I think when Kenny starts getting a little too comfortable he starts singing more and sometimes pretty ridiculously, so he and Kyle will just be walking and under his breath he’s singing Phil Collins and Kyle’s like, I love it but. Can you stop.


Couldn’t decide which photo to post so I chose all of them. Of course I chose the ones that make me feel the most pretty. But you should know more than that. I’m a ray of sunshine. I’m in love with love(hopeless romantic but mostly just hopeless). And my family means more to me than anything. Goofy and quite frankly a total loser in a good way. I use big words and I love to read. Not happy with my body. At all. My eyes don’t work properly most of the time. And if I smile too hard(which I do a lot) the veins in my forehead pop out. Did I mention I’m self conscious? I’m selfish a lot too. My heartaches when I think about my past. And Some of the decisions I’ve made. And where my future might go. And where I am currently. It’s hard for me to stay on task. I’m kind of needy. I love pda and attention. I try my hardest to make the people I care about happy. I feel very deeply and get attached easily. I’m currently stressed about everything. I’m a sinner. I feel overwhelming flawed most of the time and unworthy of love … I’m crying as I’m writing this ….but yay for my faith … because I come across stuff like this 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

“Reminding myself He pursues me even when I don’t pursue Him. Reminding myself He continues to tug on my heart even if I don’t respond. Reminding myself He loves deeper than I could ever know.”

And feel moved to know that I am worthy and I am enough and I am blessed no matter what is happening. And even though it all feels so heavy I can lay everything at His cross for only He is strong enough to help me bear the weight of it. I am NOT perfect but that’s ok because I am His.

Yessss 4 parts of Epilogue done!!!! I AM Free!!!! 😎😎😎 Gonna take some time off to read and re read some routes before I begin the After Story / Spin Off, also have a few requests to finish, ESPECIALLY a second part to that Under the table smut, a promise is a promise