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Pinocchio, In-ha and Dal-po, 035

I have failed

Dal-Po places a can of beer on the ledge in front of her an In-Ha immediately curls her fingers around the cold aluminum. She glances up at him and then back to the city. “It is a stupid thing to be so upset about after all this time, but I didn’t get the anchor position.”

“Why not? You’ve raised confidence in MBC. You write better than half of the reporters there.” He pops open his beer and leans against the wall before he nudges her with his shoulder. “You’re the prettiest girl in the whole world. Everyone would want to watch you on the nightly news.”

“I know, right? I’m pretty much the best.” She tries to smile up at him but it wavers and her face falls before it turns into a lie. “Do you know what the suicide rate is for Pinocchio?”

“In-Ha…” He sets aside his beer and reaches for her. She shakes her head and opens her beer. She takes a long drink and sets it back down on the ledge. Dal-Po pulls back but straightens uncomfortably.

“One in five. The burden of the truth is just so much. The notes they left behind are quite heartbreaking. You called me rare once on national television. I’ve never felt that way. Those notes are all too real for me even though hiding and being anti-social just isn’t who I am. That doesn’t mean watching a promotion I deserve given to someone less qualified and less beautiful hurts any less.”

She sighs and takes another drink. She loves that he is so good at listening to her in these moments. She finishes her beer before she holds out her hand to him. Dal-Po immediately takes it and pulls her close. She wraps her arms around his waist and presses her face against his chest.

The disappointment eats at her. The unfairness of it eats at her. She knows she will never become one in five. Her life is full of love and support. She is okay. It was just a hard moment and she needed to tell the truth of it. She is lucky she has someone like Dal-Po.

Dal-Po kisses the top of her head. “I wish you would stop coming up here when you have a bad day. Especially, on days your mother drops off the kids.”

In-Ha winces but kisses him as sweetly as she can to make up for her mistake. “Oops?”

Ship five tumblr users you talk to with any random Kpop idol, and pass it on to those five ♥

thank you 88kaisaranghaja for tagging me and shipping me with kai hehehehe <3333 

i’m not really the “shipping” type of person, but i kinda really wanna do this LOL

ok so OBVIOUSLY i ship 88kaisaranghaja (nabila) with KAI because i know that he really means a lot to you and I think you guys would be really cute together since you both seem like really sweet and warm hearted people :3 i think he would always be able to make you smile and feel special. also kai said he wants a girl who is gentle and caring so you’re the perfect girl for him XD 

noxarcanax (samira), i can’t really ship you with anyone else besides EUNHYUK from suju because i know he’s your absolute FAVE, and also because i think you guys have similar personalities since you’re both ARIES so obviously it’s the perfect match hehehe ;) also you should be with someone who is really attractive and charismatic and eunhyuk is A+++ in both of those categories so he’s definitely the one for you XD 

omggg johanna a.k.a yoyosaphir, i know you love kai and everything but i would actually ship you with SUHO because i think you two would be so cute together XD (and i know you’re secretly suho’s biggest fan hehehe) i think suho would really know how to take care of you :3 also whenever he was being awkward you would probably just laugh along with him and not make fun of him or make him feel bad (unlike me who would be making fun of him all the time XD) 

i can’t ship joy a.k.a kaiternity with anyone besides KAI because i know kai is the only one for you hehehe XD. you’re the only one who appreciates kai’s amazing wolf era hair and his fake piercings and just how SEXY and DELICIOUS AMAZING he is in every way lolol. if you and kai were together i think he would always have fun and be happy because you would be with him :3 

so it seems like i would ship kaisetsunahito (hazel) with kai but i actually think you and baekhyun would be a really good couple!! because baekhyun is really loud and talkative and i think he would be able to make you laugh all the time! he would probably think that you’re really pretty and cute hehehe :3. but obviously if i had pick a second person then it would be kai because i know you love him so much :) 

Fanon Bill Cipher: Good evening Pine Tree, what a pleasure it is to see you, as always. *insert-intelligent-and-charming-statement* *smoulder*


hey hello psa about the weather here

if you’re in the purple areas on this map please stay safe because there’s an ice storm coming that could potentially shut down roads and schools, and make people lose power because of ice on the power lines

  • charge your devices
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  • make sure you have enough food for the next couple of days!!!!

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