Law of Attraction Affirmation for moving forward

Instead of saying: it will pass, let it go

Say: it is passing, it is going

Now say: ~It has passed, it is gone~

Repeat after me: I am FREE
Free from my thoughts, I am detached and free from those things which were poisoning to my postivity, free from the negative which held me back from being here now

At any point you forget this, remember you have the power to change this &
You Are Free
Namaste <3


Hello everyone here’s my 2nd year film inspired by Kafka’s Metamorphosis!
I couldn’t have done this without my friends and family

I hope you enjoy! 

Just evil guys being evil dudes. 

Also, WOY style backgrounds are DECEPTIVELY DIFFICULT to draw! I guess it gave me an even bigger appreciation than I already had for all the hard work that goes into this show by all the different types of artists, but I’m never trying that again.  ALSO, I should probably give credit where it is due: (under cut) 

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