Winston: i’m home!! (not like i was gone that long neway…)

Winston: hello? anybody here?

Winston: (oh, there they are.)


Winston: i forgot to open the Bakery again today…

Rhea: :o Yeah, I was wondering if we were going to head over there or not.

Winston: i guess we can take the day off then!! being my own boss is the best!!!

Carlyle: Uhh… well, as long as we can pay the rent, I guess it’s okay…

junior boys in a group chat!!!

- Zig starts it to get advice about Maya

- this is v a bad idea

- Miles giving up on the “small talk” and starts making dick jokes

- Tiny encouraging the dick jokes by joining in on them

- Tristan being annoying with the emojis and putting an eggplant and winky face after everything Miles says

- Zig talking about how much he loves Maya and asking for advice thats all he wants

- no one gives it to him

- Tristan bringing in memes… It’s hell from there on out. Just so many memes

- Tiny learns about pepe the frog

- He loves pepe

- No one understands it he doesn’t understand it it just is his thing now

- Jonah sent a “how’s it going??” message that got ignored

- he’s still waiting for a reply

- Zig never gets advice

- Winston wasn’t invited

pros of reading howl’s moving castle (the book)

  • more sophie hatter 
  • sassier sophie hatter 
  • sophie getting angry 
  • sophie being badass 
  • sophie’s relationship with her sisters actually matters
  • more cohesive plot
  • more relevant plot (to the characters; things that happen are more a direct result of their actions) 
  • awkward teenage boy michael
  • you get to meet howl’s family
  • more sophie
  • sophie

cons of reading howl’s moving castle (the book)

  • effort