HAndwriting AnAlysis

So this was the card Charles got for his birthday along with a picture of him and his siblings. It was signed by his “friend and ally”. I think this means they must have been working together. Now Charles’ handwriting always seems to be the same (the one with the capitalized “T”)

So I thought I’d seek matches for the one above, too.

So I compared a lot:

Bethany - letters too straight

CeCe (the lighter colour) - too angular ‘y’s

Mona - too straight formed letters again

Emily - doesn’t fit

And on it went like that.. Until I discovered the following:

Ali’s usual handwriting. Close but not completely the same..

Ali has another handwriting! Remember how she also had a diary that wasn’t coded? Well look at it..

Look at the “a” in ‘ally”.. and then at the one in “aria” above.. THEY ARE THE SAME.

So this is Ali’s handwriting after all.. Your friend and ally, great one.

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NAME: Ross
NICKNAME: Whatsa/Whatsapokemon
HEIGHT: 176cm /  5′9″ 
LAST THING I GOOGLED: “3 card monte”
NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: It’s winter, so sheets, a quilt, and a fluffy spare blanket. Only the first 2 in summer.
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Celestia? Latias? I can’t decide!
FAVORITE FAMOUS PERSON: Living: Stephen Fry || Dead: Christopher Hitchens
FAVORITE BAND: At the moment? Jake Kaufman
LAST MOVIE I SAW: I think it might have been the 1999 TV-movie of Annie. I can’t remember anything more recent.
DREAM TRIP: I have never been further outside Australia than New Zealand (and let’s face it, New Zealand is basically Australia). I’d love to go to a far off land to visit internet friends. Phoenix, get a fire going, I’m coming to Canada!
DREAM JOB: Creating software. I think I’d love to do AI research, but making video games would also be super cool.

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So I got my Misha autograph today.

My birthday was last week so he signed a card I gave him with “Happy B-Day.”

I then told him, “I know you get this a lot but I wanted to let you know that in 27 years I’ve never had a role model until now. So thank you. I appreciate it.”

He gave one solemn shake of the head and shook/squeezed my hand, then said “thank you.”

And I feel like I could melt. Definitely a moment I will never forget.


I keep forgetting to post this, dammit…
I got some pretty rad presents from sockislife and gernard for my birthday. Gernard gave me the second card (signed party poison) and two CDs that I’ve been wanting to buy for a long time. Sockislife gave me the first card (with the awesome fob drawing) some awesome nail polish, hair bows that double as bow ties, buttons, and some candy. And yes, those are Frank Oreos, I totally lost my shit when I saw them XD
I either say it a lot or not enough: I love both of these guys so much. They really know me, they know what makes me happy, and they’re two of the few people that understand me and I feel comfortable talking to about anything. You all should seriously go follow both of these dorks, they’re awesome and you won’t regret it.


My eyeliner before and after 4 hours of sweating outside is still identical to when I first applied it! I used Maybeline’s color tattoo cream liner in “bold gold” on the lids and inner corners of my eyes, “tenacious teal” under my eye, and used “pomegranate punk” for a cat eye and smudged a bit into the crease. I highly recommend them due to the great color payoff and they last long too. I’m pretty sure wet'n'wild sells something comparable, or you could just apply similarly colored shadows with a wet angled brush, a lot of shadows don’t show up as well on dark skin so if its not as bright as you want it, use white eyeliner first then layer the shadow over it. I used sephora’s makeup for ever smoky extravagant mascara and make up for ever lipstick in rouge artist natural. I got them for free on my birthday!! If you sign up for a beauty insider card at sephora (which is free!) and take it to sephora on the week of your birthday, you get a free gift. It’s a miniature or a set of sample sizes of a product, and they’re useful products too! I got a sample set of sugar lip balms and they were about the size of Chapstick, so not only were they amazing quality, they lasted a really long time. Another year I got a mini highlight stick which I loved, and this year I got the lipstick and mascara! They’re minis so I try to use them sparingly.

Day 414: Tuesday 28/07/15

This is the best laptop photo I’ve taken in a while. Today’s been a bit of a slog, trying to kick things back into normal practice straight away never works but I couldn’t afford the day off so I punched out a review and went to town to get my sister a birthday card… which I got wrong. I signed up for some social activism stuff and began to sort my week out. Saw my sister and we all sat around and chatted shit and I feel very unproductive.

when i was younger i used to dislike having a summer birthday because school would be out by that point and you wouldn’t get to celebrate it with your class or your school friends (most of them anyway) and feel like you missed out

in elementary our classes would make these giant cards and people would sign them and the teachers would bring in timbits or like give you some kind of present in golden stars or tickets or whatever 

in middle school, we had the same class from start to finish (3 years) so people got really close to each other because this was back before facebook existed once the people found out like everyone would know by the end of the day 

in high school birthdays were mostly lowkey and not really a big deal because of social media and wishing people on there. if anything people would do something during their lunch or after school when everyone was hanging out by the bike racks in their groups. actually, lots of people would get their lockers all decorated with balloons and a giant card with messages and whatnot so that the owner would get a nice surprise when they visited it later in the day. 

but really, its pretty cool having a birthday on the first of the month. plus there’s always the civic holiday that comes up a few days later and you end up with a long weekend to celebrate! so yeah woo 

Lowkey love these

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  • Name: Jordan
  • Nickname: Munchy, Tex, Phantom
  • Birthday:  Aug. 21st
  • Star Sign: Leo 
  • Gender: Male
  • Favourite color: Red
  • Time right now: 9:20 pm
  • Average hours of sleep: School year-5-6; Summer: 8 1/2 
  • Last thing I googled: Mad Decent Block Party lineup 2015
  • Number of blankets: 3 All different levels of thick
  • Favourite fictional character: Gir From Invader Zim
  • Favourite famous person: Kanye
  • Favourite book: The other West Moore 
  • Favourite band: Yellow Card
  • Last movie I saw: Jurassic World in theaters but at home: Night at the museum  
  • Dream trip: Mainly to explore europe and go to Italy. 
  • Dream job: Marriage Counselor 

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They say you like Rihanna and Peonies | 19.07.2015

On Friday night you went in to the emergency room.

On Friday night I dug out photographies to put on the wall, layed them all out on my bed. On the bed was also one of your post cards from South Africa, filled with only one word written a thrillion times across the card. 

A four letter word,


 I also put up a few other memories I have with you, the letter I got at a hotel in Copenhagen on my 25th birthday, a letter I read over a panoramic view over the city before popping the champagne you had ordered up from the room service (although being in another country). A letter signed with Your soulmate, sister, watermelon and amazon women. 

Our friendship has taken different turns and bumped in to turns too, since that day I greeted you in the morning while you looked at a room in my apartment for rent in London. Still, in this very moment, I can feel the strength of the bond I have with you. No matter what doubts I have ever felt. This, now, is what truly matters. 

We’ve come a long way and I’m impressed that although this friendship has been a distance relationship for three years out of four, it’s the strongest bond I have with another person. 

On Friday night I still did not know what was going on, but there you were, on my mind while I did the collage. Life’s funny that way isn’t it? 

To get ugly news like this over a text message sucks, that the ticket to Cologne costs more then I can afford sucks too. This is probably the only moment in life I wish I was a millionaire [or had a sugar daddy/mum]. There’s so many times that this distance thing is disgustingly hard. Especially when somebody gave you a soulmate that likes the highway more then anything. At least I put you right in the middle of it on a pedestal (I just never told you). 

The only thing that makes me happy right now is that you’re getting better, that you have your man that takes care of you, and that through him I can send you that hand squeeze and forehead kiss I so badly wish to give you. 

They say you like Rihanna and Peonies. I would say that’s perfectly true, and I’m one of the two. 

virtuovso asked:

aLL THE MULTIPLES OF 1 but just do the multiples of 8 if you're lazy :D


8) If you are outside, what are you most likely doing?

Crying. No i’m kiddin either walking my dog or hanging out with my friends!

16) Do you have a collection of anything?

Used to be snowglobes but that got old fast but ever since I was little I’ve kept like every single card/birthday card my friends/fam have given me!

24) Most attractive singer/s of your opposite gender?

Oh lord uh Hozier, Brendon Urie, Alex Turner, Tyler Joseph, Zayn Malik, Chris Martin, and Ed Sheeran’s adorable ok?? I know i’m forgetting like 6000 people but i can’t think rn!!

32) What is your astrological sign?


40) Are you the kind of friend you would want to have as a friend?

yeh i guess!! My best friend is me!!!!!!!!!11 Ok bye jk..but there are some things about me that i wouldn’t want in a friend cuz im a v shitty person imao.

48) What would you want to be written on your tombstone?

Probably “k”

56) You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be?

All the times me and my best friend fought… And  also In AP bio all the times when my ‘friends’ at my table kept making jokes about how I liked this sorta attractive guys at our table. I honestly didn’t and it was so annoying and frustrating and it was so stupid bc they were the  ones obsessed w/ him like jfc shut up.


A girl at work got me a birthday card and I just found it really sweet because at work they always do a birthday card that everyone signs anyway
But she went out of her way to get me one :)


Remember those two bdays in a row when Nattie signed Birthday cards for me? Wish I could’ve met her this year to make it 3 but its okay. First one is Nattie and Mark Henry and the 2nd is obviously with the Miz lmao (he is so nice irl omg). 2nd time round I got a hug of her cause of #GiveNattieAShirt and it was the best freaking day of my life


Went school clothes shopping today! I got a pair of these awesome shoes, a couple of dresses, a pleated skirt, a button-down shirt, and a cute sweater from Forever21. Then I went by Wet Seal and got two V-neck shirts and three scoop neck shirts.
Also, mum and I went by Sephora and I got a new eyebrow pencil in the shade “Rich Chestnut”. I signed up for the Sephora Beauty Insider card, and the nice lady at the counter went ahead and gave me the birthday gift (these two gorgeous Nars lip pencil samplers you see here) they give out to members since I missed it. I fell in love with the shade “Cruella”.
At the end of our shopping trip, we went to Walmart and I got the 3-in-1 Covergirl Foundation in “Ivory” because I’m just that pale.
I’ve got almost everything I need for school now.
Today was fun but tiring!😹

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Nickname: Deli
Birthday: April 13th
Star Sign: Aries
Gender: Agender
Height: 5'4"
Sexual Orientation: Asexual Panromantic
Favourite Colour: Blue, red and black
Time Right Now: 7:16 pm
Average Hours I Sleep: 0-8
Last Thing I Googled: Rayquaza EX (I just got a Rayquaza EX card and wanted to find out how much it was worth. It is usually sold for about $6 on eBay.)
Favourite Fictional Character: Don’t make me choose between all my children.
Favourite Famous Person: Um…Pierre Bouvier
Celebrity Crush: Oh god…Chris Pratt I guess
Favourite Book(s): Fullmetal Alchemist and the Zelda manga
Favourite Band/Musical Artist(s): My all time favourite is Simple Plan, and I also really like Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Sum 41, All Time Low and a bunch of other pop/punk bands
Last Movie I Saw: Not gonna lie, it was the Smosh movie
Last Show You Watched: Star vs the Forces of Evil
Dream Trip: Japan and its not because I’m anime trash
Dream Job: I don’t even know but I really want to work at either Nintendo or Disney
What I’m Wearing Right Now: Jeans, leopard socks, a Big Hero 6 shirt that’s way too big for me and my navy blue sweater that I wore at ai-kon.

I’m not gonna tag people so if you want to do this go ahead!

my co-workers are the absolute sweetest. i got to work this morning and they had all signed a card for me and erin bought me a cinnamon roll. 

my birthday isn’t even until tomorrow and i feel so loved :’) 


The people who are leaving got cupcakes yesterday. They’re were cute, and tasty!

I’m gonna be really moany and selfish here, btw, sorry.

At work, if it’s your birthday, the admin lady buys in some cakes and gets a card for everyone to sign on the day, or on the Friday/Monday if your birthday is over the weekend. It’s my birthday on Sunday. One of the other women got me a card, which was so lovely, and I am very grateful, and it nearly made me cry. But if she hadn’t done it, I would have been the only person in the department to not have anything, because the admin lady didn’t do it because she was “too busy”.
Which is odd because I’ve been doing her job for her for the past week.

Monday, she wasn’t in, because she had a bug bite on her leg (yes, seriously) Wednesday and Thursday, she’s asked me if I wouldn’t mind starting a job whilst she quickly did something else, and both times I’ve gone into the office to find her eating a snack, and browsing the Internet.
On Thursday, I nearly raged because I hadn’t even eaten breakfast yet, and she was there getting me to do her work whilst she munched on some pate and toast.
Today, I put the new behaviour policy in each classroom, photocopied the sweeping and parking timetables, highlighted the relevant member of staff, and put them in each classroom, laminated the Chemical Spill Procedure posters, and put them up in the labs, printed and cut the Chemistry postcards and found a place for them to go.
She was asked to get some blu tack for me. She didn’t. Instead, she booked a restaurant for her lunch, and printed out a timetable that no one needs, and then made everyone look at how productive she’d been.

It’s just so frustrating. She acts like she’s always busy and in a rush, and couldn’t possible do the thing, because she has so many other things to do. When in reality, she’s just fucking about on the Daily Mail website, and making everyone in the office uncomfortable.

Sorry for ranting, I just don’t do it at work, because that’s not fair, but I needed to let it out somewhere.