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Didn't they already try to do something against net neutrality last year (or 2 years ago ) ? Are they going to try each year until they win?...

basically they’re hoping that each time less and less people will notice or care and eventually they’ll get away with it, which is why it’s so so important to keep noticing, keep caring, and keep preventing this amazing bullshit from ever happening :Tb

Day 3: Favorite enemy in Fallout and why?

Deathclaws… loved the big stabby fonger lizards in FO3 and FNV but seeing them become the glorious chunky pug snooted dinosaurs they are in FO4 HAS ME SOLD. Might be terrifying to come across unprepared but GOD I LOVE THEM…

13.06 Tombstone

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“I told you. He’s an angry sleeper. Like a bear.”

Dean sips his coffee slowly.

There’s a grumpy pout on his face, the proof for how disgruntled he wants everyone to believe that he is, but the little smile that sneaks in whenever he brings the cup to his mouth gives it away.

“So,” he says. “Angry bear sleeper, huh?”

Cas shifts in his seat. He laces his hands together. Diplomatic.

“You’re very aggressive when you cuddle.”


The first time isn’t that aggressive.

They’re sitting side by side, in the war room, chairs squished so close that they might as well be pushed together, and Cas is trying not to fidget as Dean presses Play on the third cowboy movie of the day.

“Can’t we stop now?” Cas pleads and Dean nudges him with his arm.

“It ain’t a marathon with only two movies, dumbass,” he says and he swings his arm around Cas’ shoulders.

Then he promptly falls asleep.

And of course, that makes Cas very huffy. Because Cas happens to be an angel of the Lord and he isn’t able to escape the endless torture that Dean inflicts upon them by tumbling into the bliss of dreams (Cas doesn’t understand the appeal of cowboys). So Cas glares at him, openly and ruthlessly, hopes that his irritation can be felt by Dean even as he snores on. The title of the current western is fitting. Tombstone. It echoes all of Cas’ exasperation and Cas wishes that maybe he were under a tombstone right now.

But then Dean’s head drops down onto his shoulder.

Dean sighs contently, lets out a warm breath that tickles Cas’ neck, nuzzles Cas’ cheek in his sleep, and Cas thinks that maybe this is pleasant.

So he endures it.

He lets his own head rest against Dean’s.


The next time is when Dean’s ill.

He’s delirious with fever, in bed while Cas hovers over him anxiously from a corner. Sam’s gone, out to grab supplies and medicine because even though the Winchesters always have it handy for hunts, of course today’s the day that it just has to run out.

“Why can’t you just mojo it better?” Dean grumbles and he’s got his back to Cas, insisting that this is the only way that he’ll be able to sleep with Cas in the room.

“I told you, Dean. Angels have no jurisdiction over the malevolent nature of viruses.” Cas pauses, grave. “They are a class of evil all on their own.”

And Cas goes on. He seats himself in a chair by Dean’s bedside and Dean reluctantly turns around to face him. Cas talks and as he does, he notes the expression of suffering that obscures Dean’s features, certain that Dean is afraid of the sickness. He describes the evolution of these creatures and as he does, he places his hand over Dean’s own in an effort to placate. Cas says many things. He marvels at their unliving nature. He preaches vehemently against the idea that God could have created such abominations, and assures Dean that surely viruses must have sprung from the pits of hell.

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  • Emma: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Let's all go around the table and say what we're thankful for. I'm thankful that we all get to be here together to celebrate.
  • Snow: I'm thankful baby Neal is growing up all big and strong.
  • Hook: I'm thankful for the little one we have on the way.
  • Grumpy: I'm thankful that the three biggest danger magnets in this town have been MIA for months so there's virtually no chance this dinner is going to be crashed by witches or long lost relatives or long lost relatives who are also witches.
  • Emma: Grumpy!
  • Grumpy: Come on, we were all thinking it.
  • Emma: Still.
  • Grumpy: I am gonna miss taking bets on who's gonna suplex who into the turkey this year though.

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Do you like older!ignis or younger ignis? The question is for *cough* reasons

I love any and all iterations of Ignis because the depths of my trashdom for this man is absolute.

… however, if I did have to choose…

Look at that smile. It eradicated my existence and transformed me into a new being with its radiance.

How can a man go through such trauma, then grow up to be even more badass and beautiful than ever before???

Jesus Christ, slay me sir

You know I had to put that in there. You know it. And now, I must change my underwear.

…I hope this answers your question, anon! :D :D also wait what are you planning

Justin: And I was like, what the heck I gotta do to be with you?

Me listening to 21CS: Exsist!

Justin: Who do I have to be for you to be with me?

Me: your beautiful self

Justin: Who do I have to be for you to go to prom with me!

Me almost crying: just yourself!!

Justin: what the heck did she do?

Me pretty angry: being stupid that’s what she did.

21 chump street would have been so much different if I had been in

“Naomi’s” place 😂


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was the house in post/139734751582 inspired by the house from My Neighbor Totoro? It's so pretty

yep! aww. i miss that house. they were babies :{

I’m sure you guys have noticed that I haven’t been around very much lately. And I really hate to do this but I’ve decided to officially go on a temporary hiatus…

My new job has been great and I love it, but it has me out of the house for twelve hours straight and by the time I get home I barely have the will to do human things like eat and shower, let alone form coherent sentences or plan out stories and plot lines. Honestly this is the first time I’ve been on my actual computer in weeks and I haven’t written much of anything in just as long.

I’m hoping I’ll get used to the grind of adulthood and a full-time job, but who knows. There’s a lot going on right now in my life and I hate to admit it, but my priorities need to change, and that puts spn and writing on a lower level than it used to be. I’m not gonna dance around the fact that real life has to come first, which means loan payments and bills and my car that started rattling and dealing with my family.

I am by no means giving up or quitting or leaving. I’m still here, I still check on notes now and then and I’ll try to answer asks and messages when I can. Hopefully soon my brain will decide it’s time to write again.