Nagatzya, Error and Chocolate^^

today i draw in the school in the math lesson^^ this picture a happy family with my shipchild for @crazycakesunesart ^^ hses so awesome and her drawings are so cute welp i hope you like this beautiful lil picture^^

picture for: @crazycakesunesart
Drawing from: @swthedragonarist16 me

ps: i cant draw hands ;-; looks dumb

welp i hope you like it


premise: rick is jealous that morty is paying more attention to his new phone than him lol

oh boy… >//// is it super obvious i’m still figuring out how to draw these guys ??? (and in general…its been abt 10 years since i posted my art online(idk what’s happening w/ the shading here, that really got away from me)) 

  forgive me

drew my favorite robot and cyborg :)

inspired by gaku space’s insta post

dailyshinycutiefly  asked:

*opens ur mouth and looks inside* what do you have a sore throat or something?