Fallen angels!AU: Jim is a fallen angel, and an ancient one. He fell on Earth because he wanted to be free from rules and morals, and he’s become the monster old angels scare the new ones with. Sherlock has heard the stories too, but he’s not afraid: he’s curious, and to fulfill his curiosity he goes on the Earth searching for Jim. But the relationship they establish leads Sherlock to the same destiny of the other angel.
Luckily for him, Jim is there to catch him when he falls.


addicted week 2017 ≡ favorite scene — lilo + valentine’s day

I stare at our clasped hands while she says, “We want more. We do, right?” 

“Right.” I’ve expressed as much over the years. I can do this again, I always say. I’d have another. Because my son hasn’t kicked me down. When I look at him, I might as well be flying.

“Then we have to start trying and planning or else it’ll never happen. We’re too good at procrastinating, and we can’t procrastinate on this. It’s our family.” She takes a breath, not finished yet. “And I decided to tell you today because I’d rather make this decision on my worst day than my best. I need to remember that there will be plenty of bad, shitty days, and those bad, shitty days can’t derail my future… our future.” 

My eyes burn, my emotions flooding me at once. Jesus Christ. I’m going to cry, and she’s not even crying. “Lily Hale.” I wipe a tear that escapes. “Way to be better at Valentine’s Day than me.”

I can’t believe there’s barely any/no tefferson fanart

not anymore

he’s??? so good?????? 

also,,!!!! you’re my favorite hamilton artist so I wanted to repay you for all the lovely t jeffys and literally everything else as well

thank you!!! for being!! the best!!!! ever!!!!!

I will let you Down

ǀ Sтαятєɗ тнє Ƈσмвιηєя Ɯαя
…Sтαяѕcяєαм тσℓ∂ мє тσ αттαcк Ƈαмιηυѕ! Hє мα∂є мє….
ǀ ωαѕ ɗєαɗ тнє мιηυтє Sтαяѕcяєαм ѕнσνєɗ мє ιη тнαт cєƖƖ.

Ƭнιѕ ιѕ ωнєяє уσυ яєαƖƖу ѕєє єνєяувσɗу'ѕ тяυє cσƖσяѕ… тнє ѕєcσηɗ тнє cαη яυη тσ ѕσмє ηєω cσƖσηу, єνєяувσɗу αвαηɗσηѕ мє.

A ɗαякєя Ɩσσк αт SωιηвƖυяя, αη єνєη мιx σf вσтн ρєяѕρєcтινєѕ
Cover Photo [http://9arco95.tumblr.com/post/123529714292/working-on-a-bigger-blurrswindle-thing-but-its]

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Love Like You- Rebecca Sugar || All this and Heaven Too- Florence + the Machine || The Boys of Summer- Ataris || Clarity- Zedd ft Foxes || Hurt- Johnny Cash || Iris- The Goo Goo Dolls || I don’t love anyone (But you’re not just anyone)- Peter Doherty || So Close- Jon McLaughlin

Art by @9arco95, used with permission.

The stigma (and sexualization) that follows women who enjoy working out / weight lifting makes me so upset. There is no way we can catch a break with men breathing down our necks – we’re too fat, too skinny, and don’t get me started on women of LGBT being victims of unsolicited comments and behavior from EVERYONE because people love to associate sexual preference with your arm day regimine. It’s a lifestyle, and frankly, it’s digsusting that we have to fit in a box to be deemed welcome in all gym spaces just to work out.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that A.Ham is listed as Martha’s brother-in-law real quick

@brostrid She thinks your cold pizza fixation is disgusting.
Do what you want with this information.

@flippythefierce if you thought i wasn’t going to post this think again.

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this