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I sent Tom some fan mail literally a couple of days ago. I know that he's not going to reply quickly of course, if at all even, but would you happen to know how long some people have had to wait before they got a response from him? Also, is it one of those drafted letters or is it actually a personal reply? Thanks a lot. xo.

Hi! As far as I know people have waited anything from a few weeks to many months, but they did get a reply. It seems most likely to be a signed photo like this little girl received a couple of years ago - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_QKrEui3nU

Others had sent things (like birthday cards) with the intention for him to sign and it’s been returned with a short personal response from Tom. Of course this was a while ago. Tom being busy as he is, I’ve not heard of anything like that happening recently but you never know!

As long as your fan mail includes a stamped reply envelope you should get a response eventually. :)

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Have you seen her live since you love her so much

I have actually. I traveled all the way to Berlin to see her cause six years of waiting to see her live was too much. She was amazing and it wasn’t an arena tour like her previous one but in smaller concert halls! It was more intimate and I loved it that way! We were 2nd row and we actually had contact with her twice and it was the most amazing thing ever! She sang all the songs that I absolutely love, including the ones she never sang live. I had a tiny breakdown during one song cause it’s a song that does something weird to me and to top it all it was my grandfathers two year death anniversary (I’m still hurting, we were incredibly close) so yeah… Got a bit hard for me to breathe from all the tears lol.

Since it was a week after her birthday we bought her a little plush ram (she’s an Aries) and wrote a little card with letter and signed our twitter names. We gave the present to some old man at the gate and said it was for her. We didn’t think she got it until the end of tour when she tweeted us the sweetest message ever. 

Sorry this got a bit long and more than what you asked but that happens when you ask me about her! :D

like i feel totally utterly miserable today, it’s very awful, very very very awful, and for some reason i keep smelling like, wet laundry? it happened when i woke up and it hasn’t gone away. i’m not sure if it’s me or my room or this house or what but i can’t stop smelling it. i took a shower and i’m wearing freshly laundered clothing but it won’t go away and it’s so frustrating and is making me so mad and i’m going to go to work and nobody is going to acknowledge my birthday even though they bought chinese food for my manager and got a card signed by everyone for one of the other pharmacists and everyone always does something if they know it’s someone’s birthday but nobody cares, nobody cares, everyone hates me there

I have to be up for the day in about two hours for a rocket launch, but I can’t sleep. I decided to decorate my wall because even though I only have about two months left in this house, it’s gonna be rough and this may brighten my days a little. Since you probably won’t be able to tell, I’ll list what the things are in case you’re at all interested.
The bottom half of the tapestry brotneeroody gave me for my birthday, the autograph John R. Dilworth (creator of Courage the Cowardly Dog) signed/drew for me, the Corgi birthday cake card from my family, a signed photo of Connor Carrick of the Washington Capitals/Hershey Bears, the two photo booth strips of Brittany and I, the letter my high school drama teacher wrote for me when I graduated, an OGRE sticker leethompsonart sent in the mail, the set pass I got for being an extra in The Dark Knight Rises, the outside folder of an award I received from NASA, the Polaroid I took that my tattoo is based on, a Polaroid of Troy Brouwer of the Washington Capitals and I that he signed, an X-ray of my teeth, a photo of me and a cute stranger I picked up off the street (williecooley), my ticket from this year’s Winter Classic, an autograph some dude I don’t remember and Brendan from Circa Survive signed years ago that I love the memory from, a Mickey Mouse sticker, and a Boo the Dog Valentine. There are more things I usually put up, but I might change the stuff wall to the one my bed is in front of, so I don’t want to put too much effort in and then change it.

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15, 27, 28 !!

15: what’s your biggest passion in life? - at the moment, hockey probably haha

27: what’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received? - i think that would be the signed guy lafleur card my mum got me for my birthday OR the small plot of land my mum got me (also for my bday)

28: what’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever given? - i gave my friend an album of us once and it was pretty awesome seeing as i’ve known them for like my whole life 

thanks for the message !!!! sorry it took so long to answer!!!