okay today really was great after all. my birthday turned around well. someone at my field camp got a card and had everyone sign it, and then they sang me happy birthday at dinner, and got me a case of beer, and also ice cream cake. i am loved after all. 

So, I went to PopCon on Sunday. It was SO COOL. I didn’t get to see Markiplier or Jacksepticeye though and I’m still sad about that, we got there early in the day only to find out they weren’t signing anymore even though the site said all three days… But OH WELL, still cool! I made Mark a birthday card and Jack a clay charm of Septic Eye Sam, and I wish I could give it to them… But muahaha I get to keep the charm now. He’s my buddy.
ANYWAY, I went to a panel that taught lightsabers. I live in the area, so I’m signing up for more classes because HECK YES.
I also saw a halo championship. Which was AMAZING.
So much fun. YAY!
markiplier therealjacksepticeye

I’m going to surprise my mom tomorrow with flowers and a starbucks card because it’s her birthday. I also got her a present (some earrings she wanted) but I wanted her to have a birthday surprise when she got up. I got flowers at Safeway and I also made a little “happy birthday” sign to stick in them so I’m very proud of myself. We were going to have a birthday party at my grandma’s tomorrow but her pool is leaking so we’ll do that next week and tomorrow we’re taking her to dinner.

I’m not really looking forward to work tomorrow because workdays have been feeling really long this week but I’m excited about my mom’s birthday!!

Good night tumblr.

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Name: Sara
Nickname: I haven’t really got any, sadly ((EDIT my fav sis Emily calls me Liddle Padawan)
Birthday: December 5th
Sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Female
Height: something like 5′5″
Sexual orientation: Bisexual/queer
Favorite color: I really like yellow right now
Time: 2:22 pm
Average hours of sleep: usually like 4 hours or 9+, no in between
Lucky numbers: 3, 11
Last thing I googled: jump rope exercises
Words to come in mind: reticulated, putrefaction (working on an essay for a forensics class)
Happy place: warm sands and cool winds at the beach at night, steak and shake playing cards with my friends, my bed listening to music, ponte vedra concert hall
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1 during the summer, like 500 during winter
Favorite fictional characters: Leilani Klonk (One Door Away From Heaven, Dean Koontz), Odd Thomas/Stormy Llewellyn (Odd Thomas, Dean Koontz)
Favorite famous people: James Hetfield, Dave Grohl, Don Glover, Nicki Minaj, Mindy Kaling, Samira Wiley, Keith Haring
Celebrity crushes: Uzo Aduba, James Hetfield, KIRSTEN DUNST, Miles Teller
Favorite books: Freakonomics series, Behind the Gates of Gomorrah, One Door Away From Heaven
Favorite bands: Metallica, Everclear, The Distillers, Foo Fighters, Soungarden, STP, Slayer
Last movie I saw: the new insidious
Dream trip: Singapore
Dream job: I dont even know right now, dont ask me thissss
What am I wearing at the moment: a tank top and underwear

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Decoration Dream: Fancy Box, Misty Sky, Dreamy Horoscope, Symphonia of Birds, Day Dream Carnival, Royal Cards

Decoration Dream: Favourite way to decorate a cake? I’m not that much of an icing person, so if I’m going to be eating this cake its going to have .00001 icing on it. However I really like the looks of those huge intricate sugar flowers on cakes. 
Fancy Box: What gift(s) did you get for your birthday last year? Mainly I got anime merch- mostly Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan. 
Misty Sky: What is your favourite type of weather? THUNDERSTORMS I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS
Dreamy Horoscope: What is your zodiac sign, and do you relate to it?
 I’m a Pisces, and I used to never relate to it at all but slowly I’m becoming more stereotypically Pisces
Symphonia of Birds: Favourite type of bird?
 Pearl if she counts
Day Dream Carnival: What do you daydream about the most? 
Usually whatever my current OTP is or my future.
Royal Cards: Name a game you are really good at.
I’m awesome when it comes to solitaire but watch out if we’re playing parcheesi.


For Father’s Day I went to Savannah and got a tattoo in memory of him.
The tattoo is an ELO song “Mr. Blue Sky”, which is the first and last song he ever shared with me. It’s in the band’s font.
Beneath that is my dad’s signature, and how he signed all my birthday cards and other things. It’s in his handwriting.
I went to the beach and collected seashells in honor of him. He used to help me collect hundreds. I also got his favorite candy from his favorite Savannah sweets shop. I know nobody is gonna eat it. But that’s okay.
Baba, I miss you. It hurts so much without you, my best friend. But I won’t mourn. I will celebrate your life, and try so hard not to cry. Because I know that’s what you would have wanted me to do.
I love you. I love you.

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Name: Rick

Nickname: Dijs, dijsje, King, Slick Rick, Rickmans.

Birthday: 31st of December, 1990

Star Sign: Capricorn

Gender: Male

Height: 189 cm

Sexual Orientation: Female

Romantic Orientation: Female?

Time and date at the moment: 11:27 AM June 18th 2015

Average hours of sleep: Six or seven hours

Lucky number: 31

Last thing I googled: Something to do with a fine about my public transportation card.

First word that comes to mind: Work

How many blankets do you sleep under: Just one.

Favorite fictional character: I got a lot, but now it’s Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.

Favorite famous person: Also a lot, but right now Hayley Atwell.

Celebrity crush: POEHH, so much. Elizabeth Olsen, Hayley Atwell, Zooey Deschannel. The list goes on.

Favorite Books: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, One Day, Looking for Alaska, Millennium-trilogy.

Favorite tv shows: Game of Thrones, Community, Hannibal. I’m still watching those.

Favorite music: Gorillaz, Blur, Oasis, Florence and the Machine, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Los Campesinos, Blood Red Shoes, Kasabian, The Black Keys, Eagles of Death Metal. Just a lot, okay.

Favorite game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Last movie seen in cinema: Avengers Age of Ultron

Dream Holiday: Road trip through America.

Dream Job: Editor in chief at a game magazine or music magazine.

Wearing rn: Underpants.

Last book I read: Joyland by Stephen King.

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It’s my real dad’s bday today and no one did anything so before I came over earlier I bought cupcakes (which in a min I’ll give out with candles) and a card that I made everyone secretly sign. Don’t you fucking worry dad I got this HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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1. Nickname: yiffer, memer, egg, ken
2. Star sign: virgo
3. Gender: male, probably
4. Height: 5′0
5. Time and date: june 22nd, 1:25 am
6. Birthday: september 11
7. Location: shitville, arkansas
8. Average amount of sleep: between 2-19
9. Lucky number: 11
10. Last thing I googled: ‘that one cool ass yugioh card’

11. How many blankets do you sleep with: 6 or 7
12. Favourite fictional character:  asahi azumane or senji kiyomasa
13. Favourite books: lord of the flies & the great gatsby
14. Favourite musician/ band: marina and the diamonds, diaura
15. Last movie I saw in theatre: big hero six !!
16. Dream holiday: go to florida or st louis, maybe??
17. Dream job: 2d animator + character design
18. Dream pet:  a chameleon or an opposum !!!! 

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Name: Betül
Nickname: Bella, Bü
Birthday: 24th of June
Star sign: Cancer
Gender: female
Heigh: 172cm / 5'8
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Favorite colour: red or grey
Time rn: 22:02
Average time of sleep: 5-6 hours
Lucky number: 24
Last thing I googled: asics gel lyte 3 summer 2015 release
Words that came into mind: love, fear, missing, freedom
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1
Favorite fictional charakter: Zoe Barnes in House of cards, Trunks in DBZ
Favorite famous people: Eminem, Banksy, Noam Chomsky, Che Guevera, Martin Luther King
Celebrity crushes: Eminem, Jason Statham, Kristen Stewart
Favorite books: http://gefuehlsstripper.tumblr.com/books but it isn’t up to date, I have to complete it
Favorite bands/musicians: idk can’t decide, don’t have one
Last movie I saw: One the road
Dream trip: Road Trip in Europe with the person I love
Dream job: studying international relations and doing Investigation to change the world

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My grandpa isn’t doing well. I’ve been writing him for two years but never gotten a response (he’s pretty senile). The last birthday card I got was three years ago and it was empty except for him signing it “Uncle Rick”. He’s fallen twice and is at therapy center now. My Dad doesn’t think he is going to make it home.

I know a lot of my posts are JDM California Sunshine awesomeness, and this is mildly non-sequiter. I spent a good portion of my childhood in a small town on the Chesapeake Bay, and if it weren’t for the latitude, the town itself, and the people, you would think the place was out of a Jimmy Buffett tale. Living on a boat from nine to seventeen, I had one neighbor. Who? The novelist Sloan Wilson! So my mom sent me some books that was in a box in her closet for YEARS. I got a care package today, and one of the books was a signed first edition copy of Man In The Grey Flannel Suit, which was made into a movie in 1961, starring Gregory Peck. Another cherished treasure, which I thought was lost in time, was this birthday card from him from my twelfth birthday, I had forgotten the second stanza “Mirth in, Mirth out”, but the last line was hilarious, “ You are taller than you think/why do my poems stink?”. I have to get this card framed! #sloanwilson #maninthegrayflannelsuit #firstedition