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Btw, did you see any clips of the Diabolik Lovers Otomate Parties? OMG there so funny. I love one where Shu, Laito and Subaru are doing poems. With poor Subaru made to belief he get extra credit at school for going them. I feel so bad for him with what Laito and Shu put him through. xDD

When it comes to those type of things and CD Dramas I’m all over it ;w; I just love seeing them playfully get along QvQ
Yush I love that one too xDD Poor Poor ;w; But I have seen many!
That one
The one where they didn’t want Kou in their house 
One where it’s just Kanato and Ayato and omg I can’t even with that one
The one where Kanato, Ayato and Shu see a ton of chichinashis 
The one where Kanato, Ayato, Shu and Raito wanted Shin as a pet
One where Azusa at the ends does an imitation of Shin which was amazing 
Another one where Shu is like sleeping 99% during the whole thing QwQ

Those are all ;-; I just love Azusa in these Lives because he gets SO FUNNY like in the one where he imitates Shin he breaks the 4th wall and says
“WAIT… This drama is a Comedy” or something like that xD ;w; 
And in the same one he was disturbing/creeping the hell out of Carla xDDDDDD
To the point that Carla started calling out for Shin xDDD
“ Shin!….. Shin were are you!? SHIN! “ and after that Azusa did his Shin impression which was AMAZING like really WOW I thought it was Shin for a second.. it truly was impressive ;w; 

But yup I know about them and I love them so much ;w;

i hope we get a chat between sana and yousef soon like i need to know if sana ever answered that meme like ???? @ julie give us some sana x yousef content pls



A Virgil Appreciation Post

AKA @thatsthat24 has a new video and I love it and I didn’t even realise how much I needed this and oh my the character development is superb and this is mostly about Virgil but also Logan and Patton?

Can we just stop for a second and appreciate this soft, precious boy?

Thomas plays him so well. So unbelievably well. I fall in love with Virgil a little bit more every time I see him. Look at him!


Can I also just add a small reminder that I think Thomas’ hair looks freaking brilliant? I just think he’s a stunning human being?

ALSO can we acknowledge the fact that Patton snapped at Logan? Patton. Snapped. At. Logan. GUYS. This is huge.

And look at Logan’s face.

This was the last thing he expected to happen. The sadness in his eyes contrasted with the frozen-in-mid-exposition body language… Gawd, Thomas, why are you so amazing?! But Patton had just had enough.

Also, Logan giving up and leaving. Everyone’s reactions told us very clearly that Logan has never done this before. He might have left the video first but he’s never left because his feelings were hurt before. As one, the remaining sides all had an ‘oh shit’ moment.

Oh shit, I just hurt Logan’s feelings. I didn’t realise that what I said could actually get to him like that. But I’ve been hurt too, so I’m conflicted.

Oh shit, Logan just left. He just left. He’s never done that before. Honestly, I feel bad for both him and Patton.

Oh SHIT, Logan just bailed. We’re so screwed, what the hell do I do now? I’m not equipped to handle this! Oh god oh god oh god oh god

All in all, Thomas Sanders is a gift to humanity. And to round off this Virgil Appreciation Post, I will of course end with one of my favourite images of Virgil.

I know it’s only in a tiny window in the outro card, but oh my gosh, I just love this. It’s such a small thing to get hung up on, but it just suits Virgil so well and I think he’s perfect and Thomas is brilliant and somebody stop me because I’m fangirling too hard.

Virgil is great. Thomas is great. I’m so hyped for the next part.

I hope that whoever you are, reading this, you’re having a great day. <3

I can’t stay here anymore if anyone in South Florida or anywhere tbh I’ll save to get there has a place I can stay and their comfortable with a trans girl staying with them please let me know my situation has become very hurtful to my mental and physical well-being my dad isn’t supportive of my transition and he completely ignores me anytime I say anything about it he yells and me all the time and I used to feel bad for him but I don’t anymore I don’t owe him anything and I’m tired I have no money and I’m looking for work so please keep that in mind I’m just desperate at this point

So in the trailer I noticed, Cayde poured himself a drink. And then. Didn’t drink it.

So, headcanon: all Cayde wants is a drink. All the cool kids drink. And Cayde wants to be THE COOLEST kid. But he doesn’t have a liver. Or anything like that. So he goes overboard, with the cool cape and the cool voice and the SUPER EXTRA attitude.

Because the poor guy can’t drink. And therefore has major ego issues. Poor chap.