((so.. here it is.. i really do hope this helps and i hope i did a good job with this im never really good at making tutorials??? and stuff but i hope this helps and let you guys know what physical features i use to make them distinguishable

if you are confused on anything just let me know and i will gladly help))

Follow Forever!!

So I wanted to wait to make this post until I was well over the mark (just in case of unfollows) but here we are are folks: 200+ followers. While it is a small amount to some, to me it’s exponential. There have been many times where I’ve nearly deleted this blog but I’m so glad that I haven’t. I have met some truly remarkable people on this website, and here’s to you.

The ride or dies…

@spckenmind honestly, one of the first people I started plotting with, and shipping a muse with. to this day I get excited to write with you, and have literally stayed up all night just for our threads (you know the ones). together we have crafted some amazing things and I can’t thank you enough for that. you’ve given Chase a family (and made your own muses from that family!!). I love you more than words can say-thank you for being my friend as well as my writing partner

@boy-toy-mccoy obviously you knew that you were gonna be on here. real life bestie deserves a mention on here because you’re one of my favourite people on the planet. we may not write together much anymore, but I plan on changing that. thank you for following this blog pretty much as soon as I made it and for sticking it out with me. 

@trxinedtogetalxng oh boy we’ve been writing together for quite some time now. I’ve seen you change up your muses and blog setup and watched in wonder every time. You have an amazing ability to craft fantastic characters whether they’re canon or OC. I adore every thread we’ve ever done, and I’m excited for the ones we’ve yet to write. 

The baes…

@fairy-smut-tales just might be one of the sweetest muns I’ve ever met. we probably talk more out of character than in but I have no problem with that. you’re an amazing friend mate. not to mention that yes, every single one of your muses is so well thought out and intriguing. I want to write with each and every one of them! thank you for everything! (not gonna tag every single blog you have cause I’ll be here for ages XD)

@mollysmythtymsyllom holy cow do we have some amazing threads together. every notification I get from you makes me smile. bless your heart for always being down to add more threads to the roster. how you’ve managed to craft so many fantastic muses I’ll never know

@ofchxrisma We may have only recently started writing but oh my gosh. the way you write makes me strive to write better. there is so much amazing stuff in every single reply-I’m never disappointed. also special thank you for being the one that messaged my shy ass first. I’d been dying to write with you but felt you were ‘out of my league’ so bless your heart for breaking the ice.

@dysfunctionaljoy when I found your blog I got uber excited. Twenty One Pilots is a band that means very much to me, as it’s my little sister’s favourite band. to see such heartbreaking muses made out of Tyler and Josh made me so very happy. you’ve been lovely to me so thank you for existing and allowing me the opportunity to start getting to know your boys

@fatedgods I was so very surprised when you followed me tbh. your blog and writing feels so much better than mine (ugh ignore my anxiety). everything is pretty and crisp. but then we started writing? and you’re fantastic. I’m very excited to see what we come up with in the future

@missmusess We can never have too many threads. every notification with your name on it and I have to read it right away. your replies are never anything short of perfect, and you’re such a sweetie behind the screen as well. 

@eloquentmuses​ I have loved every muse that I’ve interacted with thus far, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the rest of your squad is equally as amazing. thank you for letting me get to know them.

@warriortreegoddess holy shit man your muses are so good. each one feels like they were crafted with such care. you’re always adding to their character and that’s awesome. your out of character posts tend to make me laugh too. ugh I don’t even know what to say other than that you’re an absolute delight to follow and I feel like some very interesting threads will be written together.

Special mentions! If we interact, I love you. If we’ve yet to then I’m probably to scared to do anything about it so I’m loving you from afar.

@mephistx, @fallcnstcrs, @melodyytheprincess, @bluedreamswhitepearls, @xmindsplit, @hopefulblcnde, @sunsetsvibe, @mcallisterclan, @hellboundhexthens, @ajjrps, @theserpentsjester, @scarletdarkholme, @camxflynn, @piiemakcr, @aislinnoconneragent, @lianasprings, @manymusescherry, @amongwclves, @mobandroyalty, @yourcrazymuses, @siilverbulleted

If I’ve missed anyone, please don’t take it personally. Unfortunately my memory is shit and I can’t tag everyone I follow. I love you all!

“Oh, this looks actually pretty nice.” The walking plague noted as he saw some people dancing to some music, people mingling and food- so much of it. Pestilence’s golden eyes danced around as he scanned the area, a smile creeping onto his face. A feeling of happiness and excitement overcame him, and he was tempted to give into it. He walked about, making sure his skin didn’t touch anyone’s, his hair bounced a tiny bit with every step- someone was walking over to him, it seemed..