it’s almost valentines day and the only thing i like about it is all the cards tumblr makes and these are my two favs i made a few years ago 


also you guys should send me fob ones (not like specifically to me i mean like send ones you make because they’re usually v fun/funny and i need to procrastinate hmwk with fob puns)


Eva watched the ship pull away from the dock with a satisfied smile, feeling the wind run through her hair, and closing her eyes for a brief minute as she inhaled.. Sure, this cruise wasn’t exactly what she wanted it to be, but it was still an adventure. Turning away from the water, she nearly ran smack into someone, seeming to only miss them by a few inches. “Oh, I did not see you there.”

How I want Shadowhunters

Runes: Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed the runes in the movie but um I don’t know about you …but did they have to be so big? I pictured them noticeable obviously but not so noticeable if you get my drift.

Alec and Jace: This shouldn’t even be something I should have to mention but since the movie failed to do this…HELLLO. THEY ARE PARABAITI…GIVE THEM MORE SCENES..SHOW that Jace actually cares about Alec…and IZZY. YEAH. Show that they look like a family instead of teenagers who fight demons together…

Ravener Demon: Make it actually look somewhat like how it was described in the book? Also make it talk because it talks to CLARY IN THE BOOK. Oh and let Clary kill it this time please?

Raphael: I’m sorry but you can’t forget the person who led them to the vampire LAIR in the first place..like..no.

KEEP THE INCEST STORYLINE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. (Obviously we know they aren’t really brother and sister but..again that is one of the main reasons I stayed in this fandom.)

KEEP ALL THE COUPLES WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. CLACE, SIZZY, MALEC..because I will not tolerate a team Jace and a team Simon okay? I will not tolerate it.


Some updated photos of my beautiful pair of Goniurosaurus araneus. I love these guys SO much. One of my favorite gonis. Second to the yamashinae. I can’t wait to get Jeff moved in with me so I can see gonis all day every day. 

Also, I have some availability in the gonis, so if you want some, let me know and I’ll hook you up. ;)

Just sent my mom an updated wish list:

I want these shoes real bad.


Thankfully I can fit into a size 3!

(I also think it’s hilarious that I’m 22 years old asking for shoes marketed for kids 4-7.)

I also added this:

Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey

I saw this in Barnes and Noble and it looks so awesome. It has so much information!

last fall semester

I’ve been ridiculously negative and jaded about my university over the past six months.  From all of the traumatic events happening on campus last semester, and the subsequent reactions from the student body, I’ve just been really disillusioned.  But - you know, at the end of the day, I LOVE Mary Washington.  UMW is my home, for better or for worse.  There’s a lot of good to be experienced in the upcoming fall semester (my last one before I graduate), and I’m lucky, blessed or whatever, to be here and experiencing it.  I’m going to take it all in.  There will always be silly people or events happening wherever you are, but by and large I treasure my UMW family and they’re some of the most wonderful people I’ve been blessed to have in my life.

So yup.  I can’t wait.  Bring it on, senior year.