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What's your opinion on Soukoku official art? Is it just bait for Soukoku shippers or........?

Soukoku is comprised of two of the series’ more popular characters. Sticking them together should be a win-win if they want to generate profit. We can blame fujoshi all we want, but they’re the ones buying most of the Bungou-related products and so it’s their tastes that dictate which characters are more likely to be inluded in merchandise lineups.

From what I’ve seen, there’s the general impression that Kadokawa/BONES only wants to push Dazai, Atsushi, Akutagawa and Chuuya. That’d be correct if we’re only talking about merchandise and magazine spreads, but then again, isn’t it a no-brainer that the team would want to include those characters they know will sell well? And mind you, they have tried promoting all characters without bias, starting with the Kadokawa Bunko covers. They’ve even secured collaborations with museums dedicated to the real-life authors such as Dazai, Mori, Nakahara, Tanizaki, and Yosano. Oh, and let’s not forget the cafe collaborations with Sisters, Animega, Animate, Sky Tree Village, etc. That’s a lot of heavy promotion there that does not involve soukoku. As for the character/s who got the short end of the stick, it’s definitely the members of The Guild. Not just because they appeared later than everyone else, but also because Dark Era took priority (there’s buraiha, do the math).

[I would have put some links there so I can’t be accused of making things up, but if you’ve ever used tumblr mobile you’ll know what a pain it is to format posts. ( ・᷄ㅂ・᷅ ) ]

Maybe I got off-topic here. If you’re talking about how so much closer soukoku seems in official art, then I guess that really is bait, like most anime art are.

Pietro Maximoff and Wanda Maximoff

Since Tumblr is being a little shit and we aren’t allowed to have Masterlists anymore, I’m trying to find a loop hole with a lot less links. Let’s try this.



Pietro Maximoff (47)


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Wanda Maximoff (3)

Reading Two


Full of Surprises - Edward Kenway x Reader

A/N: This was not a request but I was so inspired by the lovely headcanons by @blindgeishateahouse (@oreanagalena) that I just had to write a short fic about it.

I love the idea of Edward ballroom dancing especially a waltz. This isn’t a modern AU but I hope you all still enjoy it!

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I would like to write a few dull words about the election and inauguration of the 45th President of the United States which will happen this Friday, the 20th of January—exactly one week earlier would have been more apropos, one feels.

If you’ve no interest in reading them, I certainly do not blame you. We are all exhausted, and it’s only midweek. 


This calamity that it now falls to us to witness and to resist is the result of a highly effective appeal to magical thinking. Magical thinking is defined as the misattribution of cause and effect according to whimsy rather than to logic, generally compelled by superstition, sentiment, or some mix of the two. 

An example of this would be the belief that socioeconomic uncertainty and instability in one’s life are the result of the election of a highly educated and eloquent black U.S. President, instead of the fallout from an oligarchic, military-industrial, hyper-capitalist machinery that, struggling to make ends meet, has as a matter of course increased the rate at which it consumes its own spare parts.

The corollary of such a belief, one might expect, is that the election of a crass, loud, and inexperienced but opportunistic billionaire landlord of German extraction ought to fix things up real nice—instead of ensuring the expansion and further fortification of the oligarchy which, having never exactly accepted this rather gaudy and gauche victor, will nonetheless gladly suffer to be refereed by him, considering the alternatives that were only narrowly displaced last summer. (I speak in particular of the Senator from Vermont, whose quite modest and sensible aspirations toward equality and accountability could scarcely be tolerated even by his own party banner.)

Yes, it was magical thinking that won this election, brilliantly harnessed by a pretty hapless egomaniac and his extremely intelligent and capable friends.

To Make America Great Again was, just as it had so successfully been in numerous instances prior, the perfectly hollow, chameleonic, and moronic clarion call. 

To some it meant the miraculous resurrection of crumbling factories. (Behold, I shew you a mystery: In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed).

For others, to Make America Great Again is to watch in smug self-satisfaction as the wheels of the bus go round and round, round and round in reverse over the colorfully banded wrists—or gold-banded ring fingers—of queer and transgender citizens, in fact backing that bitch up as far as the steps of Foster Auditorium in June of 1963, when Governor George Wallace shrilly reminded blacks of their proper place, in patriotic defiance of the Supreme Court and of the will of most of the heathen nation, for that matter.

The driver on the bus goes, “Move on back.”

For all his shortcomings and his predictable lapses of idealism—I believe the man really did try, at least for a while—still President Obama and his family did provide a thirsty nation with a quiet and powerful symbol. The past eight years have seen, in some measure, the American Dream of the minority made manifest: an African-American scholar with an Arabic middle name ran the Oval Office, right where the nation put him.  

The fabric of Wallace’s heavenly order started to sag a little over the heads of those for whom it had long provided the only meaningful existential drapery, like the peeling, deformed roof liner of an ‘85 Cadillac parked for too long somewheres down in Louisiana. 

It is no wonder that the citizenship, the religion, and the ideological allegiances of our 44th President were called into question by hysterical magical thinkers everywhere; no mystery that his administration faced an oppositional legislature that would rather burn down the house than let the help sleep in the massa suite. 


Please understand: the President-Elect does not give a gilded Russian rat’s ass what color you are, whether or not you want to marry a man or a woman, or whether or not you are a man, a woman, or something else entirely that you may happen to find more beautiful and expressive and true to yourself. 

It is pretty much all good with him. In fact, he needs you for bait and tackle. That’s about the full of extent of his concern with the gays and the blacks and whoever is friends with them.    

More to the point, your presence in the society is welcomed and required by all the plump sucklings who will look on, tails a’twitchin’, as their new Boss Hogg does his dance on the steps of the Capitol on Friday. The anticipation will be unbearably adorable, I’m sure, as the piggies await their face time with the swollen, distended teats of the supine State.

They care only about revenues. Optimal market conditions. 

They don’t begrudge anyone who wants such a thing as an advanced degree in gender studies, little as they may understand it. It is not that they hope to see gay teens closeted or disowned; they do not exactly hunger for young black or Latino families to have to strain to so much as visualize a better future for themselves; it is not their desire, one wouldn’t precisely say, to create and perpetuate war, or to dramatically accelerate the destruction of the environment beyond the merely terrifying and into the limply, hopelessly irredeemable. 

They might in fact find it rather sad that some people count themselves fortunate to be able to survive by choosing between food and medication from month to month, while others cannot seem to subsist on ample rations of thoughts and prayers.  

But those are simply the costs of doing business. The model—which is fully board-approved and actually is going fucking awesome at this point—looks like this:

  • First, you and your values will be painted as deviant, degenerate, and destructive in order that the appropriate persons might stand upon your bent back and declare this terrain to be the moral high ground. Internal studies and the assurances of multiple consultants have proven this to be the surest way to win an election, as it capitalizes on the basest and most reptilian aspects of human psychology.
  • Then you and, if necessary, your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will pay for your right to subsist with your labor, your money, your sweat, your personal freedom and sense of self-worth, and perhaps even your blood. 

Commerce deregulation and moral panic are jolly good bedfellows! 

‘Tis revenue, my boy, and nothing more! 

Dollars and good sense, dear fellow. Units sold, and profits projected.

Such thinking is not magical in the slightest—not even a little bit, not even enough to be kind of charming.


Cessante ratione legis, cessat ipsa lex. That’s about the only truth I hold to be self-evident anymore, so I’m afraid I have scant little to offer in the way of hope or inspiration. 

If you are repulsed, and angry, and frightened, you are not alone. If in looking at certain people you no longer see them as you did before November, well, I understand how that feels. 

Be on the lookout for those who may need your help, for whom borrowing just a smidgen of your courage and your basic human kindness may make a difference you can’t fathom. 

Pay attention to each other, and pay attention to what people aren’t talking about on Facebook. 


We have all become pawns, every one of us, however actively or passively.

Perhaps they took advantage of a small fissure in your family, worming into it and then writhing and wriggling so as to transform the home into an ideological battleground, just as they have with mine and many others I know.

Or maybe they drew a dotted line through your tightly-knit circle of friends, through your school, or across your church. There are about a thousand different ways that can happen. 

Maybe you spend a lot more money and live a lot less life than you used to, and call it growing up, and plan on the same for your kids. In the age of the sassy meme and the decree-by-tweet, pretty much anything is possible. Click to emote. Type to express. What time is it? … Time to get up. 

If they gave you the world and then snatched it back—then this is me hugging you, and reminding you that there are things, baby doll, that can never be taken from you.

I really do have some faith in what gleams within people. On a good day, I extend that munificent confidence even to myself. I have watched the embers die too many times for want of a hardy poke, sure. 

But I have also seen ‘em blaze. Carpe noctem. 

i didn’t play recently, but someone told me Leiftan is Lorialet.
google google google
it told me that they grow wings visible only to other lorialets, but still, wings, WIIIIINGS!

Parvenu à l'âge adulte, ou bien il oublie de s'habiller et laisse ses vêtements se débrouiller tout seuls pour l'endos­ser - I am not completely sure what i just read. 

and i am so sorry, but lol this just happened! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
it’s all because of Accro. you can blame her. 

Now i should probably play those newest episodes too to make more ridiculous art.

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Just wanted to send you all of my love for this horrible time we're going through. Mostly thanks to you Sunday was one of the happiest days in my life (til TFP aired of course). Don't blame yourself for giving us hope, no one could've predicted this.

Thanks Lovely <3 I’m glad I was able to make your Sunday much brighter despite what happened <3 I think that’s the problem with it: we COULDN’T have predicted that they would destroy their own show, which is why a lot of us – general audience, casuals, and all sectors of the fandom – think there’s something fishy going on. The radio silence is more annoying than anything. So either there’s Something More and the world’s most elaborate prank, or nothing more and the worst sort of queerbaiting in history.

“Stop pacing. It’s distracting.”

“––I had a kid! A little girl –– with Mary, I mean. Who I married. Except we just lied to each other all the time. Is that supposed to be an omen? And then she died, Sherlock. Died saving you. It was awful. Jumped in front of a bullet. Imagine if I told her that.” A pause, a shudder. “You’re lucky she likes you.”


“Felt like I didn’t even know her and then she was gone. How the hell am I supposed to broach that subject ever again? Marriage, I mean. ‘Hi Mary; fancy marrying me? I had a dream it all went to shit.’”

“You’ve done worse with your girlfriends in the past.”

“…And then I blamed you for it, and you got really high and kept saying ‘the game is afoot’––”

“As you’ve been so kind to point out to me, such repetition negates the impact of the expression.”

“Damn right it does. Especially when you say it too many times with the hat on. Anyway. I also kind of just forgot about the kid. Dunno where she went sometimes. Shit. Does this mean I’d make an awful dad?––”

“John, do get to the point. This is beginning to sound like one of your blog posts.”

“My blog! That, too. For some reason I was writing like my daughter had been born before it even happened, and also anytime I looked at my blog on my laptop it was a screenshot image. Oh! And. Sherlock. You had a secret sister.”

Raised eyebrows over a copy of The Times. “Intrigue.”

“Yeah. Third Holmes sibling. And she chained me to a well at your family’s place. And she was in talks with Moriarty, which is why he knew all the stuff he did about you and screwed with us for so long. Convenient, isn’t it?”

“Ah, so an evil third sibling.”

“Exactly. And she killed your friend when you were a kid so you turned him into a dog––”

“John.” With an accentuated flap, Sherlock dropped the newspaper he’d been reading onto his lap. “I must stop you there. What utterly ludicrous dribble. Have you been dipping into my old stash?”

“Of course I haven’t––oi, you’ve still got a stash here? You were dead for 2 years!”

“I was pretending to be dead for 2 years; obviously I had a stash to come back to. Emergencies, John.”

“We’re coming back to that in a minute.” John finally stopped pacing about the flat and let out a loud sigh, running a hand through his hair. “It was just…a very weird dream. And it all started when you made a practical joke out of a bomb on the bloody Tube. And y’know, I have half a mind to think you would find my sheer terror hilarious.”

“Rubbish.” Sherlock shrugged. “You’re an overtly emotional person, John. Nothing to laugh about. It’s an unfortunate flaw.”

“Touching.” John rolled his eyes. “Well. I’m…glad none of it happened that way. I’m glad…you’re back and it’s…good.”

“You did punch me, John.”

“Yeah, but you deserved it,” John replied with a satisfied nod. “M’gonna make us some tea. Did you get an email back from that bloke Nathan Garrideb?”

“Five minutes into your nonsensical story, yes. I imagine even his will be more plausible.”

“Right. Catch me up…”

why is my mind constantly on you? i’m tired of dreaming of you. i’m tired of thinking ‘what if you chose me’ . you’re glued to my brain and i hate it. i hate you. but i love you. all this time and i still love you even though i’ll never admit it to you. my life fell apart when i lost you. you were the only person keeping me from ruining my life because i was a mess before i met you and when you left, i became a complete fuck up. but it’s not your fault. i blame myself. i relied on you when i shouldn’t have. you were just so different from every one else. you had a smile that could brighten anyone’s day. i fucking loved it. especially when you would blush and try to hide it. i loved everything about you. you didn’t love yourself but i wanted to help you realize how amazing you were. i loved you so much that i was too blind to see the feelings weren’t mutual until it was too late. now you’re in love with someone else. now they hold your hand the way i used to. now they cuddle up next to you the way i used to. now they make you happy like i wanted to. now they have you but i never got the chance.

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Hey inevitable. I went on twitter to unfollow Gatiss. Out of curiosity, I checked out Amanda's twitter. She recently pinned a post of her on Snap chat saying fuck off. That's all, just fuck off. I wasn't wondering if you or anyone else heard of people harassing her?

Hi Lovely <3

No I haven’t at all, but I’m sure there are people doing that, which I don’t think they should do because it’s not her fault. If anyone is to blame, it’s Mofftiss, should this actually be a case of the worst queerbaiting in history.

Dear Journal,

Do you ever just look at the sky and wonder if there’s life out there. I find stars so captivating. I could look at them for hours. But i hate the moon. Everytime is see it, i get reminded of the curse that lives through my veins. Tonight, we could se the perseids. If you don’t know what they are, i can tell you (and i don’t blame you for not knowing, I am a big fan of astrology that’s why.) Perseids are like a meteor shower that can be visible at a specific time of the year. Tonight, they will be visible from where we are. All day i planned a date for Sirius and I. I wanted to take him on top of the astronomy tower and have a candlelit diner. I know it’s cliché… But even if Sirius keeps calling me “a romantic obsess” i know he likes it. Today in the middle of transfiguration class, i threw a small piece of parchment at Sirius and waited for his reaction. On it, i wrote:

“Dear Pads, meet me at the astronomy tower at 6 pm..
Ps: I love you xox Moony.”

After he read it, he sent me a questionned look with a smirk on his lips. He knew I was up to something. After classes were over we quickly walked up to me. “Re what are you planning?” He said, smirking. “It’s a suprise Sirius.. i won’t tell you..” i responded. It was my turn to smirk at him. I kissed his cheek and told him not to forget about the suprise. I quickly walked away and went to gather the suplies i needed. Candles, blankets, food basket… i had everything I needed. I went up to the astronomy tower and started to place everything. I put down the soft blanket near the railing to see the amazing sunset. I charmed the candles so they would float around the small open room. And i waited for 6 o'clock. It was a long waiting until he arrived. But he wasn’t late. He was right on time. He walked up the stairs with a hand on his eyes. “Moons? You there?” “Yes! Keep your eyes closed! I’ll guide you.” I walked up to him and put my hands on his shoulders to slowly guide him to his place. “You can open your eyes now!” I carefully watched him as he opened his beautiful grey eyes. He didn’t say anything for a few seconds. “Re… you.. you did this for me? It’s beautiful..” He said, smilling. “Of course i did it for you.. Now come on. Let’s eat.” We sat down on the fluffy blanket and ate. “Merlin, you are so romantic moons!” He said laughing. “Oh stop it you love it!” I responded while he giggled. We layed down on the blanket and looked at the dark night sky. “Hey pads.. tonight we will be able to see the perseids. You know, the mete…” But he cut me off. “Meteor shower… i know what perseids are. You’re not the only Astronomy freak you know!” He responded laughing. We closely looked at sky and sirius pointed me a shining star that i really liked. I would recognize it in the middle of hundreds. The Sirius star. “It’s my star..” he slowly said. It’s like he was proud of it, proud of his star. “The brightest star.. My favorite..” i slowly told him. He looked at me with love in his eyes. “It’s really your favorite?” “Of course it is. It reminds me of you.” He put his hands around my waist, hugging me tightly. Suddently, we both saw a shooting star. “Make a wish pads!” We linked our hands and made a wish. “What did you wish for moons?” He whispered. “I can’t tell you! That’s the rule!” I said. He laughed “Rules are made to be broken! Tell me please! I won’t tell anyone..” “okay… i wished that.. that you would love me forever..” he smiled at himself and I blushed. “I will always love you Re.. forever..” and he placed his soft lips on mine. After a few minutes of kissing (sorry for the details dear journal..) we headed back to our dorm and went to Sirius’ bed right away. Falling asleep in eachothers arms.

I’ll write tommorow.
- Remus
January 17th 1976

CBO Predicts 18 Million Uninsured, Higher Premiums In First Year After Obamacare Repeal And Delay
And that's just the short-term effects.

I would lose my insurance, but I don’t care anymore.  Things are going to hell in general.  We are all fucked.  However, I knew this was going to happen.  All those people who voted for Trump and Republicans are just idiots for not thinking they’d lose their insurance.  If millions of Trump voters lose their insurance, how much you want to bet they will still blame Obama.  Or Hillary.  Paul Ryan is a little bitch.  He is seriously a piece of shit.  His shit eating grin makes me sick.  Fuck him.  Fuck him right up the ass with a dildo made of pieces of broken glass covered in acid.

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im a one hundred percent blackmadhi hoe so: please consider,, nayuta as a yoga instructor!! simon signed up for the relaxation, stayed for the ass :)

STOP I’M DEAD I love yoga instructor aus to death!! I want to read that amazing narumitsu one again now haha. but thank you for this prompt! I actually wrote it out this time so I hope you like it!! Under the cut for length

also “signed up for the relaxation, stayed for the ass” has honestly been making me laugh all day omg 

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What signs? Her not being active on insta? Which is full of hate 3 weeks running so I don't blame her. Them spending time with their friends instead of up each other's asses? Pretty lousy signs if you ask me, especially since they still follow each other and so do their friends and family.

Her IG has been “full” of hate since she started dating Louis, all she had to do was disable comments. End of it. Look back before Christmas and compare her sm activity, she used to like every single pic of anyone related to Louis. Every single one. She hasn’t liked one. Not one. Not even his pic. And she’s been back for awhile now. Also I wouldn’t be here saying is not important since you guys praise social media so much. When she was liking his family and his pics it was everything, but now she’s not it doesn’t matter? Ok
Also she’s moving from his house which?? Since she has been “living” with him for months and months (even when she had that YouTube movie - so unless her next job is in another state that’s not the reason - and she’s moving with her friend to LA - so why movie from a 7M mansion anyway?) But yeah, there’s no signs for sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy

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Hi, i just looked at your twitter and your last retweets and i just want to say that i totally agree with you! We should blame all men for shitty birth control plans, even homosexual and asexual men.

lmao cool story bruh–cuz I actually don’t agree with you. Though I do sense a lot of sarcasm here, which gives me the impression you don’t actually understand critical satire (or care), so I wont entertain this ask any further. :D

John loves Sherlock just as much

So why did they write this series as though John was merely tolerating Sherlock’s presence in his life? That Sherlock had to kill himself over and over again for John…only to never hear a thank you and still be treated like the cause of all John’s problems? I call bullshit. John loves Sherlock, he’s obsessed with him actually. They were so busy trying to convince us of his undying love for Mary (who he then cheated on..??) that they effectively took the heart out of John. Just one look from series 1 or 2 had more emotional depth than the whole of series 4.

(It goes without saying that I love Martin and Ben and don’t blame them in any way for series 4. They did the best they could with what they were given)

The SPN Exclamatories, Expletives and Key Words/Phrases Database Project – #2 Croatoan chapter

(or TL;DR How Ben Edlund screws with research protocols.)

For those of you who missed it, I have set out on the totally insane project of researching SPN character language patterns for all 250ish episodes of Supernatural. I have also publicly agreed to share randomly regular reports on this research with fandom on Tumblr in an entertaining way. Linked below was the first report, inspired by @elizabethrobertajones

The Great SPN Meta Scavenger Hunt: Round 2  - The Exclamatories, Expletives and Key Words/Phrases Listicle

This second chapter can also be blamed on credited to @elizabethrobertajones​ as it is the direct result of research for my entry into The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt - Round 3:  Pranks and Belief  –  for which I was forced to re-watch all three episodes that dealt with the Croatoan virus.* (Well, no, I didn’t HAVE to, I admit I wanted to.) SO, for your entertainment, listed below is the raw data and analysis for these three episodes, along with a bit of meta and some pointed opinions about Ben Edlund’s writing choices messing with my research.

For the convenience of those new to the research, the Definitions and Evaluation rubric for this research are listed immediately below the cut. Feel free to skip down to the good stuff (all the cussin’) at whim.

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it bugs me how kurayoru thinks she's high and mighty? as far as i know she makes illegal edits ( not all the time, but she has stolen models before ), yet she gets mad when someone edits her models. and she tries so hard to be a different ethnicity like when i first noticed her she was korean, then she was japanese, and now she's russian??? and if anyone calls her out her white knights show up like "uh no she doesn't do that, you made her cry : (" like if you can't take shit, then be honest(1/2)

( 2/2) be honest, and probably learn from all your past mistakes instead of blaming other people for it/cursing at them??? ps. “im leaving the kagamine fandom, im too intelligent for this” all your “friends” even say your english is terrible, ms. intelligent. also, rinto and whatever rinko is is part of the kagamine fandom… ( sorry for the vent )

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Why not respond to the luke ask huh? That you guys always are like we are not represented enough and are ofended with young izzy. Well white people are not ofended that luke in the show is black. Grow up from the past. You cant blame a generation now from the past

oh yeah i didn’t answer to that because i honestly didn’t get it. I’m gonna past it because i read it again and i still don’t understand 

“ We white people dont feel offended that luke is portrayed by a black guy. Jesus you guys are so fucking pathetic I can’t fucking believe. So done with white shaming all of us and say not being racist while saying white people a lot. You guys are racist as well if you say white. I do not say oh little alec is portrayed by a black hispanic guy and feel ofended”

First of all i’m white so?? second of all what does luke and not being offended by luke being black has to do with young izzy being white while adult izzy is poc? I think it’s pretty normal not being offended by luke being black? i don’t find a sense in what you said to me, sorry. And “you guys are racist as well if you say white”??????