Things that made my day:

-Tracer being gay

-Amazing Christmas gift from love of my life

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Winston getting Christmas with family 

-Widowmaker still mourning her husband (She has a heart okay)

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Genji and Zenyatta getting Christmas together

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Hanzo’s haircut

-Hanzo’s haircut

junior boys in a group chat!!!

- Zig starts it to get advice about Maya

- this is v a bad idea

- Miles giving up on the “small talk” and starts making dick jokes

- Tiny encouraging the dick jokes by joining in on them

- Tristan being annoying with the emojis and putting an eggplant and winky face after everything Miles says

- Zig talking about how much he loves Maya and asking for advice thats all he wants

- no one gives it to him

- Tristan bringing in memes… It’s hell from there on out. Just so many memes

- Tiny learns about pepe the frog

- He loves pepe

- No one understands it he doesn’t understand it it just is his thing now

- Jonah sent a “how’s it going??” message that got ignored

- he’s still waiting for a reply

- Zig never gets advice

- Winston wasn’t invited


Conflict, as the world teetered on the brink of anarchy, a new hope arose. 
An elite international task force charged with ending the war, and restoring liberty to 
all nations,

The moment when Marcus noticed me singing The Cave to him. I pointed at him (can kind of make out my hand moving forward and back on the left) during the “You take what is yours and I’ll take mine”, and proceeded to wave at him when I saw that he was looking my way. You can’t really see him smile, but he giggles at “Now let me at the TRUTH”. As hard as it is to believe, that God-awful fangirl squeel was not from me. My knees did buckle and I did start hyperventilating though…