Was absolutely flabbergasted today

The TV ozzy people called my diagnostician to see if they could interview him for the same show

Not only did he agree - he said that he was a big fan of our campaign to spread awareness of this condition in order to create acceptance and potentially pile in funding to the disorder from places like NIMH, but also, he said we were no doubt “going places” and he’s very proud of how far we’ve come

I am tearing up again thinking about it 😭 what an absolute honour!

Void - part 5

Series summary: Reader has lost her memory and Sam and Dean try to find a way to get her life back.

Summary, part 5: Cas drops by to help.

Characters/pairing: Reader x Dean, Sam, Crowley, Cas

Word count: ~2270

Warnings: angst, language, mentions of pain, fluff, Dean being adorable

Author’s note: We’re at the halfway point already! Darn!

For catching up: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.

It’s here! A few hours later than I planned/promised, but I got caught up writing, so sorry (not sorry). I hope y’all like it!

Tags at the end - as always, if you want on the list, let me know!

You slept late, woke up feeling rested and very reluctant to leave the bed. Stalling, you reached for one of the books on the nightstand. Your bookmark was near the middle, so you opened it there and read a few lines. To your surprise you remembered the plot right away. Huh. How can I remember a plot to a book I’ve been reading three weeks ago but not the important things like family or friends? This dulled your mood considerably, working as a cruel reminder that things weren’t normal for you. Sighing, you put the book back, got up and headed to the shower.

You dressed comfortably in a light sweater and well-worn jeans, twisted your damp hair into a loose braid and wandered to the hallway. You had only a vague memory from last night about how to get to the library or the kitchen, so you ended up taking a wrong turn and getting lost. When you stood there in the corridor, trying to figure out your next move, you heard a distant bang. The sound repeated a few times and finally you decided to swallow your pride and seek the source of the noise. It was probably either Sam or Dean anyway - they would surely mock your sense of direction, but help nevertheless. You followed the rhythmic sounds and knocked on the door where they seemed to come from. No one answered, but the bangs continued, so you braved the door open and stepped in.

You stopped on your tracks to admire the sight in front of you. Dean was standing in a booth, stance wide, arms straight in front of him and firing his gun repeatedly to a target across the room. The cotton of his shirt was stretched across his shoulders, revealing a toned back. Now there’s a sight for sore eyes. You relished the brief moment when he’d held you yesterday. I wonder what it would take to get a redo of that. That’s when you caught yourself. Oh for chrissake Y/N/N, stop drooling! You scolded your thoughts for a few more moments, never removing your eyes from Dean.

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Sherlock x Reader: You Get Drunk

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Gif not mine.

A/N: This is really short. I’m sorry but I still hope you like it. x

There was a thump from outside the room.

“Y/N is back,” John said smiling and putting on his coat. Sherlock rolled his eyes. You were always sensible when you went out to a bar. Well not always… Most of the time though. Sometimes you drank just a bit too much which could put you in a right state. John had seen you drunk three times whereas Sherlock had only seen your drunken state once which was enough for him.

“Don’t leave me John,” He told his friend. “I can’t do this.”

“She’s your girlfriend,” John replied with a chuckle. Sherlock put his head in his hands. Closely after, you stumbled into the room after finally making it up the stairs.

“Hello boys,” You said giggling and appearing in the doorway.

“Mary will be wondering where I am,” John said. “Goodbye.” John quickly left the flat leaving the pair of you. You burst into tears and Sherlock rolled his eyes again.

“What is it Y/N?” Your boyfriend asked with a sigh.

“Wh-Why did John leave us?” You wept.


“But why Sherlock?” You yelled at the man. You stumbled your way over to John’s old chair and sat down in it.

“Y/N you need sleep.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, detective boy!”

“Lets put you to bed.” He walked over to you. “Honestly, it is like looking after a child,” He muttered under his breath. He went to pick you up but you lashed out.

“Don’t touch me! I have a boyfriend!” Sherlock smiled to himself knowing that even drunk you would always be completely faithful.

“Y/N, I am your boyfriend.”

“Oh. Oh okay. But don’t touch me.” He chuckled. You were ridiculous when drunk.

“Do you realise you’re intoxicated?”

“No I’m fine. I’m completely fine! Look, I will prove it!” You stood up and tried to walk in a straight line. You failed miserably and had to lean against a wall to stop you falling.

“Okay, maybe I am.” You burst into tears again. “I… I need sleep. I think I’m just going to sleep here.” You knelt down onto the floor and then laid down. As soon as your head touched the floor, you fell into a deep sleep. This meant that Sherlock was responsible for putting you do bed. He carried you to your shared bedroom and laid you down on the bed and covering you with the blanket. He kissed your forehead.

“Goodnight Y/N.”

Forever in our Hearts ~ Part I

Today, the last episode of Naruto Shippuuden and my heart runs is incredibly difficult, when I think of the feeling when I watch this episode till the End. My heart is a little bit broken about the End, but I am so happy that it ends with the Wedding of a great Legend.

But while most of the anime itself say goodbye, I am doing this mainly by the character that has shaped me most in the anime: Sabakuno Gaara. The great Story.

The series has shown so much to me since I started it in 2002. And my heart mades an Explosion the first Time I saw Gaara. God, that was … Indescribable.

Yes, this was the first time in Anime I saw him. And I just thought, Wtf is that? Who is this? He is great! Is he bad? No matter, he’s so cool! KYAAAH! ♥ It is totally nostalgic to think of it. Since I was still a child and then, even though I at this time guys still stupid, I was blown away by this guy and it is 10000% to this day. I really love him so much, I can really say he is one of the biggest parts of my life. I know, this is freaky but … Who cares, right? ♥

After I had known his abilities and his being, I felt compassion. He was alone and lonely and his father was a … sorry, asshole and guilt that he was that way. I never felt angry, no, I just thought to myself: I’m sorry and I would have liked to help him. Even after the fight against Shigure or Lee (Epic fight):

And then came the first, great milestone for me: the fight against Naruto Uzumaki. God, I sat with huge eyes in front of the TV and was so nervous. I was crying and crying, haha. But the end of the fight was incredible. Naruto has actually reached him and the moment when Gaara apologized to his siblings … PRICELESS! ♥

“Temari …? Kankuro …? I am sorry …”

When I saw him the next time in the anime, when he hurried to help Konoha … I mean, in between, he did not show up in the anime anymore and I always thought only: Man, when does it finally show up again? And when it was time … Nyah, my heart exploded xD He came to help Lee! SO AWESOME!

The next time he finally came back, in the Classic episode 216, when he was to become a teacher and the thing with Seimei came. When he managed to suppress Shukaku by himself and Konoha came to the rescue this time. ♥

Yes … That was in Classic and I watch these Episodes very often. I have many folders from Gaara (around … 6000 Pictures or more …) and specifically a folder with all the episodes in which Gaara occurred and have made of each pose a screenshot. Yes, I am sick but I love this guy ♥

And then came the beginning of Naruto Shippuuden and I thought at first: YAY, more Gaara, FINALLY! But what I was expecting, I did not even know. 
The lost battle against Deidara

the loss of his Bijuu .. 

and his death.

I cried for many days, when it was not yet known that he was to be revived. I was so angry and sad and depressed, I wanted really to die.
And then …

Just want to say: God bless Chiyo Baa-Chan for saving Gaara. (And Saving me … and many other Gaara Fans too.)

And then, when he returned to Sunagakure … I was crying bitterly for joy. The people respected him and missed him and were glad he was still alive. He had NOTHING DESERVES MORE THAN THAT. ;W; ♥

Nothing to say, right? Man, I am in tears again when I think about this. THIS-WAS-AMAZING! ♥

And then one of the most moving moments in all of Naruto: the handshake.

It was not just a handshake. It was friendship. It was peace. It was reconciliation and peace of the villages. It was amazing. It was proof of what a man Gaara really is. A incredible great person and Ninja AND Kazekage.

He will forever be in my heart. Gaara forever. And dont forget: 

Always believe it. ♥


Me for all time, me forever:

Spare YOI Episode 12 thoughts, because I’m home at my parents place for the holidays and away from my graphics machine and thus unable to pour all my extensively overflowing YOIness into fanart or comics @_@

  • I watched this twice, once during the simulcast and then again later in the day once I’d calmed down, and I liked it a lot better the second time. The first time I was upset because it felt like Victor’s sudden return to competitive skating felt really counter intuitive to his inner monologue in episode 10. I’m still kind of iffy on this “I’m your competitor! But I’m also your coach! ..and I’m also your fiance!” have your cake-ism and eat it too-ism, but on 2nd watch I’m more ok with it because while Yuri urging him in that direction starts out as his own insecurity, by the end of the episode, it seems more about Yuri’s desire in the very beginning to be able to stand on the same ice as Victor as his equal. There’s obviously a skewed power dynamic at play in being coach / pupil and with your life partner you should always be an equal to have a healthy relationship. 
  • The opening scene: Victor is upset because the closest he’s come to a love declaration is kissing Yuri’s hand and telling him his request to take care of him until he retires is like a marriage proposal THEN telling him he hopes he never retires, only to have Yuri tell him right before the last night of the Final, hey dude, Ima retire after tmw k, thx for everything. Which, if you think about it, is a pretty big slap in the face emotionally- Victor’s intent was obviously “I want to be with you forever” and Yuri, in behaving this way, seems to have taken it more as something about Victor’s belief in him as a skater or… something?! No wonder he burst into tears! Then Yuri reads this all rather densely as Victor being upset about coaching / studenting?!? Poor Victor!!!! Victor’s romantic feelings for Yuri are pretty obvious but Yuri, despite also being in love, is clearly inexperienced and doesn’t know what to do with / about his feelings, and Victor realizes that if he pushes, Yuri will probably run away. 
  • Look, I’ll be honest, like most of you I was raring for this season to end with a wedding (I was hoping for Yuri’s win, a wrap up to his and Victor’s love story, and for season 2 to focus on Yurio with Victuuri in the bg) but clearly Yuri is not there yet, and for now I’m ok with the slow burn continuing to burn into proper, life-time sustainable warmth, though I continue to feel bad for Victor, because in my head canon, the time he’s spent chasing Yuri since last year’s GPF banquet is probably the longest he’s ever gone without having sex, since he’s now dating / engaged to / SOMETHING with an emotionally immature but adorable virgin marshmallow. 
  • Stay by My side and Never Leave Me pair skate, they change leads, canon confirming seke pair / switching just like actual real-life gay couples, I’m crying tears of joy 
  • Phichit on Ice please make a 5 min long episodes series spinoff about this here I am again crying tears of joy 
  • Hey, so, they live together in St. Petersburg now right? Right. RIGHT. 

What a gift these 12 episodes were, I will never again experience anything like the joy of seeing episode 10 for the first time, being completely convinced I hallucinated it, and immediately watching it again just to confirm. I haven’t really watched much anime since leaving Japan 10 yrs ago, in recent years if you’d told me if I’d have an experience like this I would have laughed at you, BUT LOOK AT US NOW. 

Can’t wait to get back at the end of the year and draw a bunch of stupid things to tide myself over until Season 2. In the meantime, I did fever-write yet another one of those ubiquitous “Victor’s POV at last year’s GPF banquet” fics last night as I was jitterily trying to calm myself down enough to go to sleep, so if you’re into that kind of thing, you can check it out here, I apologize in advance for everything and nothing.


Submission: sorry it’s me again but this is unacceptable and i felt i should share this outrage with you

i have never been more angry in my life he is my husband hold on let me try w/ a diff pic



lets try this again….

it says he’s a girl but thats okay because he’s ‘stunning’ (even tho he’s godlike in my eyes)


You Guuyyys, 

We think POOH is gonna be OKAY!!!! 

He came home today!!!! 

Thank you to everyone that sent prayers and good wishes! 
It meant so much to me because I was beyond devastated and scared and sad….and everything in between 💗 
He’s groggy and clingy and everything perfect and beautiful and just the greatest thing… 
I keep bursting in tears everytime I look at him 💕 

I can’t thank you guys enough! 💗 

This is exactly why I look at Carylers as a family - you shared my pain and gave me HOPE and it worked! 💗 

Okay I am crying happy tears again! 

Love you all so much! XOXO 

SANJA & Pooh

I know it’s a bit late but i wanted to give you a little gift since you were feeling down, also I wanted to tell you that you’re amazing and despite following you just very recently you’ve become a great inspiration to me, sorry i’m really out of practice so this is the best i could do but i hope you still like it, thanks for being awesome! ; v ; ~ (gosh this is kind of embarrassing pls don’t post this, or do i don’t know, do what you like @A@)

This really brought a tear to my eye, thank you so much. Words cannot even express what an absolute sweetheart you are. I really am honored to be considered an inspiration to you. That really means a lot to me. And thank you for your kind sentiments.

And there is no need to apologize. The art is amazing and I absolutely love your style for Toriel! She looks so sweet and motherly and I really adore the little santa hat on her head for the season. Whether you believe you are out of practice or not, I think this is great and I love it. Thank you so much for gifting this to me. I will treasure it. :)

I talked to you before posting this, so I am glad you do not mind me doing so—you are very talented. This is lovely and thank you again for such a wonderful surprise, and of one of my favorite Undertale characters, too.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Frozen Fandom Month - What If Week: Day Three

What If Anna went to talk with Elsa at the Ball?

“May I talk to you please? Alone?”

Anna wanted to say “no”. After all of this time, now Elsa wanted to speak with her? Anna was more than a little ticked. How dare her sister expect her to just follow after her like a loyal retriever after so many years of neglect and avoidance?

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  • Friend: Hey, didn't seventeen have their goodbye stage for adore u today?
  • Me: *grabs gallon of ice cream*
  • Friend: That means adore u era is officially over, huh?
  • ME: *cries into gallon of ice cream*