Podcast aesthetics - The Strange Case of Starship Iris

“Hello, hello? This is the Starship Iris, ID 45-Alpha-76-52-Tango, mission priority 7, under the command of Captain Tom Jasper, sector 284-325, requesting aid. We had—we had a catastrophic shuttle failure as the rest of the crew was returning from their final scouting trip on planet uh, 5925, cause unknown, and I’m the only—um.

I’m the only survivor.

I am. I am. I am.
I will still be if I didn’t think. In fact, it is only then that I would step into a different dimension of consciousness.
Yes, I will still be if I didn’t think. I will still be if I stopped breathing. I will still be because you still are. My words are written and you are receiving them. We are dancing. We are making love.
And when you stop reading them, they will still be because nothing ever truly ceases to exist. There is not a thing that is not. Every thought, energy, and vibration is recycled. 
I am and I will continue to be because I manifest as the universe, therefore I will continue to manifest as the universe.-Kamand Kojouri