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Squad Senario for an INFP (me), ENFP, and INTP. (Lol, we are a small squad)

INFP: *holding grocery bags* Can someone…help me carry this? I’m overloaded helppp
INTP: Oh, I would but I have a rare condition called…um….imtooweakatosis
ENFP: I’m lazy
INFP: gfufuhfhfh I have such great friends
ENFP: Fine, ok…. I’ll help. INTP should help me though *shoves half into INTP’s arms*
ENFP: *takes it back* okay at least we know who the asshole in the group is
INTP: that’d be me, was there ever any doubt?

“Welcome to 4th year”

The words are enough to send a chill of excitement and terror down any vet student’s back. This is the year vet students fondly refer to as ‘hell year’, for reasons I’m sure will become evident within the next few weeks. It’s also the year everything we’ve learnt so far is meant to come together as we begin to feel like little vets. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Here goes…

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: "Impromptu Audit" A comedy. A Tragedy. A Love Story...

3:01PM get to work and start the day just like any other.

7:45PM most check-ins have arrived without incident. Night is slowing down, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

9:45PM auditor calls says shes out of town. Wont be in. yipee -_-

9:47PM I call managers. no answer, leave voicemail’s and send texts.

10:12PM put in multiple wake up calls for guests, while I simultaneously abandoning all hope of going home tonight.

10:14PM order emergency pizza so i have more than 1 meal in a 16hr period.

12:30AM Contemplate the fact that i will have been here longer than some of my guests by the time they check out… and realize I have to teach myself to do audit. sigh

1:30AM had a really awesome conversation with a guest i had never met before. we talked about work, philosophy, history, the future, and shitty cab drivers. whadda guy i tell ya!

2:35AM 1st cup of coffee

3:02AM I finished the audit, and if the gods are merciful, i didn’t royally screw anything up. Only time will tell.

3:05AM fax machine scares the crap out of me because it was so quiet…

3:05AM Pro tip DON’T inhale hot coffee.

3:20AM decide to share my story with all of you.

3:27AM not nearly as tired as I expected to be. Actually turning out to be enjoyable. I have plenty of time to read, which i haven’t had lately, very grateful for that. Not mad at all. I switched to decaf tea instead of coffee for being awake. ill need to sleep when i get home, have to be back @ 3PM.

3:40AM 7AM will be here before i know it, but ill never forget my impromptu audit

The End.



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It’s that time of the year again!

Here’s my year in review for 2016-2017. It’s been a rough year for me with AFROTC, starting a new major, boys, friend drama, and family emergencies. I’ve tried to kill myself once and thought about it more than I can count. I completely failed my spring semester. I lost my dream career in the military and my boyfriend too. But at the end of the day, I can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I know if I keep pushing myself to do things, one day, it’ll all be worth it. 

Thank you to everyone who messages me with love and support on my darkest days, especially the Halo Friends and Arty Hard servers. Half of this artwork wouldn’t exist had y’all not helped me through everything. 

Love and plasma cannons,

Mrs. Chief

Although this photo was taken a week ago, this one seems to be the most fitting to show my current state right now.

Our professors and instructors have been drowning us with papers, case studies, presentations, and exercises.

My current armor to save myself from this chaos: eye bags, heavy lids, hair up on a pony, headband to prevent hair from falling, and a laptop.

This semester is driving me nuts but unlike the previous one, this time I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is also the semester that I am completely living alone in my room since my room mate already moved out. However, I am also moving out to live with my org-mates next semester in an apartment since I finally convinced my parents that I am safe and good to live in one. Hopefully, next academic year will also be my last year in the university, since I am already in senior standing and in fourth year.

I get sad whenever I think about the approaching academic year. If the computation is right, it is telling us that about 37 members of our organization will be graduating in 2018. The thought of leaving the organization and the university itself appeals to me in a exciting yet scary and saddening way.

Sometimes, I wish we can put things to a stop, put time into a stop. It is not possible though, is it?

How are you, by the way? Have you been doing well? I hope you are. I hope you are all having the best time of your lives.

i see that i’ll be okay
i see that one day i won’t be crying myself to sleep and that one day i won’t be snapping a rubber band against my wrist every time i think of you and our old friendship. 
i see that one day i won’t be conditioning myself to forget you and the memories of the past two years. 
i see that, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
the problem is, i just don’t think i have the energy to keep walking through it.
—  you didn’t break my heart, you shattered it // m
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

It’s about the size of a star, but it’s there, I swear!

I always send home more money than I need for my loan payments so that whatever is left over builds up a nice cushion for me to use in case for whatever reason I can’t send the usual amount.  At this point, that cushion is a little over $430.

Last night, during my usual freak out of my loan situations and assessing how much I have left on each one, I noticed that one of my undergrad loans has just a little over $300 left in payment.


That’ll free up $25 a month.  And you know what I’m going to do with that extra money? PUT IT TOWARDS A DIFFERENT LOAN THAT’S JUST OVER $700 AND HOPEFULLY KNOCK THAT OUT BY NEXT YEAR.

The expected pay off year for all of my undergrad loans is 2021, but this way, maybe I can knock out the majority of them sooner and could then focus on my grad loans, the majority of which have a pay off date two years later in 2023.  Maybe….just maybe…. I can rid myself of the majority of my big loans before I’m 35, gasp!

Or that rich uncle I’ve never met and don’t know exists can finally die and leave me his fortune.

Beneath Your Beautiful

Pairing: Y/N/Soulmate!Michael

Rating: All

Request: Yes

Words: 3.000+

Summary: In which everyone has a stripe in their hair that matches their soulmate but Y/N suffers with cancer and has lost all of her hair

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6786 words and I finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Right now, I don’t care if anyone reads it or if I never post it. I’m so stupidly proud of what I’ve done and I like my story (go figure!). It’s not over yet, but, it’s working and I’m so happy. I made it work. Having a stubborn story haunting you when you can’t find the right words to tell it, is a nightmare. 

Batfam Week - Countdown to Final Burnout - 1

- Started writing the last chapter (Father’s Day, Alfred’s POV) for Batfam Week today.

- Spent the better part of two hours researching architectural styles, baby names in England from the 1950s, and Alfred’s multiple backstories and family relations from all kinds of Batman media.

- Spent half my writing time switching back to AO3 to make sure I don’t break continuity with IWGA, while simultaneously trying to make sure that even people who have never read any of my stories will be able to understand what’s going on.

- Suddenly realized that I’ve been publishing my status updates later and later so that I have now effectively skipped one day in the countdown. Also, I fail at basic math.

- On the bright side: the first chapter will be uploaded in about 21 hours. Rejoice!

1 day and counting…

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Hello there. I really don't want to be here to cry myself out here but ... I'be been feeling pretty bad lately with health issues, running from doctor to doctor and taking drugs to feel somewhat happy. I can't help but feel lost, ugly and missunderstood - and I can't see any light at the end of my tunnel. I'm not here to be a burden I just wanted to ... be here and have someone to listen to me. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you or Mun with this.

“No, my dear, you aren’t bothering either of us,’ the Host assures. ‘And I don’t mind you venting to me; venting can be good. I’m just so sorry that you’re having to go through all of this. I could never imagine how difficult it must be, and yet you’re still here, still fighting. Since I’m not exactly able to give advice, both  ( ´ ▽ ` )  and I unfamiliar with the subject, I hope this will be enough: I believe in you, and even though you might not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, you will one day. Never stop trying, because then that means you are stronger than the world. If you–any of you, my dear Readers–ever need to let anything else of your chest, I’m always ready to listen. You will never be a burden. And if you want me to keep it private, I will. Just keep that in mind, dear. I’m always here to talk.’“

Beyond Strength

I believe I am strong.

If I can make it through my daily struggle and go back to sleep for another day, I am strong.

If I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am strong.

If after everything I’ve seen and been through and I can laugh, I am strong.

If I can live in a society that punishes me for being different,

I am beyond strength.

-Kenton Wright

Suck it up.

Do you constantly feel like there is a cloud, a storm of misery on your shoulders, weighing down your whole life?

You try to hide it. You get up every morning, gathering up the courage to get yourself through with the day. You fake a smile every now and then. You create a list of positive affirmations. You write them down and repeat them religiously – even in front of the mirror. You try really hard to shower yourself with positivity. 

Things start to get better for a while. You feel different. You think to yourself, I can finally see that light at the end of the tunnel. But as you try to proceed with your new, carefree and positive spirit, your inability to stay consistent brings you back to your previous self. You return from your momentary lapse of reality. The illusion you’ve temporarily come across is shattered and it’s back to square one. You have to face the fact that your life is just plain miserable. But is it really?

Try to compare what you’re going through with the lives of the 925 million people who are suffering from hunger. They are the 13.1 percent of the whole world’s population who go undernourished on a daily basis, consuming less than the recommended amount of calories a day. And you probably complain when the food you ordered at a restaurant is taking along time to come out.

How about the lives of one third of the world’s population who live in conflict-affected low-income countries? You can see them almost everyday on your television screens. How unfortunate mothers would run across shelled streets to get food, how children play football in among the mortared remains of empty buildings. Living in a world with a backdrop of gunfire and sirens making their ears ring. And you complain about not being able to stop the voices in your head, while it is actually quite clear that you have the control keep up the negative thoughts, or simply try your hardest to silence it.

Because unlike the ill-fated bunch that were previously mentioned, you have always been given a choice to take charge of your life. Whether you decide to take the wheel and steer or simply turn a blind eye to those choices, it is really up to you.

It is these mistakes in thinking that we tend to subconsciously make most of the timecausing us to have a negative take on life. The truth is if you’re reading this right now, you’re definitely doing better than a lot of people in this world.  

Be the kind of person who doesn’t complain, suck it up and keep moving forward because that’s the best option.

You are alive. At this very moment, as you are looking at this – whether through your desktop, your smartphone, or any other kind of screen in front of you – you are reading, thinking, breathing, and you are perfectly fine. Remember to be grateful for all the things you do have while you still do.