I still look like a fifteen year old


(( Lol!!!! Um… how about some old high school pics? XD These were from my senior year (god, it’s been five years. :| )

I was in drama… hence the newsies gettup on the bottom left. XP ))

okay im seeing people getting upset over patrick’s reaction to the guy pouring a beer on him, and you guys are being ridiculous. i was there, i saw what happened. as they were coming back from the main stage from the stage they did the acoustic set on, and andy was doing his solo, i noticed patrick talking to joe backstage, and he looked upset. so then he got onstage and him and pete said what they said about that guy.
patrick’s not at fault. he had the right to be upset. it’s not like a fifteen year old girl who idolized him accidentally spilled her drink on him and apologized two thousand times and patrick still got on stage and bitched about it and made her feel like shit, no, that would be fucked up - this was some oldish dude who was there for wiz, and it wasn’t an accident, and he was being a dick on purpose and laughed about it. apparently as patrick was calling him out, the guy was laughing about it. i’m not gonna say it’s not a big deal because it is, it was actually pretty freaking awesome seeing patrick get pissed off like that tbh, but don’t say patrick handled that badly. he had reason to be upset, the guy was a dick for doing that.


crescent girl is Wrathia’s daughter and greed… why? 





and in this panel we see all these dolls with the exact same horns as the crescent girl and she’s laying on a blanket that has SURPRISE crescents on it 

and another reason why she is probably her daughter is because she looks like a little girl, i mean what kind of fifteen year old girl would wear pigtails and if you look on the cast page her picture seems to be bigger then everyone else for some reason(this might be my imagination but still) 

and now we get to the complicated part… 

so my theory is that, on the cast page, the hosts and demons are represented in order from when they are introduced. i say this because Ava is the first on the cast page then Maggie then Odin and Gil 

the order they were introduced 

same thing with the demons, Wrathia first then Nevy, Tuls and Predri

order they were introduced 

we can use this same science to conclude that she is greed because 

this guy is greed and if you look at the cast page he is introduced at the same time as crescent girl is(I’m not gonna go through the details of why this guys greed OK just take my word for it) and besides, the spawn of fucking Wrathia and Pedri being anything else would just be disappointing 

 we can also guess that star-dude is sloth because

according to my theory, he is introduced the same time as the mushroom demon

who is theorized to be the sloth demon because someone once asked in a form spring about the sloth demon and Michelle sent a picture of mushrooms, witch she has as horns on her head 

and of coarse that leaves gluttony

i can just feel the disappointment 

but common what did you expect?? a probably 1-year-old little girl smoking?? 

i mean i admit that it would be cool if star-boy was greed and heart girl was sloth and Wrathia’s daughter, but lets just face the facts that that is probably not the case. And besides heart girl might look pretty cool, but crescent girl is gonna be fuckin ADORABLE as Wrathia’s little baby demon warrior 

sorry this is so long and hard to understand but i just thought i should share my theory 

1. The scar above his eye is fifteen years old. He hit his head against a faucet in the bathtub, although he claims it was his brother’s fault. Perhaps that was where the resentment he still holds for his twin takes root; his parents have always believed his brother over him.

2. He always dips his fries in his milkshake; ever since the first time we went to McDonald’s, I noticed. Sometimes they stick out of his mouth like the smokes he’s so fond of, a habit I also noticed the first time we went to McDonald’s.

3. He can look at anything through a lens and see beauty. He will see light and reflection and angles- things other people won’t see. Maybe that’s how he saw me; I don’t think I stand out in a crowd, but he told me I was beautiful often, and I began to believe it.

4. He’s messy. The floor of his car was always covered in receipts and napkins and crumpled homework, and his hair is forever sticking up in the back unless I remind him to brush it. His shirt is usually wrinkled, and his socks typically do not match.

5. Math frustrates him. Literature often bores him. He has a growing collection of cameras. He likes salt on his popcorn, and prefers colder weather. He gets lost easily, and only listens half the time. He dislikes his parents, and feels insufficient in comparison to his brother. He is afraid of not amounting to anything. He’s forgetful.

6. He has only lied to me once: when he said he would never leave me. Because it’s been months. He said he would always love me; I hope that is still true. But at this point, I am beginning to doubt it.

7. Despite all this, I still love him. And I always will.

—  seven things about the boy i love. 

So remember how angsty Cap was back in the first volume of Young Avengers? Talking about Bucky and how he didn’t want there to be any more teenaged superheroes? Well I was just thinking, what if Bucky and Tommy met? Just, the quote that Tommy said after he got out of juvie (and this is a paraphrase), “they’ve been experimenting on me for months. Probing me. Trying to make me into their living weapon. Well, I am one” Like, what if he got to talk to someone who knows what that is like. Maybe Steve brings Bucky by one day, introducing him as the reason he wanted the Young Avengers to stop. And Bucky just knows. Maybe he’s seen the files on Tommy, or maybe he was there (because this is before the Winter Soldier was confirmed to be be Bucky), and maybe he just knows that look in Tommy’s eyes. And Tommy is still so young, just fifteen years old. And he still has that hope, and he still has that resilience. But he still hurts, he still needs to get all that pent up anger and scared emotions out of him. And Bucky understands.

Can we just talk about how exaggerated Ezra’s eye color is for a few seconds?

I mean, look at this kids eyes up close and far away:

You can literally tell what his eye color is, not matter how close or far away he is.

I feel like the Lucas films crew are doing this on purpose or it’s because he’s fifteen years old, but it’s still pretty amazing when you suddenly see the color in his eyes suddenly shining from far away and in dim areas they light up to a more brilliant blue in the show.

And you know if it was Toby’s first date Dipper would be the stupidly over protective parent he is. He would be freaking out, Bill trying to calm him, Mabel fussing over Toby’s outfit be make sure its perfect. Nothing less than perfect for her nephew after all. The whole date Toby has to keep glaring at shadows when his date isn’t looking like: ‘Dads STOP SPYING on us! Everything is FINE. No he’s not making any passes!”



Mmm, you know my mind well. How can I pass up overprotective parents? Also, before I’m asked, Toby is panromantic demisexual, as well as genderfluid.


First Date


Toby Pines was a rather laid-back teenager. Okay, so, technically he was a demon, but he was fifteen years old, and his human shape shifting disguise worked perfectly! He looked just like any other fifteen-year-old teenager! He was still a few inches too small, still lanky, still had those monstrous braces, but he did look his age of fifteen, instead of his usual child form. So, mentally and physically, he was old enough to date.

His dads didn’t see it that way.

His Aunt Mabel was on his side, she at least, understood the importance of first dates! Toby had been crushing on this guy for the past three months, and he had asked Toby out! No way was Toby passing up on this chance! So after conference with his aunt he had on a new outfit of black dress pants, a button up black shirt, and a dapper vest that had a gray plaid pattern on the front. All in all, he looked rather good for a first date to the movies.

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calpyre  asked:

"Margot!" A girl that looked like a child in height but not so much in her face hurried up to her. Ana had been gone for a while, but she still recognized the tall girl. Maybe it was the height. Regardless, the fifteen-year-old was still really happy to see her. "How are you doing? It's been so long, I swear!"

Margot heard the familiar voice and turned around quickly, green eyes lighting up when they saw her close friend. “Ana! I haven’t seen you in forever!” She looked down at the… shorter… female. “Heh, I grew a few more inches. Dad says I’m six-foot-one now!”