Bucky Barnes learning about periods would include

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Steve Rogers learning about periods would include

  • one day Bucky was in kitchen, making himself a sandwich when he overheard Nat and Wanda
  • “are you okay, Nat?
  • “no, i’m on my period, it hurts like hell”
  • “can you check if i’m leaking. i don’t want to smudge my blood all over Stark’s white couch”
  • Bucky’s eyes going wide
  • “was Nat okay? why was she bleeding? they haven’t had a mission for like 2 weeks”
  • “what is a period”
  • him going to your shared bedroom
  • google search
  • “what is a period?”
  • him gasping when he reads about it
  • “but it’s not fair”
  • “what should boyfriends do when their girlfriend is on her period, please”
  • him reading “how to make a woman feel better when she’s on her period” on wikihow
  • taking notes
  • “okay, i can do that”
  • reading about pads and tampons
  • “that’s so smart”
  • searching your bathroom cabinets and seeing that you have neither pads nor tampons
  • going to store to buy them all
  • not knowing which one to buy because there are too many
  • buying them all
  • all the ladies in the store swooning over him
  • also buying lots of chocolate and sweets
  • stopping by Nat’s room to give her some pads and chocolate
  • “here, Nat, these are for … you”
  • her going speechless
  • “leave this room right now or else i might fall in love with you”
  • him going to your shared bedroom to storage all the … goods
  • you seeing him sneak into your bedroom with … tampons and pads?
  • “what are those, Buck?”
  • “oh .. i just read about, you know, periods, and i saw that you were out of all … this stuff so i went to buy them”
  • “you’re an angel”
  • rewarding him with kisses and cuddles
  • “you need to tell me when you’re on your period, so i can take a good care of you doll, okay?”

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Is it normal to be deathly terrified to have sex with a girl for the first time.

Yeah, of course! New things are scary sometimes, that’s totally normal, especially when it’s important to you!

I can barely remember my first time because it was so long ago, but when I took my underwear off I had to actually look away from them because I was just so scared of seeing their reaction to my body that I had never shown someone before. Turns out their reaction was incredibly turned on, but being scared is normal!

If you’re with the right person though, it becomes a lot less anxiety inducing. You should be comfortable to be vulnerable with them and feel possible to make mistakes and not be fantastic at what you’re doing and know that that’s okay with them. You also just fall into it and think more about them and how nice it is and a little less about what could go wrong.

Leading up to your first time, Google some girl/girl sex tips which might make you feel more comfortable about what you’re doing and when you’ve found the girl your first time will be with and its leading up to that, tell her how you’re feeling about it all! It’s okay to be scared, everyone has to start somewhere!

What Your SU OTP Says About You Part Two

Okay, I was told I should do more lol and here they are:

Polygems-You are literally so gay that it defies the laws of physics. You literally couldn’t give a flying f*ck about one or two ships goddammit you had to choose all three. You’re probably gay for all the gems but gayest for pearl.

Rupphire- “At least it’s canon,” The smol blue and red gays have been your OTP since Jailbreak, and since then you’ve made an unwritten promise that these guys will never stop being your OTP regardless of any new characters who join the cast. You guys probably were so enclosed in your gay bubble that you didn’t even know about the shipping wars until sh*t hit the fan. You’re very, very gay.

Jaspis- “It’s all about potential, hon.” You are most likely pro-Jasper redemption arc. You believe in healing through communication and that any abusive relationship has the ability to become a healthy one with the right treatment. You’re constantly at war with yourself for who you’re gayer for: Lapis or Jasper.

Connverse- Sorry Pearlrose and Rupphire shippers but you guys literally win the Most Vanilla Award 2016. You guys are seriously the most innocent and pure individuals in this fandom.

Jasball- It breaks your soul to see Eyeball cry and you want to see her happy with her senpai. Who doesn’t? Tbh she’s freaking precious. You too are a fan of the tol smol dynamic.

I’ll maybe have one with some Greg ships coming up soon.

ok, you know what? i’m not finished.

don’t think about anne knowing her father is in space and hoping he’s okay.

don’t think about anne not knowing her father is in space and wondering when he’s going to be coming home.

don’t think about eiffel recording his audio logs for anne (and don’t think about him desperately hoping she never hears the one where he almost drowns).

and whatever you do, do not think about box 953. and do not think about the tiny, farfetched but terrifying thought i had of anne being dear listeners.

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Okay but a tlc role swap? Like Cinder was the Empress and Kai was the cyborg heir. Scarlet was the wolf soldier and Ze'ev was the farmer. Jacin was the prince, Winter was the guard. Thorne was the hacker, Cress was the fugitive. Same personalitied and stuff but just swapped roles. BONUS FOR SYBANA!

Okay, but this is such a big request! I can hardly wrap my head around it!! So lets hope I don’t mess this up horribly.

  • If Cinder was the Empress, she’d still have the sense of duty that Kai had and would do everything in her power to stop the attacks on earth and get a hold of the letumosis antidote. 
    • I think she’d be a little more careful about what she was researching though, and would add extra precautions to avoid information about the missing Lunar Prince falling into the wrong hands.
  • If Kai was the cyborg, he would definitely need a lot more persuading by Dr. Erland to finally convince him that he was the lost Lunar heir. He would also be a hot mess. Hopefully he’d have Iko to confide in. 
    • Unlike Cinder, he’d have a more concrete plan to warn the Empress of her forthcoming doom. He’d still attempt to kiss her though.
  • If Scarlet was a member of the LSOP, she’d be ruthless. I’m not sure she would separate from the pack, especially if she were conditioned to think what they were doing was right. She’d probably be assigned to observe Wolf and then lure him back to the opera house, only changing her mind at the last minute when she realized that she wanted to be something more – something with him.
  • If Wolf was the farmer looking for his grandmere, well, I actually think he might be so trusting as to fall for Scarlet’s tricks and not realize it was a trap until it was too late. It might take Scarlet much more effort to prove to Wolf that she was on his side, but he would eventually trust her.
  • If Thorne was the hacker, he’d do exactly what he told Cress he’d do if he were in her situation, blackmailing a hot shot pilot into rescuing him. 
  • If Cress was the fugitive, she’d feel a sense of duty to help Kai, because she probably had a really good reason for getting thrown into jail in the first place and not because she robbed an unsuspecting widower or stole priceless dream dolls.
  • If Jacin was the prince, he’d do a better job than Winter at keeping out of trouble. Since his Lunar gift isn’t strong, he probably wouldn’t have the mental issues that Winter had.
  • If Winter was the guard, well, I just can’t see Winter being a guard. Her Lunar gift is too strong and the queen would know it. Instead, I can see her being forced into being a Thaumaturge. She’d go with it of course, to try and protect Jacin, but she’d secretly be trying to avoid using her gift and Jacin would help her hide that fact.
  • I don’t think much would change if Levana and Sybil swapped. They’re both very ambitious and would do anything to reach their goals and their goals just happen to align. 

Want more headcanons? You can find them here.

Also, did you know that @lovelunarchron wrote a fic that swapped Cress and Thorne’s role?  It’s called Damsel Thorne & Captain Cress and can be found on FFN and AO3. @moon-mirage also did a series called Dark Lunars where Selene ended up ruling over Luna, Scarlet is a wolf-soldier, Cress was never a shell, and Winter is the queen’s head Thaumaturge. You should check them both out. 

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This is random af but I'm sick and need some cheering up... And what better way than to read some good ole park jimin smut? Have any favorites?


@jiminniemouse Bri has a reALLY good Jimin smut called “surprise, surprise”. he’s a stripper ;)))

@minsvga Katie wrote “philophobia” and jeethuth christht it’s hawt

@zeurin Crys has really good smuts, and her “FAGTC: The Horndog” had me dYINDF ON TH INSDE


@baeseoul *whispers* fate or just a mistake

@jungblue FUCKFIFING TAYLOR LOVES TO SEEE ME SUSFFFEER. okay, she has a yoonmin smut (waIT HSE HAS TWO OF THEM).

Have fun screaming ;D

You told me you didn’t cry because you had pride. I told you it was okay, nothing was wrong with that but you said it was something you’d rather do on your own. My love, I’m here to see you in one piece, and I’ll be here too when you fall apart. You don’t always have to be alone to soften the cracks so you can heal.
—  you can cry // s.c

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Really random question but do you remember when/why you first started shipping narry?

Okay so, I was a bit late coming into the fandom – like, mid 2013. My friend had introduced me to Little Things, which happened to be a song I actually really liked that would play on the radio at my work literally every day, so I watched the video…and then I watched a few other music videos, and some funny moment videos and suddenly Niall was my favourite. And through watching videos of Niall, I sort of just fell into the Narry thing – mostly because I could just tell how much they adored each other.

So, naturally, I started to watch Narry videos and, to me, their chemistry as friends was palpable. Like, their friendship was just so pure and adorable, and you could tell that they truly enjoyed each other’s company, and that they had their own thing going on. And then I saw this:

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Neighborhood Connections Part 4

A/N: This part man…wooh. This one was a doozy, but I still had a great time writing it. I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you @chaos-and-the-calm67 for being a wonderful beta.

Pairing: Dean x Castiel

Warnings: Angst, all of it, Introduction of new unwanted characters.

Word Count: 1894

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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“We need to talk.”

“About?” Cas spit.

“Come on Castiel, don’t be like that.” They pleaded.

“What. Do you. Want?” Cas growled

“I just wanted to talk to you.”

“Okay. Talk.” Cas told them.

“Can I come in?”



“No, Hannah,” he interjected, “Talk. Right here.” Hannah sighed defeatedly.

“Alright fine. You need to come back.” She stated


“Let me finish,” she hissed, “They said they needed you to come back. They said they “need to make sure you don’t do or say anything stupid.” that would put you or the people around you in danger. If you come back you move up a branch, but if you don’t and you mess up they won’t hesitate to come and get you. They’re working with Crowley now, Castiel, I’m telling you this for your own good. You need to come back.” Was that why she texted him?

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Translate my mom and grandmas conversation. G: if his name is Josh why do I have to call him a she? He had makeup and his nails done but he was wearing boys cargo shorts! M: I don't understand why transgender people can't love themselves the way they are. I mean I'm all for respecting people, but changing your gender isn't loving yourself. G: Gay and transgender are the same to me. Why can't you just be a boy who likes boys even though its gross instead of pretending to be a girl?

Straight Talk: I get to decide what trans people should be okay with. Also, I don’t think they should be allowed to be comfortable. So what if they get body dysphoria from not transitioning like they want too?? As long as my gross transphobic ass is fine.

(This literally made me say wtf as soon as I read it)

Allow me to do your work for you. I present to you a transcript of my conversation with this douchbag I had after blocking him on two accounts. The above account is the fourth he messaged me on. 

If you would like additional transcripts of the conversations I had with him, I am more than willing to provide. His other accounts are Purgatory666 and vault111-faullout4 and he should be avoided. He’s taken to harassing me on his multiple accounts and it’s really not cool. 

He claimed that my followers would unfollow me if they could see what I said so I’m letting you guys know that it is 100% okay for you to block or cut off communication with someone who makes you uncomfortable. People like this try to tear you down just so they can bring you back up. Love yourself more than that. 

Eventually (Hamilton x reader)

TRIGGER WARNING: Abusive relationship

You rang on Alexander’s doorbell, hoping he was still up.  Normally you chided his bad sleeping habits, but now…

‘Y/N?  What are you doing here?’

‘Can I sleep here tonight?’ you asked.  ‘I broke up with him, Alexander.’

Alexander practically pulled you into the house. He’d been advocating for you to leave Charles Lee since day one.  Back then, Lee had been so sweet to you… now, times had changed.

‘What happened, Y/N?  Oh god, there’s a bruise on your arm—are you okay?’

You thought back on the day’s events, relating them to Alexander.

Lee had gotten back from work late and in a terrible mood.

‘Fucking demote me… Washington’s so goddamn indecisive, he’s not fit to be the leader of this company!’

You’d seen him collapse onto the couch, exhausted.

‘Get me a whiskey, Y/N.  It’s the least you could fucking do.’

And then… there was more whiskey and more and more; he was downing them like shots of vodka when he grabbed your wrist and pulled you onto his lap.

His breath even smelled like whiskey and his words slurred when he spoke…

‘Then he tried to… he tried…’ you couldn’t get the words out.  ‘And when I said no….’


Another slap.


Another slap… another… and another and again…

‘Fucking cunt…’ Lee let his arm fall down to his side and stared at you, your eyes stinging with tears and bruises blossoming fresh on your skin.

‘Get up.’ You didn’t move.  ‘Get up!’  You stumbled to your feet, legs unsteady.

‘Fuck you, Lee.’  Your voice wavered but you held your posture, even as your knees threatened to give out.

‘What did you say to me?’ he growled, advancing forward.

‘I said fuck you!

You darted for the door.  Lee grabbed your wrist but you pulled it out of his grasp.

‘Goodbye,’ you spat, and hurried out the door.

Alexander wrapped his arms around you and just held you, not asking anything of you.  It was such a refreshing feeling; if you hadn’t already spent all your tears, you might have cried.

‘Alexander,’ you murmured, ‘I think I’m scared.’

‘It’s going to be okay,’ he whispered.  ‘You can stay here with me and I’ll keep you safe.’

After holding you a little while longer, Alexander pulled back.

‘I can sleep on the couch,’ he said.  ‘You take the bed.’

‘I don’t want to impose—’ you began, but Alexander swiftly interrupted you.

‘It’s fine, it’s the least you deserve.’

You grabbed Alexander’s hand and stared up at him, searching his face for something—you weren’t even sure what.

‘I think I’ll just… go upstairs to grab some pillows,’ he said, flustered.

You fondly watched him dash up the stairs, then proceeded to make yourself comfortable on the couch.  Alexander looked pretty adorable when he was embarrassed, you noted.

Eventually Alexander came bouncing back down, arms full of pillows.  He dropped them on the couch and sat down next to you.

You allowed your fingers to slowly creep over until they touched Alexander’s.  He looked up and the two of you made eye contact.  You bit your lip nervously and Alexander’s eyes darkened.

‘Did I do the right thing, Alexander?’


You moved forward and laid a gentle kiss on Alexander’s lips; he froze underneath you.  When you tasted tentatively with your tongue, he gasped and leaned into you.  He gripped you by the waist, tugging you onto his lap.  You gripped his shirt as his tongue roamed your mouth with an unrivaled ferocity.  There was a moan and you weren’t sure who it came from; the smell of his shampoo filled your nostrils and his mouth was so warm you couldn’t think straight.

As you tilted your head to move your attentions to his neck, Alexander gasped out;

‘Are you sure you want this?’

You nodded and continued your ministrations, kissing and nipping and biting on his skin, knowing there would be marks in the morning.

Your fingers danced with the buttons on his shirt, undoing them one by one.  Halfway down, however, he stopped you.

‘We can’t do this,’ he murmured, voice still slightly breathless and cheeks rosy.

‘Why not?’ you asked.

‘You’re still in shock, and it’s too soon—I don’t want to take advantage of you like that.’

You backed off.

‘But,’ Alexander began, ‘perhaps—eventually—we can pick up where we left off?’

Smiling, you said, ‘I’ll hold you to that.’

One More Time Part 10

“(Y/N), are you doing okay, love?”

“This is Sheriff Eli Roosevelt with the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department, may I ask with whom I’m speaking with?”

Chibs went on alert, waving at Jax to come close. “This is Filip Telford, why do you have (Y/N)’s phone?”

“What is your relationship with Ms. (Y/L/N)?”

“She’s a bar tender for us, and a friend of the club” Chibs didn’t want to give too much information way. He was still wanting to know why, the Sheriff had her phone, it couldn’t be for anything good.

“I’m trying to get a hold of Ms. (Y/L/N)’s family, do you have her contact information?”

Chibs could feel his nervous wearing thin. “We’re her family Sheriff.” He pulled the phone away from his ear. Looking at Jax, he frowned. “Get Quinn, there’s something wrong with (Y/N)!” Putting the phone back to his ear he waited for a response.


Jax went down the hall towards Quinn’s room, knocking on the door, he waited for an answer. When one didn’t come, he opened the door slowly, seeing his brother sleeping he went tp the bed.

“Quinn, the Sheriff is on the phone with Chibs, something has happened to (Y/N).” There was no movement from the bed, Jax shook his brother. “You have to wake up.”

Quinn’s eyes opened. “This better be good!”

“The Sheriff is on the phone with Chibs, something has happened to (Y/N).”

Quinn was out of bed, and getting dressed, he rushed into the main room of the clubhouse. Chibs was leaning against the bar, waiting for them. “What happened?”

Chibs looked at him. “All that he’d tell me, is that she’s at St. Thomas.” The three men rushed outside, going the bikes. Quinn had a spare bike he’d kept at the club.

Rushing to St. Thomas, all he could think of was the fight that they’d had. He didn’t tell her how he felt about her. He had no idea if she was alive or dead.


“Charge the paddles to 300! Clear!”

“Nothing….Continue CPR!” 

“Charge the paddles to 350! Clear!”


“We’ve got a heartbeat….”


Quinn rushed into the hospital, finding Roosevelt at the front desk. “I’m here about my girlfriend, (Y/F/N)(Y/L/N).”

The nurse looked at him with a sad smile, then looked to Roosevelt. The Sheriff took Quinn by the arm, leading him away from the desk. “Mr. Quinn, she was found in her front yard, with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?”

Quinn felt the color drain from his face, “No. Where is she?” The nurse walked over, looking at the two men.

“Sir, she’s in surgery if you follow me, I’ll show you where you can wait.” Quinn followed the nurse. Chibs and Jax had made it into the hospital, and was with him. Within fifteenth minutes more of the club had shown up to show support.


“We’re losing her again!”

“Charge the paddles, I’m not loosing her. Come on you have to stay with us!”

This post is for my buddies out there that probably have never been to a relationship or have been but arent in one for a long time or to the people that havent been loved.

For a lot of time i think bad of my self and think lower but one day i learned that a guy liked me but hadnt told me, i couldnt believe it really because i had an interest in him for a while it came out that now he doesnt have a crush but when i told him i like him, he was happy about it and he told me if i like him, i can make him like me back.

It’s kinda hard for me tbh to do this but im trying really, i dont know if i have made any progress or something but i will just be my self, and if he wont like me again its okay at least i had someone to like me back for a while :)

So really dont think that no one likes you there is surely someone that likes you -mod founderel

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(adhd is) When you accidentally lose a whole (important) music theory binder that you got NINE HOURS AGO that your teacher will give you hell for not being able to find it.


Okay, so here’s the prologue: I got my bachelor’s degree in music breadth studies from CSUN, but I originally went there for music performance on bassoon, because I rock that thing, but depression and untreated ADHD and personal problems and an emotionally abusive teacher all made that go away and I changed my option.  This story takes place my first year, second semester at university, I was 19, and still performance.  

The other important piece of the story: In orchestra, we had just finished playing Carmina Burana (you all know O Fortuna, that’s the opening movement), for which we were given these huge binders of sheet music for that we turned in at the end of the concert, to be returned to the renters.

In the performance option, you take weekly lessons from a private teacher.  You have a card that your teacher signs off and writes your score for the lesson on, and you get graded at the end. SUPER SIMPLE.  Except…when you lose that card.  And there’s nothing else with your ENTIRE RECORD OF LESSON SCORES FOR THE ENTIRE SEMESTER. IT IS GROUNDS FOR FAILING.

Guess what my ADHD ass did?

I spent a whole week in terror at the fact that I could not find my card anywhere I looked.  Thankfully, my teacher (who was prone to) forgot to ask me for the card that week. 

So I’m sitting in a practice room, doing less practicing and more in the way of panicking, when I get a flash of a memory.


I think my blood pressure was nearly fatal at that point.

There was literally only one thing I could do.  I packed up my bassoon, stand, and music as quickly as possible.  I slung them all over my shoulder and back, and booked it to the music office.  I must have looked mighty fine, jogging into the office, sweat running down my nose, looking for all the world like Nemo’s dad going, “HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN THE CARMINA BURANA FOLDERS???”

The folders were still in the office.  They were sorted, boxed up, going to be shipped out THE NEXT DAY.  I rifled through the boxes, fount my folder, looked inside the pages of music, AND THERE WAS MY LESSON CARD.


So yeah, it all worked out, but my lesson to you is: Really, things are in the last place you’d think they’d be.  And if they’re nowhere to be found, they’re probably in the last other place you’d have put it.  Make a mental map of places you’ve been (school, coffee shop, home, carpool), and work backwards. 

Much love to you, young musician, and I hope you find that folder!

Actually my problem with Tristan’s writing which is actually worse then Zig’s is they rarely have had Tristan have the light bulb go off and be like oh yeah slut shaming is wrong, oh I am being biophobic ,oh I shouldn’t pressure Zoe to come out during this really difficult time. Like that just never happens. Its okay imo for characters to do and say problematic stuff, its not okay for the writers to never have them lean from it. BUT the reason Tristan is never given the opportunity to learn from some of his actions is he is mostly doing this stuff in other people’s POV plots. So similar to Zig calling Hunter a psycho in Hunter’s POV moment, we never see Zig go oh that guy had a gun I shouldn’t have done that. Instead you get Hunter as a victim going oh my brother does really love me what was I about to do? POV is so important and changes the way we see the character at times. I talked about this before how Zig and Maya in their own POV plots are so likable to me, outside their POV they’re kinda obnoxious and come off as jerks at times. So Its actually interesting that in our own stories we’re the heroes but in other peoples ( or in this case characters ) POV we maybe aren’t as likable. A good example is Hunter/Maya, from Hunters POV he was the victim, he felt attacked by Maya and the feminist and was clearly mentally ill. From Maya’s she was being threatened by Hunter who just didn’t care and thought she deserved it, he’s not sympathetic but then in his POV plot he becomes sympathetic when you see him struggle with his mental illness. But anyway my point is Tristan does a bulk of problematic stuff he never learns from in Zoe, Maya, or Miles plots, there for he doesn’t get that this is my lesson moment and I learned from it. And that is because he’s a neglected character.

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Can you do a TFLN and Persephone's relationship with Jack is getting serious and they have lasted for a while so Harry, being the protective dad he is, basically has the sex talk with her over text?

I love writing ones including the childrens’ relationships, haha. I’d love for some more to be sent through. x

Harry. Persephone.

Pops. Good morning!

Hi, poppet.

How’s Southampton? I heard you had quite a storm down there this weekend.

It’s okay.

I’m sorry we couldn’t come to London this weekend - it was so bad and the roads were flooded a lot more than we thought and Jack didn’t want to drive in the rain or have me get the train on my own. 

He’s a lovely one, isn’t he?

He’s so great, Pops.

I’m so glad you and mum love him.

He makes out little girl happy, so, why would’t we love him, eh?

I’m not really your little girl anymore, Pops.

I’m nearly 22.

Hey, you’ll always be my little girl.

Even when you’re married and have children of your own and I’m dead and buried.

Pops, stop that talk. 


I’m just saying. You’ll always be my little girl. All three of you - you, Darcy and Rose. And Alfie will always be my little man.

You’re all grown up now, but, you’re always going to be my little ones.

God, you’re so sickening, Pops.


I blame your Nana for that name.

We can your dad Grandpops.

You do indeed. 

Grandpop Des.

He’s been asking to see you and Jack.

I miss him.

We miss him too.

We don’t think he’s going to be around much longer though. Me and your mum popped to Surrey and had a chat with him in the home.

Aw, Pops.

I’m so sorry.

It’s alright.

It happens, poppet.

I’ve still got Grandad Rob - I’m lucky enough to have two dads.

Us kids are lucky to have just one. A very amazing, very loving, very caring one.

Oh, poppet.

I love you.

I love you, too.

We have a week off this week, so, Jack’s offered to take me up to London to come and see you. Maybe, me and you and Jack can go and see Grandpops together. 

That sounds so lovely, poppet.

I’m setting a date. 




What do you have planned for today then?

I miss knowing your plans and having you ask for some money or a drop to the tube station.

Jack’s coming by to my dorm and we’re going to catch up on some TV and everything.


I know what that means, poppet.

Ew. Pops. Please.

Don’t tell me you haven’t done it, hm?

I’m not discussing my sex life with you, Pops.

I just need to know if you’re protected.

Of course we are!

And are you both clean?

He doesn’t carry any sexual diseases, does he?

Has he been checked?


We were both virgins before. 

He’s my first boyfriend. I’m his first girlfriend.

I’m not discussing this further. 

Please, Pops.


Alright, okay.

Just, me and your mum don’t want grandbabies just yet, okay?

I promise you, I won’t get pregnant. I’ve got so much to live for right now. I’m focusing on my education, not getting pregnant and starting a family.

Good girl.

There is plenty of time for you to get married and have babies and make me a Grandpa.

Of course.

Now, shouldn’t you be going to Bingo with Uncle Niall? ;)


I’m not that old, you cheeky thing.

I’m just joking.

You play golf today, don’t you?

I do.

I see your Uncle Irish and Uncle Payno for the day.

One day a week, I get free from your mother.

Uncle Irish.

You used to call him that when you were younger.



Mum wants me to ask you a question.


Are you using your birth control pills?



Oh my god. 


Jack’s at my dorm now. I’m turning my phone off. I love you. Send my love to the girls and Alfie. xx



Stay protected. ;) x