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Just saw lima bean's big hands and giggling mess post and I think I am ready to die. Like seriously I would do anything to see my babies publicly interact like a secret sex tape or something lmao :D

omG U R ME I s2g like I would sell my organs both working and dead (aka my heart) for ziam to interact again… like zayn could literally like sth ziam on twitter or liam could tweet: @zaynmalik i love you or idk like their wedding pictures leak!?!?? gOD I MISS THEM SO MUCH ID DIE FOR ZIAM

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Oh my god. I am so happy about Milo coming back but I JUST REALISED. Even if he doesn't end up with Rory (but oh my god what if they do end up together for real?) We are gonna see him. Again. On screen. Doing stuff. Being Jess. I SIMPLY CANT. I have never been happier. JESS IS BACK.

It made me so happy too!! Every time I think about it, I get soo excited!! He’s in 3 episodes omg!! And it so awesome to share this excitement with someone like you!! I CAN NOT WAIT :)

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“Kyosuke Kuga, third-year. I wish to return to the Stride Club, effective today.”

apparently after getting my widsom teeth out, I had:

  • sung the opening theme from lion king
  • sung “california girls”
  • sung two or three songs from vice quadrant
  • yeah, i sang a lot
  • tested my reading ability by reading aloud labels in the operating room, which confused two of the doctors because i had not explained where i was getting these words from
  • stopped breathing just to see what the monitor next to me would do in response (which was beeping loudly)
  • claimed “i feel like steven hawking” as i am wheeled out to the car while clutching an imaginary text-to-speech device
  • said “god damn stupid ass cat get over here i need you” while holding on the the downstairs toilet
  • watched night at the museum 2 complete with my dumbass commentary (“octavius and jedidiah are so gay for each other dont tell me they arent.” “omg im gonna cry over amelia earhart noooo not again.” “OH MY GOD FUCKING GET REKT KAMUHRAH OR WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS! FUCKING OBLITERATED”)

to camelot 1/? ~ Merlin

Merlin is a fatherless child, a wizard, a prophet, and an advisor to Arthur. Some believe he knows the future because he lives backwards in time and others claim he is a servant of the devil. Merlin taught his magical powers to his love Nimue, who betrayed him and drove him mad. Now he sleeps beneath a tree, hidden deep in the wilderness, dreaming of long lost ages and waiting for the second reign of Arthur, at which time Merlin wll awaken and stand beside his king once more.

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I have a fic request but it's a little all over the place so only take it if you feel like it! :) Luna/Harry, magical or non-magical au. Luna is the new employee on the Potter's family business. And Lily and/or James are still alive.

Hi Anon! This was a really interesting prompt to work on, thank you for sending it in. I hope this is the sort of thing you had in mind. And I have to thank @potter-lovegood for helping me brainstorm what the Potter family business might be. 

Those who knew wizarding London well knew that, buried in the twists and turns of Diagon Alley, there are many small shops that were, if you took the time to look, places to treasure.

They were places that often went overlooked next to the more famous establishments, but as their owners would tell you this did not make them worth any less. If anything (some might say), it made them unsung heroes, plodding on without the recognition they so richly deserved.

Of course, there were those who would disagree. There was a reason, they would say, why these shops weren’t as popular or well known; their stock was limited, their premises slightly run down, their clientele just a little bit shabby. These shops didn’t try and market themselves as anything special so their proprietors could hardly be surprised when people sought quality service elsewhere.

The counter argument was that the people who took this view were bitter, entitled snobs who cared more about price than value and wouldn’t know quality if it came up and bit them in the arse.

Or at least that was the counter argument offered by the owner of one such ‘overlooked’ shop, a small, second-hand bookshop nestled in a corner between Sugarplum’s Sweets and Amanuensis Quills. It was a bit more blunt than some might phrase it, but, well, it wasn’t wrong.

Despite what some might have thought, Magnum Opus did quite well for itself. It might not have been the flashiest of shops but its silver-and-purple painted shop front had stood for nearly half a decade, run first by Fleamont and Euphemia Potter and then, after their deaths, by their son James and his wife, Lily (and in recent years, their own son Harry).

As Lily had said more than once, if James’ lack of tact didn’t stop people from coming to the shop then they were bound to be successful.

Certainly, whether it was something in the golden polish of the wooden shelves, the obvious care given to the books on them no matter how battered and dog-eared, or just James’ and Lily’s smiles as they served their customers, there was a warmth to the little establishment that drew people back, to browse and read for a while, or to chat with the Potters.

Although lately, it hadn’t been just the Potters.

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Sherri right before we started the shipper week from hell you posted some pics of Sam at the Yes Campaign for Scotland. You were going to make the picture of Sam right above the yes buttons pic into compatible for screen saver size. I know you probably don't remember but I would love for you to still do it if you can. That pic of Sam in those jeans w/the beanie is yummy!

OMG!!!!!  I am so sorry.  It fell completely out of my brain.

Here are a few options sized for desktop.  I took the original image and only cropped it a little for these ones.  These will work best if you want the picture to cover your entire screen

If you would like a different effect I can give it a try too.  Just let me know. 

Again, I am so sorry that I forgot!

Am I forgiven?

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I'm going 2 Disneyland on Wednesday & I'll probably end up meeting Kylo Ren again but what should I do bc I usually just stand awkwardly ????????????????? Im horrible with pictures and the actor is like fucking six two he's huge and scary

call him a creature in a mask besides me going into how jealous i am because i am very jealous, if it were me, i would probably just say “the resistance will not be intimidated” unless you want to be pro-first order in which case just start spouting of the entirety of hux’s speech… tell him the droid he seeks is on the millennium falcon in the hands of his father… or ask him “there has been an awakening… have you felt it?” bc if he says yes and it were me i would DIE

alternately, “WHADDUP MATT?”

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i miss the fucking reply feature but maybe you can do a blue streak in your hair or dye over your hair with one of those black blues. capture The Essence of blue mohawk. related IVE NEVER SEEN YOUR BLUE MOHAWK?? TRASH?? YOU ARE BETRAYING ME?????

dude i know we need reply again or i am going to lose it

but actually yeah maybe that could work. i’ll look into it. i’m just idk i really miss having blue hair!!!!

but omg i never took pics of it when it was styled (or at least i don’t have any saved) but this was it down

it was shaved on both sides i swear

and then after i cut it into like a faux hawk type thing

but yeah i really really miss it aaaaa

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Omg. I said it before and I'll say it again; you're analytical posts are amazing and I always look forward to them. They're just perfect and so true. Excellent work on expressing what almost everyone is thinking in writing. I try to do that but lmao it's a fail.

Thanks! Also can I add, it is VERY hard to impress me with a book or movie, because I am VERY GOOD AT PREDICTING THINGS. I can call plot twists from the beginning. I mean I guess the twist in fight club almost immediately, along with like… any other movie that’s supposed to be so “shocking.”

I get my hopes up when I hear people raving about how unique a movie is but I can sit down and figure out p much EVERYTHING that’s gonna happen, assuming they follow general writing/foreshadowing protocol.

I am VERY good at picking up TINY hints of forshadowing, and knowing when the layout of a scene expresses more than just what is happening in the scene. I’m also very god at recalling phrases that get repeated in a new way so that they suddenly take on a new/implied meaning.

I’m just… pretty good at reading shit.

And I say Genos having romantic feelings is fucking canon.

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omg okay so can i just say that ur so right about the guren as a dad thing?? like i rlly do not understand people who make it seem like guren doesn't wanna be a father. in the fanbook didn't he literally say he wanted to be called daddy? i mean.... the whole yknow thing aside... he literally said he wants to be a dad? like.... ons fandom pls. i mean i know he's more of a mom but thats not the point okay. i am vry passionate about guren and yuu's father and son relationship.

Aha, another comrade on my side XD

Indeed right~~ Guren-chan is totally ready to be a parent there’s so much evidence from canon my god

And yes of course, he is more of a mom but that’s another battle for another time lmao


OMG! I’ve gotten to 500 followers on this blog! This is so cool, especially considering that when I started this blog it was lame as hell but now it’s grown so much! Thank you to everyone who’s followed me so far you are all so awesome. :)

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Hi friend ;u; I just had this thought earlier and I wanted to share it with you. I really love and admire how you always take time to answer all the messages you receive with such care and detail despite getting SO MANY. Especially when I see other popular users reply to long heartfelt asks with one word replies... it makes me lose respect for them and not like them in general. I think it says a lot about character. So umm ye -u- you're gr8 and I love seeing you on my dash =w= <333

OMG??? THIS PUT THE BIGGEST SMILE ON MY FACE, I AM SQUEALING AND GUSHING! This is the sweetest thing ever, thank you so so much bb, you have no idea how much I appreciate this! And I’m posting it because it needs to be on my blog forever so that I can look back on and smile all over again! I’m so glad you appreciate the effort I put into responding to my messages because I really do spend a lot of time trying to reply back to everyone in a way that I know I’d like to be responded to, and just thank you so much for taking the time out to tell me this! You are such a joy to see on my dash as well and always make me laugh and smile!<3 Thank you thank you thank you!

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Did you see the pic on IG that FBI fans found a mark on Luhan's arm matches exactly the one on Sehun's IG photo, I mean at the same location? Hahaha, I am not saying the person is Luhan not Sehun in Sehun's photo, but I am so happy!

Wait omg what??? Anonnie, do you have a link??? :’) 

Again, we will never ever know who is behind that cap on that photo, unless someone tells us rip

When @joetsantos first followed me I thought he’d just be another typical follower. But he reached out and made sure I was okay when I was going through self-harm, and so a friendship was formed.

Who’d have known 8 months later we’d be the absolute best of friends and him and his amazing wife would become my rock while I’m yet again struggling through hard times.

I do not even know what I did to deserve these 2 amazing people. Who constantly remind me how valued, amazing and loved I am even when I don’t see it?

But omg @taylorswift this is a because of you! As if I could ever thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me, you give me these 2? I am forever grateful for you and I love you so much!

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Do you know where i can find where he makes his raymeon thing part 2 ?? i mean sehun and kai on the yummy yummy show

hello there! thank you for your ask!o(^∀^*)o

ramyeon ttang part 2 aka “the kai episode” is right here! ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ

happy watching and have a great day! (。♥‿♥。)

Tagged by @inukag for the Top 10 meme! Thank you so much Cynthia!! *hugs you* Imma just do 5 as well xD

10 5 Favorite characters, 1 per series/franchise

  1. Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
  2. Kagome Higurashi (Inuyasha)
  3. Shion Sonozaki (Higurashi no naku koro ni)
  4. Nayuki Minase (Kanon 2006)
  5. Misuzu Kamio (Air)

+top 10 5 OTPs

  1. Inuyasha x Kagome of course (Inuyasha)
  2. Keiichi x Mion (Higurashi no naku koro ni) *bc they’re both sweet dorks*
  3. Yuichi x Makoto (Kanon 2006) *they’re literally the cutest omg*
  4. Yukito x Misuzu (Air) *they make me cry because their love is so pure*
  5. Ritsu x Mio (Keion!) *they’re also cute dorks*

Thank you again Cynthia for tagging me in this! While making this post I remembered my strong love for the Yuichi x Makoto ship and I am now crying–

ANYWAY I won’t tag anybody cause I’m shy but anyone who wants to do this can, and you can say I tagged ya!