I uploaded this art two days ago

The blue oceans, the white clouds, green grass… I… I can’t see any of it.

Now that the Ottawa animation festival is done I will finally upload these here.:)

“Over the garden wall” was probably my favourite show of last year and now one of my faves of all time. Me and smieska made Pat mcHale and Nick Cross a otgw booklet and gave it to them two days ago as a thank you for creating that wonderful show.:) (we where shaking like leaves afterward!! dear god I hope I didn’t made a fool of myself!!)

I will now post the art little by little over the next days.:D

My AP photo class took a field trip to San Francisco two weeks ago and one of the art galleries we went to was Pier 26. My favorite exhibit was this room. A man decided to print every single picture uploaded to Flickr in one day and just pile them all into a room all the way to the ceiling. (350,000) It was amazing to just lay down in a sea of photographs and look at one and see into someone else’s life. There were so many weddings and special occasions and even just selfies. It was by the far the most interesting art exhibit I have been to.


Guess who’s back again with another Collab!

@bev-nap and I again—that’s the answer haha! A while back I did line art for these two losers in Autumn fashion, ‘cause it was calling out to me and I had the lovely Bev do justice with her amazing coloring! We actually did this collab like a month ago, and neither of us uploaded the results, until now haha!
You can totally find the line work here
and you should totally go stalk Bev’s awesome gallery over here!

—–Also, 3 days left!


Can’t stop thinking about the Dirty Pair! Been wanting to do another drawing of these two since the last one I did already a year ago, but I’ve just been too busy with my film. Maybe one day someone will do a DP reanimate so I’ll have an excuse to animate them…

Thanks @keilookingpissed and @yurilookingpissed for constantly uploading screenshots of the show. So glad there are others still thinking of these two rascals. Also gotta mention that I’m totally a Kei fanboy. ;D That pink fro…

Word Association

I got bored and wrote a quick fic i thought you’d like.

Author: @sockpansy

Word association games were common for the sides. Princey would say a word, and Patton would turn it into a game.

Like any other day, Thomas was having a problem, and listening to the Sides discuss how to fix it.

“And everything is just…it's…it’s agony!” Roman was saying dramatically.

It was a bit of a negative word, agony, so of course happy Patton turned it into a game.

“Misery! Now your turn!” Patton pointed to Logan.

Logan loved word association games, he didn’t even stop to think about how they weren’t the nicest words.

“Woe.” left his mouth.

Normally, this is where the game ends. Roman, Patton, Logan, and then back to Thomas’s problem of the day.

No one expected the voice from the stairs.

“Though its different for each.” Sang out Virgil.

It was silent for a while.

Roman, of course, was the first to respond.

“Always ten feet behind…” He sang.

Virgil cracked a smile.

“Always ten feet below.”

“And he’s just out of reach.” Yep. They sang the whole song together, and made it gay.

Patton grinned happily at them, and Logan watched on confused. Roman and Virgil had broken out into a duet and Were. Not. Stopping. They had amazing harmony, though.




"It can cut like a knife!“

"I must have him, to wife.” They finished.

Patton broke the silence first.

“I knew Virgil would join in the game if it was a song!”

Thomas looked around. “So…anyways, today-”

And the Sides conversation continued on. (With at least two more Into The Woods duets)

Valentine’s Day has been wonderful with all the submissions I’ve been getting! All of you are just wonderful, and all of your comments and art and writing is amazing to see. I hope all of you are having, or wil have, a good week! 💜💙🖤


When this show came out, I couldn’t even find a place they would stream it. If I was lucky enough find a stream, the show wasn’t subbed.

A couple of years ago, I heard the show stopped airing, with no news of the story continuing in the future.

Two days ago, season 3 got uploaded to Netflix.


If someone told me this time two years ago I’d reach 5k followers for my art, I never would’ve believed it. I just wanna take this moment to thank everyone that still continues to view my posts to this day and deal with my inconsistent uploading schedule. It’s been a rough couple of months for me recently, which is why I want to try even harder to make it up to you guys and provide more art in the future!

Hi! I’ve been getting asks from people who are wondering if I’m alive/still around, so here are some news: I am! Both alive and around, but I’ve been on vacation to the US to see @beastlyart and @leapofdoom and needed to get a lot of work done before that so I could take the time off with a clean conscience. I might write a post about my time overseas one of the days, but not today.

So, in the meanwhile and since I talked about it with him yesterday, here’s a picture I made like two years ago, for a friend of mine (@eldstunga) who wanted to see me draw Bubbline. I have new art to post too, but I’m one of those people who wants to have a series of pictures before I upload even one of them… I’m also trying to collect finished works I haven’t shown before, since I’m planning to make an art book. More on that later too, I guess~

Well, I drew this doodle a few days ago but didn’t upload it lol I LOVE KIMBLEE ahahahhahaah

Yesterday I finished watching FMAB and waaahhhhh really cried A LOT. I spent almost the whole last two episodes crying. I couldn’t calm myself down, neither my brother could, I’m so emotional omg orz Anyway, I need to draw more FMA definitely!!! ^wwww^