Ahhhhhhhhhh it’s been almost a year since I’ve started badly drawn ! I appreciate all the follows, messages of kindness and encouragement I’ve received, and yes.. The memes. I still get so happy to see people laughing at the badly drawn content and hope people will still continue to do so. Glad I could make you smile !!


↳ prompt: all is futile

why fight against it?

How I want Shadowhunters

Runes: Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed the runes in the movie but um I don’t know about you …but did they have to be so big? I pictured them noticeable obviously but not so noticeable if you get my drift.

Alec and Jace: This shouldn’t even be something I should have to mention but since the movie failed to do this…HELLLO. THEY ARE PARABAITI…GIVE THEM MORE SCENES..SHOW that Jace actually cares about Alec…and IZZY. YEAH. Show that they look like a family instead of teenagers who fight demons together…

Ravener Demon: Make it actually look somewhat like how it was described in the book? Also make it talk because it talks to CLARY IN THE BOOK. Oh and let Clary kill it this time please?

Raphael: I’m sorry but you can’t forget the person who led them to the vampire LAIR in the first place..like..no.

KEEP THE INCEST STORYLINE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. (Obviously we know they aren’t really brother and sister but..again that is one of the main reasons I stayed in this fandom.)

KEEP ALL THE COUPLES WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. CLACE, SIZZY, MALEC..because I will not tolerate a team Jace and a team Simon okay? I will not tolerate it.

Just sent my mom an updated wish list:

I want these shoes real bad.


Thankfully I can fit into a size 3!

(I also think it’s hilarious that I’m 22 years old asking for shoes marketed for kids 4-7.)

I also added this:

Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey

I saw this in Barnes and Noble and it looks so awesome. It has so much information!

Bran and Rickon - Game of Thrones

Why isn’t anyone asking, where bran and rickon are this season? 

Happiness Awaits

Okay guys I NEED to share a fic rec with you all. This series (there are 15 fics so far) is one of the most amazing johnlock things I’ve ever read in my life. McKenzie (the lovely mssmithlove1 here on tumblr) is a great writer and her fics will make your heart beat faster and fill up with love and happiness. Her characterization is very accurate and for the ones who are like me and love AUs, this is a gift from heaven. There are a lot of teenlock and unilock ballet!lock and Rugby!John, but you’ll also see different things like geek!Sherlock and Greaser!John, Sherlock with a tongue ring (!!!), an equestrian AU and if you like angst, there’s an amnesia fic that will kill you and make you whole again in the end and other two with bullying and forbidden love in victorian times.

I’ll shut up now but you can see that I really love this lol 

Description: This is a collection of delightfully sappy short stories. There will be love, sex, angst, first meetings, first kisses, first times, teenlock, unilock, ANYlock really, and they will have all the feels one can have. Every story will be a different length, some longer, some shorter. Every story will be different and as of now the only theme is that they will all have happy endings.

Link: Happiness Awaits, by Mssmithlove

kattyangel asked:

It's too bad we can't see Caroline's face in the dancing photo, but Klaus definitely looks like he's enjoying himself. And, given her body language, Caroline doesn't look to be on her guard or tense (though that could just be 'cause of proper posture for dancing) (then again, neither of her hands are tense or stiff - perfect indicators of fear or stress). So whatever they are talking about, I think it's on something that wouldn't remind Caroline that they're enemies, that Klaus should be feared.

that’s exactly what i assume too. her body language doesn’t initiate any fear and/or anger towards klaus from looking at the stills. klaus looks very enticed with caroline whilst they’re dancing so yes whatever they are talking about it couldn’t possibly be something bad and i hope not either. also the synopsis for the episode says “Caroline discovers a side of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) no one would have suspected.” so i can only imagine that it’s a good thing, he must be showing more of his humanity to her if it’s something we’ve never seen much of. i’m very excited i have to say i can’t wait. i’m glad she’s wearing his bracelet too, another indicator that it’s somewhat a positive build on things between them (also thank you for sharing your ideas!).