Poor Sid was crying in his cage so we got him out to check on him and he just kept crying for probably 30 minutes snuggled into my hand. He’s really tiny so he should possibly still be with his mom and siblings. I feel really bad for him. I really hope he isn’t crying because he misses his mom because that’s just too heartbreaking for me to even comprehend.

Anyway, I should probably keep asking for donations for Sid and the other hamsters like him at gofundme.com/The-Florida-Hamster-Fiasco or through PayPal at paypal.me/thepipsqueakery. #hamster #rescue #love #baby

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i hope we get a chat between sana and yousef soon like i need to know if sana ever answered that meme like ???? @ julie give us some sana x yousef content pls

Griffin: “Lately, people have sort of delighted in posting pictures of me as a child and talking about how they are cursed? Please don’t say pictures of me as a 5 year old, a 10 year old, a 15 year old are cursed? I was just doing my best out there!”

 Griffin’s wife, Rachel: “He was very cute!" 

 Griffin: "No I wasn’t in a lot of them! But that’s fine, I still have FEELINGS! ‘Who’s this ugly kid? Cursed image!’ Come on!”

-Griffin in the newest rosebuddies


Anyway, I hope you understand. And to those with my phone number, I’d appreciate it if you told me how you got it so I can stop it (11)

from happening again in the future. To be clear, I won’t be reacting to or reading any more Katie related tweets. Sorry, but that’s (12)

The way it has to be. And to the girl who texted me, Just to reiterate, message me again and I’ll put your name here. #NotJoking (13)

And to all the brill fans who know the difference between reality and television, take care and thanks for the nice chats. #ByeBye (14) -Rudhraigh McGrath (Katie’s brother) (x)

So in the trailer I noticed, Cayde poured himself a drink. And then. Didn’t drink it.

So, headcanon: all Cayde wants is a drink. All the cool kids drink. And Cayde wants to be THE COOLEST kid. But he doesn’t have a liver. Or anything like that. So he goes overboard, with the cool cape and the cool voice and the SUPER EXTRA attitude.

Because the poor guy can’t drink. And therefore has major ego issues. Poor chap.


He trusted you. He was your friend. And you killed him.
You didn’t just betray my trust. You have planned to betray it all that time.
I had to stop it. You had to stop it?

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Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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Fairy Tail 537 spoilers

This whole chapter was dedicated to ZERVIS!!!

(almost XD)

Mangastream’s version is out now :)

Aaah I love this scene… the contradicting curse wherein even your own thoughts contradicts itself…..


one last kiss to end their suffering…

I honestly saw this coming. Mavis and Zeref finally getting the peace they wanted after enduring so many hardships, at last, they’ve achieved it…

At last they were able to find the happiness they seek and what’s more important is that they’re together now and nothing can separate them…

this is their HAPPY ENDING…

A conclusion after living a cursed life….

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PS. It would have been better if they knew about August, I still feel bad for him…