I still can't believe I dID THIS

Cultural Divide.

My American mother in-law sending me an email: Hey! Let’s do something, I’m going to the garden center soon, want to come?

Me: Oh cool that sounds like fun!

MIL: Yea! I want to finish making my fairy door in the garden this spring :)

Me, Scottish with Irish grandparents, shoving iron into my pockets and throwing salt everywhere: …great.

fannibals are my favorite fandom b/c they don’t even try to pretend their guy is a decent person it’s just “this is hannibal, he eats people, we love him”


Take my people. With them, I will raise an army, conquer your enemies, build an empire… as queen. Or… let me die and you will remain here. A prisoner. A god of nothing.

Hey, A friend commissioned me to do a Dan.Va with a selfie game and I thought it was funny so I hope you enjoy it as well.

I’m so sorry.


female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”