS FOR A TEN DOLLAR TICKET. The fuck?????
One particular story: we had a strict no alcohol policy, because most of the staff were under 21 and can’t legally clean it up. The coolers are searched when entering the park just to check for alcohol. We couldn’t check non coolers (that’s important). Now, this one lady doesn’t have a cooler. I was doing a general check and i saw her with a coozy and a white can and i walk over. All I ask was “ma'am, may I ask what you’re drinking?” And this lady goes “oh hehehehehehe are we not allowed to have alcohol?” Like bitch i didn’t even ask if you had alcohol but YOU FUCKING KNEW BETTER. Bitch didn’t even have a cooler. She brought the beer in in a purse or something, so she KNEW BETTER. At least she threw it away.
And then management tells the staff that next time, get a manager, because they don’t want us dealing with a drunken patron.
Small fucking mercies.
We were hit on, yelled at, belittled, and abused by patrons all fucking season.

i freaked out my entire class again

okay so we were given this writing prompt for bellwork, right?

It was basically like “so you wake up in orbit around the earth in a space station. what’s the first thing you see? what do you do?”

We had like five minutes and it was supposed to be in first person.

so the first guy to share is like “oh i see the stars and it’s really pretty, and a lot of flashing lights, etc. i’m really smart and i have a job at NASA everything’s great” 

the second person goes into extremely descriptive detail of the wild party he would throw, complete with giant floating swimming pool (”just a giant fuckin blob of water!! to swim through!!!!”) and wild snacks and balloons and a whole bunch of personal rockets for all of the guests to come visit and a great view of the planet and all this other shit

finally, it was my turn. so i kind of look around, clear my throat and shuffling my feet nervously, and then finally, i began in my best storyteller voice (i have the whole thing written down):

The first thing I see is gray.

Gray metal, gray ceiling, gray bed.

Nothing unusual here.

I sighed, pulling myself out of the cubbyhole bed, gently floating out into the open.

I got dressed with the usual difficulty.

Finally, I exited my room. As I floated through the gray hallway, I passed a window.

An astronaut- one of my fellow crewmembers, Dr. Martinez- pounded at the glass. He was on the other side in a gray suit, fingers scrabbling desperately at the sides of the station, clinging on for life.

Nothing unusual here.

The past few days, I’d gotten used to the sounds of muffled screams.

They’d be gone soon enough, anyway.

I patted the glass wearily as I passed. “Rest in peace,” I muttered, and he pounded at the window again.

I exited the hall without further comment.

The remaining two crewmembers were already in the mess hall.

They had gray faces, drawn and tired and gaunt.

No one said anything. They just picked at their gray, cloying food.

Nothing unusual here.

In the quiet, I could here the muffled sounds of Martinez- and the others- trying to get in.

Soon enough, their extra air supply- which had been quite large- would run out, and they would stop screaming.

They wouldn’t stop trying to get in, of course. 

They would never stop trying to get in.

and then I sort of coughed awkwardly, looking up from my paper.

there was just this dead silence i hadn’t noticed until now.

i looked around at all the horrified, wide-eyed faces. the teacher looked a bit pale.

“sorry, i didn’t finish it,” i said, “i… uh, ran out of time”

and one person in the back was like “but you have to tell us how it ends-” but the teacher cut him off and a bit hastily made us move on.

and i have never been more proud of a random-ass short story

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Can you do a Yoosung Fic were he wants kids, but MC is unsure whether their financial stable enough to have them.(It ends with her giving in, if you know what I mean)

Okay but like. This is it. You found my kink. I’m so ashamed. (But not really let’s be honest)


Yoosung had started his own vet clinic nearly a year ago. Which was to say, the bills had slowed down and you two were finally able to build some savings, but you were still in poor college student mode. You had squirreled away every available CENT and were still filled with anxiety every time you used your debit card. To be honest, it made the entire situation worse - you desperately wanted a baby. Every time you went out and saw a newborn it was like a punch to the gut, tears streaming down your face while you hid away in the bathroom.

You thought you’d hid it well, but Yoosung was more than aware of the situation - because he wanted a baby too. He wanted to have kids as soon as you got married, but he hadn’t even brought it up because you were both college students struggling to make rent. Tonight. He’d talk to you about it tonight, over dinner and flowers. His heart pounding in his chest, he went home to get started.

When you walked through the door the smell of food hit you like a wave, your mouth instantly watering. “Yoosung, I’m home!” You slid your shoes off and padded towards the kitchen, a smile forming when you saw your husband carrying plates to the table. “Hey babe! How was work?” You sat down as you told him about your day, yawning as you finished your meal. “Um…I have something I want to talk to you about, MC.”

He was being awfully serious about this. You scrunched up your face in confusion, asking “Yoosung…what’s wrong?” He laughed at your expression, saying “nothing’s wrong! I just…I wanted to talk to you about maybe…having a baby.” Your brain refused to make sense of the words for a few seconds, and you shoved your hope and longing right down. “Yoosung…of course I want to have a baby. But we just can’t afford it right now.” You felt the tears dripping down your face. Shit. You hadn’t meant to cry, not now. Pain lanced through your chest sending even more water dripping onto your clenched hands.

He was on you in an instant, kissing your head and pulling you into his lap as sobs wracked your body. “Honey, honey, calm down. Do you think I’d bring it up if I hadn’t done my research? I asked Jumin for some help. I hope you don’t mind…but we came up with this.” He reached back to the table, pulling a small stack of papers around to hand to you. “W-what is this?” You scanned the paper in front of you. “A budget?” You poured over the numbers, but of course there were no mistakes. Jumin probably had a baby specialist called in for this, and you giggled at the thought.

“A baby, Yoosung? W-we can really have a baby?” You felt that ridiculous hope and excitement swell up again - as if you’d never tried to get rid of it at all. He smiled and pulled your face to his, whispering a “yes” before his lips tangled with yours. He stood up in one movement, your legs wrapping around his waist as he carried you into the bedroom. You undressed in a flash, sliding onto the bed to wait for him to get his pants off. You felt him settle between your thighs, lips dragging up your stomach to suck on the skin of your neck.

“Are…are you sure you want to have a baby with me Yoosung? I’m ready, but I don’t want you to feel pre-” he cut you off with a kiss. “I wouldn’t have brought it up if I wasn’t ready, MC. I love you and I want to have a baby with you.” You shivered as his tongue snaked out to play with your own, his hand going to feel the wetness between your thighs. He groaned as he rubbed your clit, the tip of his cock straining against you. Yoosung slid into you, and it had never felt better. You always made sure to use a condom - until now.

He began moving his hips in a smooth, rolling motion - just enough to drive you insane but push you up towards orgasm. You gasped his name and he moved faster, his fingers making tight circles around your spot. “Yes…come for me. I’m going to fill you up until you’re heavy with my baby.” His words were enough and you clenched around him, screaming as your mind went blank and stars burst behind your eyelids. Yoosung came with a groan, spurting inside of you with a few hard thrusts. He collapsed next to you in bed, wrapping an arm around your waist as his breathing evened out. “You…are a goddess. And I love you so much.” You played with his hair - the same blonde as when you met. “I love you too…dad.”

His smile nearly split open his face, and he rolled back on top of you. “We’d better make sure it sticks, huh?” You laughed as you pulled his mouth to yours, and decided in that moment - you’d never been happier.

Changed forever Past para Dec 13, 2012. II Troian and Tyler

Troian was relaxed, she had finally made her way to set today as she had to re-film a few scenes. She had been filming for a little bit, though she was finding it much harder now that she was close to being nine months pregnant. Everyone seemed to be on edge about that but she really wasn’t all that worried, she still had a while to go. She had been been filming a scene, wincing a little bit as some form of pain wracked her stomach and she could hear someone call cut from far away. “I’m just..I’m gonna sit down for a second” she said, making her way over to a chair. She waved her hand when Marlene came over, checking in on her. “I’m fine, I’m fine” she said, taking a sip of the water she was being offered.

She sighed, getting up to re-do the scene when it happened again “Okay, nobody panic but there’s like a 90% chance that I could be in labor” she said, watching as Marlene immediately did so. She pulled out her phone to call Tyler “Hey…” @xtyler-hoechlin

Okay. There are a lot of fisticuffs in Doctor Strange. Did he end up covered in bruises? Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the titular conjurer, could have had his eye out on several occasions.

“Ha! We call it flying Kung Fu,” he says. “We did it for 10 hours a day. If you’re not getting bruises, you’re not doing it right.”

Of course, he spent nearly a decade as a dancer before moving into film. That must help.

“I was a gymnast as well. The gymnastic part is even more helpful. You can do some splits and spin around do side kicks without killing yourself totally. That’s handy.”

The training seems to have kept him in shape. Now 50, dressed today in artfully distressed jeans, he could easily pass for a decade younger. With those thin eyes and sharp features, he would, in an ideal world, be playing romantic leads into his sixties. Hollywood will, however, insist on casting him as villains. His big English-language break was as arch-cad Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. They still don’t trust us Europeans. (article, image)

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okay but vikturi pair skating and viktor drops yuuri when they're doing a jump (im sorry i live for angst)

well. crap.

  • It was an accident- Viktor’s hands had been in the wrong place by mere centimetres and he lost his grip, Yuuri tumbling to the ice.
  • Even if Yuuri was okay, escaping with just a bruised back, Viktor couldn’t shake the guilt and became reluctant to put jumps in their routines.
  • Said guilt was like a brick wall between them. Their distance increased as Viktor found himself unable to look at Yuuri without the crashing feeling of being appalled at himself.
  • I lie when I say he was okay- the bruising on his back prevented Yuuri from moving as easily as he had done before.
  • Bonus angst if it was during a performance- it would make their situation afterwards so much worse. Public embarrassment that the two (probably) best pair skaters wouldn’t be able to shake.

this makes me feel sad just writing poor yuuri poOR VIKTOR oh no

Forever I'll wait

A week had passed. It felt like forever
“How’s it going babe? Is the weather nice? Is everyone treating you alright? I miss you…”

“I miss you too..” I heard from the other line. “i don’t know how I’m going to survive without my galaxy. Who’s going to make me laugh?” I noticed the sadness in her voice.

“Babe… I’ll always be here. You’ll be okay, I believe in you”

Two months had passed. I was going insane “Do you think she thinks of me when she goes to bed?” I asked Suho, who had been my only support since my girl went back to her country to finish college.

“Yes I do. You two are meant to be… yet I don’t understand why she hasn’t called. Maybe she’s busy… but as far as I knew, she could hardly be away from you for one day.” I had been thinking the same but I didn’t want to admit it. I hadn’t had any news from her and I might sound ridiculous but she’s my girlfriend… we’ve been unbreakable since the day we met.

Even when I try ti call her, she barely answers. She doesn’t say I love you anymore. And i can’t stop thinking that maybe distance is really breaking is apart. Maybe we weren’t so meant to be like we thought.

Eight months. One broken heart. One missing piece I’ve imagined her excuses in my head so many times that I wouldn’t be surprised anymore if she actually said one of them. I might not be fair, and just want things to be the way they were before she went back but I missed her, and I barely talked to her nowadays.

Sometimes people tell me ‘Kris! You are young, talented and handsome! Why not trying to forget her and move on!’ But none of them gets it, none of them understands that I love the girl that’s thousands of miles away from me. I knew it was going to be hard, I knew college would take her away from me, but I didn’t mind. I told her I would wait, no matter what. I would wait forever. And I am. Because I promised

Graduation. One way ticket. One dress, one suit. Two hearts, meant to be together. Two dreamers, two fighters. Two lives, one love.

Hey guys! So I decided to write this short old request. I know it’s a little bit different but I hope you all like it! I love and miss you, Admin A ❤️
Micah Barnes: 4 Days til Halloween

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings:  None

Word count: 1k

Heads up: @missallpony1234 @thecynicalnerd @heismyhunter @waywardimpalawriter

Originally posted by wisegirl502

“Moon tiara magic!!” your daughter Micah had yelled at the top of her lungs before throwing her plastic yellow tiara on her sleeping father’ face. Bucky woke up instantly with his hands up in the protecting his face and ready to strike. Micah just stared at her father. He relaxed when he realized there was no danger, just his daughter.

“Micah, what did mommy say about waking me up?” grunted while blinking profusely to wake himself up.

“That I have to do it slowly…” she muttered under her breath.

“Did you wake me up slowly?”

“No…” she mumbled while avoiding eye contact.

“It’s okay, baby, just make sure to be more careful next time,” Bucky warned and sat up. He was now just really relieved that he hadn’t hurt his precious daughter.

“Daddy! Mommy says it’s time to wake up and you have to take me to school!” Micah brightly stated and hugged her father tightly.

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I’m saying this again because I’m noticing it more often now.