I am not a stupid girl
how could I let myself
become so permeable
to the way you speak,
razors and knives
tucked beneath sweet tongues
and rosy cheeks.
You are harsh and horrible
and I was hopelessly
in love with you.
But I am not a stupid girl.
I have finally moved
back from the ledge,
I do not have wings,
I do not have a parachute.
—  Michelle K., I Am Not a Stupid Girl.
I am not the shadow
of a girl.
I am not part
of a whole.
I am not the dirt,
nor am I the water,
that will tend to your blooming.
I am not the stutter
before the sentence.
I am a reminder
of what you walked away from,
and I am not a second chance.
—  Michelle K., I Hope This is a Constant Reminder.