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My name is Sierra obviously lol. But I like to color my hair a lot as you can tell and some of my favorite bands/ artists are Twenty One Pilots, Melanie Martinez, Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Halsey, and My Chemical Romance.
I’m cyberschooled so I spend a lot of time at home and my favorite tv shows are Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, The Vampier Diaries, The Originals, Faking It, and Recovery Road. But if ya wanna know more about me or have any questions about sims you can ask because I finally put an ask me up. Wooooh. Sorry if this is lame but thank you guys for following me and stuff. You’re rad💖 Ps. If you wanna follow my nonsim account its TacoBellCatsAndPizza

Seattle city leaders want marijuana delivery service

SEATTLE (KING5) – Seattle city leaders are full speed ahead to start the nation’s first recreational marijuana delivery service. Mayor Ed Murray and City Attorney Pete Homes have pledged support for Washington state Legislature House Bill 2368 which would start a two year pilot project for the service.

It would allow five Initiative 502-licensed marijuana retailers to operate the service. HB 2368 would allow customers 21 or older to place an order to a residence and delivery drivers must be trained in ID verification.

Holmes is also urging illegal delivery services to cease and desist. Since voters approved I-502 in 2012, the city reports 19 legal recreational marijuana retail stores have opened in Seattle. But the number of illegal delivery services appears to be growing to an estimated 24 services and operators.

When he told me he had fell for her, my heart broke. My heart broke into a million pieces while I put on a smile and pretended like I was happy for him. I felt my world crashing down because he was my world. Only if I said something a little sooner maybe it would have been me he fell for, but I doubt it because she is thunder and he is lighting and you can’t have one without the other.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #502
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Are Marijuana Retail Shops Coming To Seattle?

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 Washington now has legalized recreational marijuana but there still isn’t anywhere to buy it. And because of the wording of the new law there may not be any marijuana retail shops in Seattle. That’s because the wording of I 502 prohibits shops from being within 1000 feet of anywhere …

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Initiative 502 Deserves Your Vote

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Initiative 502 has raised a lot of controversy among marijuana users in Washington, primarily because of the DUI provision it contains. I will be the first to admit this is not a perfect bill and there are lots of things I would like to see in it and some I wish were gone from it. Still it makes…

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Kirika or Erica?

You’re gonna go for the difficult questions right off the bat?! Ease up bruh I’m not ready…

Man, this is really hard. Of course I love both to death–in similar daughter ways even. Erica was, and is, my favorite daughter since years ago and nothing’s changed other than I collected more daughters.

Kirika’s a bit more fleshed out and that wins her some points, as well as her kickbutt songs. 

Guh, if I really had to choose… it’d be Kirika. She stole my heart from day one and everybody and their mother knows I’m a slut for geahs ;_;

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Washington Medical Marijuana Vs Recreational Marijuana


There is a battle brewing between Washington medical marijuana  and the new recreational marijuana law that is now being implemented. In 1998 Washington became the second state to enact a medical marijuana law following California. Washington also passed I 502 and was the first state to have a …

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Hi ^^ can I request a Woohyun scenario where he's my boyfriend and we cook together for the other members but actually all we do is fooling around? Looots of Namgrease pls? ^^

Title: Love: The Secret Ingredient
Featuring: Nam Woohyun
Genre: Fluff
Summary: When Nam Woohyun calls you to go over to spend time with him after his tour, you expected more cuddling and less cooking.
Word Count: 1,502
**Notes:  I’m so sorry this took so long! Today has been very busy!!! I know this isn’t the best, but I also didn’t want to keep you waiting! This is more of Woohyun distracting you when you’re trying to cook, though. But I will write you one for when you both are just fooling around, too! But please, enjoy this before that gets finished! Thank you so much! 

When he called you asking if you wanted to go over and visit him, you expected to be with him alone or at least tucked away under the blankets with him as you two held each other close- something you two hadn’t been able to do for months now.

But instead, here you were with an apron around your waist and half a mind to hit your boyfriend over the head with the rice pot. 

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#Outlander QOTD Black Jack An Eternal Wound Part 2

#DianaGabaldon #ClaireFraser #JamieFraser
#DragonflyinAmber Ch. 29 Pg 502 Nook

I felt the blood draining from my head and sat down heavily on a rock outcropping.

“Jamie,” I said. He shrugged helplessly.

“Well, Sassenach,” he said, avoiding my gaze, “all I can say is, it’s a hell of a place to be wounded.”

“Jesus.” I sat still, stunned by this revelation. Jamie sat quiet beside me, studying the broad backs of his hands. There was still a small pink mark on the back of one. Jack Randall had driven a nail through it, in Wentworth.

“D'ye hate me for it, Claire?” His voice was soft, almost tentative.

I shook my head, eyes closed.

“No.” I opened them, and saw his face close by, wearing a troubled frown. “I don’t know what I think now, Jamie. I really don’t. But I don’t hate you.” I put a hand on his, and squeezed it gently. “Just…let me be by myself for a minute, all right?”

Lost in the Weeds by Joshua Ashby
A guide to Washington’s I-502 recreational marijuana law for business owners and prospective investors–those looking for an introduction to the industry will find this book to be a fantastic starting point. The author clearly has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in this area of law, as well as a friendly and easy conversational tone throughout the book–easily the most comprehensive source of information available.

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