I watched the first two episodes tonight and wanted to make a post with one of the new characters

Philippa Georgiou wants to remind you that it’s good to stand up for what you believe is right, but don’t allow that to blind you to any alternative. Listen when someone you respect speaks. See what they have to say. You may find your position changes, or you may find a compromise between your two ideas.

Okay, so here’s my Big Issue with Torchwood as a television series.

What we were given in the series as it was shown on TV was essentially two separate programs billed as the same one. We were given 4 series - 1, 2, CoE, and Miracle Day - and anyone in the fandom could tell you there is a huge divide in a spectacular number of areas between the second season and Children of Earth. The problem there isn’t exclusively the death of major and beloved characters, it is also a violent shift in energy from a monster-of-the-day almost-campy sci-fi show to a season long arch-based series founded on drama and angst.

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TAG - S2E20 ‘The Man From TB5′ Review

How brilliant was this!

First, the title – a nice little tribute to the TOS episode ‘The Man From MI5’ (S1E17).

The opening scene had a lovely image. Just another continuation of Jeff in the boy’s lives. I love how Gordon was sat on the desk as the boys always used to do that in TOS, so it makes sense they do so with their younger TAG incarnations. It just made me smile.

Gordon, Gordon, Gordon – we all know he likes Lady Penelope, but this was just hilarious in my opinion.

“Glad to help. Enjoy the party.”
“Did I hear party? Need a date? I can be there in no time. Scott, let me borrow Thunderbird One.”
“Uh, thank you Gordon, but I already have a date.”

The desperation and the way he turned and whispered to Scott, brilliant. Not to mention, that John looked like he’d trade places in a second without being asked. I loved Alan’s reaction. We know the way to get him off that tablet now.

And Scott knew the whole time. Gordon whining was incredible with this as an answer;

“He wanted it kept quiet.”
“But I’m the obvious choice. John hates social… anything.”

There were so many brilliant things in these first scenes, so I will ramble on, with the aid of dialogue, which just made me laugh. Gordon should really know by now, not to open his mouth.

“Besides, who’s going to do space monitor duty?”
“Funny you should mention that.”
“I had to ask.”
“Hmm, walked into that one.”
“And who do you think’s taking him up there?”

And maybe so should Alan.

Lady Penelope, you liar! I love how Parker just turned around to join in. Very impressive stop of the car too.

“It’s just a quiet, little charity auction.”
“I may have understated the “quiet” part, a… a bit.”
“hAnd the “little”.”

This image…

Gosh, that’s a lot, and all of this was before the opening!

Post the opening, the greatness continued. In fact, I don’t think it ever cut out.

“I thought there’d be a lot less… this: people, talking, in person.”

Bless him. His expression throughout the party.

“I mean communications is my job, I talk to people all over the world, I’d just rather do it from space.”
“Exactly why I wanted to get you off that station.”

We all know she worries about him, ever since ‘EOS’ (TAG S1E8).

But, John’s good at his job, but I can see where he gets the aversion to people from. Being Jeff Tracy’s son probably led to you facing a lot of reporters and cameras, besides, he always loved space, so I suppose it makes sense that the two things he loves should go together. I’m actually quite surprised at how well he was dealing with gravity. (Or maybe Lady Penelope was just responsible for grounding him).

Parker is just… I think I could make the man my hero.

“Place like this his ha ‘otbed for pickpockets. hIn my day, this would ‘ave been ha goldmine.”
“No one is going to pick anyone’s pockets tonight.”
“Not while hI’m hon watch, M’Lady.”

A very nice reference indeed, because if I remember rightly, in the TOS episode (after which this is named) that is exactly what Parker was off planning to do!

EOS, you are amazing! I loved her playing Gordon up whilst her parent was technically away. She doesn’t half know how to play him either. My favourite of the lines;

“Hair style not recognised. And not very stylish.”
“We speak of this to no one.”
“To the rocket!”

That probably should have been done in the first place… just like Alan suggested.

It was a nice tactic of the writers to play on Parker’s newfound friendship with Sherbet so soon. It proves to us for once they haven’t created something (such as EOS – yes, you can tell I like the AI) and then forgotten it’s there to be used. Although saying that, she appeared in this episode too! So did almost all of our favourite brothers. It’s been a good few weeks.

John on Earth! Again – only a week after his last appearance. And, in a suit: he looks impressive in a suit. I like TAG putting him in the danger line, it allows way more expansion for his character. In short, I approve of the amount of John screen time in recent weeks.
I loved this little interchange. John was just so awkward, and you can tell he had no idea how to deal with this extravagant over-the-top woman.

“And what exactly do you do, dear boy?”
“Me… uh… I… well… I work in space.”
“Space! What a coincidence. We just bought the pent house in the new Estrella Orbital. Perhaps we’ll see you there sometime.”
“Considering my line of work for your sake I hope not.”

We also got to see Thunderbird Three dock with Thunderbird Five. A rarity, but something I love just for small reasons. It’s sad we couldn’t see a John and Alan moment though in their natural environment.

EOS was definitely having fun though.

“Sorry, didn’t catch the access code.”
“We’ve never needed an access code before.”
“New protocol. Protection against Space Pirates.”
“I think we need an assist from “Mr Party”.”
“Yeah, that or I’m using explosives! Thunderbird three to John, your housekeeper would like an access code.”
“The code is, “EOS, let them in, or I’ll swap your processors with a pocket calculator”.”
“Code accepted.”

Except, this was just another episode which proves John to be her parent. She really treats Alan and Gordon like younger brothers too.

Hmm… I’m not sure I would give those away if they belonged to my father. It’s a nice token I suppose, but I wouldn’t personally do it. Each to their own though.

And yes, The Hood was predictable.

Oh EOS… You’re not making it easy for them at all. I love the gravity going off line and of course the slip up;

“Sorry, still offline. If John were here, I’m sure he could get them working.”
“Gordon to John, your AI’s being evil again.”
“It’s not me this time!”
““This time”!”
“I mean…”

I suppose the only word for that is payback. Still, you can tell Gordon is no expert in communications like John. Fog, anyone?

John is brave. Still, because I know I said that last week. (Where did the fork come from though?)

Bernard Bottomsley is very foolish, for once I agree with the villain.
Of course, The Hood’s “dramatic” exit just has to the make the cut into this review.

It reminds me a little of the film version of ‘Richard III’ where he ‘falls’ (The Ian McKellan version, if anyone wants to know what I mean).

And, oh look! The Hood stuck true to his word and turned off the jammer.

Thank goodness for magnetic socks. I wish we could actually have those. John really is trying to challenge Spiderman for the title though.

All I can say, is Alan learnt fast. I think we can see now why it’s Alan who swaps with John. Space just isn’t for Gordon. And nor is EOS.

I thought the dinging chair idea was imaginative. Poor Sherbet, travelling alone.

I don’t think John is ever going to live down the new nickname: Party Boy. I loved the rescue though and of course, my favourite line for the episode;

“I got you, Party Boy.”
“Thanks, Scott. Just put me down anywhere. Anywhere… anywhere but here!”

And EOS on holo-communications with John! Yes, I thought we’d never get there. If I was able to go into space, I would definitely agree with John too.

PLL 7x20 Review

Hello! These some thoughts I had while watching the finale, note this isn’t an all positive review because I really didn’t like the finale that much. But I see some people who did so I’m really glad there are people who are satisfied. So for the last time here are my thoughts for the last episode ever of Pretty Little Liars.

1. I feel like we should start off with the reveal then end with the happier stuff. So Alex Drake is AD. Funny thing about that is you could’ve watched every episode and minute of PLL up till 7x20, then ask “who is AD” and you wouldn’t know them.

2.That’s what bothers me. She is a new character, I don’t care about her. This is Charlotte 2.0 “I had a hard life so instead of taking it out on my parents, I’m going to take it out on my sister and her friends I barely know.

3. Emily, Hanna, and Aria have had no connection or reason to be tortured since Mona was “A”

4. These last two “A’s” have just been secret family of Spencer and Ali. No connection to the other girls.

5. All this being said Troian did amazing with what she was given.

6. The reveal was lame. At first I didn’t think Alex would be AD because of how dumb the reveal was. Also I wish it was revealed to all the girls instead of just Spencer.

7. That horse and Jenna figured it out everyone else just went with it.

8. I feel like the questions that were answered were very short and never discussed. (Note I haven’t watched the wrap party yet so if I say something in this that is discussed there, I wouldn’t know.)

9. I would have taken Melissa or even Mona again anything besides this.

10. Wren is Emison’s baby daddy and it was revealed in such a casual sentence and way…

11.  I know its gross and disgusting what happened to Emily and Ali, but that aside between Emily and Wren those kids are going to look amazing (they already do, even if they looked extremely white?)

12. Rest in peace Wren (they always take the good/hot ones) It’s like they wanted me to hate Alex for all the wrong reasons. I’m mad at her reveal yeah, but at the end of the day I’m more pissed she killed Wren.

13. Who would’ve thought that Wren would get Ali pregnant with Emily’s eggs.

14. Emison proposal was super cute

15. Also you’re telling me Lucas’s last scene was him tap dancing off.  Lucas come back and pretend to be AD please!

16. Lucas didn’t know Charlotte just emailed her, I call bull on that whole story

17. Jenna was amazing tonight and part of the reason (besides the horse) these guys found out AD.

18. I felt super bad for Aria this whole episode but like Ezra can die…

19. If they wanted me to like Alex even a bit she could’ve started by killing Ezra

20. I’m super upset that Ezra gets to live happily ever after like he shouldn’t be in jail for all he has done.

21. I’m sad for Spoby shippers. Spoby has always been my second favorite and I was upset they didn’t get much, so I feel for you actual Spoby shippers<3

22. I love that Hanna was helping Mona, it makes my heart happy they are still friends and that Hanna trusts her even if the others don’t.

23. The last scene was tacky and dumb. I don’t know these girls and I don’t want to.

24. Side note all they made us do was hate Addison these last episode by having her in them, now they want to make us watch a show with her in it? UM no thanks.

25. Now this is the hard part, I’m not going to cry anymore, I swear. Lets talk about Haleb.

26. I’m kind of upset most of the final scenes (all but the actually last just Haleb scene) was them fighting. I wish we could’ve gotten to see them happier.

27. But there is a Haleb baby on the way now and it was super cute her telling the girls ( I would’ve rather seen her and Caleb finding out) but hey a Haleb Baby, I’ll take that any day.

28.  “Wanna make a baby” I screamed but Caleb should’ve said “you down to make a baby”. Never forget when Caleb asked Hanna to get married by asking if “she was down”.

29. Haleb bought Lucas place, but did they take down all his secret cameras I KNOW HE HAS!

30. The weirdest part is all the girls are staying in town, I would be gone in seconds.

31. I’m pretending that isn’t Alex Drake its Ezra in a mask,, it makes me feel better about the ending.

32. Also Lucas is still guilty of something, maybe just bad tap dancing.

That’s all I can think of right now. Thank you to everyone who has read any of my reviews. I will still be on this account and it will always be Halebendgame that won’t change. I know it in my heart in a few years Pretty Little Liars will return, and Haleb will too. So until then I’ll be on here causally and posting random pll/Haleb stuff till we see them again. THANK YOU ALL:)

An Unexpected Turn - 14x16

First things first, tonight’s episode took several characters through several twists and turns I definitely did not see coming. Some I am interested in, other just pissed me off. Also, from my point of view, there were only two main storylines tonight so I am going to focus on those.

Top quotes from the episode

  • I don’t have time for that, I have a vagina to build.” - Jackson to Maggie
  • Some families do puzzles!” - Maggie to Jackson
  • Good luck with your vagina…” - Maggie to Catherine and Richard
  • I always said you should find more friends!” - Amelia to Owen
  • I am cool! I am the coolest!” - Amelia to Owen
  • Richard is my face saying something?” “It’s like reading Hemingway, dear.” - Catherine and Richard
  • That would kill Ellis, and I’ve already seen her die once!” - Meredith Grey
  • Teddy is your tumour!” - Amelia to Owen

Jackson, Maggie and April

Given the promo I though tonight was going to be far more flirtatious and fun between the new couple/couple to be; but then wham! that took an unexpected turn. Don’t get me wrong, some of the lines were wonderful and were delivered really well but I would not have predicted April making a move on Jackson in a million years. I am more interested that ever to find out how she leaves now.

Jackson was constantly caught in the middle this episode. Since he arrived on the show he has always been a peace-keeper, the middle man and tonight highlighted just how much he cares about people and will always be there for him. It’s nice to see him excited about his new relationship, he deserves some happy; but I thought it was so heart warming when he promised he would give up having someone in his corner if it meant his mother stayed happy. Then we saw him try and get April to talk. They as a couple might be over but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care and he is trying to be there for he but she won’t let him.

This leads me onto April. She is spiralling and spiralling very quickly out of control. He way of treating the interns was great and added comedy to the episode by making one of them cry, but she was cold and hard and nothing like the April everyone fell in love with. She wanted Jackson to ‘help’ by taking away her pain. Everything went wrong when she ran away from her wedding with Jackson, and in her mind running down that alter with him after his declaration was the last moment of indisputable bliss before God stopped caring about her. She wants to be able to turn back the clock (pun, related to the episode, intended) and is struggling with the idea of loosing her entire comfort and support system. If she didn’t have God then she had Jackson and currently she has neither. 

Maggie didn’t have much of a storyline tonight but I like how she is throwing herself into this ‘relationship’ with Jackson. She clearly likes him and I am interested to see where this goes. Especially now that April had made a move on Jackson, most likely evoking a lot of feelings he had been repressing since she left for Jordan the first time. 

I rate this unexpected turn: 7/10

Owen and Amelia 

Now I am definitely pissed! That was not enjoyable to watch in the slightest, they had better fix this and fix it fast!

The introduction to the episode of Omelia in bed together, Owen kissing the top of her head, him playing with her fingers - it was everything and more. They were genuinely enjoying each other’s company and it felt as though they were re-discovering each other. It gave the impression they were beginning to pave the way for a potential official getting back together.

But then Owen had to go and make a dumb comment about Amelia dropping a boot on him and changing the goal posts. If you’re going to criticise someone, don’t criticise Amelia-fucking-Shepherd. SHE WILL VERBALLY DESTROY YOU!

Amelia straight away was shown to feeling very taken aback by Owen’s very unfiltered criticism of her. She was not happy with it and clearly was not impressed by him blaming a major issue in their marriage on her. (I do understand Owen doesn’t know the full story but no need to be douche) 

I mentioned to @latetothegreysparty yesterday that I wanted them to face the Owen and Teddy cheating on Amelia issue head on, and to my surprise they did. I hated how they glossed over the buried pain Amelia most likely felt upon finding out Owen had been unfaithful to her. This became especially obvious when she pointed out to him that he had options. 

I still never cheated on anyone!” - Amelia Shepherd to Owen Hunt, aka the best clap-back of the entire show.

Also I was slightly confused by Amelia mentioning she would ‘un-sleep with’ some of the men she had slept with, I am curious to know who is on that list. Also who is ‘the one woman’ she would have slept with?! I am very intrigued by this. I don’t think Owen is on that list, but please tell me she had some weird fantasy about sleeping with Charlotte as that would have been hysterical. 

Potato, potato. Tomato, adulterer!” - Amelia Shepherd to Owen Hunt, aka the second best clap-back of the entire show.

Amelia pointing out that Teddy was always the big gap in their relationship was very interesting. Personally, I feel as though she is not over Owen and is just pissed he never apologised for it and feel like he didn’t care about her as much for not feeling as though he should apologise. My theory on her attitude towards the situation is that she still feels guilty for ‘making his life hell’ and is pushing him to be with the person everyone and everything seems to be telling him he should be with. But their story isn’t over there. Especially considering the ‘no strings attached’ sex. (I’ve seen the film, I know how it ends.)

Owen running off to get Teddy though really pissed me off as how is it possible that all of a sudden he’s had some sort of epiphany, revealing the love of his life is actually Teddy?! Am I, are we, expected to buy that crap considering he could have chosen her so many times before and never has? 

Teddy is currently only listed as being in one episode nest week so my theory still stands:

  1. Owen and Amelia are pissed at each other
  2. Owen starts dating Teddy
  3. Amelia discovers she is pregnant with Owen’s baby (for realz this time)
  4. Owen either 1) tries to make it work with Teddy but gets too caught up in looking after Amelia and eventually him and Teddy break up or 2) He then dumps Teddy to be with Amelia and their baby

Finally the promo for next week was terrible - hope the episode is more interesting! 

Pointless Zestiria X post (you can skip it) Talk about sormik, other canons and silly dreams

You know I had dream tonight about last episode of anime. It’s coming close so idea of going through sea of salt once more  (after almost month of curing my wounded soul) started to stress out my brain once more. Not mention reading yesterday post about salty comment about possible Sorali ending.

I don’t think that it’s a case. It would be like Namco shooting themselves into heads. They already posted article in „Romance” newspaper in japan featuring Sorey and Mikleo. They probably see that posts saying about sormik on unfotable tweeter have more like 600+ favs when normal Zestiria X and Alisha things have like 50-/+. They wouldn’t bring the wave of hate on themselves if they are sane.

Yet, I’m not looking forward to read about last episode of anime.

So, back to my dream. I dream story for last episode of anime where Ufotable made Heldalf disappear in first seconds of episode like Smaug dies in first 10 minutes of 3rd Hobbit. So after that Sorey is possessed by new bad guy jumping from nowhere. Team fights him and after beating Sorey to the ground team doesn’t know how to return Sorey back to normal. Then Mikleo leaned down to kiss him. Camera doesn’t show it clearly but you know Mikleo is kissing Sorey (as to not cross line to showing their lips together in anime, airing in japan since they aren’t open to things like that).

Sorey is returned to normal. There is skip after all that to inn room where Sorey and Mikleo is talking about last battle and what to do next. Mikleo is still shaken by last battle and fact someone possessed Sorey. They sitting around 15 centimeters away from each other but Sorey rises his arm above Mikleo’s shoulder and says sorry for worrying him and giving him his support ( whole anime didn’t do even single scene like this, when Sorey is grateful for Mikleo’s feelings, like he was in game and seeing this made me really happy in my dream). Anyway Mikleo is moved and he falls with his head on Sorey’s lap and cries.

There is where my dream ended and I was sad that it wasn’t real. It was damn stupid, it was cliche, it was cheesy, it was silly for Mikleo to act like this. And yet I can feel that real last episode of anime is going to be worst than this. Worst than silly dream just like rest of episodes were.

I’m not saying that Sorey and Mikleo romance was perfect in game. If you watch scenes and skits clearly you can see how much they take care of each other. We have famous Sauna skit. But they aren’t labeled as romance and that’s Sormik main problem. Namco made them always stood beside each other but always with some space between them. Many scenes just scream that this is the right moment for them to hold hands or just put hand on other’s shoulder. I’m not talking about kissing, none tales story had it, but since one putting of Mikleo’s hand on Sorey’s shoulder we didn’t get anything like this later. I read somewhere that while making game they have „toned down” their relationship, yet I don’t know if that’s true/real. I didn’t saw note talking about it myself. The other question if it’s real is what they „toned down”? Did Sorey and Mikleo hugged? Did they held hands on some point? We will never know.

We have words of „One and only” but that all we got and it would never let some people stop screaming that Sormik isn’t canon. We have „unfinished” confession from Mikleo. Because I think it’s main problem that made anime look like this. That made sormik fandom die faster than you can say Xenosaga.

There is no clear announcement that Sormik was suppose to be canon. Not in game. Not in anime. The words of „one and only” aren’t enough for some people. No amount of explain behind Alisha leaving party, Mikleo being Sorey’s one and only, that Sorey and any girl would work out going to change people minds.

I don’t think fans who support Sormik need any more prof of them being canon. It would be nice but not necessary. We want it so others could stop hurt Mikleo, so both Sorey and Mikleo could be happy and other characters could be themselves.

When I thought about romances in tales games, and yes I played them for 10 years right now, many romances weren’t greatly done. But since it’s boyxgirl it’s easier to find simple looking in eyes with affection, grab hands or supporting each other as romance affection.

Sormik as it is now it’s hard to clearly label as romantic for everyone. Some may think it more or less or just simply brothers relationship.

Let’s look at other Tales games. At beginning I want to say that I support those couples too just like Sormik.

I think most unclear romance is YurixEstelle. After watching gameplay I asked myself question, was that love? Or simply friendship? Really, compare to those two Sormik is already romance. Someone can say but Yuri tried save Estelle so many times! They had alone talk with each other before final battle.

Sorey and Mikleo had moments alike this a lot with other ones and I don’t think Yuri even once said Estelle looks sexy after sauna. If YurixEstelle are canon then Sormik too in Tales of games style.

LloydxCollete was nice done, we clearly see Lloyd care for Collette and it’s not only because she’s his childhood friend. Symphonia anime, also made by Ufotable was heaven compare to Zestiria. It followed main plot, didn’t change characters personalities and the most important thing, it cherished LloydxCollette canon. So don’t get me wrong over hating Zestiria X. I wanted simply repeat from Symphonia, to see Zestiria story/moments as anime and I got something that trashed plot and characters.

Xillia, as much as it’s clear that canon pair is JudexMilla they doesn’t touch or kiss to feel that they are canon. They only hold hands at the end before… they simply parting ways. I remember loving those two, Jude’s love for Milla was so sweet and ending broke me. I never played Xillia 2 because I was afraid it would ruin my beloved canon. Did someone said that Milla didn’t start to romantically care for Jude, or Jude for Milla? No. Even the reality when he was human (ehem Sorey) and she spirit (ehem Mikleo) didn’t make canon less possible. Milla may over live Jude, but that’s another story.

From all clearly romance canon couples from Tales games I can say are: ShingxKohaku (he clearly says in game at least twice that he loves Kohaku), KylexReala (this whole game goes around their romance and later when Reala’s going to disappear Kyle don’t want for that to happen. They hug a lot too.

Tales of games have a lot cuples that comes from childhood friends: ReidxFarah, VeiguexClaire, LloydxCollette, AsbelxCheria, SenelxShirley (if in the end they are canon… Well, their relationship is complicated too, first Senel loves Shirley’s sister, but she died, then some people ship him hard with Chloe (ehem… she tried to kill him)) and SoreyxMikleo are just as another one of those couples.

So, to end this post, anime isn’t going to help Sormik matter, it made it only worse. I don’t think we ever get side story in any crossover game that would say „Sormik are romantic canon.” There is no way, even other canon couples rarely get their relationship on romance level in those games (usually they are at beginning level when they just know each other for some time example: LukexTear, LloydxCollette are mostly childhood friends usualy). We won’t be able to hear anything beyond „Sorey wants to spend rest of his life with his CHILDHOOD friend Mikleo” (Asteria’s radio audition) or Sorey knew Mikleo’s true name but oh well they are boys, it doesn’t mean Mikleo told it as romantic confession (Berseria, Berseria guide that says it’s different when boy telling another boy his true name). Even Zelos joking about Sorey and Mikleo being on date (Asteria) isn’t going to help everyone view Sormik as canon or let tell sormik supporters that we have nothing to worry about and just enjoy canonical Sormik.         

First episodes of anime gave hope about Sormik being something even more big than in game, but it was quickly destroyed. It was treated even worse from episode to episode. What comes from Ufotable sketch of Sorey and Mikleo sleeping on eachother shoulder, close and happy if it wasn’t in anime?

As for myself I’m sad about anime waste as whole Zestiria, not only Sormik. I don’t care how Zestiria X looks like, I don’t need to watch it. But each time I think that we never going to get because of Zestiria X a GOOD adaptation of game like Abyss or Symphonia had (gosh, even eternia was better, at least characters wasn’t so ooc even if it plot was awful, graphic too, but it was in the end only filler to main story. No one tried to change main plot). Chances for reboot of anime is 0%. That’s it. We never see tickle fight, fake marriage scene, Sorey losing his resonance, Rose hitting him, Dezel death (no, no kamikaze kill without real reason), fight with Tiamat, night at Lastonbell, EVERYONE seeing Sorey and Mikleo’s past, the ending of story… The only nice scene from game we got was Sorey holding his breath to let Alisha communicate with Lailah. That’s all.  

I love Zestiria OVA. It has perfect pacing and it was close as possible to game. I just simply wish we got something like this instead of Zestiria X.

So… Today’s the last time we’re ever going to hear ‘Previously on Pretty Little Liars’. and today’s the last time we’re ever going to tag our posts with ‘pll lb’ and today’s the last time we’re ever going to freak out over PLL together, live. Today’s the last time non-American fans are going to be desperately looking for good livestream websites so they aren’t behind when the episode airs, and today is the last time we’re ever going to see our girls try and find out who A (or, A.D) is. Today is the last time we’re gonna spend all night pacing around our rooms, trying to figure out what just happened. Today is the last time we’re gonna cry over a new OTP moment, and today’s the last time we’re gonna rewatch the whole series to make up new theories about who the fuck A could be. Today’s the last time we’re gonna gif the crap out of the new episode and our OTP’s new scenes. Today’s the last time we’re going to see parallels between episodes and gif them, or try to get what they could mean.

It’s been seven years and nineteen days since the pilot episode aired. These seven years were a roller-coaster. We definitely wanted the show to be cancelled more than once. And we sure as hell hated this show to death for more than one season (cough, 5b, 6a, etc). But we also grew fond of the five liars, and while all of them have made terrible (and terribly stupid) mistakes, we love them. It’s been such an eventful journey. There’s no possible way to count how many tears and laughs we’ve shared together. How many times we’ve yelled at the screen because of how frustrated we were with how stupid the characters acted. How many times we’ve spent on Tumblr scrolling and scrolling and scrolling through a shit ton of theories, gifsets, and funny text posts. How many times we’ve been disappointed with the writers, and how many times we’ve been disappointed with how badly the characters were being treated. This show doesn’t have good LGBTQ+ rep, and basically almost everyone in Rosewood is white. This show has got more than a hundred plotholes that probably won’t be answered. This show has been my enemy at times, and I have to admit, I’ve thought about quitting more than once. But, as this old proverb I saw on twitter says, I can’t help but love my enemies. I truly love this show to Pluto and back. It’s the first (and probably the last) show I’ve ever been this attached to. I can’t thank this show enough for everything. It gave me something to look forward to every week. For me, this show was my safe place to land.

I sometimes truly think I lived in Rosewood for the past 7 years. I love the twisted people in Rosewood. I love the liars. And I love the amazingly talented, gorgeous women portraying our favorite characters. Lucy, Sasha, Shay, Ashley, Troian, Janel, Torrey, Vanessa,Andrea… This show wouldn’t be the same without them. As ridiculous and as cheesy as this sounds, PLL really taught me a lot. From friendship to how to hide a dead body properly (I learned from their mistakes). From love to knowing that I should always call the cops if I ever get threatened by an anonymous person. And, I want to take a moment to talk about the most legendary ship in Rosewood, as well. Emison. 

Emily and Alison are the most amazing characters for me. If they weren’t, this blog wouldn’t be dedicated to them. I don’t have enough words to describe what I feel towards them, and in fact, I don’t have any words. Emison is the most legendary ship out there. They have been through so much - separately and together - and they never stopped loving each other. Their relationship is nothing but love and loyalty towards one another (although both have made mistakes in the past). Emily never stopped caring about Ali, and Ali never stopped caring about Em. The connection they share is absolutely astonishing, breathtaking, and stunning. The Emison fandom has survived a war, literally, in 2015. I’m not going to remember all the details, but if you’re an Emison shipper reading this, you know. And we still never lost hope. Legends only. And the way Sasha and Shay portrayed these two great characters is just hypnotizing. And although both Alison and Emily (and Sasha and Shay) are sometimes the source of my pain, They’re both extraordinary and have a very, very special place in my heart. I’m gonna stop talking about them now because if I don’t, I’ll die.

Even though I have been watching PLL for about six or seven years, I only made this blog in 2015, I think. And I definitely don’t regret it. I have so many amazing memories with this fandom. I have made so many amazing friends that I’m never going to forget. Ever. Every single one of you have changed me as a person. You’ve shaped me into someone I never thought I’d become (a lazy ass hoe who doesn’t leave her room). And I’m forever grateful. Thank you to every person who has ever reblogged my posts. And thank you to everyone who has followed my trashy blog. I didn’t expect this post to be this long, but never mind. 

It’s done. Tonight we find out who A is, and as much as I want to, we won’t see a promo for season 8. You might think the game is over, though. But, to quote Sherlock Holmes, the game is never over. But there may be some new players now. And the new players will never realize how hard it was to sit around and wait for a new episode, how much suffering we went through when there were hiatuses, or how much we hated I. Marlene King sometimes. The soundtracks, the webs of lies, the plotholes, the characters, the church, the brew, the people, the radley, I’ll miss everything so much.

The characters that made us love them so much, they will always live in our hearts. Rosewood will always exist. We’ll always go back to rewatch the show, and re-read the books, and we’ll always remember them. We’re stuck. Forever and ever and ever and ever. And that, is immortality, my darlings. ;)

Excuse me for this very, very, very cheesy letter. 

But, for the last ever time… 

Happy Pretty Little Liars day! I love each and every one of you. :)

Getting The Band Back Together

It is safe to say that I am entirely intrigued by Andrew Lincoln’s recent interview with Entertainment Weekly regarding season 7B of The Walking Dead published on January 3, 2017. (Article found (x)here(x)). In addition to Andrew Lincoln saying that there is a moment in the season finale that made him drop his script and do a little dance, he said something much more interesting to me.

“All I’m saying is that the band is back together”.

In and of itself, perhaps this means very little. Taken quite literally, we have seen the group reunited in the MSF. Rick and the group, ready to fight, join Maggie and Sasha at Hilltop. Daryl escapes from the Sanctuary, makes his way to Hilltop, and has a heartbreakingly beautiful reunion with Rick. We have seen the group reunite except for C@rol, but we know that is coming as well. Literally, the band is back together. Of much greater interest is how this statement from Andy mirrors Norman Reedus’ social media activity prior to the airing of the season 7 MSF.

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Decision on Best Couple category regarding Hannibal

I am posting this here, instead of in my blog for the awards, because I know SOME of you are quite bitter with me & want to boycott my site. So I decided to post here, where you can see it without going to my site & giving me views since a couple of you think that’s all I want.

This week I was met with a very committed fanbase (again) who wanted to see a nominee from their show in a category I felt they did not belong in (again). This is hardly new at this point. Seems every year now the BOTVA’s have a fanbase who want to mould the interpretation of things to fit their preference.

Last year, as many of you who have been following them year after year, the Lost Girl fans got punished hard for their defiance in the face of facts. This year, Hannibal fans are attempting to make a statement.

After hours of arguing/debating it last night & giving the entire fanbase on twitter a chance to show me proof, none of them could. They stated that its implied, that the showrunner Bryan Fuller has even stated they are together etc etc etc. But the fact still at the end of the day was, they could not show me anything that fit the parameters of the category which are (characters must be either married, dating or shared intimate romantic exchange any time in 2015.) .

This ended with me asking the fanbase to suggest two episodes for me to check out & see what it is they think is there that I am missing from reading very dectailed synopsises of all the episodes in 2015. I got a DM suggesting two episodes, episode 307 “Digestivo” and episode 313 “The Wrath of The Lamb”. I asked twitter if this is the two episodes they want representing their show, and was met with replies consisting of indifference to “you should watch them all” (which wasnt the offer).

Tonight I watched the two episodes suggested. The first episode I saw nothing. Absolutely 100% no reason to think theres anything romantic there in any way. Not even an implied sub-contect form. To be honest, I dont know why the episode was suggested.
After that, I watched the finale. Again for the majority of the episode it was similar. No direct or indirect suggestion of them being a couple or romantically involved in any way. In fact at 1 point Will seemed more disgusted with Hannibal than fond of him. At the end of the episode there is a scene where the pair kill a man together, and afterwards Hannibal speaks to Will and tells him thats all he ever wanted for Will. Then Will drags them off a cliff. THIS was what was heavily pushed at me the night before as the proof. I re-watched this scene 3 times, to see if I missed something subtle the first time and the second time. After 3 viewings, I do not see what they feel is there. There was nothing there that I couldnt see, considering the circumstances of them being there, 2 good friends could have said, I’d even say two nemeses that have fought hard against each other and have a mutual respect for each other. There was nothing obviously romantic. I can see how fans could see it and want/feel/think it, but it is not definitive. I showed two of my housemates after I finished it the scene and didnt give them any of the contect on why… just asked them to tell me what they feel the relationship of the two characters was. One outright said he didnt know and couldnt come up with a reasonable answer. The other thought they were enemies that had joined forces to fight a bigger evil. Its a pretty reasonable assumption.

So, despite the mountain of hate mail I will get from the considerable amount of unreasonable fans that have crawled out of the woodwork to attack my decision. I am NOT going to allow Hannibal & Will in the category of Best Couple. They simply do not meet the guidelines, and I feel, dont really even come close.

To those Hannibal fans that were reasonable and calm with your debate. Sorry that I disagree with you on it. I’d rather have made you happy, because at the end of the day thats going to equal more time on my site. But in this instance, I cant do it. To those Hannibal fans who called me homophobic, a variety of trash talk names, and told me I was simply wrong. I’m not so sorry. Attacking me is fine. I get that from a lot of people.But stick to points you can prove or, that cant be disproved with a simple tweet including 1screencapped picture.

As for the penalties. There will be some. I am going to however decide at what time I am going to count them from. I will disregard the ones prior to when I sent out the warning on twitter. After that however…. I’m going to think about it more. Word of advice for those who were writing it in…. its not JUST the Best Couple category write ins thats hurting you…. writing them in for Best Non-Human character or Prop, or Best Talk Show Host are added to the totals at the end as well. Last year Lost Girl fans racked up just about 2000 penalty votes, about 40-50% of those were in categories they had absolutely no right being in, such as putting female actresses in male categories, or Show categories, or non-human character/prop categories etc, or even writing them in on categories THEY ARE ALREASY NOMINATED IN. So, before you write in that next write in vote for “Best Youth Actor” next round as Mads Mikkelsen or Hugh Dancy, remember, all you are doing is penalizing YOUR FELLOW FANS down the road.

To those who feel compelled to “boycott” me because of this decision. You have the right to do whatever you want. Wont get me begging you to stick around. To those of you from the fanbase still wanting to see your show win something this year… I count 8 candidates you guys currently have (plus any VALID ones written in that were missed) that you should work on getting behind for Rounds 2 & 3. Your road will be a bit tougher than you probably wanted it to be. But I dont think its impossible. Lost Girl last year still finished 2nd in 7 categories, and 4th in 2. Their penalties by finals time were only a couple votes per challenger. It wasnt the penalties that stopped them from winning ANY of the categories, it was the boycotters poisoning their casual fans into not voting..You should learn a lesson from their mistakes.

Sorry to those of you who spent your time & effort working to try & convince me. Seems everyone lost some time in this venture. Good luck with getting your show back on. Maybe sometime down the line this debate wont be disputed next time.


**These are MY thoughts and (some random) questions about last nights episode, ITS LONG. NO HATE comments please**

Okay so there were SO MANY CLUES in last nights episode 5x24 “I’m a Good Girl, I am.” The title alone is VERY INTERESTING for reasons I will explain later in this post. Keep an eye out. 

Let’s start with our surprise witness. 

Leslie Stone: Personally, I don’t believe that she is a shady as everyone thinks, if anything SHE is making more sense than anyone. Her comments are NORMAL. We as fans, who have been so active with this show for five years have put ourselves in a hyper reality WITH the liars, while watching. Every new character is an opposing force, an obstacle, or just seems out of place. For us and the liars, they are… However, when Leslie spoke, she sounded very normal to me. It hit me that I have been sided with the Liars FOR SO LONG that at first I wasn’t interested in what she had to say at all. She claimed something being up with the girls and IT’S TRUE. They were very skeptical-just as we were- about Leslie showing up. We all know that the courtroom and how everything was done, wasn’t really “correct”. Well maybe it wasn’t supposed to be. Maybe we were supposed to gain something else from the questions and the outcome. When the prosecution lawyer was asking questions and Ali’s defense lawyer was objecting, it reminded me of us-as the fandom-and the liars as a group are against the new characters. The prosecution lawyer said that Leslie was quoting what Mona wrote in the letter. But we object based off what we know and/or have watched. Think about it from a personal stance, as an outsider who hasn’t seen the show, if MY long distance friend wrote to me about a bully, I wouldn’t have taken it seriously enough for MURDER either. I would’ve comforted her but then it would’ve left my mind. I could definitely see Leslie losing that note. Totally plausible. I think we, and the liars, need to take a step back and realize how biased we are in our opinion of what happened and whats happening. Without knowing about A, and everything A has done to make their lives hell, these girls would look VERY guilty and pretty sketch. “Everyone has feuds in high-school.” Everything Leslie said makes sense. Maybe not to people who have been so “IN THIS MESS” with the girls and A but in reality, makes sense. Hanna reminded me even more when she said later, “STALK HER?! I did not stalk her, you told me to keep an eye on her at ALL times.” Hanna, THAT IS STALKING. Even the liars don’t realize how they are acting and what it looks like, because in their minds they are just trying to survive A. I realize that Leslie COULD have more to her story but I don’t think she is a sketchy as everyone wants her to be. 

Moving right along to #spoby 

Toby and Spencer: All I can say is FINALLY!!! I am not sure why everyone is still so skeptical of Toby, the writers have DONE that storyline before and they HAVE been listening to us complain forever about it, so of course he is being sincere. They are finally giving us what we asked for, #SPOBYFORLIFE. Also, people are saying Toby barely spent time in the academy and they don’t know why is acting like he did, but IN CASE YALL HAVENT NOTICE TIME HAS ALWAYS BEEN SCREWED UP IN THIS TOWN. haha always. 

RANDOM QUESTION #1: Can we trust the Thanksgiving flashback that Ali gave us is true? We have had to question her before in terms of what really happened… Just something to think about.

Ali and Hanna: Just basic bitches fabulously trying to survive in jail. Even if that means hurting themselves. I feel for them. I love them. I will talk about “THE NOTE” further down in this post. I totally cried when Ali was declared guilty. I say declared because really they never proved it. *rolls eyes*

THE MAJORITY OF CLUES COME FROM THE BIGGEST PARTS OF THIS EPISODE: You would assume it would be focused on ALI and whether or not she is guilty but that really took a backseat to Aria, Ella, Mike, Ezra, Caleb( you can still bottle up his essence of being perf btw), and Andrew(hate this dude, but he did play a possible part in tonights festivities.) 

I am going to try and intertwine these things as best as I can, but in the episode you get different clues at different times, HOWEVER they all lead back to little Miss Aria. SO BARE WITH ME. 

The first thing I notice about Aria in this episode right away is when she and liars were on the phone with Hanna and Ali, talking about Leslie, Aria says “What if Leslie is here on behalf of another friend?” Without flinching or confusion, the lairs and Ali know that she if referring to ‘A’. My question is why would she use the word ‘friend’? We have heard A referenced as a ‘frienemy’ before, could this be another clue that ‘A’ is in fact a friend to them? One of the liars?  

Another thing about Aria in this episode is ,ONCE AGAIN, her outfits coincide with either something about the episode, or something she actually says in her lines. Two of her shirts in this episode are very revealing, one of them-not quite as revealing- is her lip/teeth shirt. She makes a comment to Mike about wiping lipstick off of teeth AS she is sporting this shirt. Not a big deal but something to note. It happens a LOT for this girl. Her second shirt is more important but I will touch on that below.

Now onto her conversations with Mike: One convo in her room, and one in the living room, same night, very telling conversations. Let’s dig into the first conversation in her room, Aria hears Mike in the hall and grabs him forcefully (using her RIGHT arm btw) and pulls him inside to yell his face off about how he is going to keep his mouth shut. He will NOT reveal what he knows. He will have 3 answers “Yes, No, and I don’t remember.” (remember this, VERY IMPORTANT.) Mike leaves. Aria looks like maybe she didn’t get the message across, no problem, she has another opportunity when randomly that same night Mike brings a package in off the porch. In this scene, Aria is more calm as he walks in, that is until Mike is STILL unsure if he should keep what he knows to himself. Aria gets a little heated up at the doubt. She opens the box that is sent to HER, and when Mike finds the cow tongue, she happens to know exactly why it was sent and to WHO is was meant. Interesting, no? When Ella comes in Mike leaves and Aria uses her lying skills to cover up what is happening, which are getting VERY bad these days even though she WAS the BEST LIAR at one point. (theory about that here) Anyway moving on.

Speaking of Ella: Who even remembers this absentee mother? Well from what I DO remember, she has CHANGED A LOT. When we see her random reappearance in this episode, she has brought with her, a certain eerie sense of self. Just in time for the eerie finale, no? She does have a connection with someone new in this episode that happens to be a possible witness, but I want to focus on her interactions with Aria. They have a conversation in Aria’s room and Ella doesn’t seem to hold anything back about how she really feels. Aria mentions that she is trying to find a senior quote and Ella mentions Hamlet, which does happen to be a book about revenge, but more importantly, she says something about Aria’s “very eventful four years..” But we have only been following their lives for two years of high school. Junior and senior year have been stretched out to us as viewers, but for them in Rosewood, its only been two years. So, what happened in the other two years that was so eventful? While talking, she makes a stab at Aria and Ezra’s relationship. However, didn’t we learn earlier in the episode that Ella and Byron are OKAY with Ezra taking their son a few hours away to a random cabin? Something isn’t matching up. ALSO, when Ella finds out about Aria and Ezra in season 2, Aria asked her if she liked him, and Ella, embarrassed, said that she DID. SO, here we see an older woman liking a younger man. We know a “undercurrent” theme in this show is older men liking younger girls, but this comment about Ella was made in Season 2! Not only that, but more recently we see Ashley liking Jason, who is the same age as Ezra, maybe even a little younger. Even though they are all adults, the men being younger than the women is interesting because not only were the women MOTHERS of the liars, but the “younger men” were BOTH involved with Aria at some point as “older men who went for younger girls.” Now, after she makes this stab at ‘Ezria’, Aria doesn’t even flinch, as if she didn’t even care about that. Usually Aria would’ve rolled her eyes or brought up the fact that she thought they(her parents) were past the whole not liking Ezra thing. Instead Aria is more interested in Kendra’s(the possible witness for Ali’s alibi) story. Ella tells Aria the story in detail. Aria makes a comment about Ali and Ella says something very interesting, “You NEED to separate yourself from her.” I say interesting because in the ‘A’ ending of the girls (as dolls) being hauled off to the castle, Aria is separated from the girls and put in the castle. And one last thing about their convo, Aria says that Kendra isn’t the only good girl who has done something bad, coincidentally, the title of this episode is “I’m a Good Girl, I Am.” 

Now that we have Ella covered, let’s revisit Aria’s clothing telling us a story. Aria wears a bright pink shirt in this episode that had three “TRES” on the front. (which means ‘3′) Let’s see what other significant 3s we can remember…

First: -Divine Trinity(referenced in this episode as the team at the park) DEFINED AS: three persons in one, omnipresent, all-knowing…kinda like ‘A’. Second: -Three phrases on the mirror clue (”The Mirror has Three Faces” was an episode title). Third: Aria tells Mike he needs to have THREE answers, “Yes, No, and I don’t remember..”*REMEMBER THIS*. Fourth: Season 3 is when ‘A stole the game’ from Mona (see theory here). Fifth: The last THREE liars were arrested in this episode. Sixth: In the ‘A’ ending only THREE liars were left in the corrections vehicle. Seventh: On the note Ali tried to give Hanna we see at the bottom THREE deaths in question, Maya, Mom, Bethany? Aria could possibly be involved with these three specifically. And Eighth: We see how many guys involved with Mike in this episode? THREE. Andrew (possible shooter of arrows) Ezra (called upon to perform a task of getting Mike away from Rosewood, going to the cabin, and keep him from opening his mouth on the stand) and last Caleb (see why below).

You might be thinking, there is no way in hell Caleb could be involved but just hear me out.

Aria has two lap dogs right now that WOULD DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING FOR HER. ANYTHING!!!! She knows about Andrew and his loyalty(proving himself on the ATeam?) and how Ezra would do anything for her (I just think she trusts him and really wants him to remain a huge part of her life.) HOWEVER, she has gotten pretty good at manipulating people over the seasons. Girls, guys, parents.. teachers ;) So knowing that, it is very plausible that she could’ve gone to Caleb (KNOWING how he so desperately want Hanna to be out of jail) and asked him to follow them up there, and convince Mike to come back, because she is second guessing her decision of him being quiet… OR (still knowing how desperately he wants Hanna to be out of jail) she just conveniently told him in a conversation that she sent Mike away with Ezra, so that Caleb would go there on his own. Personally, I think she gave him directions because how else would he know where Ezra’s cabin was? NOW you might be asking why would she send him there? Well I think it was specifically for the conflict of it all. She could’ve TOLD Ezra that Caleb was going to be there, and to argue with him about the Mike thing to occupy him. Ezra might’ve even had a line in this conflict. (seeing as though I think he KNEW it would be happening and he needed to be prepared) Maybe a line to make Mike go outside. I know Aria would never SERIOUSLY injure Mike, but macing him and tying him up might mean he has to spend the night and the following day in the hospital and wouldn’t be able to go into court. THAT is plausible. You might be asking where the ARROWS come into play, and where Andrew comes into play, and my guess is, right at the exact same time. I do believe Andrew shot those arrows but I don’t think Aria sent him too. I believe he wanted to make Ezra look bad, therefore, he took matters into his own hands to do just that, maybe he wasn’t planning on shooting them AT anybody, maybe he was planning on scaring Ezra into bringing Mike home… therefore disobeying his order, and disappointing Aria, BUT he saw Caleb there, and thought Aria asked for his help OVER Andrew AGAIN and that put him over the edge, then he started shooting at people. That could be why they mentioned his involvement with the Scouts at the end WHEN Aria was there, JUST to let US know that he was shooting the arrows and Aria didn’t know.  

Moving right along, Kendra gets a sudden change of heart.  AFTER Ella tells ARIA about why Kendra won’t testify to help Ali, she just ups and changes her mind and goes to Spencer’s house to talk? No. I also find it interesting how she tells some things to Spencer and Em, but leaves some things out when talking to the lawyer. Kinda like she doesn’t remember, or CAN’T remember. We see that she has already told the Em and Spence MORE than she told the LAWYER, could she have told more to the liars to give them a hint that she HAD to lie to the lawyer.  (“You need to have three answers, YES , NO , and I don’t remember.”) Aria could’ve very easily blackmailed Kendra with telling her parents about the drugs, into talking to the lawyer BUT not having a very solid story. That way Kendra came to the girls before Spencer and Emily- who are the only people besides Caleb actually trying got get the girls out of jail- had time to go find her again. Aria could’ve spoken to the lawyer as well (knowing Kendra’s story wouldn’t be enough), telling her that they should bring up the injury about Ali in court. THEN Aria could’ve let the prosecution in on Ali’s archery award knowing that Ali’s injury would be no help if proven wrong. Aria was IN the courtroom and KNEW to text the girls “Bullseye Bitches. -A” and if she didn’t text it, Andrew was there too, he could’ve done it for her. ALL OF THESE THINGS would make it so the girls would be put into jail together. Wait, but how would Aria know that they would go to jail too? Oh thats right because she got Andrew to put that ice pick in Mona’s house (which would explain his and injury) and testify to seeing the girls leave it the same day. When Ali was charged with being guilty ( I totally cried), Aria looks at her for a second but then suddenly turns around locking eyes with Tanner( ew hate her too) KNOWING they were about to be arrested. 

We then see the girls are going through the process of being arrested and then we have our very telling ‘A’ ending. 

There you have it. MY theory and MY opinion, and MY questions for this wonderfully exciting and revealing episode. NOW, you can see why my suspicions of Aria are EVEN GREATER as we get closer to the finale. If you have questions, PLEASE ask them. I love you all! 

I know it isn’t over and it will never be

But I just wanted to gush a bit. Hannibal came in to my life a few years back when my partner decided to download the first episode. She mentioned to me that there was a lot of good things people were saying about it online and asked if I would like to sit down and watch it.

I obliged of course but I was hesitant. Many shows that I sit down to watch either fail to hold my complete attention or are overdone to me, especially crime dramas. Even Sherlock took an episode or two before I got hooked and then I had to sit down and start from the beginning to see what I had failed to take in.

From the moment the first episode started i was hooked. The beauty of the camera shots, the lighting, the characters. It was a whole new experience and it kept me at the edge of my seat. The progression of character growth was amazing and slowly I began to fall in to it. This show was unlike anything I had ever watched. How could such a beautiful thing exist on regular cable?

It wasn’t until season 2 I began to notice how Will and Hannibal’s relationship began to deepen and darken. I was definitely not new to the idea of pairing characters but by that point in my TV obsessions I had begun to grow aware and weary of queerbaiting in media. I had spent a majority of season 9 of Supernatural waiting for something to happen between Dean and Cas only to realize it never would come around. The writers kept us on the edge of anticipation and the fans talked up every moment between the two characters and I was left angry and embarrassed knowing it would never happen. Instead I spent my time preaching about how destiel was fun, why I loved it, but I knew it would never happen. I had realized that finally. It was just a fun ship that I enjoyed because I loved the idea of these two characters finding love and comfort in each other when they had both lost so much. So of course when I became aware of Hannigram, I kept myself tame. 

For a little while.

My partner suggested we start roleplaying Will and Hannibal. For years her and I have always gotten in to certain shows, picked two characters, and then used Skype to write our own stories together. I was hesitant at first because hannibal was a much different characters than ones I had played before and I was afraid about developing such a dark muse inside my head. This was a whole new level of evil and I wasn’t sure if I could live up to his character and keep him true to Bryan Fullers writing. But I caved in and now three years later, we have about six different Hannibal rps and I’m proud of a lot of the story progression in each one. Nothing has ever been posted publicly but its the experienced I’ve enjoyed overall.

But what I’m trying to say here is that I’ve never felt this feeling before. Every show I’ve been in to has either steadily lost my interest over time or changed in a way that irritates me. But Hannibal has remained amazing, despite a few kinks along the way. When NBC canceled it I was genuinely sad for about a week. Like really deeply sad. I remember being at work and asking myself ‘why? It’s just a TV show. Why are you sad?’ and I realized that this was something much bigger to me. As a person who wants to write for TV shows, who wants to work in the entertainment industry, I found it disheartening that a show so unique and amazing that took so many bold new risks had been canceled on a network that allowed a man to have his face ripped off and fed to dogs but nipples and butt cracks had to be censored. It blew my mind knowing that other shows were going in to their sixth seasons because they were ‘safe and predictable.’ What good was creativity and making new content when it was always destined to be canceled? When there was no new way to gauge how things were being viewed?

I’m not giving up hope. But I’m writing this to basically say that this show has been nothing but a pleasant experience for me. The fandom is one of the nicest I’ve ever been a part of. I know I’m not a super famous blog but I have enjoyed the people who are willing to discuss meta with me and read my episode reviews. I feel a strong sense of support and community with the Fannibals and I enjoy the organization and work that has been put in to the Twitter tags an the collaboration with the creators. Show runners who listen and bond with their fans are good, smart creators.  I feel that Bryan has kept the show true to his vision while giving us smart, fresh content (no rape, Alana’s character development, Hannigram, ect.) 

I know it isn’t over. I know a season 4 or a movie could come at any time. This is by no means my attempt at writing an ending but instead is a big clunky attempt at saying thank you. 

Thank you for being my best fandom experience, thank you for being smart, insightful watchers. Thank you to the cast, the crew, to marthadelaurentiis, to nbchannibal, to my housemates who I dragged in to this show, and to my girlfriend who loves it just as much as me. This show has inspired me to go for my dreams and has helped me sharpen my ability to review and analyze television. What ever tonight brings, what ever heart stopping ending this season finishes on, I will continue to be an active member of this fandom and hope for the best. 

Raise your glasses Fannibals and enjoy your dinner. I know I have. Here’s to a thousand more.