Alright, so I know I’ve been AWOL a lot recently and haven’t written much. I’ve got a huge writers block in terms of filling prompts, so I started to reconquer a-year-and-a-half WIP of Kazer soulbond AU hoping it would help. (so far I’ve just been editing the shit out of the stuff I’ve already written, it’s a hot mess.) Here’s a little snippet of it since I haven’t posted anything substantial in a while (it’s a random part of the fic, sorry for the lack of context, this was the only non-spoilery/interesting part already written).

The win was great. It was amazing and everyone was feeling it tonight. A good chunk of the team decided to head out to a local bar and after a few hours the group was wearing thin. Jonny glances around the room again, he had been trying to keep tabs on as many of the younger guys as he could, but was starting to feel drained.

“They’re fine, Cap,” Sharpy says, clapping Jonny on the shoulder. “They aren’t kids you know, they can handle themselves. Why don’t you go get another round of shots, eh?”

“Nah, I think I’m-“

“Whoa, there is no way Kaner could pull her,” Jonny hears Shawzy yell as he slides into the booth, crowding Duncs in. Jonny immediately becomes alert at any mention of Patrick. He looks around the room and his gaze finally focuses in on Patrick at the bar, his arm circled around a short blonde’s waist. Objectively speaking, Jonny thinks she could be pretty, but he’s too busy being blinded by rage to notice.

Jonny practically climbs his way out of the booth and stalks over to Patrick.

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you can tell suho is much more confident in himself this comeback and i fucking love it

So I had my two cents to say about Star Treck: Beyond on Twitter. Needless to say I wanna see it again and again and own the DVD and see it again.


Daily Drawing #10: Winry Rockbell.
Full Metal Alchemist will always have a special place in my heart. Winry is one of my favorite characters because she is such a badass. I felt like drawing a flower crown on her to make her even more majestically beautiful.

How are there people who enjoy exercise? Like for real I walked like 0.3 miles today outside and was already embracing death. A couple years ago I forced myself to go work out an hour or two at the gym every day for a full month and I never felt more like shit. I hate exercise it makes me feel really sick every time and there are people out there who start their day out with a fucking 10 mile jog. Do you know how I caught all my Pokemon so far? I’ve been going out onto country roads where no one ever travels with my car and drive it at 3 miles per hour so the app thinks I’m walking. That’s how far I go to avoid exercise.

I just want to say to those of you who have sent me requests recently or a while ago I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to them yet. I haven’t been on tumblr as much recently. I’ve been having a bit of a tough time in my personal life recently so when I do get on I’ve just felt more like posting things that make me feel happier and that I’m interested in personally. I hope you all can understand and still enjoy the blog. I will get to your requests eventually but it might be a while and a little sporadic as I feel up to it. Thank you all for your understanding and support!

Title: Stars

Pairing: Fumito x MC

Rating: T

Word Count: 873

Type: Fluff/Angst

Notes: They didn’t make it to the festival, I’m sorry. :’)

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“Hey, Fumito, can we-”

No,” Fumito cut you off, almost instantaneously.

“You don’t even know what I was going to ask!” You countered, wrinkling your nose as Fumito glanced up at you from his office chair.

“You were going to ask about the festival,” he started, adjusting his glasses with his middle finger.

“Bu-” you started to protest.

“You have a lot of work to do.” Fumito sighed, gesturing to a stack of assignment papers piled neatly on the corner of his desk.

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i was looking through old pics and oh my god my eyebrows have been through so much this past year. im sorry my children i wont treat u like this ever again

I felt like making more Osomatsu-san gay parent au headcanon’s 

. When their kid is stuck on math homework or gets F on their report card, Osomatsu would recommend them to cheat and Choromatsu would always respond with “nO NO NO, WE ARE NOT ALLOWING OUR CHILD TO CHEAT.”

. Choromatsu would bring his child to Nyan-chan’s concerts almost all the time

.  Osomatsu would be fine letting his kid date someone but Choromatsu would be that one parent who wouldn’t allow his kid to date until their 18, if he catches his kid kissing their lover. He would instantly kick them out while scolding them “yOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DATE MY CHILD”

.When their child was born, Choromatsu put the baby’s crib in his room to keep them safe.

.Choromatsu is super overprotective of his kid, he even has a FUCKING taser gun with Nyan-chan’s face on it.

.Choromatsu has made a swear jar for Osomatsu and their kid, Osomatsu’s jar is always the first to be full.

.When the child was born,  Osomatsu was going to name it “Osomatsu Jr” and “Pachinko”. And of course, Choromatsu didn’t allow those names.

.One time Osomatsu attempted to take his kid to Pachinko claiming he was “The Pachinko master” until Choromatsu found out, Osomatsu had to sleep on the couch for four weeks.

.When their kid gets a nightmare, Choromatsu would cradle them and give them a lot of hugs and kisses while Osomatsu would do silly faces to make their kid laugh.

.When their kid asks Osomatsu and Choromatsu, Osomatsu would probably tell them until getting cut off by Choromatsu responding with “uMM, I’LL TELL YOU WHEN YOU GET OLDER.”

.99% of the gifts Choromatsu give to his kid is Nyan-chan merch while Osomatsu would give his kid bootleg by complete accident

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Ski Lodge will reveal all probably but I'm so glad that it really looks like we got Lucas not wanting to make a decision because he'll hurt somebody over Lucas being confused about which girl he likes more. I think I honestly would have quit if we got that because it would have cheapened rucas in my eyes and make me dislike Lucas immensely. The not a triangle thing makes more sense now.

Yeah, it’s definitely making more sense to me too, however, I felt like the jellybean scene was kind of a bad move, tbh. 

I get that they set out to not make it a triangle, but they kind of failed, tbh. And I’m still kind of salty about everything.