i just can’t get over how humiliating this must be for hinata. this is someone who has worked continuously to grow as a player, and yet has to sit and watch as his teammates receive opportunities and invitations to training camps (which kageyama and tsukishima both fully deserved, not trying to sling mud here) while he is left behind. but this is hinata, so of course he can’t accept that without doing everything in his power to try and get these opportunities also. so he sneaks in to the miyagi training camp, knowing that it is probably rude and he’s probably going to get in trouble. and it is and he does. but he had to try

hinata even admits that he doesn’t believe training with the miyagi first-years is more important that training with karasuno (ha), he just wants to be able to observe the best players in the prefecture and be able to see how they play. this leads washijou to tell hinata, a starting-line player for a team going to nationals, that, fine, he can stay, but only as a ball-boy.

and hinata could’ve argued. he could’ve yelled and insisted that he deserved to be on the court just as much as anyone else there (and you know what? he does deserve to be on that court. even johzenji’s coach thought hinata should be invited, and the only reason washijou vetoed that was because of his own ideals/prejudices). but he didn’t because hinata knew exactly what would happen if he protested; he’d be kicked out immediately with no second chances. in fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if washijou was counting on that.

so hinata swallows his pride and steps into that gym full of strong, talented first-years that hinata and his team already defeated, and humbles himself in front of his peers. and it must kill him a little inside to be on the sidelines while everyone else gets to practice volleyball, but he does it anyway, because he will take any opportunity to grow as a volleyball player, no matter how embarrassing it is for him.

idk i guess what i’m getting at here is that if you still think hinata is being stubborn and selfish and rude after this chapter, fight me (ง’̀-‘́)ง

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