I Am From

I am from sunny morning on the beach
Smelling of salt water and sunscreen
From sand between my toes and in my hair
Running around by the water
Screeching with joy
And splashing in the water until my skin wrinkled like a raisin

I am from barefoot hikes through the woods
From the natural beauty of this world
From drinking from streams
Smelling the pine trees
And feeling the fresh clean breeze rush through my hair

I am from my family
From my father and mother
From both of my younger sisters
I am from inside jokes that make me fall over with laughter
From road trips, flights, and train rides
From Taco Wednesdays and trips out to Foleys
I am from my grandmother
From coffee cake and angel pie
I am from her kind words and caring smile
I am from my aunt
From long hugs and writing workshops
From her attentive listening and wondering eyes
I am from the love and support that they give me each day

I am from behind the hostess stand
And my spot at the cash register
From camp counseling
And student teaching
I am from customer service jobs and helping people
I am from my Gender and Sexuality Studies classes
From studying the things that I’m passionate about
And learning how to change the world

I am from my friends
My co-workers
My classmates
Even strangers passing by on the street
I am from everyone and everything around me
And I wouldn’t change that for the world

—  A.C.M.

I am fascinated
with your mouth

the way it has loved me

the way it has lied to me.

What an extraordinary gift
that tongue must have
to be so quick witted
and yet
so slowly drawn,

creating pictures
on body frames like blank canvas

tightly coiled,
smoked to the bands

and burning them

I hope
this is a reminder:

you had no right.

—  Michelle K., That Mouth.
No, I’m not the girl that’s going to break your heart with my beauty. I’m not the type of person to go get hammered every night while partying with ‘friends’, because that’s not my idea of fun. I’m not going to make you crave my touch or be unable to breathe without our skin on each other. But I promise you I will always reply to your texts. I’ll pick you up from that party at 2 am because you care about me enough to ask for a ride rather than risk your life and drive. I’ll be in my sweats, glasses and messy bun on Sunday mornings, and you’re always welcome for chocolate chip pancakes. I’m not going to wear makeup to impress you, or short shorts to make your lungs race. I’m the type of girl who would rather watch movies than go out on fancy dates. I’ll be by your side from everything from your goldfish dying to missing your mom when you leave for college. My mind will always wander to you, and how you treat me. I hope you treat me right. I deserve that. I’ll write poems about you that I never show you, because they’re my most personal thoughts. Know you are always welcome to read them; they’re everything I think of you. So, I won’t be the girl that breaks your heart or stops your breath. But I promise I will love you with every bone in my body and every breath I breathe. I hope you promise, too. I’m worth that much.
—  the right one will love you anyway, no matter what
(Excerpts From The Book I’ll Never Write) via tickticktocktime