Oh my gosh… Seriously cannot believe these pictures… It seriously makes me so emotional cause my weight is something I’ve struggled with since before I was a teenager. I’m not where I want to be but its just so hard to believe I’ve already come so far in my journey. The picture on the left is at nearly 300 pounds…the picture on the right is at 255… You don’t really comprehend your weight loss until you do the side by side picture. I am so proud of myself and these pictures give me even more motivation to reach my goals.

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my crush is no one at the moment but that's okay because i've learnt to embrace and love myself for who i am my value doesn't depend on another person and anyone else's opinion doesn't really matter since i am proud of myself for being who i am :)

SELF LOVE IS SO IMPORTANT and i am so incredibly proud of you! 

shoutout to everyone who embraces there flaws because it’s amazing! xxx


Flashback Friday.

You really almost can’t recognize me now if you met me three years ago (holy fuck where did the time go?)

I know I do those posts a lot. But the first picture was me on drugs. A lot of coke and Adderalls on days I didn’t have coke.

Second picture? I had just woken up in the afternoon after drinking and passing out twice since 6 or 7am that morning. Oh yeah, I was that bad of an alcoholic.

Almost three years clean and free of that life. I sure am fucking proud of myself and so grateful that most of the scars are on the inside.

it’s been almost a whole 6 months since i started taking care of my body and doing my absolute best to eat normally and even though it wasn’t easy getting to this point i am so proud of myself for how far i’ve come - i am at a healthy weight again and really it does get better guys, its a hard road but it does get better and i believe in every single one of you

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I miss you Grant. I still don't know if you are thinking of the right person. But it doesn't matter. I'll still send you these messages from time to time. You're the best. You made me accept myself and be proud of who I am. You're so compassionate. I miss our friendship and even though we drifted I still think you're pretty rad.


I am literally so proud I managed to get myself up, feed all the cats and get Beth some stuff for when she wakes up and then got to uni on time. Like doing things

Worked really hard at the gym today! Also I’ve gone outside into the gym two days in a row! Again take that social anxiety!! In the gym I still noticed people looking at me but I did not let that give me huge amounts of anxiety. I got a little anxiety but then I thought why do I care sooo much if someone is looking at me, whatever focus on what you need to do and work hard ! Oh oh in the locker room I didn’t get that much anxiety over having to change. All was good and I got worried over nothing. Time to chug some water and take a shower!! I am extremely proud and feel myself getting stronger! Maybe enough to apply to a job at a low key job like GNC, this pet store close by or GameStop hmm anyways hella proud !! #transman #transgender #lgbtq #lgbt #health #fitness #socialanxiety #exercise #proud #happy

For years I’ve been struggling with my weight. I’ve always his my tummy in baggy shirts and would wear t-shirts and shorts to the beach. I started exercising and I’ve lost 20+ pounds and have never in my life been so confident. Two days ago I put on shorts and I loved the way I looked in them! And for all of you who called me chubby, told me I needed to lose my love handles and lose weight in general, take a look at this. I did. I am beyond proud of myself.

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