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What Have I Done, Part II

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 2,120

Summary: (Y/N) finally made a life for herself in New York, months after her separation from Newt. Unfortunately, she seems that no matter what she does she always find her life connected to the magizoologist. (I really am terrible at these summaries.)

Warning: angst? brief mentioning of alcohol 

Note: I genuinely intended this to be a two-part story after publishing the first, but seems I got ahead of myself. I’m not entirely happy with it, but I need to finish it because I am stubborn lol hope it’s enjoyable anyway! xx

Part One: X

“No, Tina. He hasn’t been cleared of the charges. President Picquery said to handle this case with care. He’s a very important wizard and I-“ 

“This isn’t about you, (Y/N). I know what I seen him do, and he needs to be convicted. He’s been using his magic to violate and steal from No-majs. He needs to be held accountable.” Her voice was stern and her tone unwavering.

You sighed and looked up at the brunette, her hands set firmly in front of her on your desk. If you didn’t consider her one of your closest friends, you might’ve found her intimidating. “You know I won’t let him get anything less than what he deserves. Now, just let me do my job and make sure we have all the credible evidence to lock him up, alright?”

Tina let out a sigh and gave you an apologetic smile, she knew that you were more than capable of handling your job and that you wouldn’t rest until a proper punishment or clearing of criminal charges had been made. She was just passionate about her job and wanted to see it through to the very end. 

You shot her a smile, and closed the file in front of you. “I’ll let you know if I get any good leads, alright?”

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Eyewitness Fic pt. 7

Post 1x10 Eyewitness fic

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6 | or AO3

Part 7

A car door slams outside, waking Lukas up. He’s lying on his bed, over the covers, and staring at a dark ceiling, so the sun must’ve set since he peeled off his dirty clothes and flung himself down on the mattress.

No reason to get up now. But then the door downstairs creaks open, and voices start to filter through what’s left of the drug-aided sleep.

A woman’s voice. Helen’s.

Lukas’ chest locks in place, stopping the sound of his breath so he can hear more clearly. Is Phillip with her?

There’s a split in him, maybe straight down the middle. He can’t see Phillip. Can’t face him. But he also has to see him, if he’s here, has to grab him and hold on because he’s been falling so hard for so many days now and Phillip’s the only thing that can possibly stop him.

No one bounds up the stairs to greet him. It’s just Helen and his father down there…arguing.

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