Wow, I can’t believe Blizzard introduced Jetstream Sam to Overwatch!

Jokes aside, I love Hanzo’s new skin.

I really hope to get it before the end of the event!

((By the way, I’ll tell you something.

Months ago I thought about this Metal Gear!Au with Cyber!McCree and Cyber!Hanzo, but I couldn’t think of a cool design for Hanzo.

And guess what Blizz made now?
I’m so happy! ‧º·(˚T∇T)‧º·˚ ))

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Hey so I'm a Hellenic Polytheism (Dionysian actually) and my parents just forced me to get confirmed into the Catholic religion and I chose to take the name of Saint Dionysia. Should I have not done this?

So, I don’t know how to answer this. There’s nothing wrong with theophoric names, but I have no clue about Catholicism, and feel like this may have been disrespectful. But again, I just don’t know. I understand you’re probably hiding your faith, so I also don’t feel like I have any room to try and assess if this was the right thing for you to do or not, because I don’t know the full situation. I’m an outsider, and I’m afraid I just don’t have the insight to give you an answer.


toad made a good effort, but the stars don’t align for him the same way they do for waluigi, or @therealjacksepticeye playing mario kart 8 deluxe is the best thing ever.

(inspired by the best game ever made; this is my first digital drawing… ever… so any critique is v v welcome <3)

tonight i realized how much i love you
watching you there,
seeing you smile.
tonight i remembered the past,
it’s been awhile now but my feelings have only grown.
i can’t talk about these emotions,
but i think about them all the time.
oh, what a wonderful memory,
when i was yours and you were mine.
—  i am so in love with you,
it’s okay that you don’t feel the same.
as long as you’re in my life, i’ll be okay.
but i can’t help but keep hope.
maybe one day.

That moment when you find a Steven Universe criticism blog and get really excited to see what new and thought-provoking ideas it will bring to light so you can think about your favorite TV show in a new and more analytical way, and all the “criticisms” are just:

“I headcanon that Lars is trans. Lars is a jerk. Therefore, Steven Universe is transphobic and provides horrible representation for children, the show should be critically panned, and if you like anything past Gem Harvest you’re just desperate for representation lol.”

“I headcanon that Peridot is autistic. I don’t like Peridot. Therefore, Steven Universe is ableistic and neurotypical and provides horrible representation for children, the show should be critically panned, and also my dog pooped on the floor today so let’s hope the crewniverse dies in a fire.”

“Villains are written as characters and not one dimensional vessels of the plot? Crucify Rebecca Sugar right now.”

“The new episode had pink. I hate pink. End this show.”

….. guys. 

It's official! *hides*
  • Daddy: I know it's sudden... But... Uhm...
  • Little: Hmmm?
  • Daddy: Will uhm... You... Be my princess?
  • Little: *blushes brightly and whispers into Daddy's ear* I will be your prince.
  • Daddy: Okay my little prince.
  • Little: ... *squeals and covers my face*
  • Daddy: Hehe who is my little prince?
  • Little: I am your little prince! <3 *internally screaming inside with happiness*

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thing is though.. does it really matter who's email all of this comes from? like if she's just sending screenshots then isn't it only Sara who can be blamed? or?

yeah but the thing is… (bare with me this is gonna be confusing) 

everyone knows noora and sana are friends. and then they will know that it came from noora’s email. isak probably only told sana about their conversation, he will make the connection that sana was the one sending the screenshots. also bc he made the joke that sara is stealing all of sanas friends.(sana breaks isaks trust bc she just went into his private messages) noora will probably remember that she told sana her password (bc they had a whole joke about it). and that will basically break nooras trust with sana. 

ofc sara will be blamed in the big run because she was the one who told those things. but sana is basically breaking everyones trust. and went behind noora and isaks back and revealed those messages. and noora will also be blamed bc everyone (like at school who aren’t friends with the girls) will think noora is a bad person for leaking them etc