After the long weekend that was SDCC, I’ve come to find out that my Richonne panel for Wizard World Chicago was approved.

I don’t know how I will get there or how I will make this work…but I gotta, right? I mean A RICHONNE PANEL OMG. THE POLITICS OF RICHONNE.  I’ve been pushing for this for awhile…my devotion is mountain-high, lol.

I am so happy about it…

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ooh mcroadrat is a Good Ship i approve. for overbrewed, rat asks mccree out to hang out as his place and watch movies after work one time, forgets to mention hog will be coming over. they start making out before jesse can even pick a western and then hog walks in the door and jesse near jumps out the damn window. rat laughs his entire ass off and hog just offers him some popcorn he picked up at the drugstore and offers one side of his lap to each of them. jesse is just... so overwhelemd & gay.

he’s definitely been flirting with them both at work, but hey, he flirts with everyone! its no big deal. it’s no big deal when jamie invites him back to his place. it’s no big deal. they’re pals.

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Seventeen Reaction

“Seventeen’s vocal unit + Wonwoo’s reaction to your new haircut”

Woozi: You’d take off your hat, to reveal your new haircut. When Woozi saw he’d look at you rather shocked before giving you a gentle nod of approval “I think you pull it off really well babe I love it”

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Jeonghan: You’d come to the practice room just after your hair appointment. You didn’t tell Jeonghan hoping he’d notice and to your surprise he did. He’d widen his eyes “wow.. You look beautiful”

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Joshua: The moment he saw your hair he’d start blushing. He’d think you looked so pretty with your new look he couldn’t help it. “Your hair is so different it looks very good on you!”

Seokmin: When he first saw your hair he’d be surprised about how much of a change it was. You’d twirl around a bit and ask if he likes it. “Are you kidding me? Of course I like it baby”

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Seungkwan: You let him look at you taking in your new hair style. He’d stay silent for a bit before finally saying something “wahh you’re so pretty..”

Wonwoo: When you showed him your new hair for the first time he’d automatically love it. Wownoo wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you. “I never thought you could be any prettier but I was wrong”

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The City of Bad Decisions: Race Restrictions Update

So, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about why I’ve restricted the races permitted in the City, and this morning, it hit me: this is the City of Bad Decisions. Who am I to stop you from breaking the shit outta your NPCs?
So, from now on, all Pathfinder races are acceptable for use. And by Pathfinder, I mean made by Paizo. Third-party races are still only permitted if you ask me first and I approve them for use after looking them up.
So, go forth, followers, and be as OP as you like! Scare the shit out of those obnoxious adventurers!
Your Benevolent Mod,


Hi everyone! 

It’s been a while but I’m offering commissions again!  I need to pay for my college tuition  urgently.

ONLY BUST DRAWINGS (examples below)

What I will draw:
Irl people (with good reference)

Price: $10

♥ Payment via paypal only ♥

All payment must be through paypal, once I approve everything and get all of the details sorted I’ll send an invoice

If asking for an oc you need to give me full reference about your character when commisssioning me !
If you have any questions or would like to commission me
email me at camila.rivera.portilla@outlook.cl or send me a message on here <3

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i have to ask, is "i hate hemingway he's the worst" your hemingway tag? do you have a hemingway tag? i feel like you're the source of the irregularly scheduled salty posts about him on my dash and i approve

I do not have a Hemingway tag, but if I had a Hemingway tag that would absolutely be what it was. because he is the worst. 

I am glad that “salty about Hemingway” is one of my characteristics though because that’s something I can really get behind. I have a lot of Hemingway feelings and all of them are negative

blah blah he was stylistically innovative yeah okay whatever but he was also a sexist, racist, self obsessed tool who was basically the definition of toxic masculinity

okay so i do monthly financial statements for this one client and have been doing them since last November. and he knows it’s me specifically because i email the statements to him to be approved before i send them to the board of directors

my work email has a signature that’s like ‘Alexandria [Last Name], Team Accountant’ and like our firm info and my number/extension etc.

and he responded to today’s approval email and was all “Do you by chance go by Alex?” and I responded that yes, indeed i do

so then i got back “We are tight now. I think ‘Alex’ will be appropriate.”


July 25, 2016 - Commission: OPEN!


1. Email me at the address listed in the top image, or use this form, and we can discuss! Please provide as much detail as you can, and include references if you have them. Character personality? Mood? If there is a specific pose or expression you would like the character to have, etc. I will give you an exact quote and confirm when work will begin.

2. Payment sent in full via Paypal. Also please specify “no address needed”!

3. Rough approval. This sketch should give a very good idea of what the final will look like.

4. When the rough is approved, I’ll finish work on everything, and send you an update when it’s all done!

5. Final approval. Chance for small revisions/changes.

6. Final images sent! One at a size suitable for viewing on a screen, and a larger one suitable for printing at 300 dpi.

-Won’t draw: porns. Classy nudes = ok
-“Simple background” is usually grass, sky, flowers, trees.. organic stuff like that.
-Max time from the start to complete is two weeks, but average is less than one week.

Payment Info: I accept Paypal only.
Please contact me for a quote or if you have questions! :D


Reblogs very much appreciated, thanks if you can !  <3 <3 <3

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Okay so like Blizzard SAYS that Hanzo's chicken legs are a thing by I refuse to believe it. I like to think that those are a type of prosthetic made especially for him to like, climb and shit. Or perhaps his legs are so fucked up that they're mostly synthetic. I like to think these things happened when he killed Genji.

i approve