Lights out

 This is unbeta’ed set after 12.02

Smut, fluff, mentions of Toni’s interrogation method, fingering, sex.

Sam x Reader

Word Count 2383

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Lights out

I was in the room I had converted into a reading room when the power suddenly went out. Grabbing my gun from the side table I headed to the far corner of the ‘war’ room, the designated meeting place for something like this. As I rounded the last corner I saw a flicker of light, I stopped and peered around the corner trying to see if it was a flashlight in the hands on an enemy or one of the Winchester’s. Deciding to chance it I raised my gun and crept into the room,
My jaw dropped as I took in the meal placed around a number of candles with a bottle of wine to the side. Sam was standing there his hands in his pockets as he shrugged his shoulders while blushing as he looked at you.
“Sam, what is this?” I asked as I tucked the gun in to my holster on my mid back.
“Dinner Ma’dam” He said in a teasing tone before reaching for one of my hands.
“I know with Mom coming back and me being tortured and all that we haven’t really had any alone time, So I thought this might be nice,” He said shyly as if he thought I wouldn’t like it.
“Sam, This is amazing,” I told him going up on tip toes as I used his shoulders to pull him down to me so I could give him a light peck. That was when I noticed his blush darken.
“Hey, Sammy I swear I like this,” I told him feeling the nervous energy still radiating off him.
“And I sorta like you too you know,” I added as I wrapped my arm around his waist.
“Only Sorta, well that’s it gotta take this all back to the kitchen know,” He joked as he faked pulling away from me.
“No you don’t” I told him as I hugged him
“It’s just, well with Toni in my head,” Sam muttered
“Oh no you don’t’” I muttered as I stepped away but directed him to sit down. I stood between his legs and looked down at him.
“Samuel Winchester are you feeling guilty because of that?” I asked sternly as I ran my hands along his shoulders.
“A little,” He muttered looking down,

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this boy got me weak

UM. Can someone please explain to me how one person could be so adorably beautiful and actually claim to be FIFTY YEARS OLD?! (Source: x)

so I was watching BOTFA again tonight

and I got to this scene

And I was looking at the dwarves in their cool dwarf armor

And I noticed something








Me and the fam 😎✌🏻️

These people are some of the nicest most sweetest people I have ever had the opportunity to meet. They all got a kick out of my prosthetics!

I got an odo bucket drawing from Rene
Terry was so sweet and kind
Nana LOVED my cosplay
Michael Dorn and Cirroc got a kick out of my cosplay too
And Armin was literally the nicest and coolest person like ever and asked about all the details on how I made my prosthetics

I love all of these amazing actors and I just feel so honored to have been able to meet them all 😊💖

To our anonymous donor: Thank you so, so much!  My jaw dropped a little when I saw this.  You are fantastic and you deserve a bit of recognition.  

For anyone who didn’t see the last post, we’re trying to raise 17,000 dollars for the Ali Forney Center, an organization that provides food, housing, clothing, medical care, mental health care, STI/HIV testing and treatment, counseling, mentorship and more to homeless LGBTQ youth.  

If they can raise 17k for Dashcon, we can raise 17k for kids who really need it!