Okay but guys. Look at what my son wrote for his school project. The husband asked if there was anything he wanted to ask her. I did not suggest it. I was thinking it, but I did not say a word. The Scorbus is strong with this child.


Spike: “It still feels odd to call my friends the Princesses of Harmony and Balance. But hey- That’s what they are now!~ No changing that!

“It’s what they were chosen to be called~”

“Come walk with me and I’ll show you around! Want to take a guess at who chose that name for them?”

“They chose my name as well~”

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Did ya see that our bb sehunie, the ambassador of yehet and ohorat countries, the choco bubble tea lover, the savior of sassyness, literally turned heads @Louis vuitton ?? I can hear the necks break sounds from where I live. SOMEONE SCREAMED HE WANTED TO BOOK HIM IAJSNDJSJS I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING SOMEONE HAS FALLEN DEEP 4 HUNBUN Plus: he didn't stop doing peace sign even hands in his pants this boi istgdjjdjsjs and the pic w jaden aka new nct member omg. Mythic.

Oh my yehet! I am so proud of him.. The boy who screamed he wanted to book him is my spirit animal, I swear.. haha nobody can stop him from doing the peace sing 😂  “He is a rebel. He is… The prince of sass.”

Sneaking Off - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1154
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Featuring: Team Cap
Warnings: lil angsty, swearing, crying, talk of anxiety
Requested by @midnight-music13 via messages
Bucky has a secret girlfriend. This’ll take place between post-Winter soldier and post- civil war. Team cap has to go somewhere and Bucky wants to say goodbye to someone. Once they reach the readers and her and buck do some sort of act of love (hug, somethin special) and the team realizes that it’s his girlfriend
Authors Note: this was much more angst then I first intended it to be, but dudes I am so fucking proud of some of this like omg…and school starts for me tomorrow, aghhhh


Bucky was happy with where his team was being stationed. It was a small enough town that they could easily hide out there, especially with the government on their asses. At this point, they had just enough offenses to call for their arrest, and for some reason the whole “saving the world” thing didn’t cover what they were wanted for.

It seemed that “not signing the Accords,” was the first offense, which would have been overlooked as a thanks for saving the world. But when The Winter Soldier joined the team, the tables were turned as they had a murderer and ex-HYDRA worker with them. But what really crossed the line was when Cap broke into the floating prison and got his team members out of there.

And as much as the government didn’t want to go after the other half of the Avengers, they had to. If they wouldn’t retire, then they were criminals that needed to be caught. And even though the Accord-Signing Avengers didn;t want their friends to be in trouble, there was no way to stop the Government or the other part of the team from what they were doing. And even if Tony wanted to call Cap, he knew he couldn’t. It was too dangerous.

But if being on the run wasn’t enough, technically Cap wasn’t Cap anymore. Bucky felt horrible about that, since Steve gave up the title when he fought Tony and left his shield behind. No matter how many times Steve told Bucky it wasn’t his fault, Bucky still lost sleep over how guilty he felt.

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Hogwarts AU update!

Poor Hinata feels so bad about where he got sorted, and who can blame him? Being a muggleborn and knowing nothing about Hogwarts, the first thing he hears about Slytherin is that it’s bad. Good thing Suga Mama is there to set things straight x3

                          Daar Lein los dii! -

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