Why all the hate?

To all of the people that wrote bad and disgusting things about Benedict in the tags under my gifset of him and Mads: What is wrong with you people? I don’t get this sudden hate that is taking over this whole site. And I don’t get what is so bad that he did or said to make you hate him so much. I somehow understand that some people don’t approve casting Tilda Swinton, but why hate on Benedict so much???

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Since you want more concepts and I have plenty of them.. :) Imagine Harry feeling bad for what happened between him and (Y/N) and he wants to apologise so he goes to her dorm room and Renny is about to go out so she lets him in without thinking much about it and Harry has to wait because (Y/N) is in the shower and she comes in wearing only a towel, her skint still glistening and her hair wet oh god

And he knows he shouldn’t be there when he hears she’s in the shower, that she’d probably get pissed just at the fact that he had the nerve to show up there, in her room, let alone if he caught her in the shower.  A part of him knew he was sort of ambushing her like this and she’d probably hate him for catching her so vulnerable, but in his defense, right when he stood up to leave because he could only take so much awkward silence from Renny -  the door to the bathroom opened and his eyes had never gone so wide in his life.  She nearly dropped the hand clutching the towel tight to her naked body, and he swallowed harshly when he realized that was exactly what she was right now.  Her wet hair stuck to the face that only got more beautiful the more he looked at it, and, he realized he preferred her this way.  The way her skin looked fresh and clean and how he could see the imperfections in her complexion.  The light made the droplets on her dewy skin sparkle in a way that made him desperate to feel the moisture sucked in between his lips as he kissed lazily over each bit where there was a trace of water left.  And he’d do it ‘til she was properly dry and giggling and begging him to stop.  But then he’d get her wet all over again…

But it wasn’t like that was it.

“What are you doing here?”

It sounded like an accusation and he immediately cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair, a nervous habit that he’d been doing for the past ten minutes while he waited for you to get out of the shower.  God he probably looked like he’d gotten fucking electrocuted the way he’d messed it up.

“I’m…was jus’ coming to talk to you.”

“Apparently.” She crossed her arms tightly over her chest, apparently self conscious after she’d seen the look of awe and shock jumbled in the dark depths of his eyes.

“I’ll let you get dressed then,” he says, but there’s a reluctance to it that’s hard to miss.  He leaves quickly and with the close of the door, her heart sinks a bit.  Too bad she couldn’t see the way he let out a sigh and leant back against the door, running his hands down his face as he huffed, “M’a fucking idiot.”

I owe you a YOOGE thanks.

You really did a number on that old loser.

Without you, I never could have gotten the nomination.


Aww, you’re feeling left out, aren’t you?

Well, that’s just perfect.

After all, I’ve only got 269 electoral college votes.

I still need one more…

i just want to warn everyone that there was a bad accident in men’s gymnastics so if you see any videos of a male gymnast in blue about to vault do not watch it!! it’s really graphic and trending right now so be careful. his name is samir ait said and he was vaulting for france in case you would like to temporarily blacklist. i’m doubtful people will be reblogging it a lot but i want everyone to stay safe because it’s pretty rough.

fun fact: you can take a side in civil war without hating on/villainizing the other side!!! u don’t like registration? great! but tony stark is not a villain for wanting a system of accountability!!! he has a point!!! u want heroes to register? awesome! but steve rogers is not a villain for thinking that is an unfair system!!! he also has a point!!! this has been a psa

Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

The constant hate and criticism towards Calum is ridiculous and needs to stop. It’s starting to impact him and that’s not fair, considering it’s his supposed fans who are causing it. Calum’s decisions and actions do not impact your life in any way, so stop acting personally victimised whenever he does something you don’t like. It’s his life not yours, you don’t have to support his actions and decisions, but you do have to show him respect because he’s a normal 19 year old who deserves to not come online and see hate and criticism 24/7. Think before you post something online about someone.

Komaeda’ve disappeared for fucking 6 months and no one give a shit about that

wiBut, hey look at these screenshots. 

He alone all the time (even in the opening)

he intentionally keeps distance from others (just look at the gap between him and Kuzuryu, it’s so far ;__;)

  Chisa’s the only one who care about him

He doesn’t have friend. No wonder why his classmate don’t give a shit about his absentness

Btw, I just want to say that Komaeda didn’t do anything (to his classmate) to deserve this “don’t-give-a-shit” attitude from them (In the game he did deserve it thou).I know he get suspended because of what he did but no one see or can contact him for fucking 6 months and you all just okay with that. I just hope his classmate can show some concern about his whereabouts. This scene make me feel so sad.
Ps: Maybe Hinata’s the only one who considers Komaeda as a friend (or he doesn’t I don’t really remember the game but who care I ship Komahina so yeah) 

Ps2: I don’t hate 77th kids. I juts feel sad for Ko

Edit: Oh! I’ve just remembered that Komaeda don’t have parent nor relative, right? So that mean Komaeda’s a lonely kid diagnosed with stage 3 malignant lymphoma and frontotemporal lobe dementia, having no parent, no relative, no friend, living alone and can die at anytime. No one care about him. No one can actually understand or try to understand him (except Chisa and Hinata). Guys! Please give this kid more love and Hinata. He deserves more love. Please love him.

Edit, after episode 8: The new episode really pissed me off and because this post’s still getting reblog so I’ll edit here. 

Komaeda disappeared for a fucking year and they gave Ko this look when he came back.

 Srsly tho, WHAT DID KOMAEDA DO WRONG TO YOU GUYS? Why you guys hate him so much?  He disappeared for a fucking years and when he came back no one give a shit about him because they’re busying with finding Tsumiki who has absented from class for 3 days, like, srsly. Please, he’d gone for a year, at least ask him “how you’re going?” or just give him a look.

And here is my serious question WHY 77TH CLASS HATE KO SO MUCH?

He’s just weird and talks too much about hope. But know what? The 77th class’s student are also weird af event Chisa’s weird too but they’re all friendly with each other. Also, Saionji bullied Mikan, Tereteru’s a pervert and they all fine with them. Then, why just Komaeda? Is it because of the fucking hope? And don’t tell me it’s because he keeps distance from others! Chiaki, at first, also kept distance from others. And then Chisa try her best to get Chiaki closer to her classmate (not Komaeda tho because he’s not a perfect waifu, he’s not good at playing game, he’s not Chiaki). Please give me a fucking reason. I’m ok with everything as long as it’s a fucking reason. I love SDR2 cast so much don’t make me hate them. 

Friendly reminder: “I have no parents, no siblings, no relatives…not even friends or acquaintances…I was fine with that while I was still healthy but it’s quite lonely to die alone…Now that I’m on the verge of death, I’ll finally realized what I wanted all along: Somebody’s love” - Nagito Komaeda 

(Replay the game while watching anime gave me shit. When I wrote this post I didn’t cry but I’m crying now. So unfair for Ko. He just want to be loved)