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Mike’s basement

See, I was thinking, once all this is over and Will’s back and you’re not a secret anymore, my parents can get you an actual bed for the basement. Or you can take my room if you want, since I’m down there all the time anyways.




That was a very… interesting wrong number…. OK so this has been happening for a few months now and I finally got sick of it and this is the conversation that followed

Me: hello?

Person: hello who the hell is this and why are you calling my man.


Person: your number was on his phone bitch

Me: and who is your man exactly?

Person: *gives name I’ve never heard and can’t remember Cas it’s not important*

Me: look this is the fifth call I’ve gotten like this so check the number again and when you find her kick her ass for me too and make her change her number because this bitch is apparently fucking everyone’s man and her number is too close mine.

Person: *hangs up*

This is no joke and this is where it gets funny as hell….


Person: I am so sorry

Me: pardon?

Person: I called you earlier accusing you…

Me:ooooh no worries

Person: I just want to let you know it’s been done

Me: what’s been done?

Person: we jumped her ass and she changed her number

Me: umm

Person: keep it real friend I’ll text you some time but I have to go *hangs up*

Me: *stares at phone for like five minutes bewildered* what the hell just happened..

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Attention, NWTB fandom!! 

Here is the ‘ project ‘ i notified you guys about. This only took me 12 hours ( maybe less ) to make. Now I wont talk much in this post, but stay tuned for a future post about me explaining the reason as to how this video came to be + the story behind what i was trying to portray in this video. 

Quick Disclaimer : this probably would’ve turned out a whole lot better if i had the Adobe programs installed on my laptop. ( I used Window Movie Maker ) Eeep! I did my best to make this as coolly intense as possible, though. You can still give me credit for that. 



Happy viewing!!! xx

you know how i used to say ‘it’s a vessel kinda day’ when things were rough well i’m pretty sure it’s just a vessel kinda life 

fallintolight replied to your photo “[6] I need you all to know that I first read that first panel…”

Incredibly, this is not the first time you’ve made a direct reference in your liveblogs after misreading a sound effect

Reference to Shakira, that is

This is undoubtedly true - but more importantly, I can promise you it will not be the last. 

Do you want to know what I found in one of my folders yesterday? Let me show you the horror:

Please join me in asking what the sweet hell is this


Basically a playlist I scrambled together about Cas’ mental state in the last season(s) 

Bad Blood - Sleeping At Last
Forest Fires - Lauren Aquilina
Breathe Me - Sia
What If - Coldplay
Down - Jason Walker
Broken Toy - Keane 
Trouble - Coldplay
Irrelevant - Lauren Aquilina
Sorrow - Sleeping At Last
‘O Sister - City and Colour

Every season has that anime that starts really promising and ends in an extreme disappointment

sonamoo as wlw girlfriends
  • Sumin:the always smiling gf, teases u all the goddamn time, kisses out of nowhere, named every single of her plushies and says they are your children, throws random pickup lines at u that leave u both blushing and wanting to fight her, doesn’t do hugs often but when she does they are those bear tackle hugs, asks u to help her use the Internet™ and spends a whole month using nothing but the dog filter, only knows how to cook 2.5 meals but she still cooks for u bc she loves u
  • Minjae:a soft and cute bab and likes to be treated as such, uses too much emojis, sings to u all the time, calls u Darling and likes to be called Princess, watching movies with her is both terrible and incredible bc she never shuts up and is always making jokes or imitating the characters, remembers all ur typos and brings them up every time she can, always share her food and snacks, prefers linking arms with u, selfies so much selfies not only hers but COUPLE SELFIES MANY OF THOSE, is tiny but would still fight an army for u
  • D.ana:cuddliest gf, loves and lives for skinship!!! Wherever ur around she molds herself against u its adorable, picnics dates, writes cheesy lyrics abt u but too shy to show them, couple items, scaredy cat that falls for every prank, tries to convince u to go the gym with her, always smells nice, nose rubs, “steals” ur hoodies and tshirts and u cant get mad bc shes too cute, whispers compliments to u in the dark of night, always giddy and giggly bc she loves u too much and she cant contain herself
  • Nahyun:the most embarrassing supportive gf, shows everyone ur selfies like “look at her isn’t my gf amazing the most beautifullest,, well the second most beautiful only after me hihihi jk shes the most beautiful!!!”, also has a pic of u two as wallpaper and likes changing it every week, outside dates BUT ALSO movie date nights!! texts u until the crack of dawn, she’s cuddly too!! loves holding ur hand linking arms and leaning on u, remembers ur orders in coffee shops and restaurants, always has some cool new app/game to show u, sends u memes with no context, does the most to see u happy bc if ur happy shes happy
  • Euijin:awkward lil babie, does her Serious Face but ends up laughing at all ur jokes anyways, Japanese drama marathons, pokes u when ur not paying attention to her, risky™ pics, has cold hands and feet and laughs the hardest when u jump with the contact, gets easily embarrassed aw, packs u lunch and snacks, “tell me what ur wearing so we can match”, does that thing of staring at u with heart eyes but whenever u do smth greasy she goes “babe…. That’s g a y”, likes lying and sitting on ur lap, trusts u with her life and love u lots
  • High.D:You know those cute help-mywife posts?? Dohee is all of them, soft hugs, likes nuzzling into ur chest, lipstick lesbian™, she always whines that u ruined her makeup making out but shes just being whiny mcwhiniest, surprise gifts with no reason, does smth cheesy like compares u to flowers and runs away bc she cant!!!! handle the cheesiness, serenades u in almost every date, couple rings, u taught her how to skype/facetime so now she wants to do it every day bc she cant sleep without seeing u :(
  • NewSun:cool chic soft butch gf, makes u playlists, probably confessed to u with one, likes putting her chin over ur head, makes u watch those obscure tv shows and artsy movies and has a blast watching ur reactions like if ur watching horror movies and u hide behind her when smth scary comes up, sends u random pics like two cats laid on top of each other with a “its us”, cheek kisses, hand kisses, FOREHEAD KISSES,, always there if u need to rant, helps u pick ur outfits bc she knows how to make a Look™, would still love u if all ur wearing is a ridiculous watermelon bikini though :)

saltybluelion  asked:

codename + me, solelioness, soughtdawn, feralmidset, and vermiillion

EAGLE ONE // @saltybluelion // accepting the crap out of

@soughtdawn - Been There, Done That

@saltybluelion - Currently Doing That

@feralmindset - I’d Be Lying If I Said I Hadn’t Thought about it

@vermiillion - It Happened Once in a Dream

@solelioness - Eagle Two. 


“Half the people got the joke. Half the people really think that I was really owning the act that I’m a psychopath, which is fine. Either one is fine as long as they know the semblance of the words, even if they’re incorrect. It was number one for like eight or nine weeks, so I have no complaints as to how things turned out.” (x)

am i rlly getting anons bc of the will shit??? like yall ronni has her own blog direct it there?? if youre ableist enough to think were the same person then you would also believe its still “me” reading it so ????

but lol all i did is come back and was told “hey ronni yelled at will a lot and will said that ronni being mean was worse than the trauma that made their system form” so ??????? i mean i already had a feeling will was a fake system from how they talked about shit w me and from how they first discussed the possibility of being one w me but. ill trust ronnis judgement on that bc hes not even into calling “natural systems uwu” fake bc he thinks they could have did/osdd and not know.

but yeah point of this post is this: if you wanna send shit for what happened with will then talk to ronni abt it or wait for them to front again idk what to tell u

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lol yelling about Kal AbusiveDickbag Skirata never gets old so i support that rant 500%

I swear, I spend like a third of my week doing it because I just try to have a nice day but one can’t go five seconds thinking about the Nulls without launching into a rant about Kal.