I’ve been so stressed and uncertain about what I’m studying and if I’m ready to spend up to 7 more years studying it,

But then today we had a lab meeting where for the first time I got to just talk political evolutionary psychology with a bunch of people way smarter than me and I’m so inspired and I have so many ideas for experiments and now I want those years so I can make them happen and find all the answers and I’m sO STOKED

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I think that Scott is really smart and intelligent even as smart as Lydia the reason which is surprising since all the things he's been through and still has to go through honestly, the only reason his grades weren't great during season 2 if I remember is because this supernatural crap and he had to basically skip all his classes even the teachers were like this isn't like you so basically he gets As now I ship Scott and Lydia but I hated that scene so much how could Lydia say such a thing like

that? It reminded me of season 1 Lydia and the thing is he’s really been there for her more than anyone else probably things she doesn’t even know about and it seems like he made her a better person because season 1 Lydia was bratty and look at her now.  sorry if this is long it’s just I have a lot of feelings about this I seriously think he has had more AP classes though.

So, I don’t ship Scydia, mostly because I don’t really like Lydia (and because the fics that had them as a pairing pissed me off - they all treated Scott like a dog; but that’s another story)…

But yeah, I hate how they’ve reverted Lydia back to her old self. They’re literally throwing away two seasons worth of development - for what though? For comedy? We saw her get over her old persona, we saw them give her more layers and get into her powers and I was down for that; but what are the writers doing now? She so condescending and nasty and has this smarty-pants complex that just has to fucking go. I hated the scene, Lydia should be the main person to at least relate to him, she should be the one who knows exactly what he’s capable of especially since they’ve both had to fight similar obstacles. I’m so tired of people he’s been ride or die for doubting him like he hasn’t ever come through for them. (don’t get me started on how they dragged Kira into that shit smh)…

I hate the dumb!Scott trope with a passion; the fandom basically thrives off of that shit - even though it’s been proven wrong time and time again in canon. Dude, it was established in season 1 that getting bad grades was not normal for Scott and we know that all of the supernatural bullshit was the cause of his grades slipping, so why is dumb!Scott even a thing? Just because he’s a good person and cheery and optimistic doesn’t make him unintelligent. He’s worked to get where he is and he’s doing exactly what he promised his mom he would despite all the shit that’s happened.

** I think it’s possible that he has had other AP classes. If not AP, he’s definitely had honors classes… you only have to get an like an 85 or higher in the prior class to be eligible for honors classes - I don’t doubt that he’s been making those grades.

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Hiya! So I need some help so my new "friends" ( two towns are conjoined in one school ) are always talking shit about everyone even there close friends and I'm just really sick of them but they are just backstabbers and I wanna just not be friends with them but they are gonna start drama and all that so can you help me out here? Sorry for the long paragraph xx and sorry if it's confusing

I think you should just try to slowly drift away from them… Like start talking to new people and gradually spend less and less time with them, try and make it seem as natural as possible, so that they don’t see it as a betrayal or something… But honestly, you don’t have to justify yourself, if you don’t like them, then stop spending so much time with them, and if they start drama, then so be it… You’re smarter than that! xx


so as some of you may know, and some of you probably don’t, Denmark had it’s general election of 2015, and sadly The Danish People Party and Venstre (Left, which isn’t left oriented in the slightest) won…

This sadly happens once in a while, because the population either gets tired of paying high taxes (and forget why we pay them apparently) or because they’ve been filled with propaganda from the media because of “scary” things happening around the world.

At least the actual parties left of the center got so many votes, that the ones right of the center can’t just make up laws completely without their influence, so we might get through this.. eventually, when people want their benefits back… or get smarter (but I’m not hoping on the last one)

What really scares me though is that I’m already on benefits from the government, because I am basically forced to live as a NEET, thanks to my autism spectrum disorder, and the fact that the public authorities that by law should be helping me, ignores me completely, if they want to cut in my benefits, then I’m starting to wonder what the hell will happen to my life for at least the next four years :/
Because all the well off people, and the ones who can easily get a job mistakenly thinks that the reason we don’t get off benefits is because we’re lazy assholes, who in most cases are just making our problems up, and should just pull ourselves together already…

So yeah, that was my little rant, I really hope we can make an effort to change the mindset and culture in Denmark at some point, so it won’t always be this cycle of people who want social equality, then people who don’t…

But if this goes on… then fuck it, I’m moving to Sweden :/

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“Probably green grapes. I don’t have a reason why, they’re just usually the first ones I go for when I’m sitting at the dinner table at Hogwarts, or when I’m out shopping. Are they cheaper than the red ones? I dunno. I just usually go for them.”


“Someone who is trustworthy, funny, clever. Anyone who can make me happy when I’m feeling like shit, that’s a big one, actually all of these are if I actually liked someone. But if I didn’t, well, if we’re drunk and I like the look of you, guess that’s a turn on as well.”


“A douche. Like, that’s all I can say. I mean, you know the type of people who think they’re smarter than everyone else and you just can’t handle being around them? Yeah, them. Shit. I’m basically on about myself. Okay, right, well, someone who is like me.”


“Wake up, lay in bed for around half an hour or so, go the bathroom, get dressed, put on some makeup whilst listening to music, have a quick smoke, get my shit ready for school then I go to the hall for some food if I’m hungry.”


“Ha. Fuck no.”


“Good question. I’ve been living without people all of my life, so it’s actually somewhat difficult. But right now? The person who I feel like I need the most? Probably Chris.”


“Chocolate when I have cravings and vanilla the rest of the time.”


“No. Like, I hate Miley for making that a thing. Every time I go to a club, that’s all I see the girls doing. It’s embarrassing.”


“As much as I seem as though I’ve fucked up quite a bit, I feel more satisfied right now more than ever before. It’d odd.”


Lately I haven’t been doing very much. I normally work wed-Sunday so I’ve been busy with work and my philosophy class. I find it funny actually because my teacher is very “this class is going to make you so much smarter” “this class is so interesting and you’re going to love it” I haven’t loved any part of it or any of the philosophers that we’ve read. So yeah, and I for a fact don’t think it’s making me smarter in anyway. Oh well, you do what you can to pass haha. So yeah I hang out with Marissa and cole a few times a week which is cool but they’re becoming pretty clingy and into each other which I mean good for them just not good for me. I had a breakdown the other day because I realized how wow, all of my friends right now has that person or is really talking to someone. It sucks for me because at times I feel like I don’t really have anyone to go to and I’m not a priority to people anymore. So I think in some ways I’ve just been trying to lay low. I hung out with Sabrina and Julia the other day and had lunch in the park and nothing is really new with them just same old same old. I hung out with chris the other day and he ended up going through my phone and saw a pic of me giving justin head. So… That wasn’t good. I told justin about it and he was upset and just didn’t talk to me for a bit. But yeah, him. I don’t know I’m frustrated in many ways and I tell myself I’m going to stop talking to him and I’m going to let him come to me and make an effort in this friendship but whenever he gives me a little attention I jump and its bad. I’m going to work on that for sure. This weekend I’ll be at my dads, today I work at Rojo and I’m kind of excited because I’ve never worked a Friday before but then again I worked last night and I was beyond dead. So hopefully today goes well. Then tomorrow I have a grad party then k work at kruse and then I’ll hang out with the homies. Sunday is Father’s Day so I’ll be at church and then we’re going out to kruse for dinner. I really need to study for my philosophy test as well. That’s on Sunday and its over a lot bleh. So that’s life

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I don't really get the whole "dude/bro =no homo!!!!" attitude. Maybe it's just because I'm not american but I don't see anything wrong with it? Tatum (the script writer) is gay as well, so I highly doubt he would try and 'no homo' everything. Typical tumblr being tumblr and overreacting to everything as usual.

Thank you for this~ I feel the same way (although I have deleted all of my posts bc I don’t really want to offend anyone and some comments I made were not put as eloquently as I would like and sounded more like attacks so I just thought it would be smarter to delete them). I’m glad other people get this because I literally got no ‘no homo’ vibes at all like I could clearly see how close they were if that makes sense. And I didn’t actually know Tatum was gay but now that I do like you said I doubt he would be like 'oh no they can’t be gay’ bc that wouldn’t really make much sense. Thanks again for the message~


I’m good at my job. Nobody can tell me I don’t because I’ll out do them instantly. It’s what I live by, “I want to be the best.” I’m smarter than the Team Lead and everyone knows that. All she has is experience and she’s 3 years older than me and kisses ass. When I get my associates then bachelors and maybe my masters I’ll be set, I just need to get my experience first. All I hear is “Good job” or “Hey can you help me?” Or even better “I would have never thought of that!” It makes work go by faster 😏

Missing The Man Who Is There

Chris is the love of my life. He is a genius. Smarter than anyone I’ve ever met. I learn something new from him every day. He sees solutions in everything. He can work both inside and outside the box with ease. For him, there’s no box at all.

The first time I locked my keys in my car since we started living together I panicked. It was just such a small, stupid thing. He said if I gave him a coat hanger he’d make a tool to get them out. He took a lot longer on it than I was expecting but not long, only about 30 minutes. I was so impatient back then.

I had expected that he was just going to straighten it out, but he built a contraption with a few other things he had lying around. The result was a device that could grip with a trigger and bend through a crack in a window. It was dexterous enough to unlock the door easily. He’s a skilled inventor and craftsman.

He’s also an artist. That’s how we met; I was an admirer of his artwork. He drew fantastic creatures doing fantastic things. Very expressive, very talented. He taught me how to create for creation’s sake. He taught me real lessons about work and dedication. I was merely a consumer before I met him. I owe much of my own development to Chris.

He is incredibly insightful about so many things. He knows so much more of the world than I do and yet he typically just stays in his room. I love him deeply, and I love talking with him about how things work. And talking about the future. Our future, the future of the human race, and the future of the universe in general.

I love talking with him about the little things too, of course.

//- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I miss talking with him most.

That isn’t to say he doesn’t talk with me now. He’s alive, but he is unwell. Chris has bipolar disorder. This doesn’t mean that he’s “moody” though there’s some truth to that. Most of the time (The last 3 years, not counting the last 2-3 weeks) it means that he’s himself, and he’s smart, but he might be very depressed. Or he might be very intense and focused. Or he might be up and excited. He might be afraid to go out but he loves people.

But every once in a while he goes through what is known as “manic psychosis.” He loses touch with reality. Now he ranges from talking nonsense in multiple voices to himself and and writing down anything that comes to his mind, to believing that I am trying to destroy the world by syphoning all the entropy out of our house using the power cables connected to our TV and game systems in order to maximize order within the house and trap him in a hell world for eternity while the rest of the universe crumbles into chaos. This is as verbatim as I can recall, and is only one of many delusions.

On his best days during these trying times he’s generally happy, but he makes jokes that aren’t funny. They don’t make any sense to me but make plenty to him. If I don’t smile, he might drop back into paranoid delusion again. I much prefer him to be happy, if random. I’ve become much better at smiling.

But I miss talking with Chris. I miss Chris so much, even though he’s right here.

Last time he went through this neither of us knew what was going on. We didn’t know anything about bipolar disorder. I didn’t know how long things were going to be this way. I found out that with medication and effort the really bad psychosis can be thwarted in about 2 months, and that he can be back to his normal, wonderful self in about 8 more.

It’s hard to remember much from the first time. It was very traumatic. I got though it partially due to absolution; I didn’t know what would happen so I just took everything one day at a time. I had to re-learn how to love Chris, and at times I thought he hated me in return. I figured I had already lost the love of my life; I was just going through the motions to keep him from hurting himself, or me, with a glimmer of hope that maybe, someday, he’d return.

He did. It was wonderful. It was so good to have him back. We had 3 very good years together after this ordeal. But with bipolar, this shit comes back. Even medicated, it comes back.

We were moving back into our old house. We had been living with my mom for financial reasons, and the stress of moving in with her nearly sent Chris back into mania. But it didn’t. I believed that he couldn’t end up in this situation again. But I was wrong. When we moved back into our old house, the stress was enough that he had a psychotic break, and now we are back to where we were 4 years ago.

I started crying into my pillow today, and couldn’t stop. Over the past couple weeks I had been keeping up appearances around Chris and acting like things are okay – even normal – and I try to keep smiling. But today I just couldn’t do it. All I can think about is the Chris that is missing, the Chris that I’ll hopefully see again. But not for some time. Possibly 10 months. Possibly longer.

I miss him so much. It hurts so bad. Normally if I am sad I go to Chris, he always makes me feel better. We can laugh at problems together. I have no one to go to now. No one I trust implicitly. No one who is always there. My friends, family, and coworkers are supportive but they will never truly understand what I am going through. I pray that they never have to.

Chris noticed I was crying. It was hard not to. I hope he didn’t think I was crying on his account, but he’s smart.

A short time later he came back in carrying a paper plate. He said “I saw you were crying so I drew you a dragon. I hope you like it.”

I love him so damn much. Tears continue to stream as I hold him close. I hope he understands how happy he made me, even though I look so sad.

Chris is still in there. I have to remember that. Chris is still with me, even though it feels like he’s gone.

He’ll get better eventually, and then we can treasure the good times again, together, for as long as they last. And longer still.

Once he goes to sleep (He’s been awake since yesterday) I’ll plug everything back in that he dismantled to stop my evil entropy plot, get reconnected to the internet, and share this with the world. I don’t think the world needs to hear this – or even wants to – but maybe people will understand a little of what I am going through, and maybe it will help someone else going through something similar.


Okay, so before you judge, these little children’s bottles are actually really smart to have amongst your other polishes. You can use them just as toe nail polish, as tester colors (because you can pretty much guarantee that another brand has a full size version in a similar shade if not the same one), and maybe if you’re not a big fan of glitter but you like the look, you can get a whole pack for like a dollar at claires or something. And of course, if you have children or younger siblings it’s a lot smarter to hand them one of these over your more expensive brands. I’ll make a note to swatch a few of these to show that you can get really good results with them. 

Some people. You would like to think or hope someone who has already had 2 DUIs would be smarter about drinking and driving. But no. They post snapchat pics of them having “road sodas”. Open cans of beer while driving in the car. I hope he gets caught and arrested again then.

My cousin cannot seem to grow up. I get we all make bad choices and mistakes. But it seems like he’s bragging about it or something by posting a pic of it. And he’s a soon to be dad too most likely. Just frustrates me when people can’t seem to grow up and continue to be immature then complain about how hard shit is for them…hmm I wonder why.