louteasdale your post has been deleted, which I suppose was the best course of action for you given the amount of anger you no doubt saw directed your way for it. All I can say is that the anger you were seeing was valid.

Finding cultures other than your own beautiful or visiting Africa (which also, maybe I’m misinterpreting you but I think you just generalized the entirety of Africa as one culture when it is composed of 50+ countries) does not absolve you of the immense privilege you have, or how you exact that privilege when you use the culture of groups that historically and systematically been oppressed as beauty trends.

Look, every white person does inherently oppressive or racist things. This is a fact, because of the society we are raised in. Too often we are unaware of just how damaging our behavior can be. You are not alone in being ignorant, but responding to people pointing out that ignorance with “don’t call me racist” is far too simplistic and misses the point entirely.

When there are people from the cultural group you are borrowing from crying out and telling you to stop it’s crucial that you listen. You can appreciate a culture without needing to use it yourself.

If this is hard to understand imagine this analogy: you use a very specific catch phrase all the time in conversation, let’s say it’s “dude, that’s rad.” You use this probably once or twice a day, no one ever comments on it, except some people say that it’s annoying or you need to stop saying it so much. Then one day your more popular friend says it, and people act like it’s the best/funniest thing in the world. People start associating “dude, that’s rad” with your friend, when they’re doing impressions of her, when they’re talking about what makes her memorable. Meanwhile, you’re standing off to the side like “Hey, actually, I said that first, that was my thing,” but when you tell people this they scoff and say that you’re being petty.

Now on top of that add in the fact that the groups you are “borrowing” from or appreciating have been historically and systematically oppressed by people of our culture. And the items you are using from theirs often have significant religious, spiritual, or historical meaning.

Take a breath, stop, and think about how your actions affect others. Because the people who are speaking out against you face oppression that you or I will never know in our entire lives. When you make a post like you did all that happens if you validate every white person out there who is contributing to a societal trend of appropriating cultures and “elevating” them by putting them on white people. It’s not cool and it’s not fair. You say you want a world that has harmony, but we will never get there if the only time cultures are considered beautiful is if white people are using them.

Just think on this, please. It’s never too late to become educated, or to realize you made a mistake. You just have to open yourself up to the possibility.


Sippy Cup: Lyric Video

what exo's names sound like they mean when you pronounce them in swedish
  • baekhyun:"the stream"
  • jongdae:somebody mumbling "i regret that"
  • kyungsoo:"the king's body of water that is bigger than a stream but smaller than a river"
  • zitao:somebody from the island Gotland saying "stand" in a v specific dialect
  • yifan:"fuck that" as in "fuck that paper i'll do it tomorrow"
  • junmyeon:incomprehensible baby talk for "brown bear"
  • luhan:somebody who can't pronounce J properly saying the swedish name johan OR somebody who can't pronounce T properly saying "the toilet" OR somebody who can't pronounce S saying "hit him"
  • chanyeol:literally doesn't sound like anything
  • jongin:someone drunk saying "enter"
  • sehun:"see her" (if you're from the south of sweden) or "see dog" (if you're a normal person)
  • minseok:"my log" as in a chopped off tree trunk
  • yixing:like somebody reading out "axe murder" misspelled

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATALIE!! ( fitzsimmonsiscanonbiatch )
[based very poorly on her incredible Fitzsimmons fanfic You Mean More (Than Any Colour I Can See)]

(Seriously! Go read it! It’s amazing and this set does not do it the justice it deserves!)

intro post for new people

  • my name is sami, i’m 24, muslim/eritrean
  • oscar isaac is all i’ve ever dreamed about
  • i make gifs and h8 myself for it
  • graduated college recently with a film degree, still haven’t decided what i will do next.
  • sometimes i help make movies + do freelance production jobs
  • i still play mass effect way too much
  • also i’m really excited about MGS PHANTOM PAIN
  • kpop is all i bop to
  • i’m exo trash and ALFIE ALLEN IS BEAUTIFUL
  • kdramas crush my soul
  • all i want is for cate blanchett and tilda swinton to be in a movie together (pls god make it happen that benji butt nonsense didn’t count)
  • the fact that i rarely post about isabelle huppert/charlotte rampling/olga kurylenko hurts me, I NEED TO DO BETTER imo
  • mother = angela bassett and salma hayek
  • adrien brody in summer of sam is one of many kryptonites
  • also this is my face

Yata is my little thug I loVE HIM SO MUCHヽ(;▽;)ノ

so i logged into google docs for the first time since senior year to write this fic with kassidy and found something unusual

i have no idea where this came from but whoever added me to this doc knew me well enough to know that vlad putin looks kinda like my daddy, aka mads mikkelsen. so i opened the doc

amazing. also it was last edited 4 hours ago. queen–nymphetamine is this your handiwork??

I saw a post ages ago about loose ends left in Supernatural regarding Dean and one of them was about why Dean’s emptiness when Famine came was different to everybody else’s and I think it was probably because there was an emptiness inside Dean that didn’t crave anything. 

It wasn’t a void that something like demon blood or food or sex could fill because it was just a bottomless pit that nothing could satisfy. Sure, I mean the craving for the demon blood/food/etc got stronger but it was still somehow kind of satisfying, the person affected by famine obviously got some kind of relief from consuming the thing that they were craving.

I think Dean’s craving was just for nothingness, simple as, he didn’t want to exist any more but he didn’t commit suicide because he didn’t want Heaven or Hell either. He didn’t want absolution, he didn’t want torture, he just wanted nothing, he wanted to be nothing and be consumed by it. And I think that’s why his craving was different, because he literally craved nothing.