I just realized I’m really done with college. I ugly cried in the bathroom a minute ago realizing this. Once I get the okay from the professor I’ll never have to do anything with college again. This chapter, this horrible 7-year long chapter of my life is over. I can finally move on. 

The world seems a little brighter today. God, I can’t stop smiling, I’m so giddy it’s sickening and the tears/crying doesn’t help lol. My mom will think I’ve gone mental. I’m even shaking writing this. Guys, I’m really done. I’m really, truly finally done. 

Meet the character- Nekun

[Art done by Corv]

The Basics:

Name: Nekun
Age: 22

One good trait: Loyal
One bad trait: Hostile towards new people 


One bad habit: Doesn’t bathe 
One good habit: Chews on bones 
One habit they can’t break: chew on bones (cannot and will not break that)
One they’ve broken: N/A
What they’re afraid of: being a failure, the ocean 


Their parents names: Mum: Mönkh  Dad: Gan
❖  Their siblings names: N/A
Other relations: None
❖ Favourite childhood memory: There first hunt will always be a favourite
❖ Favourite childhood toy: A knife there mum gave them 
Embarrassing story: The first tree Nekun climbed he got stuck and was stuck up there for a good few hours 
❖ Favourite family member: Mum
❖  A story about that family member: When Nekun was young and not exiled from the camp she would take Nekun with her on hunting trips because she wanted to teach him the ways of the hunt and it was safer for him to go 

What they prefer:

Coffee or tea? Nether
Showering in the day or night? Night
Taking baths or taking showers? Showers
Writing or reading? Reading (if he could)
Platonic or romantic love? Both.
Iced tea or lemonade? Nether
Ice cream or smoothies? Nether
Cupcakes or cake? Nether 
Beach or mountains? Mountains 

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Hello everyone here’s my 2nd year film inspired by Kafka’s Metamorphosis!
I couldn’t have done this without my friends and family

I hope you enjoy! 

Chained no more

Despite the recent confession I made on facebook about what happened to me…I think I’m finally coming down from the high of letting it out.

In 2007, I was stalked, molested, and mentally abused by a classmate. I was looking to make friends with him. He saw a girl he cold control.
In 2008 I went to a new school. Friendless. Alone. I entered a mentally and physically abusive friendship. I allowed once again to let someone control me.

Yesterday, I came out with some of my story on a video.

Yes, I have freed myself of his hold over me.
But. The memories, the ones I still have, knowing I have blacked out most, that is all still very much there.

The sense of closure, telling people you were molested…admitting what happened…it feels so…amazing. But now, now I deal with the aftermath.

While yes, overwhelmingly I feel new, free, I know I am still in a sorts trapped by one persons actions.

From his abuse of me, I became stronger. I gained a voice. From two people who used me, I learned to stop allowing them to take what they want from me. He saw a girl who was naïve, innocent. The other (a very abusive friend) saw a broken girl, friendless and desperate. They used me. Back to back. But they never expected that they could take my broken wings, and give me the reason to fly again.

Yes, I will never fully forget what they did. No, I will not allow the abuse to harbor or stop me. I took their abuse. Mental. Physical. Invasive. Wrong. I turned it to make me the strong force to be reckoned with.

It may have taken me nearly ten years to speak up, but I finally found my voice. I am FREE.


Hello, lovely followers, Ash here! 

So, this banishment spell was devised in part by nightkunoichi, (she’s amazing; check her blog out) and then edited by me. I was dealing with an abusive ex who I ran back to, over and over again. This spell was to banish him and thoughts of him, and then cleansing myself of his negativity. It was done in a pinch, so it definitely can be improved, but I wanted to share it. 

Here’s what you’ve got to do: 

1. Get a blank piece of paper. Write the name of the person you want to banish in the middle in black ink. Envision the black ink soaking up all of the negativity and pain that this person has brought you. 

2. Using red ink, draw spikes around the name, with the points facing towards the name. Envision these spikes as anger and rage that will lash out and wound him or cripple him from further action. 

3. Using blue ink, draw a circle around all of it, so that it creates a container, a cage around the person, the pain of the past, and their possible actions to you. Imagine that this blue ink shield is unbreakable, and if he triggers the spikes, they are trapped in there with him. 

4. Use black salt to make a circle around the paper 

5. Set your intent completely, and release the spell by setting that paper on fire. That’s right, burn it. Burn it to ashes

6. Say these words (or something to this effect):

 Mind, heart, and soul all agree, 

(insert person’s name here) can no longer be part of me, 

They are gone and I am free, 

With these words, so mote it be. 

7. Sweep away or wash away the ashes. Don’t touch them, just get them away. 

8. Thank any spirits/deities you may have summoned, and light a smudge stick or some other way to cleanse. 

The last picture is the end result before I washed it all away. The best part? A storm was rolling in. I also made a sigil for myself to add to the freedom enforcement.

I hope that this helps any of you fantastic Tumblr witches, and thank you for reading it. If you have any questions or suggestions, my ask box is always open! 

Stay witchy, not bitchy!