I don’t even know where to start:

  • Sekai accidently matching in plaid
  • Jongin’s cute shorts and hairy legs
  • That bag behind them is food Jongin brought for them
  • Sehun’s hand on Kai’s shoulder 
  • Jongin’s hand is most likely holding onto Sehun’s waist 
  • And the most important thing JONGIN’S SMILE

Magical Girl Adopts on DeviantART!

Sparknotes: 25$ for full-color, 15$ for flats! 24 hour holds, only one buyer per character base! Alt palettes are removed upon purchase. I accept paypal, debit/credit and DA memberships! Please click the above links for full rules and order information!!

Adopts Status (Strike are sold!!)

Violet Puella | Pink Lemonade | Dandelion

Demongaurd | Wood Mage | Earthshaker

Princess Bruiser | Goddess of Mist | Twilight Witch

If you’re interested in one, PLEASE read the artist comments on deviantart in the link above and check back on the original post to see who’s available, because I’ll be updating this regularly. You may contact me on tumblr messenger for availability or purchase!

This vlive was so cute omg, namjoon was so happy and most of the comments (that I’ve seen) were about him and not asking for the others members and I’m happy and I’m p sure his laugh killed me

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So. I happened upon a thing you drew and I was like this is cute so I came to your blog and was immediately bombarded with ADORABLE SHIPS EVERYWHERE AND I CANT HANDLE THIS MUCH CUTENESS!! I HAVE BEEN SCROLLING THROUGH YOUR BLOG FOR AN ETERNITY BECAUSE I JUST. CANT. STOP. Seriously, you are an awesome artist and I know you get messages like these all the time, but I just had to say this thing. (also your lapidot art has cured me of all sadness forever just so you know)


Tagged by dear @millions-of-marigolds , i love these tags, i saw a bunch tagged me in a song one so ill do that one as well! :D thanks!!

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HEY! I THINK I FOUND IT, @burnlikethestars!!!

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We Got Claws by Onlymystory

(15/15 I 34,915 I Mature)

Peter, Isaac, and Scott get de-aged. Stiles and Derek take care of them.

they either have one of them carry the baby or use ectobiology but when theyre born theyre a very fat amalgam of the two of them and they cant help but buy them tons of toys and clothes because they look so cute with that little cooking set or in those light up shoes and even when this kid is obnoxious as all babies are wont to do dave and karkat literally cant handle how much love they have for this adorable little potato

some cute person im following: im doing blogrates!! im tagging blogrates if u want to blacklist that! send me an ask and i’ll rate ur blog and -
me, hitting the unfollow button like a knife in their back: im sorry. im sorry i cant blacklist shit im always on mobile you have to understand this is whats best for all of us. i’ll never forget u. long live the king

emotion side b review turned wlw dream vids

ok, so a response to tara @carlyraejepsun​ ‘s response to emotion side b, which i totally forgot about until i saw her post ahh, love new music!!! im not v good at knowing specific words for describing music, just fyi (in the order i heard them in cos im not v good at ranking things soz)

  • First Time was superb! just fun and light, an insta-bop; i super agree with it being a classic carly jam (im putting this on my ipod rn to blast at work tmr)
  • also, not sure if its just me but i immediately got this v vivid image of like, cute roller blading girlfriends in retro-y neon colours skating together on a hot summer day, holding hands sometimes and swinging each other around minor obstacles and stuffs, interspersed with shots of them sharing milkshakes and playing footsies under the table, so. just thought id share that
  • Higher - was p good, i feel like i cant rlly complain about pop music bein repetitive but it was a biit that sometimess 
  • but like, i still loved it, so im not rlly complaining, just didnt quite hit that ‘omgg im dying with how excited i am about this song even tho im just listening to it for the very first time’ vibe, which is how i feel about lots of her stuff, so. i think i need to listen to it a few more times.
  • also, imo i am picturing a music vid with a girl going to a show and her girlfriend is onstage with a gorgeous group of backup dancers, and she’s singing/performing the song to her gf in the audience. the lighting is very red and gold, there’s lotsa slow mo artsy dance shots, and THEN the song ends when the singer blows a kiss into the audience and her gf catches it out of the air and holds it to her face, then when she moves her hand away there’s a lipstick print on her cheek
  • right, im really gay, moving on!
  • The One i think i like the bop of this one a lil more than my first listen of higher i think? (and fyi, i have listened to higher 6 times in the course of writing this) like its got that solid beat n how it builds up into the chorus, not otherworldly but good.
  • and i guess this is a thing now, so for the mv im thinking… its in a mansion, sort of primarily black and white colours, except for the bright red of the wine she’s pouring herself and some other things probably, and carly’s lounging around in various expensive dresses in this mansion as she sings, in the the bathtub twirling her pearls, sitting in a window seat gazin out at the driveway below, against various classic greek style statues
  • and im not sure what it’s called, breakdown? at 2:10 till 2:40ish where the singing is a bit muffled? well, thats a bit thats shot in a yellowish lighting, so it looks kinda like a flashback, and she’s bouncing on a bed with this other girl and theyre just giggling and having a pillowfight, feathers are slow mo flying around like snowflakes, and then when the breakdown (still not sure if thats what its called sorry) ends around 2:40 the feathers have settled down and lighting blends back into the normal one but! 
  • the other girl is still there and theyre smiling at each other, and then the rest of the music vid continues with carly singing around various spots in her mansion, and then in the end the door is opening and the girl’s hair is blowing around and obstructing her face when she looks back, before she walks out the door
  • Fever this one hooked me before i finished listening to it once, not in the same way as first time (i dont think anything here will be able to beat that) but like, tbh i wanna do this at karaoke even tho im not good at karaoke, i just wanna be singin this in the car with all the windows down and it suckss that i dont even know the words yet ahh, why cant i learn the words faster
  • i think we can all agree that a music video of this would involve a grungy looking girl in scuffed sneakers, snapback, ripped jeans, sneaking out of her house at night on a bike to visit someone, and that Someone is revealed to be her girlfriend thru shots of them together interspersed with her biking and singing, and thru these shots it’s revealed they got into a fight, and the biking girl gets to her house and almost skins her knees in her eagerness to get off the bike, and she runs around the house to her girlfriends window and chucks pebbles at the window to get her attention and then she pulls back the curtain and opens the window
  • and then theyre staring at each other apprehensively for a few seconds, and im not sure if it would end with the girl in the window slowly cracking a small smile and gesturing for her to climb on up, 
  • OR for her face to close off just before she closes the curtain, and then a shot in the room of her leaning back against the wall next to the window wiping her eyes, then cut back to the other girl picking up her bike and gripping her handlebars tightly, she’s biting her lip and sniffles back tears before riding off into the night again
  • im not sure which would fit the song better, i want it to be the first one but.. not sure if it is.
  • Body Language im jammin to this un now that im not sleepey like when i started this last night. i love all of it, a solid jam, every bit is great and fits all together (im still quite confused about Store in this respect). and yes tara, i totes agree this is about a Girl.
  • hmm, apologies if this is too obvious, but as music vids go, im picturing this taking place primarily in a dance class… im defs seeing opening  shots of like, rows of multi coloured leg warmers. so the class is practising for their upcoming big show and the Main Girl singing the song has a super big embarrassing crush on one of the gorgeous lead dancers, and she keeps trying to compliment her and stuff, but the lead dancer is just like aw thanks :) and Main girl is internally smacking her head like no, i meant that in a gay way, ahh! 
  • and then leading up to the main show and there’s this rlly dramatic dance where a bunch of girls are paired with boys to do lifts and other higher level dancery (at least, thats how it was for me in dance class), and Main girl is watching from the sidelines and the Lead dancer is so beautiful and finally she cant it anymore and she runs onstage halfway thru and hipchecks her male partner while Lead dancer is doing a spin facing away from him, and then she turns back Main girl is the one to take her hand
  • and at first the Lead dancer is like oh..? but they continue the dance together and of course - theyre really good together, and they both start grinning really big, and then towards the end of the dance there’s a big dramatic leap and Lead dancer is a bit nervous but Main girl catches her perfectly, then lowers her down in a dip her as the song ends and theyre staring at each other, and it looks like theyre about to kiss and and the audience is cheering and throwing tons of flowers at them as the curtains close. then theres a shot from behind the curtain of Lead girl grabbing Main girl’s face and they’re kissing. the end.
  • Cry “he never never wants to strip down to his feelings” oh cool, okay, i actually liked this one more than i expected from ur ranking lol, emotional vulnerability yikesies! but also i like the rhythm of everything beyond the words and stuffs
  • so this seems to b pretty explicitly about a guy.. im thinking a music vid would be like, primarily cold, bluesy colours, and carly thinking about her man, and it sounds like they broke up p recently i think? and she’s talking to her girl friends about it, she’s v upset cos it’s still raw, and theyre trying to make her feel better, but like, not just like theyre distraction, cos she has to get her feelings out and actually cry and talk about what happened to feel better about the whole thing, theyre kinda validating her like, ur still awesome and its ok to be sad and we’re here for u <3
  • Store look, im sorry but this post about harry writing bauble songs is all i could think about when i first heard this
  • im not sure what this song is about? i mean obviously it’s about going to the store, but why? so u wont see me anymore? why is that, is it a store u cant go into, is it a store carly loves so much she’ll never leave, what is going on. is she shopping to distract hrself from a breakup, i dont know?
  • like the verses are nice and soft and they make sense just on their own but then the chorus comes in almost like a.. march? and they kinda contrast a bit too much, like idk, the wiggles guest-starred to write the chorus and carly was like here lets randomly pick a song that needs a chorus and squish this in? it feels almost like it belongs in a cheesy product placement song, except The Store is too vague, unless all Stores are gonna pay CRJ for giving them attentions, in which case hey, great idea! idk, maybe im just tired, and this’ll make more sense later, who knows
  • music vid is pretty simple, opening shot of a mall, u spot carly and she’s starting to sing and then it turns out she’s heading a flash dance mob in the mall, and just lots of cute girls bein cute with carly at the forefront
  • Roses ooh i think this is a softy lil emosh love song, the kind u wanna cover ur face at? (an extreme example of this is somebody loves u by betty who, which a pal of mine once described as icing sugar as music, which is so tru and i love it!) this feels v high school-y somehow to me? i was v embarrassing in high school, but like imagine a girl singing this for u at a hs talent show and try not to blush, i cant do it??
  • i think the music video could be that, just like a girl in high school (or middle school tbh) slowly realizing she’s in love with another girl in her class, and being like intensely emotional about it and not knowing what to about it and she catches herself doodling them holding hands and what their last names would look like mashed together in the borders of her notes and she’s just like oh my god, really wanting this girl to notice her in the same way almost as much as she hopes she’ll never figure it out
  • cant figure out the ending but tbh im kinda seeing it just ‘fade to black’, like no real resolution happening?
  • anyways i been v sleepy writing this mess but i hope it makes some sense, and in conclusion: emotion side b is very good and im very gay abt it

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What's your favorite part about Kuro and Mahiru's relationship? (And since I'm a sucker for Mikuni) where do you think his favorite place is to travel?

HOWDY FAM! OH GOD I LOVE KUROMAHI AND MIKUNI SO MUCH I CANT BREATHE *there will be major spoilers in here so stay safe kiddos*

My favorite part of their relationship would probably be the amount of trust they have in each other. Even after Mahiru found out about Kuro killing “Sensei”, he still cared about Kuro and trusted him to such an extent. It seems like that event brought Kuro and Mahi a lot closer. And even though Kuro doesn’t show it a lot, he really cares about Mahiru and puts a lot of faith in him. Its just so cute how much they care for each other ahcsaishjsbaiajdyp


I can see Mikuni really enjoying two countries. Germany and America. I think he would love Germany because his favorite food is Stollen, which is a type of German cake. I can just see him dragging Jeje around town, looking for cake XD

As for the America part, I have a headcannon that the first time Mikuni went to America, he saw a bunch of cowboys in the south and immediately began to idolize them (I hate myself). In all honesty, thats probably why he wears the hat; he’s tryna act like them! Every time he sets foot in America, he becomes the biggest try hard (rip Jeje who has to deal with this).


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yesssssss ughhh i wanna run my fingers through his hair and tuck on his little curls to make him laugh and then i’d kiss his adorable nose and then his cheeks and his jaw and then i’d finally kiss his lips and he’d breathe out in relief and cup my face with his hand so he could kiss me harder i’m so upset i’m not kissing him rn

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For the oc kiss meme thing! 9 or 10 for Orion and Hana? Cause Grey Warden feelings :') also cause Orion is constantly almost dying, rip

WHOOOP i know the week doesnt start until tomorrow but this was cute so i TRIED!! (u get +1 doodle too bc i cant draw and IM SORRY)