Tokyo Ghoul RE Chapter 125

Really, my first thoughts when i read the chapter was filled with nothing but fluff and happiness. I don’t really care about them having sex or not. 

It was filled with so much underlying meaning, Kaneki’s insecurities, Touka’s acceptance for him, those goofy moments whereby Kaneki doesn’t know what to do, Touka getting stuck in removing her blouse. Kaneki crying. Even the part that it kinda hurt Touka when he *ahem* it in. But she still accepts him after that. 

Also considering the previous few chapters i re-read a couple of times. How Touka asked Kaneki whether he was a virgin(that part was golden). And how you had to see Touka had to deny knowledge of ever knowing Kosaka. even though Touka cares so much for her friend, this breaks my heart. And to see her after escaping and falls into a state where she wants to check on Kosaka whether is she safe or alive or dead. It’s really crushing.Asking Kaneki what does he do when he wants to see Hide, hearing that Kaneki lets his desires swallow him, Touka provided comfort for him, even tho he doesn’t often get it.

Just seeing this 2 characters getting some happiness(In whatever form) just filled my heart with emotions and love. This chapter dedication to them making out and having sex was so well planned and displayed it’s one of the most beautiful thing ever.