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My mom knows my love for kpop. When my friend painted a picture of Yoongi for me, my mom picked it up and said "Is this my future son-in-law"

wow am i your mom?

@thatonekpophoe​ said: Is it hard to tell people you’re into K-pop? Because it’s not really socially accepted in my school since they “can’t understand the language”

im not one to care for social norms tbh.. lots of people at my work call me the brown chick thats into kpop lmao. if people ask me what kind of music i like, i tell them but i dont parade it about. people have seen my phone background as jimin and actually asked if hes my boyfriend wHO AM I DO DENY AM I RITE

Anonymous said: My mom knows I love Tae! I send her pics of him and all, made her watch their mv and all but she still can’t recognize him. My dad always guess right tho (he said is cause he saw all the pics I sent to my mom lmaoo) She loves Fire and INU, and now my brothers are getting into BTS~ How’s your family towards BTS?

I got my mom into kdramas, but theyre not about that kpop life yet. my mom doesnt find any of them attractive either but oh wells.

There is no law stating that it is illegal for Zaunites to come and visit Piltover, or for them to become Piltover citizens. Someone can choose to live in Piltover if they wish, and as long as they abide the law and go through the paperwork to become a citizen. However, the way society will treat you is a different matter.

You will be scorned, looked down upon and basically will be treated badly. Due to the ongoing rivalry between the two city states, treating Zaunites who visits Piltover has become a ’ normal ’ thing, and if someone is seen harassing or treating a Zaunite poorly, they usually turn a blind eye to it. Alternatively, if someone treats them well they’ll probably be gossiped about. ( Of course this does not apply to the whole city of Piltover ; but mostly to those whose families are born and raised in the city. )

Despite a previously Zaunite citizen living in Piltover for years, they will always be treated as an outcast. It does not matter if your legal documents say that you’re a Piltover citizen, society will see you as Zaun filth.
Even if you’re in the top of your chosen field of work, people usually receive comments like ‘You’re amazing for a Zaunite’ or 'Good thing you came here. You probably won’t be as successful if you stayed in Zaun.’ — or whatever degratory comment they’ll manage to think up. It is common for shops to treat Zaunite customers poorly (always assuming that they’ve come to steal something) and some even choose to not serve them at all.

As stated before, it is not illegal for Zaun citizens to come to Piltover, but due to the treatment of society, there is only a few that decide to stay in the city of progress.

Being an “abogado” requires few more years of studying and exams (which I am not going to do) but there is no reason why I can’t be AVOCADO AT LAW rn. 

This being said I am done with university, I officially have master’s from law. 

Something to have in mind about Lee Jinki a.k.a Onew

When you think he is being serious and normal…





(and that’s why we love him)


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“Yes hello, god of the dead here!” “yeah I found your son and would very much like to keep him” “what? no?” ffrssshzz “I can’t hear you” rshzzz “seems to be trouble with the connection” ffffszz “okI'mkeepinghimbye" 

There are notebooks designed especially for lefties. The designer of Leftybooks wanted to help save 10% of the population from struggling with sore, twisted, and ink-smudged hands, so he created a notebook that has no spiral, flips open from left to right, and has pages with lines that are slanted downward to accommodate left-handed writers. Source Source 2

The Signs As Alignments
  • Aries:Lawful Good
  • Taurus:Lawful Neutral
  • Gemini:Chaotic Evil
  • Cancer:Lawful Neutral
  • Leo:Chaotic Evil
  • Virgo:Lawful Good
  • Libra:Chaotic Neutral
  • Scorpio:Chaotic Good
  • Sagittarius:Chaotic Neutral
  • Capricorn:Lawful Evil
  • Aquarius:Chaotic Neutral
  • Pisces:Lawful Good