Moms finally reading Gangsters In Love lol

“I like Ash! He’s nice to the dog! …..did I make a good choice?”
“There’s no wrong choice, you pick whoever you want to fall in love with.”
“So it’s GUARANTEED they’ll eventually love me?”

pROOF that yes I am still working, it’s just taking forever and I don’t want to post any more full wip’s cuz it’ll ruin the finished peice!


Conflicted Touka

I feel like while Touka hid her situation from Kaneki, she doesn’t want for him to not know entirely. I mean, he is the father. 

She sighs and comments on him being dense here…This makes me wonder if Touka was actually dropping hints to Kaneki by listing off the common pregnancy side effects (acc to the T/N) she’s experiencing. I mean, she probably did her own research to confirm her suspicions in the first place, right?

Kaneki didn’t get it tho haha but it’s okay because he ended up knowing anyway

i am… actually seriously impressed by how genuinely angry and disgusted people are over that post even if they know it’s satire. i did not intend to make the post quite as bad as it ended up being

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I made my mom listen to Waving Through A Window and when it got to the "Did I even make a sound?" Part she went "Well isn't that depressing!" djjdkfn she also knows You Will Be Found cause our chorus performed it for our last show of the yearb(ngl with the context it had for our show it made me bawl my eyes out while singing itnfkgmgm)

My mom played you will be found for her class (she’s a teacher) n said some of her kids cried dhhdjdj


CC Free Victorian House!

Something I whipped up for fun, a victorian style house with 2 bedrooms & 1 bathroom. I’ve never uploaded a lot before, though I did make sure no sims were ever moved into this house, but let me know if anything’s wrong. I didn’t use the Ultimate Collection, but I have all expansions/stuff packs installed except for Mansion & Garden.



Commission Progress - 

Fantasy AU Ochako Uraraka || My Hero Academia 


I’m getting closer to being done with @battle-goats ‘s Uraraka commission.  I finished the bag for her belt today (I did not make the bag, I altered it and added details like the sliver and the coins) I also finished assembling her mantel. 

All I have left to do is finish the hand embroidered wing for the hood of the mantel, put attachments on the shoulder armor, make a glove, and finish her beaded belt. 


🎉 hello!!!!!!!! :~~~~>>> it’s may here and with the sweet potato emoji power i just reached my next follower milestone!! (i can’t believe this the hecKKK!!!!!)

i did my follow forever when i reached my first milestone and now i’ll just blabber on some things i really appreciate about being on tumblr and being a nctzen (jajsjsjs we have a name now)

(initially i did not want to make this a big deal because follower numbers really don’t matter to me but please take this as a small appreciation from me to all of you i’ll work on something much more worth it to pay you back in the future :~)

okay here we go i’ve been on tumblr since 2012 but this is the happiest i’ve been here since then; i love coming on here so much that i have to go on full hiatus during exam periods (smh) and it’s really because of all of you!!! this whole nct community is so loving and kind i don’t know how to thank enough??? i’ve met incredible people here who really impact even my life off internet and each messages (& roasts and slaughters) make my day all the time!!!

i really really lovee all of you and those who follow me each and everyone of you thank you for sticking by though i have very little to offer and is only agitated all the time but thank you so much for still being here, liking and reblogging my posts!!!!

@mutuals I WOULD REALLY DIE FOR ALL OF YOU LIKE you guys make me feel so elated all the time i love you all equally if not more than nct and im always busting hearts for you tHANK YOU FOR BEING MY MUTUALS 💛💛💛

thank you and thank you once again 💛

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hello, can i request a scenario where svt minghao or jun gets overprotective of their crush then it just turns into angst?? i'm honestly down for angst lmao

What had changed?

I did not mean to make Minghao as possessive as he turned out….. oops.



Genre: Angst

Word count: 1 644

Summary: He went from nice and friendly to cold and possessive…..

Rain was not helping the mood I was in the morning of my first day in school. My alarm clock had died, I didn’t have the time to eat breakfast and I couldn’t find the only homework we had during summer break and of course the sky decided that it was the perfect day to hydrate our town. With a heavy sigh I took the first step into the horrible, humid air. A shiver ran down my spine as I locked the door and started the wet walk to school. Once inside the much wanted dry atmosphere I resembled a licked cat, which my friends didn’t hesitate in pointing out when I entered the classroom and, after being scolded by the teacher, sat down beside them.

“Oh God, what happened to you, did you take a dip in the lake before coming here?” I sent Seungkwan a glare that failed in wiping the smirk of his face and without giving him an answer I settled down in the chair and turned my full attention towards the teacher. After a while I noticed someone shifting closer to me in my peripheral vision, soon enough I could literally feel Seungkwan’s presence. I turned my head to look at him, he was really close but I didn’t back down.

“What?” I snapped, making both Hansol and Chan make oooh-ing sounds from behind him. Seungkwan only chuckled and leaned back until he sat accurately in his seat.

“Not a good morning today, huh.” He didn’t mean it as a question but as a statement. His face was not decorated by a smirk this time, instead he sent me a small, caring smile, understanding my situation without me wording it. This is why he’s my best friend, he may be a diva, but he’s a diva that understood me.

“Is it that obvious.” With words dripping of sarcasm I shook my head with an unbelievable smile coating my lips. A small laugh left Seungkwan’s mouth as he shifted closer to me once again, thereafter he wrapped his arms around me from the side and gave me a squeeze, resting his head against my shoulder.

“For whatever it’s worth, you have me.” That made me giggle and wiggle my arms around him too, returning the hug. We hastily let go at the sound of something snapping. Turning around in order to locate the sound I locked eyes with Xu Minghao who appeared to be glaring daggers at me and Seungkwan, in his hand he held what once was a whole pencil. Now however, it had turned into two pieces of small wood, no longer usable. I gave him a slightly wondering look before turning back in my chair, exchanging confused looks with Seungkwan. Hansol didn’t seem to have even noticed the small incident as he was focused on the course we were currently in and Chan only gave me a knowing expression. He too, received a wondering look from me but only mouthed that he would tell me later, leaving me to wonder what the hell it was about. I found myself absently tapping my foot under the table and chewing at the end of my pencil, all thanks to the unknown facts Chan was withholding. When the class finally ended I made sure to catch up to him once we made it out of the classroom.

“What’s up?” I asked when we finally could walk side by side in a somewhat calm manner. He gave me a teasing smile before cutting to the case.

“I think Minghao hyung likes you.” That sentence alone made me choke on my own spit. Then I gave him a look that conveyed the message of me not believing him.

“Yah, just because you skipped a grade doesn’t mean you’re right.” That only rewarded me a laugh. He was actually one year younger than me but he was smart enough to be in my grade anyways, Minghao being one year older than me is in it because he moved here from China two years ago so he landed himself in my class because of some language difficulties that took him some time.

“I’m in the same dance group as he is and I’m telling you, he likes you.” I only rolled my eyes. He didn’t like me, why would he? “He is over there right now, come on, let’s talk to him.” And before I could even react Chan had grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the direction of the dance rooms. “Minghao hyung! Wait up!” Minghao’s head shot in out direction and the smile he had on before seeing us was quickly washed away when he did. That’s when I knew that Chan had misjudged the situation. Minghao leant against the wall as we approached, glaring at us.

“What are you doing now?” He asked menacingly, the question directed at Chan who stopped dead in his tracks, confused and discouraged. I felt quite bad for the younger boy. “Do you really think you’re in place of doing this?”

“W-what are you talking about hyung? I’m only trying to introduce you to my friend.” He gestured towards me but Minghao didn’t spare me a glance, he only continued glaring at Chan.

“And now that you have I can take it from here.” The confused expression on Chan’s face matched my own and a surprised yell left my mouth as MInghao grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the dance room, bidding Chan a goodbye over his shoulder. He didn’t let go of me until the door had closed completely, that’s when he left me by the wall and approached the stereo.

“What’s your problem?” The confusion had now worn off and anger had bubbled up in it’s place. Who was he to treat my friend, his dongsaeng, like that. He looked at me, now confused himself, and appeared to be thinking about his answer.

“Nothing, you wanted to get no know me, right? That’s why you’re here?” I looked at him, trying to figure out if this guy was serious or not. I wanted to say more but he had already turned back to the stereo and plugged in his phone. He was the one to break the silence. “I don’t want you hanging around Chan anymore.” My jaw literally dropped to the floor.

“Excuse me?” He didn’t seem to understand why I reacted to his statement in the way I did. “You have no right to tell me who I’m allowed to hang out with.” This was not the Minghao I was used to; he would always smile to everyone in the corridor, always lend a helping hand, the Minghao I knew wouldn’t hurt a fly. So what changed?

Minghao gave out a light chuckle before walking towards me, I felt that the Minghao in this room felt extremely unpredictable so I was quite thankful when he stopped at a respectable distance from me.

“Why can’t you do that for me?” The question contained an undertone of annoyance, like he was irritated that things didn’t go to plan. He took a step closer. “Why can’t I have you?” Once again, it felt like my jaw touched the floor. I didn’t know what to say, or maybe I did but my mouth didn’t want to cooperate. He took one more step towards me, making me step back and in the process pressing myself against the wall. “I lost everything this summer; my brother, my home, my job, and that’s when I decided that if I can’t have anything else I should have you. because, you see, I fell for you the first time I saw in the classroom, but I always assumed you had a boyfriend, since you only hang out with the same guys, and now I’ve realised that in order to have you, no other male can be near you. Because you’re mine.” He didn’t come much closer after that.

“Minghao, I care about you and I’m sure you’re a very nice guy because that’s the guy I saw the last two years, but I will not give up my friends, not for you, not for anyone. I think it’s best for me to go so that you can practice, do the thing you love.” With that I left the room. Chan was still outside, waiting for me.

“What happened?”

“Well, Minghao is more protective than you could think.” We started walking towards our next class when I heard footsteps from behind me and soon Minghao had grabbed my wrist once again.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t expect you to do that for me but please be careful of the people you trust, believe me I know what happens when you put your trust in the wrong people.” I didn’t know what to do but nod and he still didn’t let go of my wrist. He only stared into my eyes.

“Minghao hyung, we have to go to class, could you release Y/N please.” Minghao didn’t seem to hear him as his grip remained. Chan eventually had enough and tried prying Minghao’s grip off of me which resulted in Minghao losing his cool and shove Chan away, making him fall backwards. At that same time Seungkwan and Hansol rounded the corner to see what took us so long.

“Yah! What is going on!?” Seungkwan was by us in no time, glaring daggers at Minghao who didn’t seem fazed at all but he did realise that he still had a tight grip on me. He released it and turned his back towards us, muttering a “whatever” as he left.

“Come on, we need to go before we’re late.” Chan placed a hand on my back and lead me in the right direction. I couldn’t help but glance back at the spot Minghao had stood only seconds ago.

What had changed?